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Jonna @jonniker Boston's MetroWest

Mom, writer, editor, cleaner of dog barf. Still with HRC. Here for Kamala Harris 2020. She/her

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@BossyBoots_ @MelissaMctastic Their glassy eyes! I can’t get over it! @domesticdeitas @BFlynnP I cannot wrap my head around it though. She’s the ONLY ONE. @HereWeGoAJen I keep opening this up and I laugh all over again
I KNEW HE LOOKED LIKE A PUMPKIN SALESMAN.Y’ALL. I sent this picture to my dad without comment and he replied, “JK, is this some kind of fundraiser? Are the… @BFlynnP @katrinaRavioli They do the group pic outside, but somehow we got a pumpkin cart setup indoors for individuals? 😂 @ant_danielle He will argue with you that he is THE BABY and that means he’s a baby forever and I’m not arguing @TheMasseyPrenup @HereWeGoAJen IT IS SO AMAZING @HereWeGoAJen I cannot stop laughing. @SenatorCollins LOL stuck your finger in the wind, eh, Susan? Blowing in a safe direction to dissent? Check. @ms_eigga I missed an entire Killers album entirely. I mean. @mattieflap I’m on the first all stars and I forgot how much I hated Jamie the first time. @danielmalmer @notcapnamerica I just want to shake him. But he wouldn’t care, he is made of stone @alycebh I know. 😭And I mean, can Lifetouch really give you insight into your son’s future as a pumpkin cart salesman? He’s sure you’… @kathleenicanrah Hulu, alas, which has the slowest interface for me. @danielmalmer @notcapnamerica Literally. I knew it was his before I even considered clicking on it earlier.Also, someone needs to get Lifetouch out of public schools, when there are so many local photographers who do the s…’m watching old seasons of Top Chef that I missed when I was having babies or whatever, and I want to talk about i… bat signal: Any Black trans women editors who follow me, or who y'all know, who'd be interested in a freelance gig?
Retweeted by Jonna @OfGoodFamily @buttons419 J, you’re singing my tune. Same fears, same reason. @amysgotjokes YES OH MY GOD. I always say “mossy.”Josh currently angry because it’s still fall, and it was fall YESTERDAY, lord, why do seasons take so long. Shh, no…
@robinnelee Has he invoked wooden teeth yet? @ErynnBrook And omg they can’t write out Joe Cocker. 😂 @ErynnBrook Bob Dylan is a lot of things. A great singer is not one of them. @QueenSisi12 My sister went to college when I was eight. I 100% would have done the same thing she did, and yes, we are still close. ❤️She stumbled for a second. “Are you a mom?” “YES, now keep your clothes on.” “Okay.”Went to see @DermotKennedy tonight (he was amazing), and the girls behind me were WAAAASTED, and at one point, one…
I just told a kid her costume was a little scary. “It’s a phoenix! It’s not supposed to be!” And that’s when I reme… @srb1981 Checks out 😂A sock was lodged deep in the back of the dryer, and I carefully, gingerly, bent my body down to reach it to avoid… @LeslieMac Hillary
@notcapnamerica Puerta Vallarta is wonderful. As is Mexico City. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexico City. @DCZia @buttons419 I was until recently, and now I’m just agape. @jaedyn01_ I freaking love it. @buttons419 I wish you could witness the bonkers chicanery of my current PTO situation. I’m not even involved, just a gawping witness.To that end, I am also surprised when people go into politics for reasons other than wanting to help people. It’s e… @ElizardBethany I can think of noble or desperate reasons to steal, at least. @buttons419 @BFlynnP I’ve taken to a highball of seltzer and lime. Can’t even do cranberry in there because that gi… @buttons419 @BFlynnP I also have a problem with alcohol. One drink, and I’m hungover for a week.And this may not be news to you, but did you know that some adults maliciously gossip for sport? I KNOW! I was surp…’all. I don’t know HOW I ended up still being this naive at 43, but I am SHOCKED when adults are deliberately unki… @daysmadeofnow I don’t know if you ran into this, but there are some pharmacies that flat out refuse to prescribe it to children @buttons419 @daysmadeofnow I wonder if I could use a mortar and pestle and just jam it into her eyeballs. All options are tempting. @daysmadeofnow No, I asked 😨 @chasethefirefly She has to gain weight. For now, the dose doesn’t fit pill form; and she needs the naproxen becaus…
@thebestjasmine Welcome! A shame you’re not here in September to re-live the game of how many trucks get stuck under the bridge Sept 1. @me_elise We won’t don’t have a copay, we have an HSA @me_elise It’s not for JVA. She needs the extra half life from the naproxen initially, at least. @me_elise Unless I want to spend hours weighing out grams and hoping for the best, but I’m not a pharmacist. @me_elise No, I mean her dose is not the same as an adult tablet, or even half of an adult tablet. There is no perm… @chasethefirefly Indefinitely. 😨 @buttons419 I see we are weight loss twins @buttons419 @themoira @antiangie I think this has potential. @me_elise She can’t, because of the size of the adult dose in adult tablets. @themoira @antiangie Haaaa no. Because her dose is nowhere near one adult tablet, and it’s also not half a tablet.… @antiangie Did I mention the $97 I spent on a generic antibiotic? And that my husband works for ... a health insurance company? It’s fine. @IssaDavis1980 No one sells aleve to kids except by prescription. I could crush the tablets up myself, but zero chance she would take them. @antiangie Yes. Yep. Indeed, yes. @TulsiGabbard Tusi. What.My 7yo has a health issue that requires naproxen twice a day. I just paid $320 for pulverized and flavored generic… to shuffle Niall Horan resulted in a lot of Kidz Bop, wtf
@Zombiewski Ours is such a hot mess that it is actually cheaper and takes less time for Adam to drive to work. In downtown Boston @KitTheKate ... who is arguing that?Yes. It’s shattering.
@TheMasseyPrenup 😂😂😂 Molly, you’re right.Flip side, my favorite candidate’s signs get LOTS of cheering of her name. (She’s not running against aforementioned dude)Downside of your kids canvassing with you and knowing your local candidate preferences: “Mommy, who’s that guy you… @jessicaesquire That’s ... kind of fantastic. Play falling into a well is so classic kid. @DaytimeDan @magi_jay Lovett is a total bro who can’t see past his own privilege. Over and over and over again. I had to quit him. @CandiceAiston OMG “Does it MATTER?” may be one of the greatest moments ever. I loooove her. @amysgotjokes ME TOO. I am always sure that somehow I will have a kilo of cocaine on my person or in my car. I don’… @MariaMelee ❤️ @grace134 I read this as happening to Current Jenny and omg I just spent a lot of time scrolling through your timel… @omg_youguys I am CACKLING and I’m all alone @omg_youguys HAHAHA that is fantastic.I can add mascara tracks to my face if we think it’ll help.So far I have ““Hi, I love you, and I look at your wedding photos all the time , and I’ve read your book three time… friend surprised me with Lindy West tickets this morning and I have three weeks to plot my way into being her bes… @k_lisarae @aveda Extra PRODUCT? I’m sorry no. They put a gallon in my hair, for zero reason. 100% discriminatory, fuck that, and fuck them.
@dancingdog27 @Kalarigamerchic 😂 She is a fan of ears, and earrings, apparently @erinjaffe @AshleyCadaret It’s definitely imposter syndrome. Because when I spend time with people who aren’t actua… @erinjaffe My mom said she still feels that way. She’s 78.
@chasethefirefly 100% yes. I’m treated for all three. @grace134 @betsyphd @LizScott Please say you said “cancer meds” @grace134 @betsyphd @LizScott’s brother works for Airbnb. He may be able to get you a number @betsyphd @grace134 “Full Maytag” 😂😂😂😂 @AgathaFry Oh yes @SoShoeMeDani @ErynnBrook I was pretty sure those were the lyrics until like, last year @HereWeGoAJen Yep 😂😂 @agirlandaboy @nodoubleYOU Especially with people with above average intelligence. You can skate by on smarts for,…“When I grow up, I want to be a cock.” “A what?” “A COCK.” “What ... is that?” “Mom, it’s an English word. It’s sho… @ErynnBrook My dad still swears it’s “I’m your Venus. I’m your bundle of JOY.” @notcapnamerica Goals @Kalarigamerchic I mean, I am Standard Issue Pasty White Lady. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a hundred of me. @Kalarigamerchic I think that is what makes people beautiful, you know? I’m not particularly beautiful, but like yo… @Kalarigamerchic So what I’m saying is, go admire your hot self in the mirror, and give special thanks to your ears, I guess. ❤️ @Kalarigamerchic My seven year old was talking about beauty the other day. “I think women with black and brown skin… @nodoubleYOU @agirlandaboy I wasn’t diagnosed until 32. How did I FUNCTION?