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Comin up at 7 Chicago time on @mullyhaugh Baseball is about to begin @670TheScore gotta love Dexter’s enthusiasm. The real pizza rankings: 1 Chicago 2 New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, b…
Big loss Romo, C The Woodlands (Texas), signs for $2,095,800 slot with Rockies. No. 35 pick.Melky Cabrera received the same contract as last year: $1.15M plus incentives. (Of course it’s prorated, like everyone else) #metsCubs pitching coach Tommy Hottovy discussed his harrowing battle with Covid 19 on @670TheScore like we have our first result. Nice. #reds Bonilla Day, the former home of Bernie Madoff @Pat_Light That’s probably a long shot but would be niceBig day at MLB camps today — it’s testing day, which could set the tone for the year. reminder: Today is Bobby Bonilla Day. So $1.19M more is deposited in his name. (Good news for the Mets: only 15 years to go)How a juicy recounting by a fan in a chat room nearly turned into a firing. The saga of Bobby and Steve and Wharton… on race in the Twin Cities when you’d think he owned those towns and brains: Veteran Brewer speaks articulately about what players will be facing in these tough times… on baseball in these times #fish
So sad for Minor League Baseball. So many jobs, so many fans, so sad. for a friend: Are the A’s one of the charities? good idea bill Kjerstad, U. of Arkansas OF, signs with Orioles for $5.2M. No. 2 pick.Max Meyer, U. of Minnesota RHP, is in for Marlins physical today. Expected bonus: About $6.7M. No. 3 overall pick.Spencer Torkelson’s total bonus of $8,418,800 tops Adley Rutschman’s record of a year ago #TigersThere is an additional $2,500 bonus making the record total $8,418,800. So $3,500 above slot #Tork #Tigers 1 pick Spencer Torkelson, ASU 1B/3B, signs for record $8,416,300 with Tigers.Cole Wilcox, U of Ga. RHP, agrees at $3.3M with Padres. 80th pick.Great news! @TheRichardLewis Carl Reiner. iconic comedian, good person. 98. Desmond, always a gentleman Desmond opts out ... and offers some thoughts on the current state of baseball
JT Ginn, Mississippi St. RHP, signs with Mets. $2.9M. Pick No. 52.Twins did a thoughtful thing by sidelining older coaches Bob McClure (bullpen, 68) and Bill Evers (quality control,… Sandoval had his contract restructured (in other words, the incentives were removed) and is expected to be in… Rizzo is planning to play at this point. Rizzo presumably would fall into the “high risk” category as a can…’s mother has multiple sclerosis. Players are able to opt out if they feel the need or if they wish, a goo… Leake has opted out due to the pandemic this year. He will not be paid in 2020 but his option and buyout are s… @WNFL Now? After all these years? @JeffFletcherOCR Thank you Jeff! @TheDoctor08 lolCalling it Summer Camp is spin we don’t need. Yes it’s summer. And camp. But for players it’s more training, but th… @DSzymborski :) @LATimesfarmer @DonBanks Very nice tribute SamVery nice story @byalexcoffey @nlbmprez tribute to the late @DonBanks in here from @LATimesfarmer release Matt Szczur and Drew Storen, two casualties of the situation. Two good guys for a team; like to se… Gonzalez has now been released by the Mariners. Had been expected to be released with the batch of minor lea… of the cap to the great Negro League on its 100th anniversary. Visit ⁦@nlbmprez⁩ when in KC. #TipYourCap2020
@Schustee No commentNo. 1 overall pick Spencer Torkelson, after signing his big deal in a couple days, is a logical/likely add for Tige… Duffy is a surprise for the Yankees’ player pool ... as in, who even knew they had signed him? to Dickie V. Wear masks!
Hudson Haskin, OF Tulane, signs with Orioles. $1,906,800. 39th pick.Jordan Westburg, SS Mississippi St., signs with Orioles. $2,365,500. 30th pick.Brother of the Pirates’ Cole Tucker
Wonderful attitude. Best of luck in the future to Chad Bettis. @BryanHoch @RobWhalen38 Absolutely. Hopefully the Herald article will lead to help from his friends. No one should have to be homeless. @TKREFRESH22 I like you just hope someone helps Andrew. I interviewed him when he was going good and found him to be a very nice guy.MLB OF Andrew Toles’ address was listed as: “the streets of Key West” written and long overdue mea culpa Andy. But after dissing “Centerfield” in that first story I question how mu…! 4 Best: Spare-O’s, Heirs Apparent, Taken for Granite, Tiger Woulds are strongly considering and even likely to include No. 3 overall pick Max Meyer, flame-throwing U. of Minn… agree to deal with Austin Hendrick, Pittsburgh area OF. $4M. 12th overall pick.Austin Wells, U. of Arizona C, signs with Yankees. $2.5M. 28th pick. @JackCurryYES 1stGetting harder to see fans in stands at start for Astros or Rangers Carraway, LHP from Dallas Baptist, received $1.05M in Cubs deal. Pick No. 51.Dusty is on way to Houston. Despite past medical issues he was determined to go to lead his team. @Chandler_Rome
Phillies sign Casey Martin, U. Of Arkansas SS. $1.3M. Pick No. 87.Blue Jays are still hoping to have their spring and season in Toronto, local and national governments permitting. A… sign Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF Harvard Westlake HS (LA area). $3,359,000. Pick No. 19.Goin on @JoeandEvan at 4. Baseball’s back! (And we hope for a while!!) @WFAN660Pun of the day Veen, OF from Port Orange, Fla., signs with Rockies for $5M. Pick No. 9 overall.Mets sign Isaiah Greene, OF from Corona (Calif.) High. 850K. Pick No. 69 overall. @jillpainter Call and ask if there are dates or raisins in the dish?
Opening Day is July 23 or 24, MLB announcesPlan is for teams to play 40 games in division and 20 games interleague with their geographic counterpart (East vs. East, etc.) #MLBAnd more official word @danisims_ Thanks for the tip! Great news!!Play ball! Hearing owners and players have worked it all out, and there will be baseball. @danisims_ Great. What is it?
MLB and the players union have been discussing interpretations of the March 26 agreement related to heath and safet… @Haudricourt You funny tomMLB and players have made progress but still haven't made an agreement on the operating protocols. Uncertain if it will be tonight. @NatalieEgenolf Dad jokesMLB and the players union are in talks now with no major holdups known. Going to be hard to make that 5 pm deadline though. @kelleytime27 I get nervous Shawn @ByRobertMurray U da man Robert! @RealMichaelKay Nice shirt mikeMLB still hasn’t heard from the players union about health and safety protocols. MLB requested yesterday that the u… players (42% of players) will be paid 100K or less by MLB for the rest of the season after declining deal and f… this year the MLB plan is to use the Minor League rule with the runner on second to expedite extra-inning game… is owners are indeed ready to allow the universal DH this season for preserving player health but not in 2021… obviously sees the grievance as potentially very valuable, possibly worth up to 900M according to player side… players seem relieved to still get 60 games, and prorated. They also get some leverage w/o extra playoffs but t… as World Champs? Anything seems possible now. @BillPlaschke @latimessports @pescami Yes that’s trueMLB and players still have a month before Opening Day to fashion a deal, or more likely at least side deals. It’d b… no agreement means the universal DH isn’t yet assured, both sides see value in it at least for 2020. The unio… @BurnerDario Check Federer’s bank account and get back to me @bongi723 You are very rude to say that. I wouldn’t rush illness on anyone. You will be blocked.Big sports news