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Sadiddy Homo @jordan_pbp Inglewood, CA

Enigmatic and Perpetually Disinterested. I live to catastrophize... ♍️ He/him

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Can confirm. Mortuaries and morgues are overwhelmed with bodies and are having to rent refrigerated units to store… @iDavey @adaezeo13 Thanks boo 🤍I fucking swear. Only got housing covered as an RA and I’m still lowkey scarred from some of the duty call outs I g… with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one… receive all of this.’m cute online and fine in person. but that was on sale cause it’s memory foam. Best adult purchase of my life. second i saw levi and jean and mikasa and sasha and connie
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoNow let’s not get crazy. @_Inyo_ Facts.We belong together Stay the night Circles
Literally fuck them kids 💀💀💀 and Juice should be treated with the same respect as a cosmopolitan, in this essay I will-No one in the world. @King_Shif keep hoping that just once I’ll go into a room and folks are participating in conversation beyond “I’m a submiss… away your pain, give me all your emotions.Disenchanted is hilariousThe amount of money I’ve had to pay to the state of the last year should be criminal.Social media is wild because you can be in expert in a subject, and some dumbass who’s only credentials is that the…
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoYou generally tend to be one of the most responsible signs of ... More for Virgo of people on the brink of realizing that a capitalist economy is fully dependent on labor exploitation and mak…
Retweeted by Sadiddy Homo‼️‼️ MISSING PERSON ‼️‼️ Last seen in East Oakland CA.
Retweeted by Sadiddy Homookk hold on i’m just finding out jane lynch and jamie lee curtis are two different people
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoSnoh: Some nights I even think about if I should call you, cus I thought you were the one Me: @tatianatothe @_marilluna @JavaydaBAE I was just thinking is it too late for grilled cheese LmaoooooThis is always me instead of maybe I should chill 😭😭😭 and dense, what a tragic combinationI’ve had 24 🥴 is a social experiment if I’ve ever seen one. phone bill due today...not mine tho, I’m on my momma plan, y’all be easy
Retweeted by Sadiddy Homo“I like you” me:
Retweeted by Sadiddy Homo
I will be rambling in an hour, feel free to join if you aren’t gonna be reductive. @ItsBreyBabiee Omg so cuteWhen Teena Marie said “it’s the way that you feel when you know that it’s real” I could NOT relate lmao.LMFAO I love this. The cheers are really the cherry on top 😂😭
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoBeing respectful is the problem 😂 breaks my heart to share this but I need your help finding my dad , he was last seen in Long Beach CA , he is a…
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoIs that why??? as efficient and dedicated as you are, group projects ten... More for Virgo’t want your lust cause it’s temporaryJazmine Sullivan will really have you in your feelings about a situation that don’t even exist. That’s what I call talent
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoIt me @tyrone_tuhrel Today i just went to sleep really early so now I’m up 😂 @tyrone_tuhrel At allAbsolutely not. And I’ve pretty much given up on it at this point. discourse 🙏 but Armie Hammer is a man who said he prefers rough sex but stopped wanting it with his wife because…
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoWho’s gonna be the Howl to my Sophie?!?!?! @IngusTheGreat And is. HBO max for the win. @iDavey ☺️Studio Ghibli and wine type of night.Amy Winehouse’s pen was truly immaculate.
Clubhouse is HELL. @___lsz I mean you didn’t lie 🙊🙊 @___lsz LMAO YOThe funniest thing about men is that they really think that just because they’re acttracted to you you should be do… me up when all is done.Exactly out of the 4 people in my house, 2 of us are essential workers and one of those jobs is at a cemetery overw… Friday and remember begging for reciprocity is DEAD ☺️Thank god for insurance, real shit.People see u postin sad shit and think it’s relationship issues..bitch I need 100 bands fym😂😂
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoI I I don’t wanna waste time. @iDavey New music coming out that makes you revisit the discography >>> @tatianatothe An elite starter. @tatianatothe NIGGA. LET ME REVISIT PIPLUP 😭😭😭Absolutely not. I really don’t want to have to go back to urgent care.nobody gives me butterflies anymore y’all just give me brain damage
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoI want to go back to sleep, but the way my stomach is cramping 🥴Start the day with some kind of exercise to get your blood pum... More for Virgo is killing 1 person every 6 minutes in LA county and the malls are open
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoLet’s get into Dr Stone before I go to sleep.“This pussy good for your health, call it superfood.” was literally me in college 💀💀💀 @MKhaalil But cauliflower mash slaps @_Inyo_
Boy I’m tryna meet ya momma on a SundayAgainst my better judgment I joined clubhouse and will be helping my friend moderate a room on Saturday 😭😂😂Franklin ain’t build this shit brick by brick for y’all to disrespect him like this..
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoThe way I don’t even have that number in this phone. Truly new phone who dis 😂😂😂“Don’t call it seducing, I move on it than I have it.”Jolene is the original Woman to Woman. Don’t @ me. @flowerfrolicing Literally I just hope it slaps.Ariana and Megan. Nobody talk to me for the rest of the day.Totally didn’t realize Monday was a holiday. And I’m bout to take Tuesday off, four day weekend me please. @_trillspice Hate all of them.The wait is over ~ Dr. STONE Season 2 is here! 🧪 Watch:
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoWhen was the last time you made a point to think outside of th... More for Virgo @flowerfrolicing Guess how old im turning?
Retweeted by Sadiddy Homo“I live for the applause, applause, applause” 17 yr old me:
Retweeted by Sadiddy HomoI really go to bed so early now. I’m such a grandpa.I thought this was edited until I opened the vid’all are on a roll today I swear 😂😂😂