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Jordan Fisher @jordanfisher Los Angeles/NYC

actor. recording artist. gamer. streamer. songwriter. lots of other things.

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@1HP_Medic RIGHT then there’s THAT
this is also true. i grew up saying tennis shoes rather than sneakers and i hate that 😣, it’s time to stop with the suits and tennis shoes. i know i know, but it’s time
@DaDSHoT @Nadeshot i love that that’s your drink of choicethis is 100000% what kairi sees when she looks in the mirror @Nadeshot love you bro!kairi had a slumber party w my mom and i just got this text so i had to share cause- birthday to the man @Nadeshot @Kephrii what the fuck @mlebear @ElsieFest @abigailbarloww @BRICcelebrateBK @DarrenCriss can’t wait! @krnnguyen_ @Huston_TV @maazy4PF @FYBVal jett op was bleh but my KJ on bind was weeeeee
@Huston_TV @maazy4PF @FYBVal literally right now? @Huston_TV @maazy4PF @FYBVal i still haven’t even met the dude and i can quote 3 of his clips. that is p o w e rFriendshift @Ninja can’t wait to sing showtunes on a stage in a park in NYC with my friends. #elsiefest2021 gonna be lit @bradyzlol i love YOU @bradyzlol 😍OH MY GOD #CDL2021what the hell is happening right now 🤯#CDL2021
😙👌🏽 help me and my friend but mostly me @timthetatman
you're not REALLY a yoru god unless you're setting up footsteps right against a wall to sound like a mistep in uhaulthanks for such a great launch yesterday - second drop available til aug 9th at @FalconFan_1 bro SAME @JessicaBlevins well that sounds lovely @Fizpz_ @CW_TheFlash @netflix thanks man!Me when I saw the second drop of @jordanfisher 's merch
Retweeted by Jordan Fisher @richmazelopez thanks man!
Be My Friend #accessibility text: 4 friends riding bikes, playing follow the leader, throw… with @Ninja and @timthetatman live at 9:45am PDT for my 3 year stream anniversary! @RealJadenGray @cwFlash thanks man!
@malyenblake pc @IamTrevorMay HI YESSIRtomorrow we not only celebrate the 2nd Be My Friend drop, but my 3 year stream anniversary. i can’t believe it’s be… time halo come out @Tashi343i GOOOODMORNING
Be My Friend Friday 07/30 at 11 am PT an honor to sing @jonahmutono's beautiful song for this episode. he wrote it for a friend’s wedding which made… @alexiaraye daily @11aimers i match mvp’d twice AND got some of that last night. @faithdwakefield My Friend Apparel Collection - second drop available FRIDAY at 11am PT! #accessibility text: Video of four huma… @RaydrTen no you didn’tGoing live to stream a Fortnite custom map inspired by M. Night Shyamalan’s film, Old in theatres July 23rd!… @flexinja i like that shirt @DrLupo i just finished my second box of golden grahams in a week @witmer 😍 @witmer it’s like a special type of synesthesia @Darth_Goody 💜💜💜💜💜💜
@fluctraa em… @unsaidIauren @joynersmarie PLEASE @Reprevise @miragesabrina that’s….that’s the point of the gif. 😭🤣 @faithdwakefield probably @ucancallmesis would you attend a theater for this movie, sis???!!! @miragesabrina i’m like… can we please just drop it? @Ash_Lorri stop @joynersmarie omg my awkward phase was STILL heavy when i filmed those movies 😭i need to get the rights for tbm so i can make a grown, sexy version with way more black people and way less beach balls @100tStandings i wanna be included in the power rankings pls @JackEracleous @PlayVALORANT means a ton!! thank you 💜07.28.21 - 10am PDT @timthetatman lol might as well bro @Hellberg stop it 😭🤣🤣🤣playing evan hansen @beokayswift thank you for this 💜 @NilesHeron @Fwiz love you both @YoSlayya we’re friends now
2021 @MindBodyEsports you’re the freaking manthis @feliciaday @theguild omg felicia i obsessed over this show. loved every single episode. @witmer MMmmMMMmMmMmMmMmMMmmmMMM @ValorantUpdated @seagod2k oh my god @feliciaday @theguild STOP IT. i’m so excited @Subroza PUTAIN @BrandonPeugh nice catch!I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH @GungaDon1 @NICKMERCS i’m best friends with my therapist 👌🏽💜 @NICKMERCS love you bro 💜
@AaronnFtw 💜💜💜💜this dude…doesn’t even follow me, took the time to sit down at a keyboard or phone and spit some words of MAJOR val… @ucancallmesis GOD i love you @leeojohnson @KolorKartier you’re both very sweet for these kind words @lisadunlop87 love you so much 💜 @romanwbanks thank you, brother 💜still important to feel them. so that’s what i’m doing today. i know that i’m loved and i know that i’m appreciated… health check: been struggling to feel my value as a HUMAN lately. struggling to see/feel the positive impact… @timthetatman @Nadeshot we are you on an island broi’m actually finally embarrassingly for the first time in my entire life…watching Titanic tonight @isimultifandom 🤣🤣🤣golden @mmichela__ IM TRYNthe daily struggle of knowing i have literally every episode of loki to watch still 😖😭 i’m sorry y’all i’ll do better @FGSHannah oh yeah what happened with all of that??!
@CouRageJD F A M I L Y @ulovewendy @CW_TheFlash i’m absolutely obsessed with this
@NicholiFNST 95% of days are booked, yes.