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I’m joining MSNBC’s Ari Melber on his Sunday Special, Trump on Trial, at 9 PM, to discuss what we can expect at the… @Mario421 That is precisely what the constitution contemplated - and it’s spelled out in various places including federalist no. 65. @Larklizard Likely. @fwthompson42439 @Mystic_Sailor Unfortunately, it’s spot on. @Ursula1781 A mistake? Funny, how the apology comes after the misconduct Is found. @ATMSEX thus the way of dictators. @CtObserve I agree sound and pix.
Lev Parnas sings - and the West Wing dances to a different tune - @MargeNAvera If the founders meant there to be specific crimes, they could have said that. Also what clearer abuse… took the oath to be impartial after he said this last November. Recuse this joker from the trial. Or the… @medit8now @mhbx Maybe the should add an asterisk - “Except when we alter.”We have “Newspeak” in the National Archives “blurring“ -concealing - what folk actually said on protest signs, du… @CRTNM It’s nice to know languages matters to some - you in particular. @GininaTeacup1 No question we in a dark place. But there are more of us - and that’s how we have historically turned the tide before.Want to know the cost of global warming, then consider as an example how NY is thinking of a sea wall costing $119… can’t have a public argument if we don’t talk straight - and one of the nostrums we have to discuss - is this ph… @suekhi @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @AmyMcGrathKY @harrisonjaime We can help them lose by forcing these issues. @LOARMANDOL I agree. Backbone and resolve, that’s what’s required. Not just going through the motions. Making mo… @MissBlighty the judge could grant the motion. Or deny it. And then there should be an argument against the court… @jackandloganinc He is unlikely to do it on his own.The Managers have to make the motion to recuse, and then Robert… @Captmike4804 @RepValDemings @SpeakerPelosi @HillaryClinton they could ask for a subpoena for his appearance. This… @kjblackhawk But the Managers have to make the motion, join the issue.But will Schiff and the Managers make the motion to remove McConnell? And Graham as well. Doubtful. And that’s a… Manager, Rep. Val Demings, speaks truth to power - says McConnell should be removed, recused, for violating t… @LOARMANDOL Sometime I’ve got to come watch you perform. Maybe you could give me a short lesson on the drums. @rjw411 big change. For the better.THE IN YOUR FACE - rally against gun safety - the Gov did right to bar guns from the demonstration - feeling naked… @kathleenstips Come on down. The prices are not expensive. The place is open and friendly. @LOARMANDOL Country. They weren’t sure they’d get to me. I was at the DC studio for a taping. So they played it… inconstant “genius” ‘Trump picks his defense team - formerly Starr was a lunatic (got that about right) - now h… @KatieOGrady4 We had an Irish wake for Goldie. She didn’t make it.Escape from McConMiasma - At the Beans in Brunswick, some mead and music, Don’t mess around with Jim.
@StanEFairchild A bridge too far I’m afraid. @stephenpmurray Humans do the imponderable. We know Mitch’s data points. @ramjet70512 Exactly. @barcode_brooks I would do just that. I would force the issue because it folds into my theory that one should prov… @RussCarmichael1 When he’s corroborated I’m comfortable. Don’t quite believe they knew and did nothing to surveil… @LOARMANDOL The Managers have to make a motion to compel Roberts to act. No guts, no glory. @ro47275733 Now that’s a nice compliment. If only.... @drbenway99 I can’t imagine how rock hard stiff my back would be. @pitpat2h When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the story of Alexander charming bucephalus, when no one else could mount the horse. @DareToStruggle7 I’ve answer that q. @alikat747 I came to a creek once and expected to trot through, but Sherman leaped from one bank to the next, chang… @allareblessed @historygirlMA I know the feeling. @HuddlestonLorna He had a chest like Schwarzenegger. When the jump was too low, he would just lift his legs and ha… @historygirlMA Like you’ve mounted Pegasus. I don’t bounce as high as I once did. I don’t have a good horse. In… @LOARMANDOL He lived into his late 20s, and the hen is table but not promising. @nightmaredoll7 My mount was a former steeple chaser, too rich a race for me, and that’s where he got the name, Sherman Tank.I am frustrated that some ask for a fair impeachment trial and expect there to be one, but McConnell has no intenti… watched an old movie tonight, Hidalgo, about a 3,000 mile horse race across the mid-east; I never road such a…
@b52761187 Too much empathy. Not enough warrior. @jea3esq Also the Irish way is don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness. @jea3esq Yes. @JENGLER1 that’s why the “trial” is also about the bias of the tribunal - and that fact is critical to the entire proceedings. @TimInHonolulu @WildBill1102195 Why suffer the indignity of what’s transparent bias? Say it loud and clear. Make… @guy1749 You are trying the case to the Senate. But also to the citizens of our nation and the world. You make th… @MazieBliss Agreed. It’s become a civil aspect though entirely religious. @Msdesignerlady Exhibit A. @EHollyNorman Timid. Respect the occasion and the venue but fight like hell. Can’t win the arguments you don’t make. @leenelson19514 Parnas is among a number of people with the same story. Trump stands alone. Also, oh yeah, there… @blueboy_34 Both before or after. Now, it could only be after.Chief Judge Roberts took the oath to preside over the trial of Donald John Trump, and then administered the oath to… @Lindademocat Impeach, censure, fire and prosecute.Excerpt of our discussion on the Beat with MSNBC’s Ari Melber about where Lev Parnas’ testimony and documents fit i… do we stand now that Parnas has spoken and released docs about his dealing with the principals in the impeach… news - the Lev Parnas documents and testimony blow the roof off any remaining BS denial of the facts of Tr… Collins is a phony and, when the voters see what she's doing, they'll send her packing in November; she's not… @rickladd @BostonGreen9 Perhaps a bow tie would be the wrong kind of statement. @pennywisecmt It is my view that you can use any evidence that relates to the charges; McConnell has said, only tha… March across the Capitol to present the Articles of Impeachment -
@ApathyOver @WordswithSteph No, congress will have to update the closing date for the era resolution. So we have to win the congress.Virginia took a large step today for equal rights, becoming the 38th state to pass the ERA, but we're going to have… @rickladd @BostonGreen9 Rick, I have "casual" bow ties that I wear with less business like attire. You can wear i… @EHollyNorman Not on the team this time. And I only worked on the House side the last go round with Clinton. @HeyNav135 Coercion by the orange menace. @ATMSEX At best an "unfortunate" use of words. It was plainly a threat.Rep. Lindsey Graham (1999) during the Clinton Impeachment Trial said: "The White House is the bully pulpit. But it… @BostonGreen9 I didn't wear bow ties, except on formal occasions, until recent years. Once I wore a bow tie on Fox… @Michael_Part No document is any better than the respect it receives. The Constitution has been ignored, as have t… @Connie05885181 Staff Counsel will support the Managers. @jnaneswari1 @jamie_raskin i was surprised but they probably have constructed two teams - one in the senate chamber… @660Mary In Committee and on the air I've thought she was quite compelling. She will be an asset to the team. Onl… @delwichejody there were others i miss. @GilliganNadine That's why they were transmitted from the Intelligence to Judiciary Committee and are being sent to… MARCH TO TELL THE TRUTH - House Managers - a working team to inform the nation of Trump's high crimes and misde… comes the judge - an excellent survey of the role and peril of presiding over the Senate impeachment trial - @Janhaislip @mejay227 In the meantime, he had changed the meantime, he had changed Counsel. @LABirdlady Stable but unimproved. @Romare Get this. They claim ignorance. @Janhaislip They may be subpoenaed. Aafter openings and questions by the Senators (in writing). That was the Clin… @MikeInMoema Good one. @ptothed1 Many if we restore justice and law. @bagsandwes Rudy and I will be watching I suspect, not participating.MSNBC’s Ari Melber discussed Rudy Giuliani’s appetite to participate in the Senate trial, and we talked how likely… got an opportunity to discuss with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on The Beat the significance of the documents Lev Parnas re…
@EngMastiffMom8 Stable but unimproved. @ZoetKat Nah. @sticks36 Moth to the flame - ambition. Access also gets him mullah. @cathyAnnSmith2 More likely to see Big Foot testify. @TheHamm92869998 You ask - and engage in the debate. Of all the witnesses, why not the principal.