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Jordan Crucchiola @JorCru Los Angeles, CA

Being a feminist doesn't mean you hate men, it means you can walk through walls and can never die @annadrezen

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It’s so crazy to think that the federal government is... going to be fully staffed now. Just like all the positions… MIGHT THOSE OTHER POWERFUL PEOPLE BE, FORMER MAJORITY LEADER???? @Sasseeloo @disaster_pod @paulfeig @AmandaRTubbs @JasonHalftones Thank you very much for taking us on the walk!! @Sasseeloo @disaster_pod @paulfeig @AmandaRTubbs @JasonHalftones He was a perfect Disaster guest 😁👀 the kind of high school comedy kind of high school slasher thing happening with CUTTING CLASS has really taken… guy if you want the girl you’re obsessed with and NOT think you’re a murderer then don’t like sneak into her… no matter how many 80s movies I watch it will never stop surprising me how HUGE underwear used to be. Just SO much fabric.Rarely do I feel this way but I hope Brad Pitt gets FUCKED up in this movie!!Listen I know the cast out friend is having a hard time and everything but just staring at Jill Schoelen and doorbe… @BrndnStrssng Very curious to see how this goes!Shitty boyfriend Brad Pitt just got curved by studios gf Jill Schoelen and she told him “don’t be mad,” and be answ… wait one of the creep teachers just got locked in a pottery kiln I think it’s gonna be vengeance!!!Teachers are just like OPENLY hitting on the main girl in this movie but like I can’t tell if it’s going to be a pl… @JoMo5760 Hahaha a great list!Ok I’ve transitioned to CUTTING CLASS where a VERY young Brad Pitt has already ripped apart an ex friend for having…’s!!!!! Best there is. @whoelsebutmitch W O W @TheQueerMonkey Not podcast YET!! 😁 But it could be for the future I don’t know yet!!!Holy fucking shit I just hit play on THE FOG remake from 2005 and it just opens right up with SUGAR, WE’RE GOING DO… have Nancy Pelosi talking to Joy Reid in the background and just beard her say, “You have to be able to throw a p… @himynameisaldo Damn straight!!!Finally someone said it @eviltaylorhicks THE STOOORRRRMMMSSSS!!!! man probably... BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. We watched a ton of JCVD and Lundgren and Seagal in my house growin… @suspirialex I mean Alex torturing people like that seems VERY rewarding 🙃 @TyleKurner I really didn’t think I could improve upon it! @TyleKurner I see the position and have heard it from more and more people. My input would be just what Cyrus said… @TyleKurner Listen we don’t know if he gets convicted we just know she took her route of last resort @everyone_critic And I’m always trying to take in more South Korean film!!! A WINNING ENDEAVOR! @everyone_critic It was a key series that came about right as LONG standing film production restrictions were elimi… EXCELLENT @rileythequeerdo @dodsdmr Listen. You don’t have to tell me 👀 @SuperYakiShop The Simple Favor font is TREMENDOUSGet ready for the 29th y’all!!!!! @AWolfeful THEN CONSIDER IT A GIFT! @AWolfeful April would you like a playlist of lesbian bops? @C_GraceT Lady Jordan Waterton of Toms sounds... pretty good actually @ajhan My jaw dropped open and I said out loud OH FUCK YOUWalking by a T*ry L*nez billboard and I hope there is a tiny earthquake epicentered specifically underneath it that destroys the structure 😒
Retweeted by Jordan Crucchiola @battymamzelle Or pink if you prefer!! are taking a stand @paulfeig ‼️‼️ Join the SIMPLE FAVOR Oscar uprising at @SuperYakiShop @SheaSerrano @thebobbyreed Ip Man punch flurry v. Ma Dong-Seok single punch!!!! am so jealous that Alanna already has her SIMPLE FAVOR attire but that means mine is almost here!!!!! first season of AUGHTSTERION will conclude with the end of January so me and Sam can just bank a bunch more epi… @_TeaClub_ Thank you Tea Club! @ZProductionz Christ that’s TOO MUCH.Well just kill me @ella_kemp @sempremale I appreciate that :):) @kimmasters @HawleyMO WHAT NOW? @ella_kemp Here’s a whole thread I’ve been keeping: @sempremale @ella_kemp Hey thanks! @Duugy13 @HarneyTea I’ll have to expand my Harney offerings. I’ve had some options but am interested in trying more! @WoodsRunning I haven’t had Tetley!!I of course LOVE hearing suggestions... 👀 basically only drink black tea and after having tried SO many, I’m prepared to say that Builders is the best day… birthday Dolly Parton, you true national treasure. 🥲🌈💖☕️
Retweeted by Jordan Crucchiola @tedgeoghegan 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @tedgeoghegan AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I’ve been to two Dolly shows and they are two of the NICEST experiences of my life!!!!!Good for them hearing Zayn’s speaking voice for the first time I keep thinking of this silly hot photo and just. Damn. Thes… @brachyrhynchos Yeah I give a respectful nod from a distance to the Juggalos. @battymamzelle I was like “oh surely I’ve heard him speak...” and no NEVER. @Snapple Birthday to the best of the best. @TaylorLorenz @gcaw @neilclevine @YAppelbaum Real Tipper Gore energy in that response!Read this piece instead. “Insane Clown Posse is among the few cultural leaders who know that the pandemic-era role…
Retweeted by Jordan CrucchiolaThis supposes the Gathering of the Juggalos is some annual underground event where people kill each other and commi… us your moneys
Retweeted by Jordan Crucchiola @EmilyDreyfuss I was sobbing into a brisket I made with two friends in my living room. Since designated The Sadness Brisket.It’s very nice!!!Realizing I’ve never heard Zayn’s speaking voice until... this exact moment. it's been strip mined to a nostalgic, retro aesthetic. In 2021 people at forefront of design & urban futuri…
Retweeted by Jordan Crucchiola @brbrbrantley I cannot handle itI went down that hill on my bike and it’s BRAKES ON THE WHOLE WAY @somebadideas Just watching this is making my bones hurt!!! @TyRawrrnosaurus Not a chance!!!!Jesus Christ I know that hill and NOOOOOOOPE!!!! @havethehabit It’s incredible.Sigourney Weaver’s voice really is CELESTIAL. @wyntermitchell I love how they went to the top of Twin Peaks to film and it was windy as HELL. Lol no use in waiti… @wyntermitchell It is incredible! And these SF landmarks are making me WISTFUL!!Sigourney is trying to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. with agent Dermot and I say GET IT GIRL.“He’s hacked into her Internet address!” Lol I think he actually just sent her an e mail...???I’m so worried about John Rothman too!!!!!!!Being best.
Retweeted by Jordan CrucchiolaMan Holly Hunter and partner Dermot Mulroney are so chummy and he kindly bought her a cheeseburger when he got sush… Hunter possesses so much power it is TERRIFYINGWatching COPYCAT and Sigourney Weaver’s apartment is AMAZING. @Matt_Muchka And dizzying!!!I’ll have what she’s having @TheDreaClark Trash avengers ASSEMBLE!!! @TheZeusJuice FUCK YESSSSSSSSSI love that win so much for the Warriors because so many players showed up! Paschall! Curry! Oubre! Juanamaker! Draymond! HUZZAH!! @erikmal What a great victory!!!!!What an encouraging win for the Warriors!!!!!!!OH MY STEPH
Retweeted by Jordan CrucchiolaWARRIORS I AM BEGGING YOU TO CLOSE