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Dory in Disney On Ice. 😐 🍈🍈 @loftipixels Yeah, the art style in general is great... but the monsters are all a bit sandyPicked up TemTem cheap on Instant Gaming. It’s basically Pokémon on PC. That’s not a bad thing... but it’s not a go…
@PaulsLeyGaming If I can pull my finger out and make some content I might! Lol @PaulsLeyGaming That’s ace!Incredible project!
@cupcake_coaster @aceonlineorg Oh sure. I was just wondering if it was actually petitioning someone or, as you say,…
@superfiendyt @RudiRennkamel @Ninja Dude is encouraging the kids that follow him to get angry when they lose at a v…
@sowfaycanz @ConflictNerd Better than her usual 'old lady piss' I suppose! @ConflictNerd How is she? @cupcake_coaster Who is it petitioning?Only been gone 2 weeks! Where did my puppy go! @RudiRennkamel Right, so he believes it and is an idiot. Cool :)This is a horrific take. Either he knows it is and is just being edgy or he believes it and is an idiot. Either way… is live, please share the page and pledge whatever amount you can give, thank you! 😊
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Two crazy busy weeks in the UK were perfectly ended with this little dude officially becoming a Canadian Resident o…
What a day
Retweeted by Jonti SparrowThe Good Place 😏
@RyanLatham1997 It is! Whistle stop your I’m afraid. Heading home Tuesday after the con @RyanLatham1997 Here ever year for the Magic Con, this is my 19th year :)
@AndreaaCW Hey Andy! I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me one already :D loving London :)Will look at this when I’m back from my trip. Looks cute!
@Rick_Lane It’s all subjective, whilst there is a marked difference in quality between, say ‘The Understudy’ and ‘T…
@DestinyRavenSil @PlanetZooGame It is! @markcoxdavies @RobertHambridge @PlanetZooGame It was quite wet, not quite flooded though! @BlindiRL So... they are the machine now? @BenFrancisMagic Yes mate, you there? @RichSpiroSpero Would love to eventually. For what it’s worth these were made by a New Yorker :) @RobertHambridge @PlanetZooGame Looks a lot like Chester because it is :)Please @PlanetZooGame @catpeee101 I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a week as I’ve run out of prerecorded videos now :( @D4nnyJ4mes I think it’s actually based on New York/New Hampshire. But man it’s SO good.Got a morning to myself in Liverpool, had to come and have the best Eggs Benny in the world this if you're a bot
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Hayo Zookeepers! Thanks for all of your feedback so far; we've just released Update 1.1.4. We have temporarily disa…
Retweeted by Jonti Sparrow @Lloydm_85 Is it really? I don’t think I’ve seen it! I’m in love though @D4nnyJ4mes Right now? There’s one down the road... but yeah normally, there isn’t!The car park setting, the soft rustle of polythene, the delayed reaction, Greggs...this is possibly the best tweet…
@BoMarit89 @BestInSlotYT It’s rough. Beautiful but rough. I’m gonna need a minute... @BestInSlotYT @BoMarit89 Just finished The Good Place. Cried like a bitch. @PaulsLeyGaming GREAT Mic stand! Not used the rest but looking forward to hearing it @BorjaRuizSPR I agree, but Atleast GOTG is ‘themed’... I hope this doesn’t stay as a ‘warehouse’ @CassMoneyLive
@JamesStant Congratulations! Also, amazed no one has pointed out how much you used to look like Pluto!Oh... oh dear... this is not a nice sight line! you enjoy Indie/Oreo/Meeka pics... there’s more here: @KateNV_ Same. It killed me dead.Indie met her new buddy Dallas today, Dallas’ mom got her a matching ‘kerchief 🥰
Doors to Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway.
Retweeted by Jonti SparrowPlanet Zoo social media back on it. Great shot @Poisonblade_IRL
@bamber123 I’ve found a work around. It’s a wireless silver one, but it’s ok, thanks! @MuseratoPC That’s what I thought, but no. It’s ok I’ve sorted it now @MrDomez Oh it’s only a small thing, specifically adding ad breaks into videos, which I can do by typing in the tim… @WeavesAutumn Ah, maybe it... will find a work around, don’t wanna mess with his settings @bamber123 No clickArgh! Trying to do some back end Geekism stuff on my Dad’s Mac. He has a touchpad, how do I ‘click and drag’?My son helping his Great Grandad polish off some pudding 🥰 @kirm84 *out when I get back :) @kirm84 Yeah! Actually got 2 re order but was unable to get them out before my trip. So they’ll be out open forSpent a night in a British pub with 3 remainers and three Brexiteers and managed to have a civilized, relatively ed…
Today is #ThursdayTreasures, where we introduce you to creators and blueprints you may not have seen before! We'd l…
Retweeted by Jonti Sparrow @PlanetZooGame Love it! Thanks for sharing, one to watch! @chasdabest16 @PaulsLeyGaming You’re forgetting I lived in the UK for 33 years :D Both the Zoo and the Plesure Beach are very good :) @AntHarris867 I mean, I was visiting my family... lol @zuluwest12 @chasdabest16 I’m not this time. But it’s a great zoo!
@PaulsLeyGaming Got a week in Blackpool, plenty of crap food then! @Hartyfarty2010 I don’t think it’s been long enough to really feel weird yet! @chasdabest16 Mostly seeing family, at a conference next week, may squeeze in a zoo at some point! @Corvonia This is Birmingham. Nearest one to Liverpool is Warrington, I think! @PaulsLeyGaming Yes mate, for a few weeksTravelled 3000 miles but still managed to get my Double Double and some Timbits for Xander! @RobSharpMagic @Chantefuzz Oh I know :D @RobSharpMagic @Chantefuzz Lol. Well it’s an actual book with a good narrative and well written characters. So it’s not really comparable!Hey guys! Pilosa Zoo, a @PlanetZooGame collaboration between iDro, Lazz, jAsh and me finally dropped!…
Retweeted by Jonti Sparrow @RobSharpMagic @Chantefuzz You’ll love it
@Chantefuzz *seven, it’s not Norwegian 🥴 @Chantefuzz ‘The Sven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle’. Video Games meets Agatha Christie whodunnit. Absolutely fascina…
@Ruble_Trillions Ofcourse :) @Ruble_Trillions Good to know! @Ruble_Trillions Yup! @Sorathewonder Well awesome for you :)Back home, feeling sorry for herself but otherwise fine. We got a handle on it quickly so there's little chance of… @rcmaniac25 You're lucky, it doesn't effect some dogs, others, a single grape can kill them. @Sorathewonder We got to the vet pretty quick, so she should be fine... my bank balance might not be so lucky!When you have a flight to catch and your puppy eats a grape so needs a stomach pump... @CleaveOnTwitch Seems an obvious cash grab on ‘baby yoda’ to me @PunkleJones *her :D and she won’t go on her own, yet! @johnsebastian @ExpThemePark Well... that actually makes sense.
@ExpThemePark It’s only just February! Why bother taking it down?Snow Day! @DavidFCrossland @foundationgame It’s doing pretty good for views tbh, really enjoying it too. The whole series is…'t fall asleep! We are counting sheep in today's @foundationgame as we move onto luxury items!… @janesparrow118 I didn’t ask @NextGenPlayer Oh man, the opening to Black & White. Seems a bit corny now but at the time I don’t think I’d seen a… @bodil40 @ytcreators Same. As I imagine most their creators do, weird that it isn’t an option? @SVegvari Top 3 ‘Top 3’ lists
@GTM618 Doesn’t Dougy own a sticker factory? Lol, you can’t make this shit up! @BadgerClaws_ Oh I don’t think it’ll be for Geekism. Just like the idea of a PC Pokémon @coastertouring @CharlieBooker7 @cupcake_coaster Apologies, I read it wrong. The 1am curfew covers NYE, Diwali and Chinese New Year :) @coastertouring @CharlieBooker7 @cupcake_coaster No mention of Diwali on the site, but it makes sense