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Freelance journalist, @newstatesman columnist, couple of books in the works. Trying to cut down on Twitter. Commission me: jonnelledge at gmail.

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@rozgab It was part of Hornchurch UDC and so became part of LB Havering, which was created pre M25. I don't think i… haven't come across them elsewhere but may not have been lookingAnyway my main question after today's walk is whether other cities have the weird sunken shopping parades you get n… of the big advantages of walking 18 miles is that it tires you out so much you can go to bed stupidly early and… attack on Boris Johnson’s renewed “work from home if you can” advice by the Tories’ London mayoral candi…
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthBarking. Done. (Actually a while ago but pub.) Park and Upney 2 Fluffies Not, as I believed it was when I was a child, Beacon-Tree Heathway the unlikely sliver of greenery, back into suburban streets again. Dagenham East feel "garden city" is perhaps over selling things a little Park, feat. strange shipping parades and the ghost of a Percy Ingles management, Essex style Proper London just visible in the haze on the western horizon. numbering of this street starts at about 300, goes down to about 200 and then... stops. Because they started bu… Bridge (which is actually in Hornchurch) and its confusing swastika horned church on the horizon for lunch with a friend. Now onto the day's real business: starting on my mission to walk all the tube line… here's the motorway @JollyJourno @subintellectual Well, I stopped editing CityMetric six months ago and they've relaunched and rebrande… have a winner. This is the easternmost point of London. Can't you tell? one got it. This is what I came looking for. Doesn't seem *entirely* worth it now I've seen it, to be quite hone… Sad story. had forgotten that in the countryside, even only a couple of miles outside London, doesn't bother with pavements oh godThis morning I am off on a quest, which starts here. A vague sense of momentary smugness to anyone who can guess wh… Johnson wanted to be popular. Boris Johnson wanted to be PM. But Britain always hates its PMs. So what then?…
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthRather than “looking very closely at the quality of the teaching” (which: I would like to know how you intend to as…
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthThe fact that Twitters shitty AI cropping is even like this with toys is wild.
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthJfc
I’m looking at imagines of, let’s not beat about the bush, imprisoned British students... and wondering is that ha…
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forth @AnyaMartin8 Oh I went through my rollneck phase at 17 so associate them with being young and foolish and I'm only one of those things now.This is the best misunderstanding I have ever, ever had
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthMaybe I'll get really into rollnecks for a bitIf you’re wondering how reliable Taxpayers Alliance Dude is here, of those whose political affiliations I can ident…
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthSo it looks like we do have a free speech crisis on campus, albeit a completely different one that the bigot-fuelle…
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forth @MadelaineLucieH Okay, well, key question is whether or not you're a member of the cabinet, becauseA poster once bit my sister @cooraysmith Tap on the Line is an excellent station pub, which also does a nice Sunday lunchconsensus is that it's too nice to be Gunnersbury, so I think we can say it was Kew Join us again next week for an… is either Gunnersbury or Kew Gardens, there are no other options, stand down @ladyhaja you see in this analogy, the pied piper are the vice chancellors, and the rats are @ladyhaja it's a story about how enforcement of financial contracts is actually worth killing young people for, it'…’t believe your 280 character tweet didn’t include caveats for every possible way it could be wilfully misunderstood
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forth @MPrinParr no, it was out loud @TheFloodDefence There are worse starting points in autumn @TheFloodDefence yes, but it can always get worse @DanielJHannan Why is it I don't believe this would be your stance if it were Labour who were in power...?The season finale The Armageddon Factor a) has "shit shit Star Wars has happened how do we respond" written all ove… @mattsymonds Woke academics locking teenagers in plague pits and then shouting at them down the internet @YouMustBeAnna I'm properly terrified. Weeks alone with no end in sight. And instead of sorting out test and trace,…'t helpedquite pleased with this one, but it doesn't have many jokes in it, sorry
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthThree recurring themes in my writing: -HOUSES -TRAINS -SELF-LOATHING @stavvers That actually sounds like a really good policy, how do we make it happenNo seriously there was actual screamingIn 2020, no one can hear you scream.When Father is stern with you in confession
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@flying_rodent @ejhchess In unrelated news, does anyone have any spare change @flying_rodent @ejhchess I am a great fan of saying "no, fuck you, you're just wrong about this". @l_a_dunn @flying_rodent @ejhchess oh well maybe I'm just wrong then @flying_rodent @ejhchess ...I think that sense comes from the Griffin appearance, and all the copycats that followe… @flying_rodent @ejhchess I think it's more of an interitive process, that's all. Most of the BBC types I have known… @flying_rodent @ejhchess I don't even think it's that. I was in the trades in 2009 so have no idea what people were… @flying_rodent @ejhchess I think certain people *did* later decide to package and sell that agenda, either because… @flying_rodent @ejhchess My guess (and it is just a guess) is that you're assuming intentionality that I'm not sure… @ComradeChoppy @ejhchess @flying_rodent I am wearing Barking-tinted spectacles. 2010 was a very bad year for them i… @WillardFoxton @scatatkins I would like to read that piece @ejhchess @flying_rodent I thought the high-watermark was 2005-6? If it was 2010 then I'm just wrong. @flying_rodent I think Farage laundered and mainstreamed large chunks of that agenda. I just don't think "Griffin o… @flying_rodent I mean, that appearance pretty much destroyed both him and his party. QT's search for telegenic extr… @hansmollman remember that you have the right to be questioned by an officer at least one rank senimaybe I should start a political party to cheer myself up @WhatEvil It will astound you to learn that I don't agree that a wet Labour government is not different to a Tory oneHow is Chris Grayling's job viable but mine isn't?
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forthforgive me, feeling a bit bleak tonight @iamhamesh Not that I recall, but a. my memory is imperfect and b. one poll. We shall see. But it's early days.I'm old enough to remember Ed Miliband's Labour often having a polling lead so forgive me if I don't break out the champagne quite yet. @Sorrelish ...what are they going to do if they say no? can't kick them out can they?The BBC is the only world class thing about this country and this is a deliberate move to destroy it...
Retweeted by Jonn Elledge and so forth @jamesrbuk *Dacre* might regret it, because he'll screw up in a very public way, and his former employer may end up… @jamesrbuk How is it self defeating? Honestly - why are we assuming they'll face any consequences for this shit as… @firefawkes I mean, I could make an educated guess, but yeahon the upside Seven has adopted some Borg babies so I now understand something baffling that happened in Picardthey're back in that shitting holodeck programme and it's actually depressing me more than the bit of The Book I am… @AstroMikeMerri @AutumnMum8 Oh I know that but I still had the impression, reporting this stuff c2012, that there w… @AstroMikeMerri @AutumnMum8 I know that's how it looks from the inside. I'm not sure that's how it's going to look… @AstroMikeMerri @AutumnMum8 But that's sort of my point. You guys are doing all you can, and a lot of people are *s… @ldsandford @joncstone That's what I mean - what does the government do to make sure it's property holders who take… this was kind of the purpose of the fees, wasn't it? not to increase HE funding, but to make sure the public b… pleased with this one, but it doesn't have many jokes in it, sorry thread really wasn't intended as an attack on academics or HE support staff. I know they're all working their… @joncstone What do you think the alternative is? (This isn't me snarking, I mean, I agree, I would like to know wha… @thestephcooper Of course it's anecdotal, and I'm not pretending otherwise. But it's based on the comments we're se… @thestephcooper I haven't measured anything, I'm not claiming to have data. I'm just saying there will be significa…