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Front-End Web Developer Specializing in Creating Responsive, Interactive Websites That Inspire. Let's Make Your Ideas Come to Life! github: JordanWinslow

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@monogatari @WaffleMeido Does this mean you're adding base CG assets to Monogatari? @round Ya don brok the interweb @TatianaTMac Rage against the system of a down just doesn't have the same ring to it @dan_abramov @ObeyKayB_ 😢 no one should have to lose a kitty @elyktrix That's awesome man, thank you kindly!
Genres of music available on's the weekend, you're finally relaxing, nows your chance to sample some new genres on, the page has some really cool parallax effects, did you have to write them manually o… @elyktrix I like the color palette and theatrical introduction on your portfolio website, was that GSAP TimelineMax… is knowing something; wisdom is knowing you don't know. #WebDeveloper #Programmer #ComputerScience #PhilosophyTwitter #PhilosophyHow to tell if a woman who likes you is a bot or not: Is she pretty? Did she express interest in you from the begi… @editingemily Fuck @realtoughcandy Knew it @EmmaBostian Tell them you won't yield to their demandsAlien space wars confirmed. 😂 @TatianaTMac @KatieFujihara Pretty scenery, fantastic lighting and overall pro shots! @ladyleet @ThisDotMedia Nice color palette and art design 😊 @gabsmashh
NO COMPLAINING. Don't worry, we are an equal opportunity rental company and we don't discriminate. That being said…, you must pay us an application fee even though we listed this on a website which already charges an applicati… for your interest in our rental property near #SanFrancisco. To be selected for this incredible opportunity… @nwilliams030 Code interviews with FAANG companies are basically free code bootcamp, whether or not you want to wor… @acemarke I think it's totally acceptable to only have 1 finished sandbox project for each topic you want to introd… @RecordingAcad Smash mouthSad how many people in #Tech I have to block each week to avoid seeing people treating others like crap. Knee-jerk…👍🏽 "The opposite of addiction is not sobriety... [it] is connection." Spot on. We know what's bad for us - one rea…
Retweeted by Jordan Winslow @thekitze BDSM attachment for Adult VR Video Games @kvlly 1-800-typescript
@isosteph @shl Act 1. Call everyone similar to @shl "incredibly soulless & cynical" for nothing more than making a… @IntelGaming SOMAOn the topic of team sizes in software development: @GoldmanSachs You mega corporations sure do a lot of talking, but very little action. Fund the distribution of a t… UI trends to take note of in 2020 @shl They're 50% right. *bad* advertising doesn't work. You have literally 2.5 seconds to command attention and you… future is kawaii @acemarke @swyx @Netlify You sly devil you @zhenyary @AWWWARDS Link to video recording? @_ericelliott @hsianghui Terrifying. @argyleink pretty cool shorthand, didn't know place-content was a thing. No surprise Edge & IE don't support it. @_marcba Yeah, I thought I'd "learn React" too. Instead I learned react, react-router, react-redux, RxJS, Formik, M…! Ex Still Believes Instruction Execution is Linearly Ordered
Retweeted by Jordan Winslow @acemarke @dai_shi So basically a more efficient useSelector that optimizes the re-rendering process? Noob questio… @tesseralis @freezydorito @dan_abramov
So what do you guys think, is Deno going to replace Node.JS? #JavaScript #TypeScript #Node #WebDevelopment
@InfernoDeityInf @steamelephant_ @MTG_Arena exactly 🤣 @ALLxISxLOST @steamelephant_ @MTG_Arena I prefer mono-white to mono-red for the fun factor, but yeah even with 17 l…'m willing to state, for the record, that I do not believe Square Enix can do anything with a Squaresoft title to…
@MTG_Arena No matter how many lands you put in, you'll draw too many or too little 😉 @PDArebellion @DiamondDogBark @FF_notes @ow Oh you can code on it but it ain't gonna be easy! 😂 Luckily they run native linux apps now so you can install… reminder that I'm still proud of this tweet
Retweeted by Jordan WinslowWeeks of paid leave for mothers: 🇪🇪 166 🇸🇰 164 🇫🇮 161 🇭🇺 160 🇱🇻 94 🇳🇴 91 🇰🇷 65 🇨🇿 63 🇱🇹 62 🇦🇹 60 🇯🇵 58 🇩🇪 58 🇸🇪 56…
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Anyone else notice how all the top search results for apartment finding websites all have the exact same layout wit… @DasSurma I can't believe the things that are legal in this world.I can't wait to be afforded the time to work on a #horror #videogame because it's some of my favorite music to comp… had the strange sensation I was being altered by it. Changed. Like it was changing who I was somehow. I looked a… felt as if I could fall right through the floor at any moment. It was as if my entire environment was made out o… I opened my eyes Iexpected to see a room, a bed, the color of the walls, I was expecting familiarity, stabilit… was my fear entirely caused by the realization that my legs were strapped to the bed I was laying on. I began… fear only partially arose from the sudden knowledge that my blood was traveling through small translucent tubes… @DragonP0ny If I was her I'd have said, "sure thing buddy" and rang him up for the plastic fake display.Wow. We had 3 people do projects on cleaning our data. Two held quantitative PhDs from Cornell and Stanford. One…
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@tesseralis 5 feet apart @MaithyaKE True but you do have to do both. Without marketing and sales skills your kid can be a prodigy and no one will ever know.
Retweeted by Jordan Winslow @isosteph What about in the positive sense?Looking for an apartment in San Mateo under $1600 per month, as close to the bart system as possible, so I can star…
Great idea, and some of the best Real Time Strategy Games / Board Games as inspiration! @ianabramson @ChrisStephensMD 😂 @MiriamIsaacDsgn I'd take annoying attention over no attention personally but the grass is always greener.
@egheCodes @js_tut imho Reduce can always be replaced with a for of loop so it's not essential. But it can cut back…
@TatianaTMac @de Didn't seem like he was promoting the idea of unpaid internships to me. Based on the wording and h… is more important than ever for startups. One theory why: almost everything else has gotten easier. Basic t…
Retweeted by Jordan Winslow @adamwathan Not sure what the question is but nevertheless: subgrid. @jayratsbynyc 20.3K people are butthurt someone did a thing. Uh oh! Lockem up boiz. @DavidSpinks"foo bar baz........" it must be stopped. #SanFransisco! First time in Northern CA for me. Interviewing for a Front End Developer job out here tomorro… @Shpigford Yep. My college experience was one massive scam. 10 years later and the interest has still continued ris…
Gotta love when broken UI makes it a game to perform basic tasks like unfollowing. 1. Hover over name. 2. Click un… @dhlevo @adamwathan @steveschoger Good point. In fact, GitHub even has some issues in their design due to this layo… @adamwathan @steveschoger Left looks harder so, left. 😉 @brianleroux Brief caseThere is no greater terror than cosmic horror (imho) That is what motivated me to compose the soundtrack for this… #RxJS #JavaScript #Observables #GameDevelopent
2020 Best interactive, visual explanation on this topic I've ever seen. If only all topics in pr… @ow I bought a Network Attached Storage harddrive and I'm never paying for a "cloud" other than my own ever again. @ow @cwhite_92 Oh it's certainly performing calculations on your "risk" just ask Snowden. @erinfranmc That's an awesome experience. Congrats! Were you looking in Germany specifically or just applying every… Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the supercomputer answers "42" when asked "what is the meaning of life." 42 is… @FreyaHolmer Ram designed by bros used by bros @DasSurma My advice to people who want to spend all day arguing about insignificant optimizations in high level pro… created my first Observable at 11:12 P.M. on a Sunday 🤣 This code fetches all the post… to @maxedapps for the depicted screenshot which was featured in his lectures on Observables!I've had Notion installed for like a week and I've already borderline created a docs worth of notes 🤣I guess I was… @ladyleet It was between upscale modern and 90s themed for me. How about upscale modern + Vaporwave 😉 @JohnJarold2 @theodo I Loved Alexandre Blondin's article on choosing a NodeJS framework. It was very well thought out.