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@Thiago6 We're waiting! @FalseFMatt @PunditAngry @kenga_brian @andrewrobertso5 I corrected myself 👍 @kenga_brian @andrewrobertso5 Left back* @kenga_brian @andrewrobertso5 Shaw 😭😭😭 Mans not even the best right back in ManchesterCan we just sign Thiago and Coutinho 😫 @FalseFMatt I want him back 😭Coutinhooooo! @ollydrew1 @fut_fg Understandable @ollydrew1 @fut_fg Weird way to spell my name @fut_fg He might be the 2nd best left back in the worldOMG Davies......Robertson is still better @MinaMaestro Chris Pajak getting ready for next season @FalseFMatt Shame his personality doesn't match his performances @ChampionsLeague @FCBayernEN @Thiago6 Him and Firmino are best friends already!Suarez! Fuck off from Thiago @fut_fg No weekend league so send it! @EASPORTSFIFA 🚨 LAST CHANCE 🚨 Give me a beta code! @FalseFMatt Thiago makes it look so easy passing it around @FalseFMatt Looks like we will have to wait a little longer for ThiagoThis is embarrassing from Barca....1-1 already @FalseFMatt This could easily be Bayern winning comfortablyThat was a class goal!The second leg was the game that made me nearly say Ronaldo was the best of all time @SeanDOlfc They're getting me excited @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA I'm not but imagine have minding hav… @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Its 2020 @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Have a great day bro 😘 @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Neither am I @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Your benefits are probably up soon s… @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Hahahaha @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Your family probably is @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA About time you go to bed, its past your bedtime @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Not an opinion, it's a fact buddy @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Tory @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA 3 major trophies behind us lad @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA 😘 @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA They're not but ok. @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Also, sorry to hear you support United @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA And? @fut_fg Please open a pack, that 1 is annoying me @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Ireland. @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Well fair enough @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA I'm not from Liverpool @HexxYTB @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Nah. @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Might be, might not be @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Ok, how the game actually plays is p… @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA You don't know what my parents do fo… @Ellis51774308 @Jman60335280 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Pack Animations, Card Designs, Faces… @Ellis51774308 @Jman60335280 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Because I said "what is he going to… @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Also it's "reply" @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA It's not but you can't prove it so y… @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Can you prove that? @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Jordan Henderson is a sports athlete… @Ellis51774308 @Jman60335280 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA A wall would give better insults than you lot tbf @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA At least spell it right if you're trying to roast me pal @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Another original tweet. Man has a ca… @Jman60335280 @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Ahh the good old scouser tweet, who would have thought. @Ellis51774308 @Jman60335280 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Nah sorry what did you say? @Ellis51774308 @Jman60335280 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA What do you mean? @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Enjoy your "leaks" @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA Have you? @Ellis51774308 @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA So what is he going to "leak" @HexxYTB @XNathan24 @FUT21BetaLeaks @EASPORTSFIFA You do know that beta codes are linked to accounts so it cant be given to another person? @EASPORTSFIFA Give me a beta code dickheads @LFC Can't wait to watch Thiago playing balls for Mane and Salah next season 😍Finally!!! #PS4share @AnfieldWatch @fut_fg Carried again @MattHDGamer @FutWatch They should just leave all this stuff for the rest of the game @Thiago6 @FCBayern See you soon @fut_fg Did you see all of the content we are supposed to be getting tonight 😍
@JoshSouthall2 @fut_fg I already tried that vs Bayern tomorrow is gonna be class but I'm torn, I want Bayern to win the whole competition but also want t… @EASPORTSFIFA @adidasfootball 4 hours late but ok @atletienglish HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @FalseFMatt They deserved it so much moreLEIPZIG!!! Piss off Madrid with your anti football shit @fut_fg You said the same thing about Neymar, Mbappe and Eusebio 🤔 @fut_fg Kante tomorrow? @fut_fg @bateson87 You shouldn't play champs either @bateson87 After playing the new map where does it rank? @RepTheBoro12 Mines must have got lost somewhere @fut_fg Same age as me and 4th most expensive player in the world and scoring in quarter finals of the champions league... that's depressionUpamecano is an absolute unitLEIPZIGGGGGG @toemcdouble @ZwebackHD EmailGive me a beta code frauds @EASPORTSFIFA @xthfcbarney @aa9skillz What did you get? @PerthTrueBlue @MattHDGamer I got it last year but I barely played it tbh @MattHDGamer Got one last year but doubt I will get lucky 2 years in a rowThis should have been us vs Leipzig but a certain someone ruined it for us @LFC 🤩 THIAGO 🤩It's happening. Its fucking happening! @cfbayern @AlexAri62735186 @LFC @FCBayern @Thiago6 @BILD_Bayern @SkyKaveh CHRSTIANNNNNNNNN @LFCTransferRoom @FalseFMatt @cfbayern @FalseFMatt He knows nothing