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Jon Taffer @jontaffer Rescuing Bars

Host and Executive Producer of @BarRescue, a @NewYorkTimes Best-Selling Author, and Founder of @TaffersTavern and @TaffersMix

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Thank you @EKANardini for having me on!
On this weeks podcast, I take a look back on this crazy year with @GuyFieri, @DrPhil, @barstoolsports @EKANardini,… Thursday, I decided to do a little throwback to 2016. Remember this fun campaign I did? Should I bring it back… @TheeGunner Thanks Gunner!
Take 4 min to read this article I wrote for @Entrepreneur . to be a part of this list @Entrepreneur . Now, let's reset America! @BarRescue is now on @YouTubeTV! --- Bar Rescue is always available on the @paramountnet website/app. In additio…“It’s called barstool SPORTS” - @jontaffer
Retweeted by Jon Taffer @BrianEllis1 Will be in Canada in 2021 @turnbulltv @BarRescue Coming! @AuldAdventures @MightySparkCo @SXMGuavaberry Well done!! @JKeenan2 @BarRescue @paramountnet Nope. There are about 186 episodes. But, you are more than halfway!
Frustrated that nothing is going your way and it feels like there’s nothing you can do about it? You might be makin…
The rumor is true! Taffer’s Tavern is coming to Alpharetta later this year. hope everyone had a fun, safe July 4th weekend! Did you see people social distancing and/or wearing masks while you were out?
@AntKucel Taffer’s Seltzer!! Cherry lime.
What red, white and blue drinks are you making this weekend? Here’s one from Season 7.
Need a quick, flavorful cocktail this weekend? Pick up one of my @taffersmix flavors at fine retailers near you. Hu… this weeks podcast, I call people like you and try to categorize them into the 3rds I keep talking about. How do…
Staying safe or taking the risk? On this weeks podcast, I talk to fans about their Fourth of July plans and how the… idea! @Ferggy55 Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦
What are your plans this 4th of July Weekend? 🎇🇺🇸 — Have they changed due to COVID?
Today is the last day of the Virtual Fundraiser benefitting @KeepMemoryAlive. Please consider participating in the…
Resetting America will happen in 1/3's. We're at the point where the Reserved Third are watching the first 1/3. If…’s nothing more synonymous with Sunday’s than @BarRescue. We can’t wait to get back from our scheduled mid-sea…
On this weeks #TheJonTafferPodcast, I take a look back to the beginning of the pandemic and revisit my predictions… CLASS: Has this pandemic affected you or your business? I'm here to help! My free 6 chapter class is now LIVE… @ochoniko @BarRescue Impressive
Here's a great article I did with @BarBizMag. To learn more about how to reset your own business, sign-up for a FRE… @JasonJasonmane @DeauvilleInn We are being sure to follow all mandated safety procedures as well as implementing ad… weeks episode of #TheJonTafferPodcast is now LIVE on all podcast platforms. to @DeauvilleInn and my consulting team on a successful opening last week! If we can help your busi… another great example of how we are adapting to this new reality in order to keep everyone safe. Thank you… friends at @Shift4Payments just released this new contactless payment technology.
Which of my @taffersmix margarita mixes do you like best? Visit to find the nearest place to get yours!
I'm offering a FREE Resetting America class via my Taffer Virtual Teaching platform that will go live this Friday a… @JoeCulotta Sound like I should have done that a few weeks ago!Watch me on Cavuto: Coast to Coast with @TeamCavuto at 9am PT only on @FoxBusiness
As many of you may know, @NicoleTaffer and I support @keepmemoryalive. Due to the current pandemic, one of our larg…
Missing your Sunday dose of @BarRescue? Check out last weeks season finale and all your other favorites on the @paramountnet app. @TeddieHoosevelt Thank you Ted @Heero_Yuy1982 Thank you @bobbyr611 Thank you Bobby @crazymusiclover Thank you Lauren @AntKucel Sorry. Be back soon! @AntKucel Thank you Brett @Irontiger046 Thank you! @DebMeshadas Back soon. Yellowstone is a great show. @paramountnet @BarRescue @SamanthaBury2 Obviously a person of taste!I hope everyone has a great Father's Day! @AngelsnHellfire Thank you @schafer_troy Thank YOU Troy @schafer_troy Great Troy!
Still can't think of what to get dad for Father's Day? I'm still offering 20% off my Cameo's. Book one now at… @JamesAThomas67 Thank you James
What are you doing for July 4th weekend? Have your plans changed due to the current environment? Let me know! I’m l… @SethWiley14 Absolutely! I’ve been consulting for 35 years. Check out for more information.Catch me LIVE on #Fox5DC in 5 minutes (9:15am ET)!Tune into #Fox5DC at 9:15am ET to see me on #GoodDayDC talking about bars and restaurants reopening plus a little a…
@JoshForst @tafferstavern Something could be in the works. Stay tuned.I'm excited to finally be able to share that @tafferstavern is coming to New England! @jrb_55 @BarRescue Enjoy! Let me know. @CoachManeman We’re constantly expanding our distribution. Stay tuned.
Want me to yell at your dad for Father’s Day? @BookCameo before Saturday and I’ll knock 20% off plus I’ll get it to… a mask when going out? I've got just the thing. #ShutItDown @bunnyskaalrud Thank youGot a question for me? Give me a call at 916-842-5180. I’ll be answering select caller questions on my podcast this…
Miss last nights episode of @BarRescue? Check it out on the @paramountnet app. @CognizantTroll Ask anyone who has ever been on Bar Rescue. Raw and unscripted! @beaglebax I’d much rather see you have a successful bar from the start. Plus you don’t want me to yell at you! @MarkSmikahl @taffersmix Check for the nearest location to purchase or order online. @savingamerica2 @taffersmix Yes, we’re in Walmart and other fine retailers across the country. Check… @eastonwarrior19 @taffersmix Check out to see what stores near you have them and see if you… @IDPwithBEE @taffersmix We unfortunately don’t have distribution in HI quite yet.How’d I do?My favorite part of doing these @BarRescues is the people I get to help. 1st bar in Southern California to have my @taffersmix seltzers behind the bar! your own Pina Margarita at home! they going to pass the Partender test?Much better than the ribs they were trying to serve last night. is key!“The only thing between you and success, is your fear.”What should Reva do with Mike?Thankfully we caught it in time before someone ate that!Yum, RIBS!This is a completely cross-contaminated kitchen! #SHUTITDOWNToo many pineapple decorations?Pineapple. Why aren’t the other words lit up on the sign?! @therealmrmccoy @BarRescue SeasonIt’s time to pull back the doors, bust open the books and make a call for help to @BarRescueDon’t miss tonight’s @BarRescue finale! We saved a great one for last!!The new episode of @BarRescue starts in less than an hour! Tweet me live during the show. #SHUTITDOWN @darkusui @BarRescue @paramountnet Worse @BamasTrueVoice @BarRescue @paramountnet I do! @Interim_Alumni @BarRescue @paramountnet You don’t want it
Maybe don’t eat before tonight’s NEW episode of @BarRescue... — Don't miss brand NEW episodes of @BarRescue Sunday'…’t wait for you to see tonight’s episode! — Don’t miss brand NEW episodes of @BarRescue Sunday’s at 10/9c only… is ridiculous! Perfect example of why staffing is so important. #SHUTITDOWN’s nothing like a @BarRescue marathon! Tune into @paramountnet now to catch up on old episodes before the NEW…