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As I thought, Warren is playing her role as the Sanders-spoiler admirably.
@NarcJoeKennedy I'm of the opinion that the answer is no, but Rebecca Long-Bailey is by far the least bad.
Here’s how Remain can still win
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @Nes2r3 I don't much will change.And, I suppose we're out.Thirty seconds.One minute.30 years from now, there'll probably be one or two interesting alternate histories written about Brexit.10 minutes left in the EU. All the lights will go out! We'll all die! Oh, hang on, very little will change.With less than 20 minutes left in the EU, I predict that very little will change in the short term.Huh, weird
@Theleftwingbit It's already on there, but I'll move it up a few spaces! @GREGORZOR I find that, among modern books, China Mieville's books are a good example of the type of thing I mean.… @BlakeAnselmo Doesn't have to be a book. Could be a TV show or film. @Theleftwingbit I've heard nothing but good things, but to my immense shame I've still yet to read it.A saga worthy of poem and song. has more worth to somebody interested in theory, of course, but to anybody else an engaging novel written fr… a lot of fiction at the moment, after a long while of only reading theory. It's worthwhile, and is remindi…
I'm really happy that the Picard series seems good. I was expecting it to be a massive letdown and, judging by the…
Say what you want about capitalists, but they sure know how to fuck an entire planet up. @comrade076 As far as I know, yeah. She's said a lot of wrongheaded things during this campaign, but this is unequivocally positive.A positive step was it “divisive codswallop” when you were voting to deselect me Luke?! #OpenSelection
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Somebody needs to have a word with anybody who has ever been remotely involved with Jacobin. @dnbrw No this is not correctMany are paying tribute to Lenin, in memory of his leaving this world on this day in 1924. I cannot, because in th… noooooo not the memory of slaveholders and segregationists OH NOOOOOO
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@KateFlood "Chips are vegetable" - Kev @catdadaeternal Way too realNo one wants to be a Marxist, it's a thing that happens to you. It's a mind-shattering misery, a poison that sits i…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @Karl_Was_Right Clearly, no individual can be so superior as to be performing thousands of times more labour in a g… @Karl_Was_Right From the same paragraph, "But one man is superior to another physically, or mentally, and supplies… @Karl_Was_Right Not disagreeing with your general point, but your use of THAT quote is misleading. Marx is referri… to see here, just jess phillips using 'I' 13 times in the first paragraph of a guardian article
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Retweeted by Jon 🚩Why give Watson a peerage?
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @BoardofDeputies @BoDPres I see you're still claiming to be "the Jewish community" while you demand that "fringe" g… @leavesanddust I think given the situation, being left alone isn't an issue!
Haven't seen the #LabourLeadership hustings. Don't need to. I already know that RLB is least worst for Leader, whil…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩didn't predict i'd have to try and convince corbyn supporters On Here that luke akehurst and co weren't actually on…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩This is my position. No lessons from wreckers. I'd go further. Pipe down or fuck off. Ideally both.
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"I'm shaking still."
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Wow I wonder which candidate, a Catholic, Paul Mason could be accusing of having dual loyalties. IS DANGEROUSLY COLD AND PEOPLE NEED *YOUR* HELP -Refer rough sleepers to outreach teams using…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @davidschneider Movements are more important. @Ota_Benga24 So what you're saying is, it doesn't work?
@ScreamingStatic Has that ever worked?You can't vote socialism into power. At most, you can vote for tiny, moderate societal improvements. Electoralism doesn't work. @simonmaginn This is actually exactly the Labour Party I recognise. Corbyn, it seems, was an exception rather than the new normal.this is absolutely fucking vile
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@mitchmusic I think it's a little less clear cut than that, personally. Explained my thinking on it earlier. @mitchmusic I'm not 100% sure that that tweet of mine made sense, but I think it gets the point across. @BolshevikPotato "You just don't the TRUTH about the DPRK!"Jar Jar used his senate PROXY VOTE to move the Emergency Powers Act, the equivalent of the Nazi Enabling Act of 193…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @TwoPabloAngel @britainelects @Survation Can't disagree, but it's still a distance back from the bar set by Corbyn, and he wasn't faultless."Those who do not move, do not notice their chains." Rosa Luxemburg was killed on this day in 1919.
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @AlexJohnMorris @britainelects @Survation Polling at 1% is funnier than her polling on 0, somehow. @TwoPabloAngel @britainelects @Survation Yeah. I'm having a hard time finding the energy to support any of the lead… Bercow on negotiations for the 1987 Single European Act: "Margaret Thatcher was herself the driving force be…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @EddieDempsey They were right about it Thatcherising Europe. @britainelects @Survation I think with second and third preferences, this almost certainly shows Starmer winning unfortunately. @gwionmynyddoedd Sounds like the words of a secret book-underliner, and in Wales too. Close enough to sneak into… @mitchmusic I can't imagine an author I'd rather read less @AndrewSpiess Sadly it isn't stupidity, but absolute bourgeois class solidarity. @afneil What if she asks you why you hired a Holocaust denier to translate Nazi memoirs? What would you say? @BagLady83860648 That's actually way, way worse.the camo was essential to break up the outline so it would be harder for the moms 4 housing to spot them on approac…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Breaking: Rich person who wants to seem like they care while not fundamentally changing anything votes for the rich… @keithjarrettfan I feel like I might have the corresponding copy of Parenti's "Inventing Reality"! Exactly the same "annotation"! @DoctorKropotkin 😡 @crowbloke @maisie2shooz Screaming the words "bing bong" at the top of his lungsI cannot describe how much I hate it when I buy a second hand book and huge sections of it are underlined, particularly in pen.Democrats and Republicans basically represent 2 views of US imperialist capitalism. Dems want coalition based hegem…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩I agree, though perhaps draw a different conclusion
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Target employees should keep this tweet to hand. @Ksec15 True, but I just think it would be funny.Boring.Really bad.Big Ben is crap. @coso9001 Is this itIf I was Prime Minister, I'd stop the Big Ben bongs permanently.Boris Johnson is a multimillionaire, if he wants Big Ben to bong so badly, he should pay for it. @afneil Don't worry mate, if they don't turn up you can just not bother interviewing them or making any sort of big… @ImogenWK @DIYsocialism A-Level geography teacher.I just liked a tweet and on rereading I think *might* be incredibly transphobic. I unliked it pretty quickly, but… @breadsci Pretty much. Rupert Murdoch is Rupert Murdoch no matter which side of the Atlantic you're on. @leavesanddust @acsofian Germans weren't all treated as threats in the GDR. Of course enthusiastic supporters of… @leavesanddust @acsofian Denazification. Essentially, yes. What particular aspect are you referring to? @acsofian Arguing against anti-materialist points is part of that, so I am. @leavesanddust @acsofian I'm not talking about soldiers, that's a different discussion. I'm talking about the US working class as a whole. @acsofian If your educational efforts have not been successful, have you considered that perhaps a component of tha… @acsofian You most certainly can, I'm going to continue to promote class education among the working class rather t… @acsofian But these people have been indoctrinated from birth to unflinchingly believe this propaganda, despite any… @acsofian No, the majority went along and were complicit, but it is ridiculous to say that leftists within it that… @GeorgeHayes3264 @big_GOGGE It's not that complicated to understand what is meant, it's simply that you can sit on… @acsofian You can only see it like that if you assume that every American is a Nazi, which is patently ridiculous. @Jcmurdoch26 @komsomoI Ah right, could be. It's always safer to take any pledge from anybody in the most malicious… @acsofian What the fuck are you talking about? I'm not "defending white supremacists". @acsofian I'd suggest it'll have to be both to cover a large enough portion of US society that the resistance is me… @komsomoI What's the issue with it? I looked it over, but I could be missing something.