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You see half the day, I see at night
Johnny Walker could’ve been your next great hope 🤷🏾‍♂️😳 matter where you’re from, I’m beating your ass this year.Again world-class athlete🇺🇸 class athlete 🇺🇸 lot of these soccer players don’t even play in the actual country they’re from doesn’t love Beckham know that comment can be a little insulting, but it’s just true. Most countries have like two megastar That’s kno… I’m not worried about cardio, I hold myself to a very high standard,A light heavyweight standard. Some of these…’ll wait... feel ready to take on any challenge, this is the first time in my career that I can say that. I finally have the… Jones Jr, Mike Tyson, Tommy Hearns, the list goes on.. don’t know but supposedly he’s been trying. I’m not too worried about it, records are for DJs. I know my work agree, that’s because America has so many other amazing sports, America has mega stars all over the place. Our sp… come from the greatest country that produces the greatest fighters. Ain’t nothing change in 2021 🇺🇸 💪🏾 #proud
Wolverine @Dylanragusin2 is the season's first Big Ten Wrestler of the Week after going 2-0, with two bonus wins, i…
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2021 im channeling my inner @JonnyBones attitude! Champion lifestyle! #DreamChaser
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Stipe is your rival I’m your superior.
@combathubreal Smith was in the fetal position the whole time, Thiago walked into the cage perfectly fine but could…🥴, just couldn’t see myself beating Jan, his style is like nothing I’ve seen before 🥴and the thought of fighting… didn’t leave the light heavyweight division to challenge myself, I ran out of fear 🥴😂 🐐 💩I left the LHW division because I was terrified of Dominic, even though Jan was guaranteed the next title shot.… I move, you move, just like that. 🎶 Name another fighter who’s made more men retire, switch weight classes, o…
In a world filled with uncertainty, I pray for more clarity than ever before.I claim victory not only in the octagon but in every area of my life.🙌🏾I’ll show you how great I am -Ali * My mindset going into 2021Hey team Jones, we still hereDon’t be blind to these entertainers trying to normalize evil. Protect your spirit, your soul, you only get one. Yo…
Too much fun at the care project Christmas party tonight
💪🏾 this year feeling like an absolute king, so many things to be proud of this year. Refuse to lose
@ardosalamanca What? That’s a great song 🤷🏾‍♂️ @JonJonesBelt Happy birthday brother’t be the pudgy beta male at home on the couch accusing someone else of being on steroids. Get active
Today is the 9 year anniversary of Jon Jones finishing Lyoto Machida. This capped off perhaps the greatest year an…
Retweeted by BONYIf your vision doesn’t scare you, it’s not worthy of you.
Athletic, learns fast and has a crazy work ethic, Clarissa could be a problem 🔥 style is a lot more boxing-based, looks amazingStop out of here, OSP is a beast brother, not very technical on his feet but he knows how to win Hill 👀
Man that would be so amazing, never say never @adamtheogg Miserable much?Took this photo a few hours ago, it’s on its way 🤙🏾 tagged in that video, thought it was hilarious, dude was such a great sport. Me on the other hand, total asshole 😂 Great times in Peru this is pretty exciting 🔥
To whoever needs to hear this, you are worth it, hang in there
Keep it coming boys I’m listening’t matter, it’s great motivation though.😂 I find it funny that literally no one knows who said this.“I look at your legs first. Those are not heavyweight legs,” 🥴
My original fight nickname used to be sexual chocolate, what in the hell was I thinking 🥴😂
Congratulations Parker Porter“Nate’s from the hood he’s going to shake that off” 🥴
I like where your heads at this weekend🤙🏾
240 feels great words coming from such a champion @frankshamrock 🙏🏾
@stergey Welcome to Albuquerque! What type of food are you into? Swing by JacksonWink MMA for a tour!At the end of the day Kanye is fucking Kim and we all listen to his music want to talk shit and then when I defend myself I end up making people feel insecure about themselves. Yes I… science doesn’t lie it wishing down on my star will never make yours climb any higher. I’ll leave you with that😂 know, what have I done 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🥴 about our good buddy Chael a known steroid user, how did that work out for him? 🥴Yeah try it, watch your fight IQ increase as well! any steroid user you know if they would be able to win fights in the UFC for over a decade 😂 Ask them if they c… crucifies beloved cancer survivor Lance Armstrong but allows party boy Jon Jones to fly under the radar. Yeah… @King_Blue_Dup 😂Nope, these boys are going to think twice before mentioning my name in interviews, there will be consequences.. I’v… victory
It’s like taking chicken from a really fat baby, too easy 😂 then there’s this, always makes a great closing argument. Don’t talk shit and I won’t have to be so mean. Poke… that any way to talk to your superior Daniel? 😂 By the time I’m 40 I’ll be about five years into my retirement.… some for the book of a gigantic payday, he does nothing for me. Anderson was the man to beat in that weight class, not him. T…’re joking right? I’ve been making millions since my early 20s, I don’t need a super fight with anyone. Fighting… instead he made excuses until I left the division. Straight chickenshit don’t care man, nothing is bigger for me than heavyweight gold. guys can believe that shit if you want to. He was too afraid to fight me at light heavyweight, now you actually…’m glad you guys can see the Fuckery, there’s nothing bigger for me than the heavyweight championship. Done playin… just how he envisioned it, the arena he wanted and everything. 😂 There’s not a man on this planet that tells m… be like think I do it just to spit facts. A lot of people have these emotional based opinions of me but no one can deny t… never found steroids In my system and that’s an absolute fact, most of you would never look that up though. but was he really though? 🥴