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The internet: WAP ISN'T ART. WAP IS TOO VULGAR TO BE ART. Classics nerds: (laugh in Catullus 16)
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️My baby takes the morning train He goes to clubs and makes it rain His favorite podcast Joe Rogan My awful, toilet baby
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @apelad Leto's a cult leader, he probably promised Tron eternal life and nike sneakers @capnmarrrrk @smashmouth Saying stupid things and exposing thousands of your fans to a deadly disease that they cou… kidding, conservatives can't make art or jokessiri, is tuvok jewish siri, was tuvix jewishI mean, aside from the obvioushey @smashmouth why are you being awful and badYour brain gets smart but your head gets dumb's answer song will be called "FAP" @kategodart They're small and easy to steal @ohtiniestplanet Thank you for this. @nancysweatyedi1 depends on how many souls she's eaten that eveningThere's no reason to do this other than to train children to blindly follow rules given by authority regardless of… doctors agree that when this happens the cat in question is actually trying to steal your soul Shapiro is like the anti-Dan Levy.
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️"Joke's on you, my doctor wife has informed me that she can't get wet because she does not have these medical issue…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @designerscott FIve.Has anyone told Ben Shapiro about porn yet @DanaSchwartzzz never more appropriate than nowHe's a member of the tribe.Yosemite Sam's full name is Samuel Rosenbaum. Yeah, that's right. @EugeneFreedman Time to rap some erotic sonnets from the 1600sI was driving a few hours after the end of the hurricane the other day and one of the main roads was blocked by a c… it's just that I'm high right now but I am very high right now
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @hypercubexl This is a complaint about something you are assuming to be true with no evidenceben shapiro: lets say, hypothetically, you did “cum” his wife: i didn’t tho.
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️This guy seems like a good guy to go to for moral guidance
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @tedcruz Your arguments are constructed like a five year old would make them. Seriously, you're an evil shit with n… @rajandelman It's time to find out @ESP_MTG Hadn't heard that one, fuckヽ(♡‿♡)ノ Me when I k*ll every rich powerful man trying to destroy the USPS ahead of the election
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @moorehn No problem. If one of those guys does that again, I find this extension to be useful. @jyrenb Hoping it's a small role.I didn't mind him in BR2049, strangely. Maybe he won't suck.CeeLo Green changed the lyrics to Imagine from from “nothing to kill or die for / and no religion too” to “nothing… Shapiro has never had sex or seen another person naked @moorehn That's the exact reason I use it, no need to hunt down what you don't see @xtop you mean de-rezzedyeeeeeah there we go new tron. even if jared leto has to be in it. we make sacrifices sometimes @xtop neverDid you know that in New York, employers steal more money from their workers each year than the value of all other…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️it is evil to say "looting" and not say how many people are unemployed, starving & facing eviction
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @waider I remember buying a book from Amazon over WAP while I was out and about and thinking, "THIS is the future." LOL @moorehn The other non-optional option for me is "mute non-followers." SUrprised by how many people don't know about that one. @moorehn This is what the "turn off RTs from this person" option was invented for. I have been using it a lot lately. @Ad_Inifinitum @JasonSCampbell literally just finished doing this (very mediocre job)
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @LarryWest42 See next tweetI mean, I know WHY people are losing their mind. Black women are freely expressing their sexuality & not being cont… @aptly_engineerd They may not have access to everything they need, I assume.I watched the WAP video and am having a hard time understanding why everyone is losing their mind over this? It's f… @PseudonymousBe2 That's the lowest bar I can think of.This hasn't been "Today's SFAM" for a few years now, but it's still about snakes and spiders and still makes me lau…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @Memenaar It's true! @ahelpfulbear I guarantee that by the end those balls will be empty @IronStache We can sleep when we're dead, mom always used to sayI'll make the first few publically available and then cut off the flow of sweet, free ball monsters. You'll be begg… on the first of the RumbleBeasts, my new line of fighting monsters that live in your balls! (Balls not incl… @BrittSabo It's pretty darn good the whole way through, it deserves a smidge of emotion I suppose @BrittSabo I hate when that happens, I feel like they've tricked me into caring @eplerjc I've been in worse.Maybe it's just that I'm high right now but I am very high right now @hypercubexl Yes, if it worked in an entirely different way it would be better.Ron Funches is the best part of Harley Quinn."Kings are bad? Let's make a slightly less powerful king." This was the genius of the founding fathers.Having a president is stupid. Giving one person absolute control over the execution of all government functions is… Aritana Yawalapiti, 1 of Brazil's great Indigenous leaders, has died of COVID-19. He had to be driven to a h…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️1 out of every 2,000 Americans alive at the start of the pandemic has now died with COVID.
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @MelanieMoore oh yeah, it was incredibly obvious @MelanieMoore How could anyone possibly have known this would happen @EveForster Hm. Wacky is not my favorite adjective. @EveForster This is good, I need to hear more good things @JamesSACorey Not every opinion is valuable or even desired. Just the ones that reinforce my prior beliefs and boost my ego.I have not yet found the courage to watch Lower Decks. As long as I don't watch it I can imagine how good it isWhen Canadians are rude to you, you know you fucked up badly @sfpelosi It's good to be in the center, where you're only half wrong @Itttdone I'll need to make sure it actually works first. No rush.
I am intrigued. much right-wing "hypocrisy" (on e.g. policing and "liberty") and conspiratorial thinking ("FEMA camps" vs actual…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @kanyewest Is this a cake @JoeBiden How are you planning to stop him if he compromises vote-by-mail? And don't tell me to go vote. @everythingloria Tell me they weren't Crocs-shaped.telling a writer what they should write should be punishable by social death
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️SPIDER-MAN 2 and KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE are both piercing dissections of the burnout that comes from the gig econo…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @hypercubexl This is why sharks are moving to Wisconsinshark facts: sharks love to order the bar pretzels and cheese as an appetizer even though they're wildly overpricedshark fact: some sharks have graduated from collegeshark fact: sharks are mostly libertariansshark fact: sharks would prefer to eat cheese but they don't have reliable accessThey should rebrand it Vine, just to fuck with people @Helena_LB @gr3b0 @DrNerdLove started it
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @DrNerdLove This seems to explain it. I had no idea what any of it meant at the time. rest of me will be covered in heavy duty trash bags thoughEveryone else is out of the house today for the first time since.... maybe forever? Gonna run around with my wang out, floppin' around @Lrihendry Did it bother you that this was the case for every Presdient before?Bob Clampett's strategy with Daffy Duck was that with each frame Daffy would have a different facial reaction. You…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🚫🧛‍♂️ @JeromeCardona4 @PokemonGoApp Honestly, go fuck yourself.Everyone gets stuck in a low-poly VR game that makes you addicted and heavily into peer pressure. You need one gree…