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director of things. photo courtesy of Mel Melcon

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❤️ In 2018, Jon and I released films within weeks of each other. His started a movement; mine was a part of it. Thi…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @aneeshchaganty Letssss goooo Chapter 2 ;)Yup @aneeshchaganty keeps killin the game and creeping us all out! Go check out the trailer for his newest film… this legend fayedunaway at the edit room.
📹 | @iamstephbeatz says that what's so exiting about #InTheHeightsMovie is "it's really going to introduce this sty…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuWow!
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A great movie changes you. It changes how you see the world. It changes how you see your relationships. It changes…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @MatthewACherry Thank you sir🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 and congratulations!!!!!! Holy moly!! Did u know i snuck into the Oscars in 200…
hello!! i’m super excited to be joining creative legends @jonmchu, @CiaoSamin, @realalecberg, @NearSitedMonkey, and…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuAlmost... and Apple principles from the early days. Absolute gold. “If we do the right things, we’ll make money damn ne…
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Meet Jalaiah Harmon, the 14-year-old who created the Renegade, the dance taking over TikTok, high school pep rallie…
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Have you ever noticed that moment in The Notebook where Rachel McAdams has her back to the camera and sticks her to…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuThe @kaysarahsera always speaking the truth. February 14th 2008, ⁦@Lin_Manuel⁩ & ⁦@quiarahudes⁩ opened #InTheHeights on Broadway... that EXACT same day my ve…
❤️💪😭’s MUST READ. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
NHMC is proud to honor @Lin_Manuel's @intheheights at our 2020 #ImpactAwards Gala! We're proud of @warnermediagrp/…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuMuch love to @AndrewYang . You started much needed conversations and made the American dream a reality for a whole…
I’ve heard it and I don’t have enough emojis to express my emotions about it. #InTheHeightsMovie #SummerJam Miranda talks about writing #InTheHeights “while in college twenty years ago” and making the film with d…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuWhen @lin_manuel was writing #InTheHeights, did he ever think he'd be talking about it at the #Oscars 20 years late…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @JeremyStutes @thebobochang I don’t know him personally. But in the times I have met him I call him Director Bong.…
Wow what a night!! The earth moved and we celebrated until the sun came up. Here’s a toast to all the storytellers…💪this is making me hungry sayin’ #TheFarewell winning at the #IndieSpiritAwards and #Parasite slaying the girls at the #Oscars, it’s an excitin…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuParasite Parasite Parasite Parasite!!!! Oh my gawwwdddd Parasite did it!!!! Director Bong did it!! The whole insane…’s goooooo @UTKtheINC !!! That was so epiccccc and thanks for the shout out for @intheheights 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪👊🏼Backstage at the #Oscars with @ARamosofficial and @Lin_Manuel!
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuThat @Google ad with #CrazyRichAsians reference 😭😭😭 of the best moments last year... that and you trying to get into the aisle with that dress ;) coming to theaters on June 26th! PS: Thanks @Lin_Manuel for speaking abt my documentary Siempre, Lui…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @joshgad your glasses game is on point tonight!!
Nothing like having Sebastian & Francisco scream at the TV while mami and papi show up!
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuI think @ParasiteMovie is gonna have a big night tonight.The talent at this table...
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu9 years ago today were the Never Say Never VIP premiers 😭❤️
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @AAPinLA @Lin_Manuel @ARamosofficial @MelissaBarreraM @AAPNewswire Thanks for hanging out! Great chatting with you.… to @filmindependent for having me as the #SpiritAwards2020 Honorary Chair this year! What a beautiful night… @RonVelvet Great seeing I brother. Been listening to ur music on Spotify all night. Congrats can’t wait to hear more from you in the future.Adam Sandler’s outrageous and memorable acceptance speech for Best Male Lead at the Independent Film Spirit Awards…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuSpirit Awards: Inclusion Is Baked Into Indie Film Ceremony via @variety❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪and there it is. got to present the @filmindependent #SpiritAward for Best International Film to Director Bong for @ParasiteMovie
@kenjeong We talked so much shit about you it was amazing @DeadlineDominic Always a pleasure brother#spiritawards - hot off stage from presenting a big win to #parasite, a true OG in my books & heart (& multiple Dad…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @chrissgardner Great seeing you!!Just talked to @jonmchu who flew in for #SpiritAwards and he tells me that he’s been having screenings for In The H…
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@GrantGoodman @johanlenox @JamesGunn 🙌🏼
An iconic peninsula restaurant with Hollywood ties celebrated its 50th anniversary on Sunday. @jonmchu
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuI feel like that halftime show that @JLo and @shakira just slayed is the start of the Latinx big year in entertain…
What a great opening to the Super Bowl!! Am I tearing up in an airport bar seeing those kids run onto the field? @jonmchu "Treat your employees well, he says. Treasure your customers. Give back to your community. Love your famil…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuSo touched by this beautiful tribute #CrazyRichAsians director ⁦@jonmchu⁩ paid to his father Chef Lawrence Chu at t…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @christine_tsai Still going! Crazy right? Hope ur well!! ACDC @YouTube days were the best.Chef Chu's secrets to success: "Treat your employees well. Treasure your customers. Give back to your community. Lo…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu👏🏼 my Parent’s restaurant celebrates being open 50 years today... yes that’s not a typo...FIFTY YEARS!!! Proud and…
Yooooo @PattenLauren just tore the roof off with her version of #You Oughta Know” in @jaggedmusical . Seriously. Y… @justinlin 🤭🤭🤭
I can't stop watching this!
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After jumping on the couch and yelling “She Did it!” With my 2 yr old Willow when @awkwafina won her Golden Globe,… the great success of @CrazyRichMovie, director @jonmchu reflects on what drives him to create and discusses t…
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Holy Heights!!!! @Lin_Manuel AND @ARamosofficial are presenting at the @TheAcademy Awards this year!!! Congrats boy… @davidkwong Hahaha me too. I guess it makes complete sense I just have never thought Of it that wayWhaaaaaaaa?
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @davidkwong This is blowing my mind📹| @Lin_Manuel talks about #InTheHeightsMovie “The lesson I got from @jonmchu is we’re allowed to take up space wit…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuLin-Manuel Miranda on Bringing ‘In the Heights’ to the Big Screen: ‘We’re Allowed to Take Up Space’ via @variety
Love is forever.
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@KindaFunnyKevin @joeynoelle @TimGettys Shame on y'all for not calling out In the Heights director @jonmchu's most…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @Queenpish @quiarahudes ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼We coming... #InTheHeightsMovie #Summer2020
I have come across a series of interpretations of famous figures as they would look today. Here’s Julius Caesar loo…
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I feel like Im stalking her but really shes just always in my newsfeed because she’s ALWAYS breaking records 🤷🏻‍♂️…👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼📑| @iamstephbeatz says we are not read for #InTheHeightsMovie @REMEZCLA
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuCan’t wait to read @BenSTravis @empiremagazine !! #InTheHeightsMovie #Summer2020 is around the corner and the family’s big push is to make sure EVERYONE is counted. So we started the mornin…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuCalling all emerging artists in theater, dance and film... applications for the 2020 Princess Grace Awards are avai… @jonmchu, do you have a car (or pants) she can borrow? 🤞 Don't miss the premiere of Awkwafina is #NoraFromQueens to…
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Can’t wait to watch this tonight @awkwafina !!!❤️❤️❤️
Reminder that Little America is 100% (!) on @RottenTomatoes and all 8 episodes are available to watch on @AppleTV r…
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I hope my ex still takes the bus
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuMeet your new favorite show April 3! #HomeBeforeDark
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuSitting at the TCA's my mind went back to that first day when I was 7 and by myself going from door to door asking…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuHow a 13-Year-Old Investigative Reporter Inspired an Apple TV+ Series So nice to feel like people get what we’re tr…
Retweeted by Jon M. ChuParasite!!!!!!!!!!!! #SAGAwards amazing.
🍾❤️🙏🏼🎉👏🏼 Apple's 'Home Before Dark' Scores Early Season 2 Renewal excited and proud for our new show #HomeBeforeDark that arrives on @AppleTVPlus April 3rd (first three episodes!… ice cream bar. Don’t ask questions just go get one... nowwwww
“Everyone kept celebrating and yelling and hugging each other. They looked up at Lin and started chanting, 'Lin! Li…
Retweeted by Jon M. Chu @kumailn @AppleTV Excited to watch!! Congrats my friend. The world needs this.
Happy birthday to the maestro @Lin_Manuel . God blessed us with you and the light you bring to the world. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Tha…
@RawsonThurber Go go go!! Excited to see what insane world you all build 🔥🔥🔥
@Beccamford @therebeccasun @IssaRae @JohnTheCho True story.