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Jon Ruiz @jonruizmota Greater Bushwick

a cult classic; uxr, oncology, machine learning, & music; EN/ES

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We're hiring at @roboflowAI! We are actively building out our engineering, marketing, and growth teams at the momen…
Retweeted by Jon Ruiz @deanevangeliou brave but necessary since it would’ve been hard to pass through the house @ecareyo Representation matters I can’t use Trump being president as an excuse to submit mediocre work... my corporate deplorable era is over 😔Too many to name! But some favs 😂 Internet himbo - @booorgan Fitness himbo - @ohitzcancelled Industry himbo -…
Retweeted by Jon Ruiz @cashmeretote @booorgan @ohitzcancelled @hasanthehun @henrygolding I hope that one day my himbofication journey wil… @DemianArriaga @stealyoman_cuso @booorgan it’s the pearl necklace for me
53-star flag looks much better (thanks to both horizontal and vertical symmetry). Hate the stacked stars in potenti… 52-star US flag @internetdad69 @justasvf wow i would also like to focus on his abs in 2021 @anxiousdeluxe is how I chill with my homie procrastinationLike a self-destructive habit @goldenpolaroid we're only two hours inWould do what the Hudson Yards and 432 Park could never have done Wednesday see that only 3 octaves were invited to the inauguration due to COVID protocol @mikelledstreet exactlyKlobuchar for Oscars host @nthonyCarmen "...and in your cervix, amen. now go wash your hands." @MikeDelMoro never forget those 48 degrees with overcast skies and strong winds from the northwestThis William Henry Harrison erasure
Retweeted by Jon RuizCan’t believe Klobie is the opener @domthuhbalm rich boy got em on deck @mikelledstreet Burton 😌Pull up in my hood best dressed @jennydeluxe he’s running errands todayMy alarm clock this morning right before I hit snooze @rymfarr @nthonyCarmen i—Tomorrow I’ll revert to liberalism and celebrate the Biden-Harris administration for a day, as a treatWho at peloton paid for this sponcon on my way to la taqueria every other night for the man on youtube who taught me how to tie a bowtie
a girl I had a crush on in high school rolled my sleeves in a specific way for me once and that's that way I've don… years of himbofication vibes have been off since I woke up this morning to log into work @WeZAllNight brilliant m8
@cashmeretote sad!
If it ain’t me ft Normani incoming 🙏🏾 the gym and all three of us on the benches are wearing the same lululemon tank top. Anyway, I’d like to announce… @n__c__l love hell gate. people say it looks like the sydney harbor bridge but it actually predates it and directly… of the day ofc @little_droid Clásicos. Día de Enero is currently on rotation as well cuz I like being a little on the noseI would like an entire bossa nova album by shakira Sunday
@internetdad69 Can’t relate. The only good iberian gene I inherited is the one that allows me to take siestaOvercast skies really make New York shine.
Retweeted by Jon Ruiz @anxiousdeluxe thank you for saying itGiving Book of Selfies by Kim Kardashian 4 stars on goodreads @cashmeretote @demetriesii exactly @mulapeep I’ll never forget coatgate... that night had everything: drag queens, playing cards as coat check tickets… miss this jacket every day 😔One year ago today @gofinurself people love throwing around words they read on tumblr onceWho is dying: Who is vaccinated:
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There’s only a pandemic and an average of 3600 miles between me and every man who contributes toward making me most… @aliadarola Exactly @WilliamLLott cc: @ryansk00lAndrew Yang coming back to New York like Serena van der Woodsen
Retweeted by Jon RuizI’ve decided to close DoorDash and cook my lunch today @anxiousdeluxe I’ve only been once and that was enoughI put my phone away and took off my earbuds on the subway to see what tf Fran Lebowitz is talking about and all I h…
Gave Plato’s Republic 3 stars on goodreads @brianbarr_ But now I know who to come to when I need to recover my 10s of dollars @brianbarr_ Unfortunately, I did not actually lose my password @stevenromo Exactlyomg me too bro anyone know how to recover the password to a Bitcoin wallet? @TrenseveF Lost my password tho 😔Yes, I invest. In 2017, I bought $25 in Bitcoin and now it’s $60 😌The block on Grand Street that’s bookended by taquerias is the best stretch of concrete in this goddammed townListening to the greatest live album ever recorded yup @thedanielshaw RIP ❤️
@quasimatt vyzee slide period @anxiousdeluxe ..... 😭 @gmacho (Guest) @thedanielshaw @babiboiben Ok you’re a literal Swiftie! I can listen to one or two Bieber songs... as a treatImma also stream No Sense since I’m already on his profileLemme put my Spotify on private so I can listen to Intentions by Justin Bieber without @babiboiben noticing @Austin_n_Austin Absolutely @ortile Yes!Lmk what’s really good remix is probably one of the top three songs of all time ngl
@anxiousdeluxe The smoking area at E1 😍 @CraigSJ ................ @KitGotIt exactly kingI love the customer experience field @KitGotIt If I can see eye-to-eye with you when I wear my docs you are not tall 🤧 @ryansk00l Mind your businessThis is not about medium “tall” people... this is re: 6’2” and above *tall* peopleTall guys only love me cuz my best angle can be seen from approximately 6 to 12 inches above my ahead @fetacheesepls The teen beats playlist on spotify made some points this month huh
@iratheethird Balance is restored on my TLWhen were y’all gonna tell me this was available for streaming in the US of my favorite SATC and Avatar/Korra facts is that James Remar played Richard and voiced Tonraq
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Saw the Kamoinge exhibit at the Whitney today and I can't stop thinking about these photographs by Louis Draper @busmother good dunesSecond El*n mention of the day... gonna kms