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“If the standard is that impeachment has to be bipartisan, and only one party believes in the rule of law, doesn’t…
Retweeted by Jon LovettThe best argument for impeachment is a) Trump committed multiple impeachable offenses b) the next time this happens…
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He hates “I’m fucked”!
Here are some thoughts about what Democrats can do going forward: First, don't take impeachment off the table. It's…
Retweeted by Jon LovettTHREAD: mueller report redactions as red carpet looks
Retweeted by Jon LovettRecording a big episode of Lovett or Leave It tonight now that we have seen (most of) the report. @RepAdamSchiff on… amazing to see the Democrats extend their theory of "People will get mad at us if we do the things we're supp…
Retweeted by Jon LovettSeems obvious that if the revelations of this report emerged at once, we'd be in crisis, working to remove Donald T… Upholding the rule of law may demand impeachment. 2. We've created a standard where impeachment must be bipartis… seems like we're getting really close to the point where the right simply abandons all pretense of fealty to tra…
Retweeted by Jon LovettBeing stupid and vile is not a crime, said the person's... defenders.This is they key take-away: Mueller has assembled the facts, many of which are prima facie very damning, but its no…
Retweeted by Jon LovettMueller made FOURTEEN referrals for criminal conduct outside the scope of the investigation. Fourteen! Twelve are still secret.
Retweeted by Jon LovettWhat a patriot. What a patriot.'s time in office is a good reminder that there are people who can look past anything, say anything, open thei… this video and the easy manner in which Sarah Sanders publicly said “countless” FBI employees reached out to…
Retweeted by Jon Lovett @brosandprose Yeah, there is evidence that switching back and forth is killing us, which is why we should remain on…, everyone who said “don’t take Barr’s memo at face value” sure has egg on their faces!The Special Counsel concluded that you were too dumb to know that the crime you committed was a crime. Congrats.
Retweeted by Jon LovettThis report is very bad for Trump. It's very bad for Barr and its very bad for the press who credulously took Barr's word about Trump.
Retweeted by Jon LovettImagine what he'd do if the report DIDN'T exonerate the president. get the Mueller Report for free and then all of sudden there's a monthly charge on your credit card. discs! friends, come laugh your ████ off tomorrow for #LovettorLeaveIt at the @HollywoodImprov with @jonlovett
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Beautiful piece by Tim - everyone should check it out. & @jonlovett are about to take your questions live! Come watch the stream:
Retweeted by Jon LovettDaylight Saving Time will soon be TIME ITSELF. voted NO on Avenatti for AG.
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Fox News will use these Democrat town halls to attract new advertisers which will help keep Hannity, Tucker et on t…
Retweeted by Jon LovettI understand the short-term incentives for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg to appear on Fox News, but putting an…
Retweeted by Jon LovettUh oh, a little 2016 got on our 2020, but I'm hopeful it won't leave a stain. @jonlovett So unlike the screenwriter of Stonewall to mischaracterize a sea change moment
Retweeted by Jon LovettI'm happy to share this note from my husband Tony Kushner on the WGA action. (Yeah, it's in two parts. That's how h…
Retweeted by Jon LovettEspecially enraging to send it days *after* all these writers fired their agents, many in the middle of negotiation… @zachheltzel I didn't expect to be reminded of any of those terrible projects!That Jon Robin Baitz letter is so bad holy shit.
And now, as this is a spoiler free part of twitter, after one unfortunate spoiler incident YEARS AGO that never eve…
A candidate for the most powerful job in the world, proudly displaying the love for his husband. A message to every…
Retweeted by Jon LovettThanks to the hosts of ⁦@PodSaveAmerica⁩ for stopping by the⁩ @nhiop⁩ on your way to Concord! Hope to see you back…
Retweeted by Jon Lovett“The greatest nation in the world shouldn’t be afraid of children fleeing political violence. And children fleein…
Retweeted by Jon LovettWe're searching for a host of a new Crooked Media daily news podcast! Sound like a dream gig? More here:
Retweeted by Jon Lovett @lizrodwell That is too much! Did you go through
New Lovett or Leave It! Very fun Boston show: @AndrewYang joins to talk universal basic income, memes, and he faces… President is inciting violence against a sitting Congresswoman—and an entire group of Americans based on their…
Retweeted by Jon LovettI’m so afraid they won’t stop until Rep. Omar is irreversibly harmed and I’m absolutely disgusted that it’s come to this. #IStandWithIlhan
Retweeted by Jon LovettHey @realDonaldTrump, Since you like to intercut speeches and news footage, here’s one that’s actually in context.…
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Just 3 days until the hosts of @PodSaveAmerica come to Manchester to talk about #nhpolitics and NH’s role in 2020!…
Retweeted by Jon LovettYou refuse to cosponsor the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund, yet have the audacity to drum resentment towards Ilhan…
Retweeted by Jon LovettMy new idea, the Real Corporate Profits Tax, would fix some huge holes in our corporate tax code. Giant companies l…
Retweeted by Jon Lovett @jenstatsky Travis give me your SwitchI wish I brought my Switch.Really great episode of Lovett or Leave It coming your way this weekend from Boston with @CecileRichards
Pod Save America hits Boston (again)
Retweeted by Jon LovettIf you read this tweet, you have to make sure someone else reads it in the next seven days, or you die. a VERY competitive category, this is the dumbest line of questioning in YEARS. It's incredible. is really borderline - sometimes Trump is self-aware enough to make this joke, sometimes he's so unaware that… Fisher once said "things were getting worse faster than we could lower our standards." Captures contemporary American politics well.
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OMG — did Nunes’ counsel do a Twitter keyword search for this reporter’s tweet and then accuse her of bolding the w…
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It's all fun and games until the President of the United States is down to like a 1000 word vocabulary., the phrase “voters know he could have” skips right past how he consistently claimed he *couldn’t have.* He wa…
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.@AndrewYang joins @jonlovett in #Boston at @BochCenter this Wednesday 4/10 for #LovettorLeaveIt live! Tickets:…
Retweeted by Jon Lovett @goldengateblond @nbcsnl This is the greatest compliment of my life.
2019 I'm going to tackle the problems with BOTH parties and a giant ape right now. @LouisPeitzman @TylerDinucci I CAN ORDER FROM AN APP IN MY BED @TylerDinucci I LIKE ITLook at this. Just empty political jargon, no respect for his audience, running on a critique of our politics while… @morninggloria @emilyfavreau We could have tried to walk out in a huff!What we've learned: 1) You want to be president but whine over tough questions. 2) You propose moderate Democrati… LOVETT OR LEAVE IT with the fantastic @Party_Harderson @TrevellAnderson and @gabeliedman - on the latest 2020 n…, because why notIt's Friday night and I've got some BIG plans.
@parachutehome Pundit loves the new spread. to visit @crookedmedia HQ today to talk with @TVietor08 about my #PeopleFirst immigration plan, Trump’s forei…
Retweeted by Jon LovettPretty clear no one asked Howard Schultz a hard question until he was literally on television running for president.This pushback from @AliVelshi is the first time anyone has actually cut through @HowardSchultz's lazy political ana…
Retweeted by Jon LovettYup. It’s true.
Retweeted by Jon LovettAnd my handle is now "jonlovett" not "j0nl0vett" so that's goodJust recorded an awesome episode of Lovett or Leave It with @Party_Harderson @TrevellAnderson and @gabeliedman in s… @jbarro that will be in the clip plenty @codykeenan need a "mate" or somethingCurrent leading contenders: "hold on, mate" and "what's all this then?" @Kurisoo good option @ryangotem @tristanbuckner FRONTRUNNER @blairmcdougall that's funny, but don't know that I can pull it off! @scottcawley That's no fun! @erichmcelroy Hit me with a SLANG VERSION!
HEY, if we were going to do Brexit version of "OK, Stop" what would the phrase be? @RonanFarrow @jonfavs :( @MattNegrin @jonfavs @DailyMail They used a GREAT picture in the inset! That part: love it. Headline: love it.… @emilyfavreau @jonfavs @DailyMail I also deleted it because I don't even want it OUT THERE @SamitSarkar ugh @DailyMail This is a TERRIBLE of picture of me ALONE and a picture of SOMEONE ELSE with Lachlan Murdoch.Logs onto twitter for the first time because it's not on the phone. HERMAN CAIN? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??I was VERY discouraged by the Guardian Ape but going to try again now. @jonlovett @CubanMissileDH He’s too busy to talk to me too. He just directs me to Twitch clips of him when I try to initiate conversation.
Retweeted by Jon Lovett @CubanMissileDH I did not say I was busy. I said I would not drive to your house.OK, I'm back on twitch. I have a headset that works. Let's combine two of my favorite things: video games and atten…
it would appear the boat has sprung a leak
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