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Mom, writer, editor, cleaner of dog barf. Still with HRC. Here for Kamala Harris 2020. She/her

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@grace134 Omg my skin becomes unhinged if I put a chemical sunscreen in the same ROOM. @grace134 But have you tried oils @sarahjanet @Swistle It’s been a massive shift here. We are genuinely surprised when we are offered a plastic straw… @BossyBoots_ Grubhub support is TERRIBLE. I’m sorry. @SoShoeMeDani And yet. I am such a wimp that four hours nearly crushed me. @nmcremins Yess, and sharks stay far far away if they sense an orca anywhere within a mile or so
@TheCopyCait I have, because I am an enormous nerd. 😂Yeah, they do. Been saying this for years. Glad to see science catch up. (I am your orca evangelist, reporting for… @SoldierofResist The first time I saw him in an interview in the 1990s @notcapnamerica Those two are the best part of the whole thing. 😂😂😂 “I am out. Anywhere. Bathroom. Just ... please.” @AdrienMolyneux @Stonekettle Ugh ugh ugh. I’m so sorry. Blizzard is the FUCKING WORST about all of this shit. It is positively infuriating. @AdrienMolyneux @Stonekettle That’s why they don’t speak, ayup @emilynussbaum Your*, lord preserve us. @Stonekettle It’s ... a lot of gamers, tho. Ask any woman why they don’t use the headset in game play. @patois42 I like this take. 😂 @emilynussbaum My dad, singing to himself: “I’m your Venus. I’m you’re bundle of JOY!”I was out last night being a professional lady doing professional lady things, and my feet hurt so terribly after f… @sarahjanet @ra_gorski @pintof @betsyphd I do not. Neither does Theroux, btw. @sarahjanet @pintof @ra_gorski @betsyphd Carrie Coon is SO FUCKING GOOD. I would watch her in ANYTHING @PinkHerring @shriekhouse Yup. He didn’t sleep for TWENTY FOUR HOURS after his anesthesia. It’s normal, and the nur…
@pintof Adam is the same as you. He LOVES this stuff, so I have learned to ... be okay with it, but not think of it… @pintof Noooo.
Y’all. There are DUELING Amanda Knox trolls. Some who think she’s guilty; some who think she’s not. And now I (and… is playing Roblox, and she found a school that has “School stinks” on the blackboard. She’s appalled and has ch… @ThatEricAlper OJ Simpson. Oh god.
@harryrag @chasethefirefly @jimjoneskoolai2 @lele_calhoun I’m also a pro-choice activist, like, for real. So I thin… @harryrag @chasethefirefly @jimjoneskoolai2 @lele_calhoun Dude, we have children in cages at our border and a mad m… @SusannaDW @NicholasFerroni I had completely forgotten about Mrs Theodore, mostly because I blocked out math. @chasethefirefly @jimjoneskoolai2 @harryrag @lele_calhoun ALL OF THIS ABOUT AN ANCIENT COURT CASE 😂 @NicholasFerroni Freshman in college. @lawyerishnyc @agirlandaboy “It’s how I spell it!” How did this person make it through SCHOOL? @notcapnamerica I LOVE SERENA SO MUCH AND I DO NOT EVEN LIKE TENNIS, BUT I WATCH IT WHEN SHE PLAYS, SO THEY CAN SUC… @betsyphd OMG they do this here too, and I’m just 😳 @lawyerishnyc @agirlandaboy I’ll bet adult Felicity will know there’s no P in hamster. 😳This is some serious gaslighting right here. Babies with foil blankets in tents with no parents ... DIRECTLY BEHIND… @VP @CBP There is a passel of children with no parents sleeping in tin foil directly behind you. We have EYES, Mike.
@chasethefirefly @jimjoneskoolai2 @harryrag @lele_calhoun That person blocked me 😂😂😂 @chasethefirefly @jimjoneskoolai2 @harryrag @lele_calhoun This is one of the most amazing things to happen to me on… @harryrag @chasethefirefly @lele_calhoun Of course we haven’t read the official court reports. We have all moved on… @harryrag @lele_calhoun 😂 OMG literally not one person cares about you and your creepy obsession. @lschmeiser @antiangie Totally true. And I guess he’s willing to make that trade off for less awesome food. @lschmeiser @antiangie I have done all kinds of reading, and the orca we have visiting us is Old Thom, and he’s an…
@lschmeiser @antiangie When we had one pass nearby last week, it wasn’t close enough for them to notice. COME CLOSER, BUDDY. @lschmeiser @antiangie I’m not kidding, I have already floated this idea, but I think moving orca is frowned upon. @lschmeiser @antiangie I haven’t read that, but last year, there was a study on great white populations, and they U… @antiangie And your pods eat fish/salmon, but each resident pod has its own diet. It is so unbelievably neat. It’s… @antiangie Yes, because salmon aren’t available everywhere, and they’re so seasonal. Transients can move around; an… @antiangie The transient pod of three males off the coast of Australia is the first time orca were recorded eating… @antiangie But I want to know, where did the solo ones learn from? Were they always in a transient pod, and the oth… @antiangie Free kisses would be a nice handout. @antiangie Almost all orca eat different things, depending on where they live, and what’s available. It’s so so coo… @antiangie Up here, the most common whale sightings are humpbacks, but we have fin whales, minkes, dolphins. The oc… @antiangie That’s a humpback. @antiangie They were herded into that, I’ll bet. And then their buddies were EATEN.Why wasn’t I on this boat? @buttons419 @KitTheKate @OfGoodFamily One of my good friends is the JD alumni advisor at BC. He is married to a man… @lele_calhoun I’m pretty impressed. 😂 @robinnelee Well, that is delightful, because I just happen to have allll the ingredients. I love them, too. @Soren_Ltd Snow Patrol’s Chocolate.The Amanda Knox truthers go on. @robinnelee What are you drinking? It looks so ... I want it right now, maybe. @lschmeiser I listened to a Planet Money episode about these people and it was a stunner. @SparklyB @LouisPeitzman @Soren_Ltd I am maybe seeing Carly Rae live next week and can’t wait. @johnsta55205841 Literally, what y’all are missing is that we don’t care. In the US, we have a lunatic in office; d… @abdpbt Honestly. NO ONE CARES. We all have MANY other things to deal with. @beccasanborn 😂 it’s amazing @TheMasseyPrenup @awkwardlysocial @DCZia There is a photo from last year of a kayaker with a basking shark, too!
@Anyabeth @the_awktopus Yeah, you run. Fast. @LioraMHI I think we have MOSTLY established that she didn’t, but there are those who KNOW she did and cannot handle anything else. @buttons419 I am not bothered by it personally, but whoa, that is some hardcore investment. @buttons419 Unbelievably so.Amanda Knox truthers are a very committed bunch, man. I think they are more committed to this lunacy than I am comm… @TheMasseyPrenup YES. One bit me through my compression suit yesterday, FFS. And that fabric is not thin. @harryrag @evekendall76 @stu_dbaker @shesbero @Jhansigir1 @amandaknox Anyone who spends their time on twitter doing… July reminder that horse flies can bite through clothing, ask me how I know. (Every. Year.) @sfinnamore Note: I do not work at B&N. 😂 @sfinnamore A novel. I cannot wait. (I just sold the Zygote Chronicles to a gaggle of pregnant women in B&N last week.) @evekendall76 @stu_dbaker @shesbero @Jhansigir1 @harryrag @amandaknox I admire you for arguing with this level of bonkers. @stu_dbaker @evekendall76 @shesbero @Jhansigir1 @harryrag @amandaknox OK! You do you, man. But no one here cares to…
@HiddenKate @katrinaRavioli The 2+ mile rule is in place here, for both public and private schools. @katrinaRavioli @whittle_jac The only national requirement here is that all students have access to special ed services, I believe. @katrinaRavioli Our district buses the Catholic and charter school kids, too. I assumed this was everywhere, so som… @jess_mccoy Lol let’s prayThe Venn diagram of Knox truthers and Trump supporters is just a solid red circle.😂 This shall be my day on twitter. @mattieflap They’re all in my timeline. 😂Should I be surprised there are bonkers Amanda Knox trolls? No. Am I? Somehow yes. Despite my run in with the One D… @harryrag @amandaknox Ok @harryrag @amandaknox I feel like you need a new hobby.It’s almost stunning in its simplicity. Amanda had a boyfriend. She wasn’t a virgin. She was attractive. Boom, murd… am nothing but timely in my pop culture consumption, but I watched the @amandaknox Netflix documentary, and hoooo…
@CandiceAiston Also, young people can be really stupid, including young me. Is this a secret? Am i the only one wit… @sarahbeanne Holy crap, you are both so freaking CUTE. @DazzlingVoid That term comes from Little Flippers, and I LOVE IT, because it is so absolutely absurd in attempting… at the pool to several of my friends standing by the door cringing. That’s when I noticed the pool is close… @DCZia @grace134 @buttons419 J and I discussed this the other day, and it could not have been clearer that she does not have children. @grace134 I literally cannot believe this is still going on. @betttina @saly @buttons419 @EllCeeGee The black pepper triscuits are one of the great cracker loves of my life @buttons419 @saly I had to buy each of them their own spray cheese can so that there was no arguing. @EllCeeGee @saly They are STRICTLY saltines