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@_Pundus_ @CenterWillHold This my buyer, Maria’s office,during tribbles prep.
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿It definitely does not have a silencerThis is a Tactical Dog, installed for Reasons. I assume it comes with laser eyes and a deathbark moduleThey are training a new dog across the street. Apparently today is "learn to bark like a maniac all day" lessonsTotally torture. (Also: do you really believe you'd be the same person after incarceration for a subjective span of…
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @Jwhitbrook My hot take: Star Trek is goodThis is wonderful
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @elongreen I haven't decided yet.IS THIS IAGO MONTANA??? 23/ #YubiViews
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @RevAGSL because it is notI am so broken, I clicked this expecting a slideshow of Oscar Isaac photos @piersmorgan I have terrible self-esteem issues but then I remember that there are people like you in the world and… @KBSpangler @Blackmudpuppy This is 2002 all over again. Thanks guys @Blackmudpuppy I can't, Ethan. You know I can'tDog: Impossible is the story of the world's first four-dimensional antimatter dog. His name is SParklesDisney+ isn't just The Black Hole. They have tons of compelling content I prefer it that way. DOn';t ask this question again @mc_frontalot @kibblesmith Brisco County, Jr.Ozymandias' superpower is extremely long biceps @hdlichtner How did he get his elbows below his waistThe Penguin but after decades of only eating lead paint
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿tfw you're about to introduce hot dogs to the galaxy just paid for itself. I will be watching this from now on. @ManMadeMoon Okay, Prometheus had his liver eaten repeatedly, so definitely not tomato-based myth @ManMadeMoon Or is that Sisyphus @ManMadeMoon I thought Prometheus was the one that had to push a tomato up a hill? I guess you learn something new every day @ManMadeMoon Prometheus, but for turtles @pzmyers Pope Zero.I prefer Pope Classic. @kwesting4 @RebekahResister @sonyaliloquy Please stop filling up my mentions with this shit. We all know both parti…
@sleepytimetales So you just got up.I tried to sleep but missedY'all still awake or just up early @aaroncarter You're a thief and a shitlicker @JordanUhl gets better with each viewing, tooWouldn't camo in space look like stars?
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿the quadrillion dollar galaxy spanning megacorporation sent paul reiser in a sweater as their man on the inside
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿the part in aliens when they transport space marines millions of miles then realize at the last second oops you guy…
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @BAKKOOONN Aliens is the worst one. was the day Joe Biden finally became President
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @trekonomics I will say this: it has the best bean fart jokes of all the William Shatner-directed Star Trek films @Murderblonde Thank you so much! I have a lot of extremely talented peers and I use the jealousy that generates to… @alicegoldfuss Gaslighting, but for time travelers
Congressional Republicans: Trump was just extremely concerned about rooting out corruption in Ukraine. Trump: I w…
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @keeltyc I heard the original name was Pissdick but it didn't test wellWhy even have a societyThey're finally changing the name of 20th Century FOX but they're keeping the 20th Century bit. This is madness @rabcyr well maybe not thatImagine using this money to do literally anything else @wigu Jeff did you see what I drew last night
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @abrahamjoseph ancient wisdomwhat a tangled web we weave when we weave a tangled web @waider *failing @waider I'm trying to think of something he did that I didn't enjoy and I'm faling @waider I'll watch him in anything tbh @waider They gotta leave something for later, I'm fine with a bit of mystery and the promise of more Giancarlo Esposito. @giantironphil There's a point where it just becomes porn, where it's glamorizing the thing it's supposed to be ske… @MilesKlee Who's to say what sort of bird Shakespeare had in mind, this could be his original vision @MilesKlee The best possible outcome @bad_takes I unfollowed earlier today @bad_takes What did she block you for?Jack Quaid is laboratory-bred to be likeable. I don't see how he doesn't go on to star in everything after this.Finally finished the season. My complaints about the tone stand but it was good. Overall I liked it. There was some… @8bitavatar Thank you for your kind words! @marinaomi @andizeisler Somebody has been travelling at relativistic speeds I think.Same. He looks like he could have given birth to my uncle @xtop Have you seen Medical Police? @JhonenV Most folks would be thrilled and honored to work alongside exploding rats.i think we can all agree that mackenzie davis
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @rynchus You're not. There are dozens of us! @jonrosenberg @EyePatchWolf actually has a fantastic video regarding various ways The Simpson’s has been deconstruc…
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @jonrosenberg This by @annabroges is the best article I've ever seen for trying to explain to the rest of the worl…
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @jonrosenberg I keep hoping the finale episodes of the Simpsons will end with some Tracey Ullman short skits.
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @hypercubexl WIth my luck? Heat death @MelanieMoore He likes it in there, he'll be fine @Rorkesaurus Or is it?????The Simpsons was a deconstruction of the family sitcom format but now it defines it, therefore it too must be decon… I would start killing off one character per episode (see: Remember Me, ST:TNG), you could make a ten yea… @JessiSheron yup! @LouisatheLast exactly @indigo_k "mid-stream", after 30 years @LouisatheLast That would be fine, but I assume it's functionally immortal at this point.
If we can't kill it at least we can give it a fresh coat of paint @AndrewNCassidy Hopefully not thatImagine a Simpsons that decided after 30 years to throw away the series bible and get a fresh showrunner and a new… couch gag is the only part of the show that's worthwhile anymore and I suspect that's because they have fresh o… proud of my choice to stan Reese since “Election” right now.
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿Moira Rose as Kirby Copy Abilities, a thread
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @g0re0gre Thank you. It's so good to hear this.This is why I talk about depression. This is why more people need to talk about theirs. Depression is a medical c… @RachelMcGonagi1 My son's middle name is Kurt. @RachelMcGonagi1 Vonnegut was a prophet. @elaanfaun @TegeusC Hopefully we'll get regulation soon. I've been making the trip up to Massachusetts a few times… @RachelMcGonagi1 Self-deprecating is the most effective type of humor because it reinforces the act of not taking y… Sisters' Dune.
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @elaanfaun @TegeusC Have you tried a low THC or all-CBD strain? That might help manage the anxiety.In 2018, a strong majority of Floridians voted to reinstate voting rights for nonviolent felons. THEN Republicans…
Retweeted by jon 'jonathan' rosenberg 🤓🌿 @TegeusC The terrible mental health is always there for me, weed or no. The weed makes it better. Oh wellFloridians need to recall this dude