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Jonathan Haidt @JonHaidt New York City

Social psychologist at NYU-Stern. I study moral psych & business ethics. I think social media is damaging democracy so I try to tweet rarely and constructively

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Getting multiple perspectives makes a huge difference.
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtHere's a really interesting political psych column by @Edsall, on whether conservative thinking is more "natural" o… is so good, so calming, so conducive to humility, good thinking, productive discussion. From @thomaschattwill
As partisanship rises, the success of company mergers is increasingly affected by the match of employee politics, s… @Michal_Bilewicz @HdxAcademy @PsychRabble @ValidScience I agree with you; i have always been opposed to legislative…
Thanks to commenters. To clarify: i don't mean little frustration overall; i meant in the process of the long slow… supremely important article from @Musa_alGharbi, on the intellectual history of the academy. Here he shows… I talk with my students about dating in the age of apps, I worry that there now little courtship, little frust… preferences—the admissions advantage given to family of alumni—are alien to Canadian (and European) universi…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtHere is a new paper on how ideological bias may affect the practice of clinical psychology; psychologists should se… is hilarious. A Norwegian TV programme pitted some professional stock-pickers against an astrologist, some bea…
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Another difference between playing with infants face-to-face and placing them in front of screens: baby and adult b…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtI'm also looking to hire a social scientist to be a part time researcher for @EthicalSystems. Can work from anywher…'m looking to hire two part-time research collaborators (PhD or advanced grad student). One with expertise in mora…
From my conversation with @sethgillihan, here are suggestions for how teachers, parents, and therapists can help Ge…
A good insight on why the Business Roundtable publicly embraced stakeholder capitalism, from @LauraDTyson @luisrull @eriktorenberg @villageglobal hooked, by eyal
I talked with @eriktorenberg about social media: a deep dive into how it changed from 2009-2013, becoming much more… agree, @ContraPoints offers a brilliant, funny, and humane analysis of these fast-morphing cultural trends relate… is my End of Year Letter for @EthicalSystems. I welcome our new Exec Director, @FollowAlisonT, and point out c… flattered by this shout out from @bariweiss for @JonHaidt & my book in the @nytopinion review of the 2010s!
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@apokerplayer wow! this is super helpful. thank you!Here's another way that Twitter may harm democratic debate: Publicly committing to an answer makes people less rece…
Any essay that quotes Warren Zevon is likely to be good. This one, by @Peggynoonannyc, is great, all the way throug… @patrickdgatti @PicoIyer yes, he uses that word too, in the article
Here is a beautiful essay by @PicoIyer on "chronocentrism": prejudice against other times, analogous to ethnocentri…
@thomaschattwill I'm drawing here on an amazing book I read a draft of: The Power of Bad, by @JohnTierneyNYC and Ro… @thomaschattwill Same to you, Thomas, I hope we will meet in the new year. Please let me know if you come to NYC.I love this statement from @thomaschattwill. I would just add that bad is stronger than good, often 4-5 times stron… @TheWhig yes, i did read the report, and thought it quite objective. I also trust Knight on these issues, i think t…'s a really interesting report on the politics and asymmetries of Twitter users, from @knightfdn, well summariz…
Here's an excellent column by @PamelaParesky on how the psychology of "moral pollution" drives so much of life onli… you make your politics your identity, then changing them will cause existential discomfort, perhaps despair. Ins…
Retweeted by Jonathan Haidt @paulg Paul: Yes, i think you should worry. On this page I summarize the research as to why: @paulg yes! i try to get my kids to go out, but 1)there are no other kids out there, and 2) devices and games are s… @MatthewMezey @tobi @Shopify thanks, just bought it.
Government standards are making 5-year-olds and kindergarten teachers miserable
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtI read this essay by @karen_stenner and @JonHaidt when it first appeared in Authoritarianism In America (a collecti…
Retweeted by Jonathan Haidt @YanceySanderson ability to say "i think you are right about X but i disagree about Y". as JS mill says, we often m…'s a great thread on how building an ethical company with humane work conditions may be easier when you have a…
What's to be done about the #mentalhealth crisis among #GenZ? @JonHaidt has some ideas—read the latest Think Act…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtScholarly critique, holiday style: If unsure, ask a question instead of making an assertion If your argument reli…
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What’s on the far side of the Moon?
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtWhen CEOs engage in activities such as insider trading and fraudulent reporting, how does it affect outcomes for th…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtInteresting new look at the behavioral science of setting goals—particularly New Years' resolutions. High- and low-…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtI have been very critical of @Yale since 2015. But here are two recent positive data points: 1) a new committee to… writing, about the extraordinary life and luck of the first person to walk in space, Alexei Leonov, in 19… @australian, Paul Kelly skillfully applies the lessons of The Righteous Mind to Scott Morrison's unexpected vict…“People prefer fair inequality to unfair equality.” @paulbloomatyale #fairness via @JonHaidt on @villageglobal
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This is such a wise essay by @kittypurrzog on how outrage has come to consume our attention, and why we should turn…
@HdxAcademy I am the chairman of the board, so it's my job to raise enough money that @DebMashekHxA can pay the sta… you want to help improve universities and their ability to expand the frontiers of knowledge and educate student… Mashek and I invited 15 people to join the new advisory council for @HdxAcademy. Every single one said yes imme… HxA Advisory Council member @AliceDreger -- prolific historian and journalist, author of "Galileo's Middle Fin…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtMeet HxA Advisory Council member @xavbriggs -- six-year vice president of the @FordFoundation and distinguished vi…
Retweeted by Jonathan Haidt"In keeping with previous surveys, we find that there are three groups of students: one group consistently supporti…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtDid you know that Heterodox Academy @HDXacademy has a K-12 community group? Or that you can email our membership ma…
Retweeted by Jonathan Haidtbananas are having a year
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I learned so much about Boris Johnson in this fascinating profile by @sullydish, from before the election. Includin…
The Coddling has become increasingly relevant to the tech industry--and others that hire from elite schools--as Gen…
This checklist would make us all better. On every topic:
Retweeted by Jonathan Haidt @NAChristakis @PrincetonUPress Totally agree, Nicholas, and that used to be Yale's mission too. But under the curre… wish @JohnAvlon could be our next president. In this 6 minute video he lays out how to improve our democracy by i…, for a further update, this graph from Piketty shows a related trend continuing, in the US, UK, and France. (h/…
Civil society should be composed of many games, each with its own rules and purposes. But in recent years the "poli… @DTWillingham Dan, i didn't know that! Yes, i insisted on having the wall covered in bookshelves when i took it ove…
More evidence that in the long run, when companies commit to ethical culture and behavior, it pays off for sharehol…
I should also note, for completeness and for data geeks, that after my essay was published in 2012, there was a ver… George (@McCormickProf) and his James Madison program has brought so much viewpoint diversity to Princeton;… at @HdxAcademy are so honored to have @CornelWest and @McCormickProf on our advisory council. Their scholarship… Heterodox Academy's new advisory council: 15 luminaries with diverse perspectives on higher ed. @HdxAcademy an… @convertdcyclist @ZubyMusic thanks, this is my favorite tweet of the weekWhat I'm quoted here as saying is true. What @JonHaidt, @DebMashekHxA, and their team at @HdxAcademy are doing is e…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtTo update this essay for 2019, I note that the Republican party today is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan, and… do working class people often vote for conservative parties? Here was my explanation in 2012, for @guardian good application of Moral Foundations Theory to the UK vote episode: @CarolQuillen, president @DavidsonCollege We discuss Davidson's commitments to free expression, UChi…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtHeterodox Academy is oriented around a particular set of norms and values, which we have taken to calling the ‘HxA…
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Here's a great summary by my @NYUStern colleague @mikehposner of a speech on "common good capitalism," by… @R__INDEX actually, the one true replication study came out quite well. See here Seeing the Good in People Can Help Bridge Our Differences via @epochtimes
¿Estamos preparando adecuadamente a los jóvenes para encarar la vida adulta o les estamos protegiendo demasiado?…
Retweeted by Jonathan HaidtFederalist #10 is here: The article about the Peloton controversy is here:… #peloton controversy illustrates James Madison's fears about the human tendency toward forming factions and fig…
CBT works, and benefits are clear a year later. In #TheCoddling, @glukianoff and I recommend that universities tea…
I talked with @sethgillihan, who wrote one of the best books on CBT: CBT Made Simple. (Rec to me by Aaron Beck) We…