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@FAMU_1887, @UCLA_law. Somewhere lawyering. Not very witty.

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Aja shantay sashay @manonthelurk Not one tear fallsI fell off of the AOT manga. The chapters would be like 64 pages long, and the English translation would be awful.Thinking about Jonas today.Sam is there for witty (failed) puns, comedic (failed) relief, and a hand me down shield after the white guy gets s… @_ShowtimeRX You know the Twitter wheel of fortune hits antagonize Black Americans about three times a month.Literally no one says this lmao. What do y’all even be talking about. when old white men and other old niggas are agreeing with you, let’s reassess. 🥴 @JaytotheB_ Well. Hey. 😩Too many times we take this “I did it, and I’m fine approach.” Baby you’re the exception (presumably), not the rule.What’s weird is trying to make a space where a 40+ year old engages with a 24 yr old, and because we’re gay, that’s… @shaktischild I find we often push back on this because we, too, engaged and came through it presumably unscathed.… @cool_tr3 Siddiq!!!! 😍😍😍 @jjohnson9109 Like they do everyoneI love me I was a big chubby queen !! Who was well known and earned my respect in New Orleans yesss that’s me I’m t…
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Clowning MBJ for looking better than y’all do 365 days a year. Make that make sense.We love a rider 🤭
@HisMajestyJT @TheeMokonzi @iAmNELLEZ_ King!I need some Applebee’s. Top tier cuisine.Mm @_ShowtimeRX Yaaaaasssssss Logan @hoodopulence Not shyou. Not shyou. @urban_elegance @BrianMcLight Stunt on us all kings! @imakeelit @HisMajestyJT @JaytotheB_ @HisMajestyJT @HisMajestyJT (No one does) @frdrckbll Come through! @TheKingofReads See. I’m good @TheKingofReads Sugar factory ain’t done nothing to nobody. Them white Cubans though... can’t say the sameMy hair really be doing whatever it wants to do. @urban_elegance But that’s even betterThose Emmys don’t get themselves’m glad Ode to Babel survived.I've been saying this forever. It is part of the bigger pivot of Drag Race in which the queens that can spend on de…
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19How America How it really teaches history. happened.
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19 @toniotheone Adorable! @distantblink I literally hear this in my head lol @KingLouie8th It’s the only English dub I like better than the original. It works for me.I like the sailor moon English dub. Sue me. 🤷🏾‍♂️Me in school
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Lmaoooo
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Please stop putting hood healer on my TL
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19The crowd don’t even engage like that anymore. House at the beginning of the performance. House at the end. The in… Bring back field shows. Bring back dance routines.This comes to mind when I think of DMX.
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Africa’s water supply AFRICOM
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19 @MicktheeMinaj Lmao. Me whenever I see quinoaA quinceanera dress on a dock. For why, Serena? @obe1obryant Grrrrrrrr! Coon down @sitrinjon Mm. 😅 @Chrissssssw Dentures sitting!Kandy leg don’t be going anywhere. 😂Stepping into this beautiful weekend look like Popeye but feel like the hulk in this gym right now.🥴Mm👀 Toni & @felixtennis 💪🏼
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19 @iAmNELLEZ_ Nigga was slumpedThe new captain America giving school shooter. He was in the army so it checks out. #FalconAndWinterSoldier @hoodopulence It’s giving minstrel showThis coon friend is awful. #FalconAndWinterSoldier @garcoxgang *Haunting @garcoxgang Hanging at Bly manor said “hello, I’m right here”Wakandans did all that for him and it’s just like a Yt to do that in return. #FalconAndWinterSoldierI’m sure one of my favorite books ever has been made a mess, but I’ll give it a spin. @ohrelly_ A bourbon margarita. That sounds trendsetting lolThese Eureka kicks from Kandy tickle me.. @cool_tr3 This is where I am. @TheKingofReads Yeah. Mik was the weakest, but Ru would have saved her.Mik: “I haven’t lip synced” And for good reason. You would not be here. #dragrace @TheKingofReads *KandyMy winner, and the only winner!!!! #TeamSymone
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Symone doing a Whitney Houston lip-sync with a Whitney Houston handkerchief... She’s not fucking around. She just…
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Bye, Ru.Give Symone the crown! !!!!!! Right now! #DragRaceOh Symone. Crown my sis. #DragRace @MarcusShepard That’s what Monet keeps saying about Symone that’s offSOME PERSONAL NEWS: My time at Shondaland is winding down and I’m hopping off the ride of a lifetime this Friday. F…
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19Symone in a different competition than the other three 😂 @ThiccBoots Like... and they praising this!!!!Kandy looks a mess. Stop it. Omg. I hate these judges. @wholiloleme I feel like she didn’t expect to get this far and ran out of drag @DNVRSN And mama thought she was giving @StevenARamos She should. There’s levels and she was far beyond the competition tonightSymone has not missed on the runway. Not once #dragraceRose thinks she’s giving us glamour.... but. #DragRaceSend Kandy home. #dragraceRose trying to Milly rock. #DragRace
Retweeted by Mm... 53-19It was Symone and Mik for me. #dragrace.Okay Symone giving us the Michele Williams of the song. #dragrace