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He/him, cis/het, married. Mostly #StarTrek. Proud CBS Shill. (P.S. #TheBeardIsCanon) Tweets are my own. #WeAreStarfleet #HouseMkora #WeAreAlexKurtzman

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@TheRealAlienTwo @SpaceshipCas Atlas Shrugged @alexandertperry 😲 @Tyranicus @alexandertperry The cognitive dissonance is astounding. As is their aversion to LGBTQ+.
@ElleninAnger Yeah, her love of science is overriding her rigid moral code when it comes to the Discovery and Lorca. @ElleninAnger It’s definitely one of my faves. Endlessly rewatchable. The “WTF” expression Burnham has is definitel… @BatlethBabe’ve been accused of being a CBS Shill because I’m a vocal defender of the Kurtzman era. But I’m not blind to their… of the ENT entries in my #GreatStarTrekRewatch spreadsheet. Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry: RIP(per) Landry. Shades of “The Devil in the Dark” as Burnham com… @dxndeliions I'm so sorry this happened to you. Reported and blocked.Context is for Kings: The true pilot of DSC, this episode gets Burnham onto Discovery and introduces the rest of th… at the Binary Stars: Georgiou’s demise was a surprise, but T’Kuvma’s death was the big shock given the marke… Vulcan Hello: Strong introductions to Burnham, Saru, Georgiou. Breathtaking spacewalk. The new aesthetic takes… Trek: Discovery is up next in my #GreatStarTrekRewatch. As with Star Trek: Enterprise, mini-reviews (H/T… @TrekCaptions Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that reaches me And after all, you're my Herbert @Oliviaj_8 We didn’t walk down the aisle to Trek music, but at our reception intro, we walked in with this: @jessiegender I’ve come to appreciate Braga as much as I’ve come to detest Berman, if that makes sense.THE PEOPPPPLLEEE HAVE SPOKEN
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Retweeted by Jonfucius (@🏡) says Black Lives Matter @TrekkieTantrums @KurtzmanTrek Whenever I see a new grift from the lesser Icheb @TrekkieTantrums They double down! And defended Discovery in the process, so...progress? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ YEAR IS THIS?! @TrekkieTantrums @alexandertperry Which is funny considering EAS is one of the more vocal complainers 😂Christ almighty. That’s basically the f**rt**n w*rds, on a goddamned F*x N*ws chyron. @jimmygards Word. Also, “Lone Palm” is an underrated Buffett ballad.
Facts are facts.
Retweeted by Jonfucius (@🏡) says Black Lives Matter @DrJenThrows Hope you’re doing well 🖖ENT overall score across 4 seasons and 97 episodes: 6.99/10And with that, Season 4 of ENT, and the series itself, comes to an end in my #GreatStarTrekRewatch. Final score: 7.… Are the Voyages...: Didn't like this one 15 years ago, still don't like it today. An absolutely sad way for S… @BrandonMutala Still gives me all the feels #StarTrek billboard in LA was shared in a FB group! Has anyone seen it in person? I had no idea it existed! I…
Retweeted by Jonfucius (@🏡) says Black Lives Matter @Oliviaj_8 And I’m watching the Enterprise finale @Oliviaj_8 Chronology order would be: ENT>DSC>TOS>TNG>DS9>VOY>PIC, with the TNG movies thrown in with DS9 @HenInAHat1 Yesssss#TrekTuesday brought to you by @FanSets, the Ships of the Line and 365 calendars, and my (not pictured) Star Trek:… @TeltheTrekkie I’m down. @TeltheTrekkie @jazzleberrywhy @Oliviaj_8 @TeltheTrekkie Young man spends anniversary forgetting it, despite several reminders from significant other, ends up on Wall Street. @thePeaDock Oh man The Fallen! It’s based on a tie-in trilogy (the Millennium trilogy) too. @jazzleberrywhy @Oliviaj_8 @TeltheTrekkie Sorry Tel.
@TheRealAlienTwo It’s just such a letdown after the preceding two-parter.It’s come to this: “These Are the Voyages” is next in my ENT rewatch. Plz to fax scotch.God, this T’Pol and Trip scene kills me every time I watch. @ConnorTrinneer and #JoleneBlalock are at the top of th… Prime: ENT’s main story ends on the highest of high notes. It was a great choice to end the Terra Prime story… @Oliviaj_8 IndeedJust popped in the final disc in the ENT box set. I’m a little melancholy that my #GreatStarTrekRewatch has reached… Another all-too-prescient episode tackling racism through the sci-fi lens of xenophobia. Peter Weller is pe… This pair of episodes’ devotion to recreating TOS-era sets, while admirable and impressive, opened up D… a Mirror, Darkly, Part II: Archer’s mental state unravels as he plots and schemes. But it’s Hoshi (Augustus Iapo… @DeathMedieval Help me shuffle off these mortal coilsIn a Mirror, Darkly: @StarTrek’s first episode set entirely in the Mirror Universe is a doozy: clever reframing of… @TrekCaptions Buddy, I think you’re slime. @TrekCaptions Dumbass. 😉 @FinalFronqueer I’m so sorry Corey. Your Twitter fam has your back. @Sevyn_Tenn oh my god @dxndeliions A great horse, and a patriotI have some questions for my tea drinking friends over in the UK: 1. Tea in first, or milk in first? Or no milk at…
@TeltheTrekkie Still waiting for G’doh @BrandonMutala @StarTrek Old man struggles with technology. @LinnLLAP They sleep in a 4x4 playpen with food and a cat box at night for now, but they’re starting to put themsel… @LinnLLAP Yep! Meet Fred & George that show "Lois: The New Adventures of Lois" from the 90s.
Retweeted by Jonfucius (@🏡) says Black Lives MatterThese kittens will be the death of us 🤣 @FinalFronqueer Happy birthday! @Tyranicus page 78 of 274 of Warped, by Mike McMahan
@TrekkieTantrums @rvkirk @TrekCaptions We saw it in DC (with @TheIsaBriones as Peggy/Maria Reynolds!), and my wife saw it with her mom in Ch… @Ms_EmilyJordan @thenewstarship #Silly4Tilly @TrekCaptions Watched it twice yesterday and we’ll probably watch it at least one more time this weekend 😂Young man spends anniversary forgetting it, despite several reminders from significant other, ends up on Wall Stree… Ongoing American Revolution
Retweeted by Jonfucius (@🏡) says Black Lives Matter @LinnLLAP LUCY HI38% done with Stamped from the Beginning, by Ibram X. Kendi“I can’t wait to see you again...” Kills me every time. #HamiltonFilm @KurtzmanTrek I mean, he has to be, right?Just got to this part again (taken from Ron Chernow’s biography of Washington) #HamiltonFilm a second time today. “Wait For It” is an incredible song.
@TheRealAlienTwo @ListeningToFilm I hate that guy.Voyager, with the same premise, and production design, but without the reset button. BSG but with less nihilism. @TheRealAlienTwo @Nerdygal33 If I’m listening to the album at work, I have to stop at “Burn” @TheRealAlienTwo @Nerdygal33 Oh I’m a blubbering mess from “Blow Us All Away” straight through to the end. @Nerdygal33 @TheRealAlienTwo Act I: Helpless/Satisfied The World Turned Upside Down Non-Stop Act II: Take a Break… @KurtzmanTrek You know that guy’s on an FBI watchlist. @rashiduzzaman82 Oh no! That is awful! Hope he recovers quickly.#HamiltonFilm viewing 1 in the books. Still an emotional wreck between “Blow Us All Away” and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”. @Tyranicus @octavya360 I love it but I couldn’t eat it for a year straight. @Tyranicus Whataburger over everyoneMy pins are somewhere in the Midwest (“Somewhere in the Midwest” is also the title of my next band) @rurinnfane That is a stunning shot.STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS premieres Thursday, Aug 6th on @CBSAllAccess. Wow, that’s very soon! Here’s a list of…
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Jem’Hadar, The Once More Unto the Breach Nor the Battle to the Strong Far Beyond the Stars Uniform, For the Chrysal… @SaraMichener YesssssWow! Thanks everyone. did this is brilliant. So cannot wait for #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds
Retweeted by Jonfucius (@🏡) says Black Lives MatterUPDATE: I won! First action figure purchase since 2000. @TheRealAlienTwo @Nerdygal33 We’re taking a break on the 4th to watch ID4. Otherwise, Hamilton all weekend.