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STREAM ARMY OF THE DEAD MAY 14 Always bet on Dead #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

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@GeekLawGrad How does both look like Michael Keaton and also look nothing like him? @jamieakarr @Todd_McFarlane You know what has me really excited? We are definitely going to be getting a Michael K… out tomorrow on a mission
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @AshtheDashh @WeBuildMechs @Jay_Persistent @BobDigi69 Yeah.... Every Director is that's how Hiring works. @jamieakarr @Todd_McFarlane I didn't love the Comicbook version they released, hopefully we get Nightwing from Gotham Nights @sylabdul_inc Oh believe me I will be hahahahahaha @teebizal23 @Todd_McFarlane Damn bro awesome collectionDo you think I have a problem? @Todd_McFarlane #DCMultiverse #McfarlaneToys
@2Partizan @GeekLawGrad @_TheGrimKnight_ Wow.... So original @Ray__Porter I think it's time for you to don the Cape and Cowl #ForDarkseid #DarkFather @JLexBackUp Ben Affleck also decided to put the Cowl back on for The Flash, and Ray Fisher said it was a great scri… @Sahil1w6y @SuperWinterGirl @JLexBackUp @4000Mak Do you think Ben Affleck of all people would sign on to do a movie… @RobMarand98 @ThomasComicTalk @I_AM24435448 That isn't confirmed.Like if you identify as a sexual tyrannosaurus
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @zordaan Damn bro, didn't know you were a wire expertHey look. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is still part of the universe. Recast rumor DEBUNKED! #TheFlash
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @GokanEkinci It seems rather arbitrary.... Like there are plenty of #RestoreTheSnyderVerse tweets that aren't hidde… @GokanEkinci Then why did they hide this reply? if you smiled 😃
Retweeted by Jonathon P.Where my Power Rangers 2017 mutuals at?!
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @LibertyHangout Imagine shitting yourself in college and still thinking you have any authority to speak on anything.Nikon
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@kimmym1992 @THR Also there ain't no way Bruce is keeping a woman like Selina Kyle without being a "Cunning Linguist" @colliderfrosty @SadeASpence "I get the frustration" proceeds to try and tell her "how it's done" assuming she does… @cg_pete @DCEUCraig @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Yeah I'm done with your idiotic nonsense cat… @jessika7979 I didn't say it reminded me of it... I said I'll remind you that people like Stemot, and Leonidas supp… @jessika7979 What are WB supposed to do? Not advertise they're movies? Might I remind you, that the only people d… @cg_pete @DCEUCraig @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Did I say that? You continue to purposefully… @jessika7979 Because it's fucking stupid..... And no they don't..... No-one is angry about this. Most people just… @cg_pete @DCEUCraig @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 They didn't publicly say no. The writers pi… @cg_pete @DCEUCraig @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Because it was a fucking joke...... And agai… @cg_pete @DCEUCraig @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Except we have no idea what it would have ev… don't get how people can be mad about Juneteenth. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. A…
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @franciscoaallen Oh yeah a movie with The Flash, Batfleck, Keaton Batman, Supergirl and the Multiverse.... Yeah definitely going to fail. @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 And they have been routinely mocked for saying "Hero's… @franciscoaallen @franciscoaallen It's not going to fail..... @AprilCallan7 @cg_pete @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Your buddy Pete jumped to conclusions and thought that… @AprilCallan7 @cg_pete @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 I've pretty successfully argued my point, you've all ju… @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Go be mad about there being more gay people in Comics or something.... @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Then that's on the fucking parents. @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Have you Actually watched Harley Quinn? Those "normies… @wondermeg_ I don't think she will be @wondermeg_ I think it might be based on her look from Crisis on Infinite Earths @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 You do realize Harley Quinn is an R-rated show Exclusiv… @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 You've either completely missed my point or you're purp… @dullWinston84 @cg_pete @Ian58840618 It's not in a Comic book..... @TheSpeedofForce Especially if his Selina is looking like this @AprilCallan7 @cg_pete @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 It's a fucking Twitter shit-post, it's not from the comics. @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 It's fitting though. It's a fucking Twitter shit-post m… @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 The fucking stretch on this take is astounding gonna ha…’s and Affleck’s Batman:
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Batman isn't inherently a child-friendly character @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 It's weird that you lot never have an issue with that s… @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 I ain't joking with you dude.... This whole situation i… @AprilCallan7 @cg_pete @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 It's a fucking joke dude.... Y'all are the weirdos clut… @cg_pete @AprilCallan7 @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Could have fooled me with ice cold takes like "Hero's d… @cg_pete @ElTubacabra @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 Look stop projecting, just because no woman has ever let you anywhere… @cg_pete @Ovo_Denny @vmartin1023 This isn't in a comic though..... This isn't marketing to kidsKicking off McFarlane Toys Summer Showcase with Avatar: The Last Airbender HERE:
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @UserAvendanoMan @JeroGR528491 @iamthatroby @KAMbot1138 @cg_pete Holy fuck.... I'm gonna call you Mr. Fantastic with that kind of stretchLet’s fucking go!
Retweeted by Jonathon P.joss whedon seeing zack tweet THAT and realising he cannot publicly comment on it
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @JeroGR528491 @iamthatroby My guy.... DC literally published a book where you can see Bruce's Bat-pole.... Keep clutching at those pearls.I've missed mindlessly scrolling through twitt–hmm Snyder's doin a thing–oh Candace Owen's brother is going vira–fe…
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @realgerrytodd @redsteeze And the buildings are on the ground I guess..... @RangeBrad @redsteeze @ilovejohnkimble Nightwing watching from the other rooftop like this
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @BrndnStrssng And if you do hate him after this, the punishment is you must walk around for the rest of your life w…’s now illegal to hate Zack Snyder sorry but the bill just passed
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Retweeted by Jonathon P.I can attest that this happened in my version too. 🦇💦🙀
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Retweeted by Jonathon P.The citizens of Gotham looking out the window of their apartment @ZackSnyder @AndyDiGenovaThe madman is out of fucks to give. No wonder WB continues to refuse to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse They're terrified definitely does. @Inertia_Inverte @RandyMARSH_666 @Chukwu77 It was a fucking joke dude.
@Inertia_Inverte @RandyMARSH_666 @Chukwu77 Nah I agree. As someone with Irish heritage having a holiday to celebra… @angel75_burst @Chukwu77 Because it's celebrating the day Slavery ended... It doesn't hurt anyone to celebrate thatholy shit I’m so scared right now oh my god
Retweeted by Jonathon P.Instead of cancelling student debt we should transfer it all to one student. One sacrificial lamb who bears it all…
Retweeted by Jonathon P. @ThatKidAGE83 @Browntable_Ent This is crazy, just because he was asked for his kid to wear a mask. Shooting and ki… @stillgray Seems like he was pretty successful @ilovejohnkimble @GeekLawGrad @WeBuildMechs closest thing Australia has to a heartwarming Christmas classic that everyone revisits every year, like America…
Retweeted by Jonathon P."Oh anon, that voice was soooo funny, who did you say it was again? Jaja Binks..? You'll have to excuse me, i'm not…
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Now I just need @Todd_McFarlane to announce a Superman designed by him to go with these gorgeous Figures. @fearmelord @iamthatroby Ok Geoff 👌Since everyone’s talking about it I drew how I imagine that BatCat scene might have gone down in @dcharleyquinn! 🔥…
Retweeted by Jonathon P.Exclusive look at deleted scene from Season 3 of Harley Quinn @HopefulDespairr @chrispeers92 @trishapaytas No because Trisha is just a shitty person, has nothing to do with gender. @iamthatroby Geoff Johns keeps eating "L" 's @BuffaloMJ @mattapodaca Adam West is, his Batman? No way @trishapaytas You keep fucking talking about it..... You keep grasping at fucking straws trying to find something t… @ilovejohnkimble I'm so sorry that happened. Assholes ruin everything
@maguirekevin Yeah why don't you go ahead and sit down