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Planning a gay rave for when this is all over @exlibris @drchrisisfree This was so beautiful. I hope you’re doing okay. ❤️
This blew up. Follow me @staythefuckhome @theashleyray Oh hell yes @dog_rates April Fools. This better be an April Fools.Nice to hear from fellow queers about where they hid at recess. At risk of sounding corny, I wish we could have all been friends! @jonnymangs This is so beautiful ✨ As school librarian, I was in charge of the laminator. You were my favorite kind of student
Retweeted by jon manganello @JeffRod17 You get it @martianScansion My thoughts and prayersMake sure the pay and benefits match the round of applause.
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@guatemalan_papi They sound perfect @stephenlc You gay too?I knew I was gay when I skipped recess to help my teacher laminate things and gossip.This is Ruby. She likes to pet the other dogs at daycare. 14/10 extremely relatable
Retweeted by jon manganelloIf hell is real, we’re all going. can I feel this picture? @timothydunn Sorry it's vile.I am a zen feces faggot is caring flags can suck our penis
Retweeted by jon manganello @stephenlc @lfreccia He doesn’t know how to turn on his oven.
@NIcKarroll BahahaThis is how I made it’m losing my mind in quarantine so I made a cake about it. PM! Time for my nightly bottle of wine!How the fuck did I have absolutely nothing to do today and still manage to forget to drink water? @speriod Someone loves DavidMe and my roommate re: outside
I wish scented trash bags existed in 2005 so I could tell the kids in middle school who wore Axe that they smell li… @YourFriendKevin Similar to Zoom w/ friends to Twitter is anyone on here a homosexual? @LangenfurthAdam Strap inLittle Fires Everywhere is Degrassi for grownups.When this is over you all better be socialists. @tweetintoph
@TeshaKondrat @jonnymangs But who cares, time’s not real, there’ll be moooooore
Retweeted by jon manganellocry-laughing watching strangers with candy. the only light in the darkness!!
Retweeted by jon manganelloYou want mugs in my room I got 20 @itswazzzz Do this with Doc please @QuinnScillianEven my dog is wearing sweatpants in quarantine
Retweeted by jon manganello @ERBAmato @jessicapoolevoc @lucyrafton @emmaleahG @Kathrynthehanke @dermot_daly @TanyaVital @TashCurly @alcanlin @irobotyoujane @Greer_Grammer @jordanrosstv @JanelParrish @Brian_Dare @KamenEdwards @JessicaAmento @tamaralaurel
Weho is the perfect place for me because I’m equal parts young gay man and cranky Russian womanEveryone starting an Only Fans during quarantine:
2020 is so goddamn weird Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this ad.…
Retweeted by jon manganelloI want a president who spends less time on Twitter than me. @stephenlc 😬
Not the first time I’ve said this: I am The Cheesecake Factory.
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Me and my sugar daddy on a date: @Neil_McNeil So easy: Somoas Tagalongs Thin mints Trefoils That’s all that mattersMe at 10 am: I’m going to have a healthy day in quarantine today Me at 11 am: to my friends every day of quarantine @JamesBD55 REPORT HER ASS
@jeffmasters1 Truly who knows?Like me this toilet paper is a fake ass bitch is so goddamn weird don’t know who this woman is but she has won my heart.
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150% here for my dad going off on Trump today on Facebook @carsoneisenhart It looks great! @MarnieTheDog Gorgeous. Miss you so much. @EricaReneeD Ilysm @ArmandTweets I’m not gonna stop youThis is how I made it. this what dogs feel like? Eating, sleeping, and freaking the fuck out on my daily walk?I made a toilet paper cake
I can’t believe how many hours there are in a day. @HillaryClinton He is trash babyWell this is an INTERESTING time for my upstairs neighbor to be learning guitar.I... loved this look? @KylieJenner Parasite
Retweeted by jon manganelloImagine being incarcerated for a marijuana-related offense and then seeing it deemed “essential business”.
Retweeted by jon manganelloYou once were the star of your illustrious high school drama program and now you’re watching RuPaul’s Drag Race nak… date
We are calling on all the capitalists profiting from this disaster to please knock it off
Retweeted by jon manganello @TrinityTheTuck Not a photo but @thebraden Like they just brush over itRobin falling in the cemetery at the end of McMillions brought so much joy to me during this scary time.’s a woman at the UPS store named ‘Galinda!’
Retweeted by jon manganelloMe learning to cook this week
@heyitsmeAlliB Reason 346 you should move to LA @NICKWALSH I love him so muchI think it looks better in a video @yursar @dwsmyluckycharm Yuri! @mfbenji Want a slice?Wow I’m bored
@IvankaTrump How do you sleep at night?A CORONA VIRUS PSA FROM MY MOTHER (who apparently thinks Flaming Saddles is called Flaming Hot Saddles.)
So powerful...this small village in Italy came together to sing from their windows and balconies during lockdown.
Retweeted by jon manganello @JamesBD55 I always forget you’re richAm I bored or hungry or horny? @jaredkinggg Corona virus. That’s what will happen. @kenny_benj I don’t like working on my vacation.So we letting our pubes grow?
Devastated I won’t be able to wear this out this year. But I know it’s for the greater good. I will overcome. coughed and this guy freaked out abt Covid and I’m like damn you can’t even choke on a fat dick anymore
Retweeted by jon manganelloThis weekend was 37 days long