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@stinkytcat1 @Eve_Barlow @KindaHagi It is absolutely an apartheid state, stinky the catSome of us were conditioned in Hebrew School to worship the Israeli state and it takes a long time to come to terms… don’t think Jewish ppl should be asked to answer for the actions of the Israeli government And The Israeli go…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @jyrenb I know, right?lol judaism a part of the Israeli occupation actually feels much more antisemitic than criticizing the most mili…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @Eve_Barlow @KindaHagi Jewish person here. It's not antisemitic. It's an apartheid state. Not all Jews support the… shocked that they cancelled this, what a loss @Angus_Mesmer @StephenHFoster Stop telling people my professional secrets
@UrsulaV @KBSpangler Don't promise me a good time @KBSpangler @UrsulaV OF SALESMEN @howardtayler @JamesSACorey Three days, you say? I'm on day two, and everyone told me it would only take a day. Everyone lied.This is the economy libertarians want'll always be internally divided on this movie but the alternate reality game that preceded it was a hell of a tri… walking out of a Hot Topic in high school
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿That's what the new line of Tesla Rapebots are forElon Musk fans: he's not going to fuck youSaturn Devouring HER Son 😌 🦄🌈art by me🪐✨
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @ZiggyBombadil You know she's a lesbian, right dumbass @ZiggyBombadil @RachelMComedy very clever retort. I am dead. @ZiggyBombadil @RachelMComedy He's not going to fuck you ZiggyDan Aykroyd was the actual first person with Asperger's on SNL, but Elon Musk bought the patent
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿Sounds like my ex @selectinvert @keinsignal The image flows around objects and moves very smoothly, seems like it would be difficult… @trslzr *kind reader lol @bradenlamb The guys good but he's no Turturro. Would have been perfect in the role actually @designerscott How long did that last? @trslzr A mind reader who works at Nvidia gifted me a 3080 so I get to play at 60fps 4k. It's quite nice. @niais Someday I'll be able to afford to upgrade. @niais I wish this was limited to the vaccine period, I've been having bad dreams for months nowThis has happened a number of times now, usually in dreams about one particular individual, which is weird because… in bed all day today, mostly sleeping to avoid the vaccine side effects. But I also had a bad enough dream that… again, this sort of shit turns out to be more terrifying than the actual in game monsters
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @ElissaBeth Very interesting!We need a Vic Fontaine guest appearance on Discovery. @LouisatheLast Vic Fontaine is the best.I suspect it was intentional. you haven't played it yet, CONTROL is the spiritual successor to the Half-Life games, creepy as fuck one minute… @BaronDestructo I think I'm full up on Batman stories but I still haven't seen the Superman immigrant story I'm waiting for @BrittneyBush I was shocked it didn't turn off when I picked it upYou even get that nice reflection of the projected image in the glass windowOne of the cool things about everything being ray traced in CONTROL is you can pick up a projector and do shit like… @krisstraub @Iron_Spike Just trying to find my desk @Iron_Spike It's awful stuff but I strongly recommend CONTROL bc the way they use brutalism is genius, play with ra… EARRINGS ARE BACK.
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿
@VibesCake @Chinchillazllla go away
@Chinchillazllla That's amazing. I feel like we're on the cusp of a medical revolution with this stuff, it's mindbl… @Newsarama Is it also going to be brilliant for a season and then descend into incomprehensible chaosWhoever writes the program that reverse engineers the mRNA sequence that you need to feed the cells to get them to… mRNA vaccine that instructs cells to create tiny protein sculptures of abraham lincolnFeeling the familiar leg aches I felt during COVID already. This is some strong stuff @Lubchansky huzzah @Lubchansky You have to come meet Zuko once we're properly jabbedZuko Update: @karengeier Can't wait to raw dog my neighbors again @ohtiniestplanet Yup!Why muck about with DNA alteration when you can feed instructions directly to the cell machinery? One injection cou… got around to reading up on how mRNA vaccines work and I gotta say that is some clever shit straight out of… is my fav stegosaurus fact: that paleontologists saw this Far Side comic, loved it, and fuckin ran with it…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿I'm not saying Bill Gates had Jeffrey Epstein killed, but I am typing it.
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @teaberryblue I may have misinterpreted. @teaberryblue She also seems to think that trans women can get pregnant, which is weird @hypercubexl She RTd my GoFundMe for Alec, so not entirely terrible, but this is not great and should be called out @GeneralMcMaul a few beers will take care of that problemrisking an unfollow here, but this is bad"I can't be racist, my best friend is black" for 2021 has arrived @Iron_Spike I note that you didn't request a link. Or a pony. Says volumes. @Iron_Spike I suspect it's possible this person is simply a terrible writer.I suspect my first dose might be the rough one since I've already had COVID and my system will probably already recognize the spike protein. @waider I've had COVID though, so my first dose might be the strong one.How long do the side effects take to kick in? I'm not very patientOne down, one to go. I'm Team ModernaPatrons: New Dungeon Divers page just dropped. Enjoy! Dungeon Divers: First Contact
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿Time to go get that jab💉💦💦time to stock up on post-vaccine snacksIn my day, we carved glyphs in rocks with our bloodied fingernails and threw them at the sunLook at harvard guy, too good to use standard keypunch cards like us slobs end up changing some colors on panel 4 for the book, now that I have looked at the finished product for thirty seconds.Thanks for giving me the chance to work on these, I really appreciate your support while I finish up the book.Patrons: New Dungeon Divers page just dropped. Enjoy! Dungeon Divers: First Contact I wish I wasn't so attractive. it can be a burden. A haiku by @jonrosenberg
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @spacegooose It reminds me of the 1980 Citroen Karin! Check out this beauty:
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @AndreaKuszewski You understand.Sometimes I wish I wasn't so attractive. it can be a burden. @OkieSpaceQueen Your joke is terrible @Rschooley I feel like there's a really special edition of CLUE that could come out of all this. @jyrenb I do, but also I lie a lotMy mom just went to her sister’s
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿I'm not saying Bill Gates had Jeffrey Epstein killed, but I am typing it.Holy shit
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿 @gregkellyusa suck all of my thousand diseased undulating breasts @Blackmudpuppy @Iron_Spike I never forget demon magic. never
@Iron_Spike or maybe it's just a coincidence, or they're correlated but no causation or a third thing @Iron_Spike Looks like a lot of those top accounts have been there since the beginning of the service, I'd assume f… jut for some perspective on everything: a living wage of $15 an hour is $2400 a month, assuming a person works…
Retweeted by jon rosenberg🦥🌿SFAM is cancelled. Come back monday for my new time-racing archaeologists comic "The Past and the Curious" @janecoaston The teens are having quantum indeterminacy sex, don't look @ohtiniestplanet argh yeah everything sucks out of the gate, no sense in hoping for anything @southworth No idea. Whatever it is, drawing attention to it can't hurt.