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@ShirleyMortens3 There are legion adverse effects, medical and otherwise, dependent on the mail. Real dictator stu… @DemCast_Vote Thanks. Ever onward to November. @DemCast_Vote Glad I was told. @SB_Feldman Short Hill Mountain - Hill vs. Mountain - but it is pretty. @JayneCudzil I’ll have to see what I can do about that. Crazy times.Walk and Talk - try this link - mea culpa - prove itself to be dangerous and unworthy of the job of “homeland security” - shut it down - can be infected with the virus - and get it again - A 68-year-old woman in the Chinese province of Hubei, where… mask Florida sheriff says - can’t fix stupid - Joe Biden - calls out Trump - @AngSc1993 We are struggling to make you feel welcome again. @Resister_Steve Well put.Trump ignores the pandemic - people get sick and die - Trump insists - “We’ve got to open up our schools and open u…’s the ticket - Biden Harris - leadership for a change out of the crises Trump has aggravated by his incompeten… @Janhaislip @LOARMANDOL Yes. He was young himself.Psy war - remind Trump about the time his older brother stopped him from abusing the other children by dumping mash… this - US Masters Swimming - virtual swimming competition. The 2020 Virtual Championships kick off TODAY and e…
@gloomis17 Hard to tell. @DavidPo63004202 There were some great shows. I had "stuff" that made me a solid davey fan. I had a hat and other… @CaseyPHudson I feel sometimes like it abandoned us. I realize it's trump who's trying to destroy civilization. O… @leekathryn6 A forced meditation. Not bad. @nonadejure That's what divorce was meant to cure. I was not married to a Republican before but there are other th… @SpunkybyChance It was a single occasion accouterment to celebrate the political good news. @RationalBeing avoiding wildly boring. we have bear but no boar. @irajoe I made the (amusing) choices myself. @DavidPo63004202 A simulation. but a good one. @robbinsmail they advertise real raccoon tail on these hats. I was grateful they said so but puzzled why they needed to say or do that. @nonadejure I vote for it - but don't have a place to do that. I swam across Walden pond several years ago - and i… @KipKipkruse880 We have the Appalachian trail along the blue ridge and it runs the ridge of a low but glorious moun… @craigragan1 @NarcTranslator It is - the texture makes it hard to tell. @LionHunterMusic @casinodavila I've seen some beauties in new england but don't have one myself. @casinodavila I thought of it as a boyish moment and a more serious homage to the great advance we made yesterday -… @Cleo_Mio the hat texture makes that somewhat unclear. @andykatz11 Think like a print reporter - headline, 1st graph, 2nd graph, an open field ahead until they stop you. LOL. @garceathompson On a really hot day, it lost some of its definition but I've never moved to make it a bronze. @LABirdlady I was on the board of directors of the national association of criminal defense lawyers, and still a me… @RussCarmichael1 @prf5 small white apple (your left). usually i work on a pc at my other "stations" - that sounds organized doesn't it? @jsouthall2 Immersion certain and the ambition is to be thoughtful. @budolaBud I've known my fair share of folk who produce and do it with a clean desk. I'm plainly in that "other" category. @Maureen__mo__ I'm sure you never heard one of the "messy" lawyers say, don't move that. i know exactly where it is. LOL. @tenfortea Those binders get used. I make "trial books" for a case generally and esp. for an argument, hearing or… @mickh00 I guess the "lived in" look is reassuring that it's a "work" place. @RussCarmichael1 No, different location. I do tape the interview in this room thought. @vicky_dollysmom We'd have to keep our piles of docs separate. @leda069 Bring back memories? @leekathryn6 I went to Manchu pichu and the first day I ran I thought I’d die gasping for air. But I drank the tea… @robbinsmail It’s a kids part hat. No fur. @NarcTranslator At first hat over hair, then my hair without hat. @JanetJensen29 Thanks. @ArgentMottyl Makes me think of my younger brother. @ColbertBigb Mine as well. He had such a calm and easy voice. @CtObserve Bada bing. @nonadejure I vote for a swim in a cool spring fed lake. @IsrealReality That’s a beaut. @petef08 @garnet_elmer Naaaaah. @DailyDoodle1962 Mea culpa. @dkearnsjr Symbiotic. It’s one of the things we can do. @garnet_elmer How did you know?Walk and Talk - Kamala - the new frontier - @lnordstrom123 She’s taking a leave for now. @Boy2020Patriot I have mad but not there. @LABirdlady same pattern. @NealKay52 Yes. @garnet_elmer My undergraduate daye were about physics and engineering and I have a masters in information science,… @mapsgal Marvelous material. An abc anchor once joked about anyone reading Proust, couldn’t listen to him ever aft… service said man approached with a weapon and was shot; no weapon recovered; shot when unarmed; family said…
@abcharm1 If I am, it's not about a clean desk. Joseph Campbell talked about the warrior state when each of us fin… @ShoshanaHantman It was a special day. I'm glad trump didn't make the hour. And quite happy that Kamala was chose… @garceathompson the dog is a clay sculpture I still haven't finished. it was my golden retriever. @andykatz11 The very best. Reminds me of a line in amadeus when he asked the prince what was wrong with his music.… @nebraskanobody The new frontier - and I don't mean that as an exaggeration. Things will never be the same after th… @MauteDebbie I did the walk & talk about Flynn. I'll probably review what it meant in my podcast. I try to control… @nonadejure I apologize to your husband for what he's had to endure under Trump but we're working on correcting tha… @dollymad1812 It's part of the process. Sometimes I must write long hand first instead of typing (most of what I d… @prf5 A client made a gift of several items and that wood basket was part of that collection. @MichaelSocialT I have worked with a lot of engineers. I'd put it on them if I hadn't been a physics/engineering u… @ShoshanaHantman the ones I'm using for a motion i'm writing are at another space where I've decided to write the pleading. @wendyballen that's the magic. @lnordstrom123 Not since the pandemic began. Wonderful lady, my executive asst, we've been together forever, sorel… @MargeNAvera I rotate different clutter spaces. Not at my regular office but at home.There's something wonderful about the unifying joy of this nomination of Sen. Kamala Harris as VP, a woman and pers… @larrydwiley Collateral damage. When were you at Columbia? I was there from ‘67 to ‘72. @dollymad1812 Old school when there were fewer tools to use. But electronics these days can search and retrieve in… @nonadejure Good man your husband. Let him know that. Lol. @sewsharit So I say and believe - but there are moments of humility. @PNWBigfootRCam1 Nice - thanks. @prf5 Pencil sharpener - used principally if I make a sketch or doodle in a long conference call. @larrydwiley Every professor I’ve known has some version or other of transforming seeming cluster into a thought product. @lorez99 Thanks. When you make it your work to counsel others, you think a lot about two things, change management… @AnnVictoria16 Namaste. @MauteDebbie I have a larger office for when you can have clients and others. I stake out space in our living room… @andykatz11 One way to look at it. Starting when I was a kid I’d study words and grammar. @GoHappyAlways From India. @prf5 True - but they are elsewhere too. @larrydwiley Busy - means layers of stuff that we know and can identify in an instant because we are the architects… @DailyDoodle1962 There are the piles that are critical to any work process. @bruce_lugo Usually while feverishly writing something @lorez99 Nice - exactly how I see it. @IsrealReality Similar and same. @LOARMANDOL He’s at our regular office. I’ve kept him so busy.