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Jono Grant @jonogrant Anjunabeats, London

1/3 @aboveandbeyond. Founder/A&R @anjunabeats. Multi Grammy nominated. IG: jonogrant Radio: @abgrouptherapy #ABGT #Anjunafamily

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Spot the dog
@graeme_dickson Definitely some bullish haircut convergence going on between you and this gentleman @fractalshapes Completely agree - this was exactly my reaction to the remix too. Thank you Pierce.
So sorry to hear of the passing of Pierce Fulton. Loved his music - a pure and raw talent. My thoughts are with his…
Solo DJ set @Yoshi_Kobayoshi @valhalladsp Vintage verb in 80s mode great @Yoshi_Kobayoshi Probably arts acoustic reverb, but you basically need a modulated reverb such as @valhalladsp vint…
@Sknappthat @MikeSaintJules Be good to see you! @DrT_MD Yes a bit chilly that time of year I suppose, but what a spot, eh?! @sanantoniojag Hope so but that’s up to the people to decide! @SharePickers @Borg74 @graeme_dickson Secretly Graeme admires our cuts, while Noel dreams o… @graeme_dickson We gotta get you blue ticked. I think your hair will help. @MDucks1997 Hope there’s more! @adrian_alexndr What seriously moves air. What truly touches you and the crowd emotionally. What fits. Narrows it d… Rocks! October 22nd! @SharePickers @Borg74 Not wishing to criticise Noel who really seems to know his stuff when it comes to trading.I f… you imagine how much of a release this going to be for everyone who attends? #Creamfields2021 @SharePickers @Borg74 I’d have missed out on many of my best company investments based on charts. It’s 95% utter bo… @SimParms @onepeloton Not in that one, though have heard a few @aboveandbeyond tracks here and there! @deecortez Awesome!I think that’s my best leaderboard position yet. Does help when you’re actually racing against others in real-time… @davedresden @djmarkfarina The Shamen! Yay!
@tiltonferns No @Sodhivine Thank you @MistaB10 Not this one! @GabrielNDresden Thanks 🙏I’ve been breaking far away Looking for a lost salvation Standing out in the rain Taking back the dark again Only… @Studiosounds Agree but I’m sure it will change one day. Very concerning though.A fairy simple video explanation of NFTs. As I see it -if in 10 years you’re stuck with a rubbish piece of overpri… @davidguetta @deecortez @Curlykidlife Genius!
@darrentate Good job I make my own (well, not cup cakes) @CptRJones Sometimes? 😂 @_LuisBautista That one flowed easily actually @djedi97 Agree @davedresden Yes, but it’s never quite that simple for me. Normally there’s something about version 52 that also ne… @divinedetail @pvdapproved That’s a stunnerWhen you’re on version 52 of a track and you go back to version 16 cos it sounds way better
@anjunachris_ I find those are sometimes harder than the zone 2/3 endurance rides. Endurance rides that hit zone 4/5 are tough though.
@__kjordan I do that too 👍 @dj_davepearce @officialcharts Well done Dave. Story of my life right there!🚴
@ahagertymusic In the mist of time... @The_rebelhearts Thanks 🙏 @ahagertymusic Cheers Andy! I can beat you - I remember the future music days :-) 😄First freedom lunch! #LetOutOfThePen @davedresden Cheers DWow - doesn’t feel like 20 years ago. What memories this brings back of producing the remix and seeing it blow up!…
@PulseJunkie Thank you. I’m out of tips for now, but will start noting them down as and when they pop up. @musheey1 Glad someone finds it easy!
@JasonRossOfc And maybe without the box but a rough image in your head? @JasonRossOfc A jigsaw puzzle (assuming you know roughly what you want to play of course...) @lawrielee Takes months sometimes!Creating a record is like doing a jigsaw puzzle where you have to make the pieces yourself @DJAndyMoor @djoliversmith I thought we needed egg boxes?
@DJAndyMoor What’s your favourite hotel slipper? @edianecsv Indeed @GoodreauIke Impressive profile pic ski gameSpotted. Humans enjoying themselves socializing. @yman_04 @SharePickers Hahaha. It looks like the train is leaving the station.... have added to watch list! @SharePickers never been to an escape room before, not invested in the company yet, but all your Escape Hunt chatte…
@deecortez Ohhh red rocks! @KevinHarris2210 If done from a place of positive liberation, and not criticizing those who felt safe wearing them… @deecortez It just helps create lots of the same consistency really rather than the middle being different to the edge on a normal one... @MrChrisGray It’s a marathon not a sprint, and I’ll reserve my own final judgement until there’s been enough time t… @deecortez People aren’t looked down for not wearing masks outdoors in the UK. It’s optional. I can’t understand th… @deecortez Yep. It needs to be assessed month by month and be evidence / science based. I fear masks have become a… @Studiosounds @loopcore1 Science will win out over time in the end either way. @edytabexhill And it’s exactly this kind of stuff that is the reason that over time people will return to offices (… @deecortez I understand the short term reason and happy to comply indoors for now (seems in the USA some have taken… @deecortez There’s a certain osmotic transfer effect seeing other people enjoy themselvesThe world will be a pretty sad place if people are still wandering around with masks on this time next year.Excited for lockdown starting to end tomorrow. Not because I plan on doing anything, but simply to get to enjoy see… @ShareTalkNews Interesting listen. Be good to get superstar broker @graeme_dickson on the show for a broker perspec… @wolfganggartner Do enjoy a good circle of fifths. Just made me think of It’s a Sin from the Pet Shop Boys!
@lemoneinark Thank you! I was asking the audience out of curiosity rather than for my own decisions. So many of the… @Rosiewilding Maybe I should start! @LiloBillMusic Yeah you could be right but I believe it’s also really about fat balance too
@Mat_Zo The end game for some styles is close to rhythmic white noise anyway!
@SpiderVice No problem. The only sound from another record is the vocal sample from Chakra Home. The rest was made… @SpiderVice Yes, and the comment by Andy on YouTube is utter rubbish! @Yoshi_Kobayoshi @KristalDixon Yes I do
@yo_miko Sort of. Normally the middle ones are more gooey than the sides. This helps make them all a similar consistency. @yo_miko It’s a brownie tray that aids even cooking of each brownie rather than a slicer! @angietanae Yes exactly - brownies must be fudgey for me, or I’d rather not waste the calories! @strachyboy Good idea! @KristalDixon Believe it or not, I didn’t try them yet! Purely because it’s 11:30pm here and I don’t want to eat on… with different chocolate chip combo and tried a bit of 85% dark chocolate for the brownie mix… @chris_agnelli @djoliversmith I suppose because sometimes I notice kicks in a certain key are working well in a tra… @djoliversmith @chris_agnelli Sort / organise patch by fundamental pitch
@divinedetail @pvdapproved Sweet @BadBurritoMusic @ElectroGramps AZ @chris_agnelli Yeah in some ways it’s the array of options that I struggle with. More presets that I could then twe… @chris_agnelli Sometimes I trim a sampled kick with LFO tool. I guess while it’s a generator you could also have a…
@chris_agnelli I use your plugin as of 10 years. Still drives me insane though! (Good as it is!)
@AlexWrightMusic @TheDanielKandi Only @7Skies knows, and he’s sworn to secrecy :) @JubCapital @jo94754844 @bobbyoflondon Hard to pass judgment when I have no idea what AAQUA are up to really! From… @Daniel_Garrick I actually subscribe to that theory too in principle. In reality sometimes it sounds a bit too much… @REALMAORLEVI There’s the lyric for your next release @AdamEllisDJ I can normally find something wrong with most samples though as much as I can to like about them 🤓