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i make transcendental folk music and experimental creative tools for artists, technologists & musicians · germinating @cosmiccomlab · he/they

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RIP beautiful tulips that I forgot to take photos of until it was too late. the week you spent on my dining table w… of these $$$ online courses and there's still no 'How to Pick Gradients Masterclass' taught by @Pieratt. i'd pa… @bubs I promise not a single one of your British followers will ever forget this @nbashaw The Work™ is in retraining yourself from seeing similarish ideas as an existential threat + personal diss… this is my dumb face in 99% of photos of me playing music @jchangsta @jchangsta meeting my unattainably high aesthetic standards. specifically thinking about graphic design rn. @fox honestly all i wanted was all of my friends who are dope designers to respond and say 'same'i've been doing design for like 15 years at this point and i still never know if i'm good at it @rhtkth i pick all of the ones with your face in
@andreasklinger lol this is just for my website but maybe @pieratt timothy leary, the ciai can't tell if this is too much or not enough @maxvoltar wow is this the maxvoltarmorphic trend i heard about on dribbble? @marcysutton yesss same. i used to make newsletters for my friends and design posters and stuff. designer right from the start.which one were you? (row 4, col 3 always) @sdw ohno.jpg (but also the neighborhood isn't v walkable and i don't want to drive because c'mon its 2.15pm and i… you make yourself look nice and go into the office mostly just see your nearby barista crush and you forget it'… @maxdupenois @BarisBalic hahahahhappy Presidents' Day! @ThatEricAlper whoaaa that's so crazy. out of nowhere I was reading about the history of that album last night but… inner critic tells me that my loud songs are too loud and my soft songs are too soft. that my songs about feelin… I realized I never did a writeup of any of the work I did at my artist residency with CIIS last year. might as… @sdw @TylerGalpin tyler is a parody account for sure @brad_frost @MinaMarkham weird, wrong chyron? pretty sure that still is from early 90s MTV? @keithkurson @jennschiffer ru hiring @sophiebits is close but a little pricier than I'd like @simonsarris nothing pre-packaged - veggies, meat / fish counters + bulk aisles only. @amber1ey @jehicks2 i think it's 40? @anatudor omg this is so real. what editor theme is that?! @monteiro are you wearing that mask in your avatar because you're Bloomberg's alt? a decades+ long con, impressive. @rileyflorence0 they're useful for more than just cheap monitor stands! @pieratt okcupid questionnaires but for friendsthings soy should be found in: - soy sauce - miso - tofu - tempeh - etc explicitly soy-based things things soy sho… @ryanflorence @rileyflorence0 hmm unless it's 'met a celeb' - are you hanging with Dan Abramov the creator of javascript? @ryanflorence @rileyflorence0 wow what are you getting busted for? eslint errors? @rileyflorence0 little activities that can replace it depending on setting: - reading a (paper) book - quick medita… @seaotta yummmm that artwork @pieratt the whole poll is void because i forgot love languagesdoes anyone in their 30s not have both of these asking for a friend
Retweeted by welcome to the @jongold, we got fun & games @notdetails literal same @isosteph cool can wait for segments on fox & friends explaining what gans are @TrentWalton @hankchizljaw omg i love all of this, thank you @Truly_Elle @RachelMComedy omg @codeincontext oh that's goodso weird that people write songs about boring things like sex & partying when they could write songs about cool thi… @negativespaceca @rsms @figmadesign dooope🔮 you only get to pick one system to decipher / mentally group your friends & partners. what do you pick? @rabble my recent trip to LA reminded me that more lanes of freeway definitely decreases congestion /s @jdan definitely want react-three-fiber components that render word art. pls. @sarah_federman i didn't realize how unsafe I felt in SF until I left which is weird because it always felt 10000x safer than London. @jlengstorf yes and I feel like my friend communities are getting closer (whilst larger & more inclusive) the older… @Emma_M_Thomas omg is he still in there?!?i remember when working at facebook was aspirational @chelsea it's 2020 it's supposed to be a kalimbaziplining is scary okI don't trust anyone who gets more than like 3. on this should definitely actually be a truck selling ashkenazi street food. it's called bubbeleh. chopped herring, ch…'all i'm addicted to pickled herring i can't stop eating it. i think an extremely "I'm In My 30s In Portland" thi… @brad_frost @StuRobson dear brad, move it to the top of the list. trust me. sincerely yours, future brad xxx (p.s. remember to buy milk) @teganmierle your photos always make me wish i enjoyed skiingstarting a gofundme so we can save up $400 to get Vince Neil to give @StuRobson a shoutout on his birthday pls dona… @linzlovesyou i bought blundstones upon moving to portland so i could look like everyone else. I ADORE them. comfie…
@lukejones you live with the wrong people @bhokaaa who are those 194 people @oliviarayjones omg @taramann imagine not getting distracted for long enough to finish a recipethem: "self-care means doing your taxes on time, fixing your finances, stopping needing to save yourself so regular…'s weird i thought starting illegal wars channeling public funds to the military-industrial complex was bankrupti… @_Tx3 @jaredpalmer @virgilrocks @sreekar339 tbf i think we all won by not working in finance @Lialialiacole @adultswim melty @iamharaldur I (somehow) ordered too many tacos. i'm 3/4 through and i feel like i'm going to throw up but i don't… @Lialialiacole @adultswim this is soooo pretty! @dtrinh @maxvoltar @KHelioui have you stepped in 💩 yet? @davidcelis @boop @notdetails on the one hand yes i left a party at 10pm just now but on the other hand it's becaus… @boop we could make a webring of people who live-tweeted their spiritual emergencies @chrisarvinsf nooooooooooo @desiredlex @boop @linzlovesyou exactly! *evil laugh* @bengold brother from a common greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandmother @bengold ya but we're actually related sorryok i fixed twitter. my inner chaotic neutral loves the absolute chaos that the optics of a top 8 would bring. (don… @desiredlex twitter would only be good if it had a top 82020 internet escapism mood is just wishing we could all go back to being scene kids on myspace again. a more innocent time. @notdetails @boop i hear you can earn $400k working for facebook @trevorbrindlejs absolutely agree. I lived with 12 people in SF and we cooked together all the time and it was alwa…, I realized that making food that cooks forever (chili / soup / stew / etc) is actually nice because you have… update: the game-changer has been making big enough meals to save portions, rather than making one-off meal… @SuzyLemmingroad @sophigarrett
@JimmyRis are you here tomorrow? i realized i'm actually free for sunday dance for the first time since moving here, haven't been yet @hankchizljaw sturobson @boop 'new york: the city that "'never' sleeps"' @francois_bach what the fuck gpt2 who corrupted you @francois_bach gpt2 u ok?!??!? @francois_bach oh this would be a fun autocomplete game @inthecompanyof 💗i want to personally apologize to anyone who was my friend, worked with me, or followed me on social media whilst i… @freezydorito omg that github icon tho? @aexmo @StuRobson he only likes design systems @StuRobson The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten just trust me literallyWatch this now. Really.
Retweeted by welcome to the @jongold, we got fun & games