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Jon Oakes @JonVirtual San Jose, CA

Advocate for immersive tech in learning, connecting and making.

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I pay more taxes than billionaires. Eat the rich.
@bbhart_ca I'm convinced, although I can't prove it, that he is literally a house of cards and if you settled all h… boy, not great. @Ancients @ablitter I will check it out and rage with you. Guns don't bother me unless you carry them to a protest…
@AntonHand @Justin_Moravetz important fun fact.:) @ablitter What did 8bit do? I am a bit out of the loop. @lazerwalker @DevRelCallum @YouTubeGaming Hunt the Wumpus @DevRelCallum Tattoos are under the skin. These are put 'over' the skin. They have skin texture and they overlay ta… Coaster Tycoon 3 is free on the Epic Store. This was a nice surprise for my Saturday. I'm assuming they gi…, Facebook has made secret deals with companies like Fandango and Netflix, and refuses to give us those sa…
Retweeted by Jon OakesI'm not convinced of everything he's come up with, but, I'm absolutely on board with human history being deeper, mo… @ElaDarling Moving is fun and stressful. Good luck! You always have a base in san jose of you need to visit. @ElaDarling Oh wow! Didn't know you were worried. Glad you are just normal-sick. Sending virtual chicken soup. @ASlavitt Where, which one? @vrpill @Newegg Oh man... you are in for a treat. Gonna get a 4k gaming monitor? @vrpill @Newegg True true... but they may have inventory.:) Also be aware that 3080s are reporting qa issues broad… @vrpill @Newegg Amd is coming @BenKuchera Me too man... fear of joy is a new level of depression ain't it?I miss the scarcity of gaming. I miss having to ride my bike to a friend's house to play a video game that we pitch… @CrimsonZen Hades? What is that?
@Tsukinune @hmltn @BrianFarrey @EricHaywood The ones with heads are worse. @Damo9G @Damo9G The arguments are: "I am a good person" "The stuff I'm working on is interesting" "I have no direct evidenc… @Damo9G FB is dividing us even in VR. Some friends depend on FB for their livelihood or literally work there and a… @rhysjpatterson omg. @DevRelCallum Did you... actually do that? You monster! @Anticleric @zsr5 If you include an option to tilt the world 60-90 degrees it would be awesome. Then I could play… @seanish0v You know I like it when you're working on Space stuff! :D :D And wow, what's the math like on that? N… #VR V0.023 Released: Including graphic options for low-fi rigs, beta @LIV support an…
Retweeted by Jon Oakes @nice_byte I dunno... it's trending. I don't know if it's B.S. that's why I wrote it like I did.Cancel...Discord? @BradleyWhitford I envy him. I envy the joy that's in store for him as he binges the whole series? I mean it's gl… ever want to feel like your parents feel when you try to explain some technical thing and they get befuddled an… @AntonHand Yeah but before I knew that I devoured all his books. Same vibe @AntonHand Ever read Orson Scott Card? @SanbornVR CHOᴰ\VSJaime Harrison is taking SC by storm. He can win this! Please help TODAY & let's get Jaime big money before the 9/3… @LiebermanForGa DROP OUT NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Oh wait, you know exactly what you're doing. You're delivering t… @Moike_the_Squid I would buy one just to permanently tape a picture of my knot to the lens for anyone who wants to… @traveltrousers @JesseDamiani That was the trigger but the only reason we came over is at the time you had a lot of…
@anshelsag @Damo9G @Anticleric Yeah? What'll ya have? @Moike_the_Squid Dude, thanks! I was NOT happy with the default WASD and could not figure out how to avoid clipping… @IronStomachLLC @Anticleric Hey, link me to your game! @Anticleric How about a Rogue-like with a procedural Metacorp building she has to penetrate/get out of ? @Anticleric Alright, store that other idea for later because I want to play that too. :) @Anticleric Malice owns a club. Deals with improving/expanding/maintaining the club. There's a story arc, but als… @Anticleric This is what that meeting looks like @Anticleric I'm in for $100 to make this happen. You know dude, you need a Patreon or something. @JesseDamiani I mean.. what did we reall… @JesseDamiani Before WWII most of the populace thought Hitler had some good ideas. Seriously. We are only the goo… @Moike_the_Squid Ahhhhhh... that's weird and hacky. I like it! @jabrils_ This is why Forge is my favorite X-men...xman. @jabrils_ Dude. Same... Way back in early days of 'Agents of Shield' they had little drones like that and I was lik… @samroach0305 It's so amazing. And a great dev team (people wise, not just talented) @vr_sam F...and I'm done. It's a good start. Photogrammetry, Sumerian, VR/Desktop support, Runs on a potato with poor band… @510home @Moike_the_Squid So like if you build a quad and attach a state machine that you want to trigger off 'trigger1' on… @roadtoros AR is on the plan but for now, there's lots of content work to do before we go squeezing it into an AR p… @Moike_the_Squid I hacked it by just making a global state machine handle all the cases. It's 'bad' but it 'works' so it's now 'good'. @Moike_the_Squid Thanks Dude.. I came close to pulling the Moike Lever a few hours ago but I worked out. Duplicati…, it's a coffee at midnight kind of night. Sumerian is great, but it's not very quick to get things done in a… have to thread the needle of 'something cool enough to be worth making' but 'not cool enough for them to want t… pains me to say it, some of my favorite people in VR are in DevRel over there, but damn... why would you EVER ta… @David_Jagneaux @VRDesktop Built. @David_Jagneaux @VRDesktop Guy rocks. He buily that app part time initially and now it powers the coolest parts of VR. @MittRomney The suggestion is coming from INSIDE the White House! Senator, Come on. You know what has to be done.… @AnaKasparian The dnc *is* the gop. Come on. You know it to be true. @alexqgb @CourtneyCogburn Omg. We can't let this stand. Wtf. @nimazeighami There is a part of me that's furious. That 3.5b could have gone to create a viable alternative to fa…
@HJDesjardins3 @RealJamesWoods You know our electrical grid is privatized, right? You DO know that right? It's a… @RealJamesWoods You mean the privately owned, shareholder value driven company that has a monopoly on Northern Cali… respect to my friends who believed, I'm sorry it's not panning out. Truly. I hope the skills and relationships… @traveltrousers @JonOakes Partly selfish reasons. I have everything mixed here and my feed is full of rage (rightly… account will now be *mostly* free of content that might be considered social commentary or politics. Where th… @510home Wow, the job is for Blender working on a project called "Maya and the Three"... lol. Maya 3D would have b… @AntonHand Good points all... @AntonHand Cool. @AntonHand This might rub you the wrong way and if it does, sorry... but have you ever considered licensing h3g to… yourself or whatever... Upload a picture of yourself, give us your email. Thanks! Now we can run facial… I did job stuff at my actual job place and I jobbed up a storm and am tired now. It was weird. @ElaDarling Like this? Yeah it doesn't clamp on to tables but you can easily get a couple…
@ElaDarling I use it to illuminate small figures I am photogrammetry-scanning. Haven't kicked off my cam career ye… @ElaDarling I use this one.I propose an axiom. Your income is inversely proportional to the degree which you weigh the ethical impacts of you… @dutch163 You don't understand capitalism: If GOP, deficits don't matter because growth will offset debt through t… @LindseyGrahamSC History will remeber you accurately: "A dishonest man in all things, for the sake of trying to ho… @johniadarola When they get sick, it will be with the 'democrat virus' and blame Obamacare. It's a perfect system.Working on pre-order decisions... which console game system goes best with fascism? @JohnCleese No sir, there are not. @nimazeighami Wait, it has to or @tiltfive wouldn't work. @nimazeighami Damn.. Let me get some duct tape and an extension cord! @David_Jagneaux " he's just pretending and isn't actually doing anything here" So, future game journalist? ... I'… @philiprosedale The 'four corners' plate thing, and portion sizes? How much of your diet is Memes and Gifs? How mu…
@cordyceps12 That seems bad.This isn't fun and games any more. Portlanders, whether or not you like it, or want it, it's time to get ready for… @ShallowHal9 @chrisseabee @NicolasGold1 @RonCharles Here's some reading to keep you busy for a while: