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@DariusK75866951 @DariusK75866951 @PrimeOxlade Glad I saw this now instead of like 3am when I'm tired @DariusK75866951 We won that game 2-1 @Cultaholic Riddle or Drew please @FCBarcelona We broke you. @privkira4 Everyone loves a murderer @FuriousRantz16 @Messiesque_10 @DawnOfSadio @LFC @Wolves Oh look, that's the guy we're signing in the Summer. @Messiesque_10 @DawnOfSadio @FuriousRantz16 @LFC @Wolves Messi is a one league Merchant @Messiesque_10 @DawnOfSadio @FuriousRantz16 @LFC @Wolves Ronaldo is better than Messi
@FCBarcelona @ArthurEsMiDios @LFC @LuisSuarez9 Suarez is an always will be a cunt @SkySportsNews Hahahahahahahahahaha @AnfieldEdition Obviously one of the best players in our squad but he should be passing more than trying to go alon… @SadioIogist Fuck off @FalseFMatt I may be stupid but I think we might sign him 😂Its Happening. @JamesPearceLFC Unreal. Didn't realise how quick he actually was @AnfieldEdition Maybe good a few years ago but not sure about now @AnfieldEdition Coutinho not wanted. Can wanted at Everton..... serves them right for wanting to leave us in the fi… @SamueILFC Mad how he scores so many important goals but none at home. I dont care though, does so much more than just score @LFC @LuisSuarez9
@AnfieldEdition Not bad considering he was thrown on against a very good side. The more he gets played the more confident he will become @muhammadbutt @TheAnfieldWrap Cry. Some. More. @TimoWerner @Originals_kr Hope you enjoyed the game big man @Wolves Well played @FalseFMatt gonna pass out tbh @LFC Thank christ that's overThank god that is over! The first time I actually thought we could have lost. Now can someone sign Adama so we dont have to play him anymoreBOBBY SEXY BASTARD FIRMINOHonestly Salah needs to start fucking passing moreFuck off @FalseFMatt Wont play Sunday so more recovery time @EAFIFADirect Give us the pack back too @LFC Should be passingMinamino SZN begins!Not Mane ffsMY FUCKING CAPTAIN! @LFC @Alex_OxChambo Go and punch Joe Cole for not thinking we're the biggest club in the worldDid Joe Cole just say "when bigger clubs come calling"? @FutbolStxve @LFC @Wolves I hope this is bait @AnfieldEdition @Wolves Debut for Oxlade- Chanberlain? @MattHDGamer I got Mata so I got fucked @arsenallad11 Sounds salty @SkySportsNews YESSSSSSSS
How did we draw to them lot?What a goal Rodriguez!United losing? @SoccerAM Every game (bar 1) @BGuimaraesSZN @MoretonAaron @JGWillock @LivEchoLFC Its Twitter pal. If you take everything series you need to leave it @BGuimaraesSZN @JGWillock @MoretonAaron @LivEchoLFC Nice and salty bait too @BGuimaraesSZN @JGWillock @MoretonAaron @LivEchoLFC Nah just getting some bait @JGWillock @BGuimaraesSZN @MoretonAaron @LivEchoLFC Reason with Martinelli wanting to leave is because you're shit @BGuimaraesSZN @MoretonAaron @LivEchoLFC @stevenjohnmc @MattHDGamer Hopefully @SkySportsPL Can you sack him? @MattHDGamer Alisson should be there. Clean sheet and an assist @TheAnfieldWrap @AnfieldWatch Like he said the other 6 times this season.... @Cultaholic I don't want him to return. Every time hed take a bump I'd be worried @FalseFMatt We're signing him and they're isn't a thing any one can do about it @the_pieface Remember everyone being hyped for Volta but it's the worst game mode out there @FalseFMatt What did the tweet say? Its removed @markgoldbridge But the calmness so slot it past Kepa in such a big moment @NotYourWinger Harvey Elliott >>
@Gfasil @premierleague How? They're a very good side. Favourites for relegation and they're top half now. @NUFC Steve Bruce is actually doing amazing @SkySportsPL HAHHAHAHA @FalseFMatt Laporte is off so they're gonna concede @premierleague @SwansOfficial When I used to fear Swansea ffsNEW! Liverpool have an agreement with Timo Werner in order to sign him at the end of the season. Real Madrid was ch…
Retweeted by Jordan @NoahHut17790653 @bateson87 No it's everywhere mate @bateson87 Hope not they're doing amazing @lawrence_bury We've beat every side that you couldn't beat this season. @AnfieldWatch Sounds like a come get me imo @the_pieface Pie still playing that "one more game" of kill confirmed
@premierleague @BenFoster Amazing considering they looked dead and buried 2 months ago @GiniiWijnaldum @DaveOCKOP No. The way he acted trying to start fights with every single one of our lads, diving, t… @GiniiWijnaldum @DaveOCKOP I mean he is @DaveOCKOP You're still a knobhead @CursedFootball @BallerBeckxr Decent Stat at the time tbf @Hazardcfcc @JxckNufc @SkySportsNews He brings experience and can play either full back positions @Hazardcfcc @SkySportsNews Yes @ManLikeAWB Surprised you even tweet after your man got sent back to London by Firmino @SkySportsNews Conte is building an interesting side @WWE @AndradeCienWWE @reymysterio @Zelina_VegaWWE This will be match of the year if done right @unrealxherdan ...... @MooshMooshkla @bateson87 Like walking dead. The more seasons the less entertaining @JanAageFjortoft @FalseFMatt JANNNNNN @SkySportsNews All these City fans saying they should win no doubt whilst they have the lowest votes @LFC @GWijnaldum Gini in big games should be illegal. Absolute monster @FalseFMatt All the Chelsea fans. So cute thinking they'll get him @MattHDGamer Scream Milner @stehoare I forgot this even existed. But 21 out of 25 @bateson87 I feel like shows with that many seasons will get boring after a while"Bro they ain't that good man"
I love this video more and more everytime I watch it GOAT @SkySportsPL Must be shit if hes desperate to join them @RoamingCF