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screenwriter, author, artist! books: everyone’s a aliebn, gmorning gnight! tv: bojack horseman s6. working on: a new book and a movie and other things! (he/him)

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@ClintSmithIII you have!!! i’m still a phd student lmao!! (also ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️) @ClintSmithIII YEAAAAA #success lmao!!!
@Lin_Manuel not the elephant 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@cysketch WOWWWW @karencheee the only karens i know are asian and so i'm always reading tweets thinking "wow, none of this is accurate like at all"
@elijahsflix 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @esmumse 😭😭😭LOVE this coloring job!!!!! egg looks so warm!!!
and here is the completed puzzle!! it’s done!! we (aka mainly elissa and a bit of me) did it!!! okay here is the nice version to cleanse the timeline!!!’s another goof!!! (with the assist by elissa lmao) finishing anything in 2020 feels like THEN SHE STOPPED WAITING FOR ME so this line became a clear marker of who “won” the puzzle (elissa did by like… update (delayed because i had a lot of deadlines and elissa promised not to work on it without me!!)! we did… @ClintSmithIII 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
hi! a small passion project announcement! elissa and i have been cooking a lot and have made a new account on insta…
Retweeted by jonny sunwe made the spicy miso carbonara by @chrissyteigen on our food instagram today!!!! it was amazing and rich and umam… @wellimkat i'm so absolutely honored!!!! congratulations to graduating!!!!AHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 😭😭😭😭! I’m back open & taking new flower arrangement orders: pick up or delivery in LA on 6/1! Order via:…
Retweeted by jonny sunImportant:
Retweeted by jonny sun
HELLO WE MADE HOMEMADE CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH ON OUR FOOD ALT WHICH BASICALLY AMOUNTED TO MINI SHORTBREAD COOKIES IN… i love this very much!! lin and i decided on these fire escape stairs for this page in the book as a nod to i…
@lisadraws YAYYYYYHAPPY FRIDAY :)))))))))))))))))))))))) TUCA & BERTIE IS COMING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by jonny sunHELL YEAH BABAYYYY
@cyelatm it's such a joy!!! @cyelatm he isn't rosie!! i hate and am scared of him!!hi! we made some meatless eggplant meatballs today on instagram!! these are not the most pretty because they’re jus… @nickadamsweb weeds in animal crossing when i dont check on my island in a few days: @karencheee @nytimes @LateNightSeth I KNOW HER!!!! (i mean you, not your mom!!!) (ok in retrospect this was a very… @cyelatm HOW DO I FIGHT @Austin_Nar @GretchenAMcC !!!an absolute honor!!!! (ps. buy @GretchenAMcC's book!!! it's called BECAUSE INTERNET and it is such an amazing treat… @jisoupy AH
@annepylewriter real ones know!!!! lol @rejectedjokes welcome to the club!!! finally!!!this is the view outside my window and i just want to go outside again
@ambermruffin !!!!!! @rubytandoh we are honored!!!! @lisadraws @RaphaelBW crap i mean The Great Rakish Pope Off @lisadraws @RaphaelBW The Great Popeish Rakish Off is that anything @lisadraws @RaphaelBW he is so rakish @lisadraws @RaphaelBW honestly greg kinnear as the young pope is something i am here for @mcclure111 we LOVE carcasonne, it might be one of our favorites!! @yeahimthatgirl we have that one and love it!basically what are the most wholesome modern board games and/or what is the animal crossing of board games!!i am personally on the lookout for any board games or card games that involve one or more of the following!! food,…!! can we make this tweet a board games recommendation thread? reply to this with what kinds of board games yo… @SayntElsewhere i've wanted to play it forever i think we're gonna get it!! @takethworld morels!! @M_T_N_V morels!! @2nnjenn_ WE LOVE THIS ONE @jessieteaa @wordofgreen ok!! @ChuckWendig yes i've been meaning to try that one forever!!! it looks so fun!! @SheaSerrano miss you shea serranomiss you @SheaSerrano @tejalrao i want this game so bad!!!
hello we made a very simple 5 minute mug cake on our food alt on instagram!! it is almost as good as a chocolate ca… everyone i think we're firmly out of unprecedented times now. every day is exactly the same as the day before. that's precedent. @RaphaelBW i think this piece fundamentally changed me as a person.(thank you everybody!!) @revestubin @BallSnackz big toothpaste doesn't want people to know!!!!!hello twitter i have been staying up late a lot due to stress with a project and now i have canker sores so please…
@tejalrao oh my godpuzz update!!! i have switched to elissa’s method and it feels way faster and also i would like say that my wife is… @ClintSmithIII it’s such a great season of tv! @bijanstephen oh crap i wanted to make green onion pancakes this week tho @allison_ptx 😭😭😭 these colors are wonderful!!hello i endorse this reading method!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙
@bijanstephen no more scallions ❌ society has progressed past the need for scallions ❌ @jonnysun Well her algorithm seems worst case O(N + NlogN) = O(NlogN) [she first scans N pieces into buckets then w…
Retweeted by jonny sun @begumcig that’s amazing!!!!!! so i’m like way less efficient @l_o_v_e_I_e_s_s amazing!!! @bbwightvc elissa says: “i mean, also true” 🤣 @rachelzegler YOU’RE WELCOME KING!!!! btw we got this one we are currently doing from the silver room in chicago!! @rachelzegler both our gradient puzzles are by areaware!! some are sold out on their site but we’ve had some luck f… someone calculate the n-efficiencies of our algorithms? i think mine is less efficient than elissa’s but we bot…’s: categorize every loose piece by puzzle shape (four holes; four nubs; etc). starting at one end, figure ou… that we’re both engineers, we each developed our own algorithm. mine: test a new loose piece to every availa… progress! elissa took the right side and i took the left and tbh there could not be a CLEARER metaphor for…
@blumenfeld @rejectedjokes is this what you've all been playing with? i've been going dk-streetle-azureroller-paperglider @brokeymcpoverty its so calming!! i love how challenging it is but also love knowing that there is a fixed and achi… @kaysarahsera @vvchambers @NYTAmy @mafiasafia 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙Excited to have a new poem published by @nytimes! It's for a project called "The Mrs. Files," which explores the tr…
Retweeted by jonny sunCANADIAN ENGINEERS!! THIS IS NOW THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POEM ABOUT OUR IRON RINGS, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THAT ONE BY RUDY… we started it last night for fun and we now have the edges!! one is 1000 pieces!!! the last one we did was 500! but it might be easier because its three colors?? or is tha…,,, FOLKS,,, @candleships pretty IRRATIONAL right!!!!! @bensears this rules!! @eveewing i can’t WAITmfs used to say to me "how hard can it be for you to just get out of bed, how can you be so depressed and anxious t… @everydaylouie PLEASE
i think i figured it out. our quarantine is an extension of celebrating pi day that happened on march 14 to show that pi has no end @rejectedjokes this is my animal crossing aesthetic @ClintSmithIII YESSS
@BethanyRobison it looks great!!hooray!! @aznbbygoober omg