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A mostly very good statement following a good act, but she should not have pledged any loyalty to Starmer. In dema… @Vtechp @BolshevikPotato @Solidarity_Star @JCfromtheChi @MattSwearingen @YEASTY_COMMIE @spirit_llama @GrouchyGus
@Roots_Action I dunno, I think the man who is desperate for popularity and attention is more likely to be swayed th… least the new Spitting Image will put an end to people saying “They should bring back Spitting Image”
Retweeted by Jon 🚩To me, Marxism is about if Karl Marx would tuck me in at night and give me a kiss on the forehead and call me a good boy
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Labour becoming much more unionist will work so well in Scotland.
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @MuckerOfMarx @BritainElects @IpsosMORI I just did some calculations, and it looks like any competent leader should… @NiaBloom6 @madrid_mike Castro made life better
@khankiso @usindiamonitor But Castro is great @GiniHenny The world is a dark place today @GiniHenny I hadn't even seen that, it just gets worse
This is the worst thing I've ever seen would just be austerity.
Retweeted by Jon 🚩The Corona has assumed control @SteveSchmidtSES @Ftwjudy1010 Not really
@Tired_Barnes The CIA agreeing the they were paid is VERY interesting @Tired_Barnes Two examples mentioning payment @Tired_Barnes Do you not know what a prison isMy family had the monopoly on eggs in Tsarist Russia...
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @Tired_Barnes They were prisons, and the prisoners were paid.Hate it when the bolsheviks destroy my family heirlooms* *vast amounts of wealth and thousands of slaves
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Don't give a fuck about your 6 centuries of heirlooms when most people don't have anything because of capitalism. @fulcrum_92 Nobody was made a slaveRBG died on the way back to her home planetWish no one would bring this up, most mental thing I’ve ever learnt, I’d love to try a cashew apple
Retweeted by Jon 🚩little gnome men
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @Unmagical_Girl @AnthropoceneKid Apparently not! @TUC_Defender I'm sorry for having to tell you @gcole63 @wezlangdon Eat it and make juice!suddenly i prefer hazelnuts
Retweeted by Jon 🚩The one in the middle looks absolutely furious about it.
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have retired when Obama was president. 🤷
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Ruth Bader Ginsberg passing officially means there is no fucking reason to vote for Biden
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @garfxist Quality cashew content on my account @dragoninns No problem, lmk if I'm about to die
@Marnerbanana I've heard they're like a mixture of apple and cashew flavour? True? @dragoninns Yes what ifRBG died before the election, and that removes the final, tiny, meaningless reason to vote for Biden. @DrFuck_ She tried to do a flipApparently #rbg saw this tweet and it was the final straw RBG, she died doing what she loved, NASCAR racing @TheSocialistDad America, but it only really wins on scale.Liberals in shambles rn
Retweeted by Jon 🚩She should probably have resigned under Obama then. 🤷‍♂️'t she supposed to be the only reason to vote Biden? @StefGotBooted It probably should be @cymrurouge I exclusively eat foods that passingly resemble the heads of tiny, angry men, so I can't comment. @MuckerOfMarx Watoad @drummergirl1971 @BareLeft I respect their hats @cymrurouge It's really not right at all, is it? @Greasy_Boiler @AnthropoceneKid Apparently they bruise easily and are hard to transport @sammeoch @epiplexis_ That is deep. But also, isn't that what all nuts do in the long run?Angry little men
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Crazy little buggers aren't they. I worked in Mtwara, Tanzania for a while and were right in the middle of the bigg…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @geordie_milne I did too, before the revelation @rudebwoyben1 @rowyourbot I'm envious @jaystarwind It's very odd @daisycarter__ He is going to be eaten to be fair @geordie_milne Way more fancy than peanuts. @AnthropoceneKid Me too @AnthropoceneKid Yes! Apparently cashew apples are delicious! @grandwaz14 I'm sorry @fToRrEeEsSt @rowyourbot I want some, but I haven't had it. I am incredibly jealous.Still messes me up that this is how cashews grow.*doctor wife“You thought you were dry before. You haven’t even begun to know dry. By the time I’m done with you, the Sahara wil…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩
@mayo4u you've eaten a full sack of wet eggs.
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @wrkinclass4evr @ryan__hodg The book is absolutely fantastic too.
imagine having to live on roughly £570 a day!? absolutely horrible, i’d never put someone through that.…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩bro this is literally a list of countries we've done coups in
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Oh well haha honest mistake I am sure. Nothing to see here.
Retweeted by Jon 🚩
BREAKING: The Trump campaign is running Facebook ads portraying Bernie Sanders as the puppet master behind Joe Bide…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Welsh Nationalists must firmly be of this mind: We CAN NOT rejoin the European Union - ESPECIALLY if you're a soci…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Barbados has announced its intention to become a republic and remove Britain's Queen Elizabeth as head of state by…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @sheonawatson @NeilClark66 They haven't said thatThe ritual has been completed
There is no ‘Bay of Pigs’ award @realDonaldTrump I think you mean the presidential endorsement you received in 2016…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @sheevpaIps Wish it was real at this pointSharing this to call myself out died with Mussolini just like how racism died with the civil rights act. Nevermind the innumerous fascist a…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Um, I guess you haven't heard of the Great Famine of 1845-1849, no? Tbh, I'm not surprised. You're as thick as minc…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩I'd rather an imperfect attempt at socialism than active resistance to even those attempts.East Germany is trending with comparisons to the stasi. The GDR had its problems but everyone was housed, fed, high…
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@2011arvyk Ma'am put on some deodorantThe Queen probably smells really bad, because honestly who is going to tell her that she smells bad. @4evanyr NoIf Joe Biden could be pushed left, they wouldn't have bothered to stop Bernie.
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Starmer is so useless @IWTheDarkPrince @KateWilton1 Kieth Stürmer must resigngood, fuck protestant work ethic
Retweeted by Jon 🚩The sky is blue and water is wet
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @BInapples He also intentionally carried out a genocide in Bengal, blamed them for "breeding like rabbits", bragged… @garfxist They have a tendency to become proletarianised during capitalist crises, so, maybe?Churchill was one of the worst people in human historyThat's a picture from the Bangladeshi famine under British rule
Retweeted by Jon 🚩Putting aside this image from the Bengal Famine, all the others are lifted from Dr. F. Nansen’s “International Comm…
Retweeted by Jon 🚩 @TaylorMcFayden MeThe BBC is a state propaganda network. This sounds like hyperbole, but sadly, it isn't.