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Jordan Fisher @jordanfisher Los Angeles/NYC

actor. recording artist. gamer. streamer. songwriter. lots of other things.

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@mikayla_joyy This is so sweet 💜 @TheKristenRae @Kephrii @Bowie_OW @savehayden 😂💜
@KingRichard @PlayApex 😏.@SabrinaAnnLynn, @lizakoshy, and @jordanfisher are busting out their best moves in @netflix’s new dance movie…
Retweeted by Jordan FisherA little Overwatch and chill??? @niafromtopgolf @WorkItMovie They literally suprised ME with it in the final cut!Woke up to the sweetest messages this morning. So happy you guys are loving @WorkItMovie 😭💜 @amevsqz 😂😂😂😂😂💜 @quackzonqueen Liking this for later @NICKMERCS @Swagg @DiazBiffle WWWWWWWWWFall Guys Pro LFT... w/ @DrLupo @BasicallyIDoWrk and @IamTrevorMay! I’m drinking wine. Let’s go.
Work ItEnded up being a crazy day today, but stream TONIGHT. Gonna get into this Fall Guys action with @BasicallyIDoWrk an…’all ready? @WorkItMovie @netflix @app_trigger @Twitch @FemSteph @DEARGRANNY @Gaming_w_Bix @bbxh_twitch @uhmaayyze @SilentSentryTV @summit1g @DrLupo💜 found this on my phone. That time I left a matinee of Hamilton to meet up with @Lin_Manuel in London to shoot… amped for y’all to meet Jake Taylor. THIS FRIDAY!!!! AHHHHH!!! @WorkItMovie @netflix @poolsniper @Fluctra 💜💜💜 @UK_Slick Literally 😂 @SticeGG MY MAN @imSethDrums So proud for you, homie 💜 @poolsniper @Fluctra Ahhh so exciting!! Tons of love to you guys! @_Turkeyleg @sonii @xaryu @BajheeraWoW @pikaboowow @DrLupo Honored 💜💜🥃
VALORANT with @Ninja
@TheDavidFrias Truly 😂 @faithdwokefield I- @wvterfalls Hey pumpkin. Don’t know what else to say other than “That would be a blast” or “I’d rather be Dr Facilier” @vibinwithviolet 😂If I had a nickel..
.@Jordanfisher goes undercover on the Internet for #GQActuallyMe
Retweeted by Jordan FisherFrom Justin To Kelly @JessicaVosk In the muuuusic you moment you ownnnn it you betta never let it go. You only got one shot do not miss…
@andrewbfeldman new anime. SOS HELP PLS @blackisfenty I wish I knew more about that universe 😞 @bawlynn @diwkgrayson @park24hrs @rachelzegler Except for the fact that Ani was ALWAYS the chosen one and fulfilled the prophecy. The who… @glitter_ashley THIS IS SO GOOD @rachelzegler Understood @Idclutchthat I laughed at this one @rachelzegler 😂😂😂 the two cant be compared. I’m simply basing my opinion on what impacted me more as a kid. @jayarrrr_ 💜But actually, two very different tales. Two very different casts of characters, arcs, action, romance, etc etc etc.… POTTER > STAR WARS @Zedd @PlayVALORANT COME ON BROOne of my favorite YouTube uploads so far :)
New YouTube Video!!🥰 Literally crying from laughter playing Pummel Party with @jordanfisher @TSM_Myth @Sykkuno
Retweeted by Jordan FisherLet’s get it! Ranked grind!👀
I'll be hanging with @TPAIN for the #2JoysticksAndaCouch show tonight at 5 pm PT on @TheCrownChannel @fluctraa I see how it is 😞 @90sabs @RiotSuperCakes CRAP. This is so dope 😭 @RiotSuperCakes
Been obsessed with this song lately #HER #Losing @BasicallyIDoWrk MOTHER?!!!??!!!!!????!!My fellow Synesthesians...I want your pink and purple songs. Drop them below 💜Can’t stop listening to #funny. Help. @Zedd @HaileyKilgore Perfect 😭 @DeMariusR_Copes I’m DEAD 😂stg...I will purchase a beautiful pen, learn how to create my own ink from scratch and WALK to whatever offices I n… @HaileyKilgore @HaileyKilgore OMG AND YOU FOR TI MOUNE NO ONE ELSE THANK YOU SORRY FOR SCREAMINGMANIFESTATION I WANNA PLAY ERZULIE IN THE DISNEY+ ADAPTATION OF MY FAVORITE MUSICAL ONCE ON THIS ISLAND PLEASE AND… @bribrisimps 😭😭😭😭And can @MerleDandridge reprise her take on Papa Ge?!!!??! She’s so badass 😭Like lemme sing Human Heart PLEASEHI CAN I PLS BE ERZULIE?!'s available for pre-order now at #sponsoredbylogitech ever no-cam stream. Weird, but if y’all are down SO AM I. Let’s get it. Pour it up 🥃 @timthetatman @JessicaBlevins I’ll bring the Speedo’ camera isn’t working. I’ve never streamed without a cam...but are y’all down? @Chairyy_ A little too rich for me on the rocks like that, but happy you’re vibing!
@cloakzy @timthetatman @NICKMERCS @NICKMERCS were SINGING huh. crap. Two of my favorite people made an UNBELIEVABLE record. Go listen to #Funny right nowwwww @Zedd @Idclutchthat🚨 | Behind-the-scenes of ‘Work It’ coming to netflix August 7th 2020! ✨ @WorkItMovie @jordanfisher @SabrinaAnnLynn
Retweeted by Jordan FisherMore press today and another evening stream tonight!! @TSM_Myth I’m crying @sonii @NZXT 01001001 00011001 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101100 00100000 01100010 01101111 01111001Lemme get a step-drop 👀
Eewww...your*Hiiiii @RiotSuperCakes - check you’re DM’s!! @sonii Welcome back @jrmypope YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSNo stream this evening 😞 This press junket will be ALL DAY. I’ll be a zombie by the end of it. Love you guys! See you tomorrow! @PlayVALORANT sosHey cuties - we on the night shift this week!! Let’s get it :) @AnneMunition @DrLupo That second pic of bb yoda is the cutest thing ever
I can’t believe this is the first time I am seeing this duet video of @jordanfisher and @Lin_Manuel. Happy Monday!
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Vibing on the alt today! Games with @Hiko and @RivingtonThe3rd @sonii That last breach is so I NEED LORE
@sonii It seems they all have something in their eyes/on their lips. They should really get it checked out @JessicaBlevins What kind of fish do you recommend?I mean, @jordanfisher was brilliant as Evan Hanson, fantastic in Hamilton and Rent, wonderful in To All the Boys...…
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@ucancallmesis Good morning @ucancallmesis 💜The improvement grind continues! for the VIBES. Watching the last bit of this VALORANT tourney - games after!