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Jono Grant @jonogrant Anjunabeats, London

Member of @aboveandbeyond and founder/A&R @anjunabeats. Multi Grammy nominated. Instagram: jonogrant Radio: @abgrouptherapy

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@i_oofficial Rest In Peace my friend. Too soon.😎 @Official_JES @djoliversmith @abgrouptherapy Pleasure! Great track!
@amywilesmusic @harty9 Just borrow ours instead @harty9 @amywilesmusic I’m really looking forward to doing some gigs again now, but have very much enjoyed the brea… @amywilesmusic Lots of people seem to ask me if lockdown must be hard cos there aren’t any gigs etc.But for me it’s…
@jeffwee Exactly @dionposdijk @UAudio @Ableton @KorgUK @KorgUSA @AshunSound @Roland_US @beyerdynamicUSA @Genelec Not for producing. Streaming only...Hello Instagram followers!
@simonsodaberg @abgrouptherapy Not me this week, your honour!#ProductionThought: If your verse has long drawn out notes, try making your pre or chorus have more syllables/be mo… @RahatReznor Possibly. I didn’t hang around....Crime scene on today’s dog walk @n0st0s That’s brilliant! Thanks for that. @dougvansant Great shot. Wow - GT3s are lovely. I’d love a GT3 touring sometime…. Hope you’re well sir! Feels lik… @vince_carmelo @UAudio @Ableton @KorgUK @KorgUSA @AshunSound @Roland_US @beyerdynamicUSA @Genelec Some old little…
@therealaltanhan Ahhh, bless ya! @jaybproductions Telegram is my secret santuary @tomcolontonio Cheers👍
@OrlowskiDaniel Not a fan of rankings sorry! @JanickMichaud Hope your WhatsApp is ready and your thumbs suitably rested. Happy birthday in advance.P.S. thanks for all the well wishes 👍Friend: What did you do on your birthday? Me: spent it replying to WhatsApp messages. @iBluestone Cheers bud 🥂 @GoetianEgregore Keep enjoying your reality tunnel 👍 @bennicky IndeedMore good news. P.S. none of us are important or interesting enough for Bill Gates to want to put a chip inside us… @TrancePodium Cheers @bs_blackscout @asot @aboveandbeyond Thanks @ssteirensis Thanks @NicolasGermanA1 Thanks @ElenaLu04743682 @asot @aboveandbeyond Thanks! @asot @aboveandbeyond Cheers! 🥂
@REALMAORLEVI @UAudio @Ableton @KorgUK @KorgUSA @AshunSound @Roland_US @beyerdynamicUSA @Genelec Figured I’d switch it up a bit @nightingaleania @UAudio @Ableton @KorgUK @KorgUSA @AshunSound @Roland_US @beyerdynamicUSA @Genelec It’s not my pla… it from London before Lockdown started, and now finally setup a load of music gear to have a fiddle....
Enjoy! @Craig_B_Music Cheers - in many ways a note to self. Many of us are guilty of it! @djoliversmith ☺️
@REALMAORLEVI BoldWell I suppose this is going to set the cat amongst the pigeons for some people.... @___james_c___ Yeah great points. It’s heartening to see more women getting into it, and could be good for the reasons you allude to. @ArnejOfficial Nice @dt8project ☺️#ProductionThought: Be cautious of falling into the “Clever” trap. In my experience much of the most effective and… @JohnLegere 😂 @djoliversmith @djpaulryan @matthewherbert cheers will check @canveysweets I thought the chin sling mask thing was a British thing. Does make me cringe every time I see it here in the UK. @Darudevil I want to get the kit with the handle to reduce handling noise. Too windy out there today to get nice recordings! @djpaulryan @djoliversmith I use voice recorder all the time as well, but just thought I’d nab the zoom from the An…
@iBluestone @AxisMusik @Ableton But that’s sylenth behaviour then, not the daw. It’s likely nothing to do with able… @AxisMusik @iBluestone @Ableton Logic still here @iBluestone @AxisMusik @Ableton But I’m not sure why you’re testing the summing with a soft synth? Better to use a… @iBluestone @AxisMusik @Ableton Just use an initial patch. I bet it will be exactly the same. And you then need to… @Spencer_Brown @iBluestone I haven’t listened yet but I would take a raw wave if you must use a soft synth. Remove… @AxisMusik @iBluestone @Ableton Also I would use a simple sample for this test as who knows with a soft synth.... I… @Spencer_Brown @iBluestone Needs to be done correctly though.... exactly the same conditions, and sample accurate.… @Spencer_Brown @iBluestone Take the same kick, import at a given decibel level (with warp/fades etc off), bounce in… @REALMAORLEVI @iBluestone @Ableton stuff like panning, or how they handle clipping is more likely to have impact th… @IIIThreat Sorry for your loss. I see a big disparity between those who’ve had first hand experience of what it can… @ArnejOfficial @iBluestone @Ableton Tons of great sounding records have been made in ableton, and it’s not the DAW… @lbamp No. I should experiment with that. @IIIThreat Fair enough. I’d even put myself in the “not immediately” category.... We’ve probably all suffered a bit… @ArnejOfficial @iBluestone @Ableton But ilan is adamant he’s done a test with Sylenth and that it sounded different… @ArnejOfficial @iBluestone @Ableton Yeah - I’ve been trying to say that to Ilan. Though I’ve not done a null test m… @djoliversmith That’s the plan ☺️ @Darudevil I need a lesson in mics! I only have the included mics where I am at the moment @Taco_president Wow - didn’t realise that! @razorberry New merch line incoming.... @iBluestone @Ableton But you’ll still believe that logic somehow sounds better 😜If or when concerts are legally happening again (assuming vaccines or other “solutions” / low case numbers), would you go to a show?Field recording fun @subhapindiproli @djoliversmith Great DAW. Will do another track in that sometime. @djoliversmith @7Skies Cheers will check! @djoliversmith Take folders - yay!
Think I’m going to order an iPhone 12 Pro Max @ahmetatasever Yeah. Now I feel like a fool. @Spencer_Brown I’d love a new Electric Piano. @ahmetatasever The pro is the one. But the max? Just too big I think. But now I’m being educated that the max has a… @philallen02 Ok. I’ve changed my mind. @ClarenceDayPSU Had the big 6. You like the big 8? Those phones are just huge I find? @jeffwee @ReinsPhoenix My ears weren’t designed to allow any in ear headphones so I can’t use them. They fall out. @EuphorialIRE @bennicky Can we have a cheeky half a pint instead? @sl_t4techno444 @Zeppelnn The only reasons I upgrade phones are camera and battery life. That’s it. @DjJahon But why can’t they put the better camera in the smaller phone? It feels like marketing / product positioning. That is my beef... @bennicky I think mine is the 11. I’ll probably wait for the 13 (unlucky for some...) @DjJahon Fair enough - I should really retract then... but was just joking anyway. The size of the thing! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂 @markasadler Yeah - incredible vocalist, and managed to do justice for Freddie which is no mean feat... @markasadler Preferred GM solo @DjJahon Now you’re educating me. So it has a better camera? @ReinsPhoenix Down with this. Fan of headphone sockets, though sorry to admit I had the big 6. Never again! @ahmetatasever Does it have a better camera than the normal one? I may have to sympathize a bit more with buyers in that case... @Zeppelnn Cheers, you too! @gabbenordstrom I had the big apple phone years ago, and it’s just silly. Bring back the Nokia 8210! @Zeppelnn I’m sticking with my old phone, but would order the mini if I was changing if it had the best camera, but… @JMicklefield 😄 @killaheroz Maybe then.... 😄Pint soon? @NicolasGermanA1 Thanks for listening! No worries, will crank it up next time. Energy to the max 🚀 @NicolasGermanA1 I probably had the music quieter than usual in the headphones. That affects the voice over “performance”.