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He/him, cis/het, married. Mostly #StarTrek, but also #VideoGames, #Comics, #Books, and other #SciFi. Don’t be a melt! (P.S. #TheBeardIsCanon). Tweets are my own

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@TeltheTrekkie State of you @defNotChuck My best man was at the game today with his wife, both of them in full Baylor gear...NEITHER OF THEM WENT THERE.How many championships does your team have in the following sport? MLB: 3 NHL: 1 NFL: 13 NBA: 5 NCAAFB: 3 NCAABB:… @BatlethBabe Very cool! Smashed that follow button
1701-A 1701 (Discovery) 1701-C 1701-E 1701-B 1701-D NX-01 1701 1701 (Kelvin) 1701-A (Kelvin)! Absolutely! I do indeed concur whole-heartedly! The Dark Arts series is ripe for a premium/streaming adaptatio…! The world needs it.
@TeltheTrekkie A monument to all your sins @BatlethBabe @StargateNow @stargatecommand @PrimeVideo Great job, Heather! Captain Bridger would be proud. @Trekkie01D Well done.
@isolinearchick I’ve ridden it! There’s something monumental about that escalator. Next time hit them with: the Fo… @riverstone248 If you search by year on Memory Alpha, it’ll show where each episode/movie aired during the year. TN… @ShuttlepodTwo Thank you! @BatlethBabe @StarTrek someone called my office for advice about what to tell a Soldier with a "confederate" flag on his car. My adv…
Retweeted by Jonfucius is Trekking the Halls @LinnLLAP happy birthday, Lt Cmdr Payne!I wore my NCC-1701/USS Enterprise lanyard to my promotion interview today and now the director and deputy director… @Logically_Spock Ahhh! That makes so much sense. Thanks!
@Logically_Spock I’m excited for the next Kelvin Timeline movie but I voted 4 because I don’t know what AOS stands for 😂 @Trekkie01D You’ve got this! @MichaelWilk74 Delete your account you massive weapon. @a_simple_tailor It’s pretty linear. This order will steer you in the right direction: @defNotChuck All hat, no cattle. @EnterpriseExtra DespicableI said GODDAMN
One of the giants of Star Trek history has gone on to the undiscovered country. #RIPDC @LimitedRunGames I think one of my fondest gaming memories is an all-night LAN party I hosted for fourteen people f… @defNotChuck I remember when you had to shut the operating system down, and then had to flip a physical switch to a… love how excited @wcruz73 is! I can’t wait for this book.
@defNotChuck it just means mOregon @zoidberg95 Nice! My mom is sending us the Burnham/Saru and Belle ornaments. @zoidberg95 Yep! Lots of Trek, Disney, and a couple other one-offsAnd a niffler eyeing a metal Enterprise’s Enterprise(s) crew that aims to misbehave couple of time machines USS Discovery and Honeydukes’ Sheldon Cooper trying to enter the Guardian of Forever Christmas tree is up! @BatlethBabe Mrs. Jonfucius and I at the National Zoo’s Zoo Lights
@BatlethBabe @BetaArtemis @knazzer Ugh, I remember that. I used to spend hours there looking at all the starship re… @TeltheTrekkie @knazzer Weren’t they also virulently homophobic? And tried to scrub it from the site? @BatlethBabe @BetaArtemis @knazzer Ex Astra ScientiaI don’t mind that A&M joined the SEC, but part of me misses the days when the entire country couldn’t see A&M shit the bed. @BannerSociety A buyout#TAMUvsLSU #TAMUvsLSU
@Mr_Picard Nostalgia is a double-edged sword. I think if they actually watched Discovery, especially the season 2 f… @ElleninAnger None @ElleninAnger There’s also a Data and a Lore beerSaw a post on FB from a well-regarded former ST designer about how the cornerstone of Trek’s longevity isn’t the we… on the beer list at the local Gordon Biersch Louis Armstrong’s trumpet was strangely emotional.
Monuments the facade of the @NMAAHC
@BatlethBabe Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving! May your turkeys be moist, your mashed potatoes be garlicky, and your racist uncle banished to the back porch. @Trekkie01D You got this! The GRE is a pretty fair test. Just don’t do what I did where I spent 20 minutes writing…
@3illSweet I'm on my third Kindle Paperwhite. Probably the best eBook reader Amazon's ever made. @ElleninAnger @MrTRLDC Glad I took the day off. @TrekProfiles @StobiesGalaxy Why hate on “Spock’s Brain” when “The Omega Glory” is right there?
Oh shit, Jayne and Kaylee at next year’s Shore Leave @TrekCore @EnterpriseExtra Happy anniversary Jim! Can’t wait to get to that one during my #GreatStarTrekRewatch @ListeningToFilm Oh nooooo Those are great looking models, that’s a damn shame. @ListeningToFilm Oh man 😱 At least they appear to be relatively easy fixes @ListeningToFilm Jesus. I’d disown them if that happened. If I may ask, what ships got destroyed?Shows how detailed the DS9 model shop was - they could have given this kitbash a generic paint job with meaningless… @BatlethBabe On this #HappyTreksgiving, I’m thankful for my awesome wife; friends and family who make life easier t… @TrekProfiles Teenage Jonfucius would’ve been all over it, just based on the hook. I’m going to watch the premiere at the very least. @jimmygards Cauliflower Awl
@Tyranicus I've heard bad things about Before Dishonor, but it's on the list so it has to be read @Tyranicus Unfortunately true. I know these books (for the most part) are going to go the way of the old Star Wars… of the way through the A Time To... series. The first two aren’t bad; the author usually isn’t one of my fav… @DavidAlanMack @torbooks @LarryRostant is no bad Star Trek series (including the Kelvin Timeline); each one has multiple redeeming qualities @ElleninAnger of Season 1 is hot garbage. @ThePoey MY MANRogue One and The Last Jedi are the best two films in the franchise. @Mr_Picard First time I’ve ever had a bus all to myself! @TrekProfiles I don’t find her smarmy but I think Ezri was a more compelling character. That’s not a reflection on Ms. Farrell!Seska was a dreadfully dull two-dimensional villain in style today! @TeltheTrekkie @TeltheTrekkie They’ll be singing a different tune if Picard canonizes this: @Tyranicus Mostly Trump, but I also got out of the echo chamber I had lived most of my life in. @TrekProfiles No worries! It is great when a celeb fan gets to make a cameo on Star Trek. Like when the now-King of… @Tyranicus Gave up on it with my parents and other relatives. I keep it to non-controversial topics to keep the pea… @TrekProfiles Yep! RATM is known for the songs “Bulls on Parade” and “Killing in the Name”. Audioslave was a superg… @TrekProfiles Played by the great Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. “To the left, ma’am.”Christ almighty, if I have to hear Collinsworth and Michaels wax "poetically" about the Packers head coach and the… @zoidberg95
@JGHertzler When I used to be able to walk to and from work, I passed a street sign that had one of their stickers… users: All eight books of #TheExpanse series are today's Kindle deal. $1.99 - $5.99 each.
@pptsapper a guy in a Norwich sweatshirt and a hat with a Sapper tab. Was that you @pptsapper ?
@octavya360 @HenInAHat1 I'm an Air Force brat, and when FC came out, we were stationed at Minot AFB, which is one o… @JaneNX01 @BatlethBabe They sometimes got the short shrift from the writers, but these women were some of my first crushes.