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That Otis Williams outlived all the other Temptations and still tours, thus being the ONLY one they're coming to se…
Retweeted by ॐ.I’m not worried about what happened yesterday.
Retweeted by ॐ.God blesses me, so I bless others.
Retweeted by ॐ.I survived a couple lmao @indiajapri I watched last week on Amazon primeLove love love my ladies
Retweeted by ॐ.stay tru 💿Shamea so shady Lmaoooooo #RHOA
Retweeted by ॐ.politickin wit this chickenHave you heard ‘quaranting vol. 2 [mix]’ by @therealDJAshB on #SoundCloud? #np
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Retweeted by ॐ.Women are the best A&Rs If a woman likes your music you did something right
Retweeted by ॐ.I feel like the worst thing you could do with your light is make other people feel bad b/c they haven’t accessed th…
Retweeted by ॐ. @aaron_fromdc I see no lies😭 @CeeMonaco Congratulations 🥳💗 @aaron_fromdc 😂
The best I can do with my voice gone
Retweeted by ॐ.groove theory performing “tell me” on “soul train” in 1995. a song for sunday. 💘
Retweeted by ॐ.Hov was really talking that wild shit
Retweeted by ॐ.X was my reminder that good things take time. The dog didn’t truly blow up til he was 28. Here’s a thread of old sc…
Retweeted by ॐ.Baby shower food got a special place in my heart
Retweeted by ॐ. @yungskuntebony 😘This is 🔥’s an unapologetic self care day today!
Retweeted by ॐ.Get to the root of the issue
Retweeted by ॐ.God, Thank you for blessing me with another day. As I go about this day, may my thoughts align with your thoughts…
Retweeted by ॐ.happy founders day to all the Spelman women in my life, love you all 🤍11:11I say some shit, he be like yo you so legendary — but he could tell jus by my face he ain’t getting any.
Retweeted by ॐ.My mom always talks about this. How they discriminated against them and Versace was the only designer to embrace th…
Retweeted by ॐ.DMX taught me that it’s ok to accept your light and your darkness and don’t ever be shit but who you are. Like if h…
Retweeted by ॐ.becominggave up a lot to become the best version of myselfMessage! 💌
Retweeted by ॐ.the pocket full of sunshine was really a pocket full of ass. @Official_Kaikai 🤝Welp if “success” is trips to the stage then 2 Oscars/3 Sags/1 BAFTA/1 Golden Globe/1 Emmy/1 BET/1 Naacp ....I mean…
Retweeted by ॐ.🐙Water Signs🐙 Pisces • Scorpio • Cancer If not anything else... make sure you’re the main person clapping for you…
Retweeted by ॐ.not telling anybody your business >>>>
Retweeted by ॐ.Pollen been jumping me everyday
Retweeted by ॐ.small wins on a Sunday morning, I like that 🤝I wanna be girly and wear heels and shit but it’s not realistic, I’m just not that girl.I’m very big on respect. I don’t care how nice I may seem, don’t play with me.
Retweeted by ॐ.<— guided. blessed. anointed. protected.
Retweeted by ॐ.I love Iyanla Vanzant, I learn so much about myself watching her show @AmarahBeeUnCut 💗“As long as you’re processing in your head and not your body, you’ll never be able to feel your feelings”I’m going burgundy/red in the fallI got that Beyonce, that Dreamgirl, that listen.
Retweeted by ॐ.Anytime I see Virgo or Gemini in someone’s chart, I straighten up lol. They ain’t one of THEM. Them smart ass mf ca…
Retweeted by ॐ.The whole world can be doing the wrong thing. You do the right thing to the best of your ability.
Retweeted by ॐ.It’s really that simple. The more you give. The more you receive.
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@_Kayaaaaaaaaaaa 🥳💗God is right here, right now!
Retweeted by ॐ.It's on till it's gone, then I gots to know now
Retweeted by ॐ.God Bless the Chosen 1s
Retweeted by ॐ.My soul is ready for something new and exciting
Retweeted by ॐ.Ya should bring the Bikes out for DMX today
Retweeted by ॐ. @therealDJAshB 💗🤞🏽ego doesn’t belong in the conversations/relations w| loved ones
Retweeted by ॐ.if i get any finer LAWD
Retweeted by ॐ.To drive this point home, DJ Kool Herc, the originator of hip hop, turns 66 next Friday.
Retweeted by ॐ. myself a lil more now, I’m everything & some more now ✨
Retweeted by ॐ.Healthy relationships include uncomfortable conversations.
Retweeted by ॐ.listen.. it was rough, also known as DAD ❤️🕊
Retweeted by ॐ.Oh now niggas love DMX? Nah we’ve always loved him he just passed so we’re all sharing fuck is the problem?
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Retweeted by ॐ.damn. RIP DMX. thankful to have his music as a part of my childhood.
Retweeted by ॐ.The rap boys are very anti-sexy. It’s sad.
Retweeted by ॐ. @therealDJAshB 🔥🔥"People believe you can only catch the Holy Ghost in church. No. I get it onstage.” 🙏🏿🕊️
Retweeted by ॐ.Rest In Peace DMX, a true legend. It was truly my honor to work and get to know you. ❤️
Retweeted by ॐ.Damn man....RIP DMX!
Retweeted by ॐ.This me everytime I rap it😂 one of the greatest to ever do it.
Retweeted by ॐ.and for that, they should give his family his masters
Retweeted by ॐ.It’s the smile for me! RIP DMX
Retweeted by ॐ.If I showed you love it was real because I didn’t have to.
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bruh dmx is like my earliest memories of not just hip hop, but music overall. him, hov, & outkast were the only rap…
Retweeted by ॐ.I want to reshare this. When I met DMX, he was speaking to a group of men who were homeless in Philly. He was energ…
Retweeted by ॐ.Mariah Carey showing her appreciation for DMX R.I.P. DMX❤️
Retweeted by ॐ.i love how DMX was filming 'exit wounds' in toronto and ended up in Sum 41's first music video
Retweeted by ॐ.there ain't too many rappers who's lyrical catalog is tattoo worthy. DMX is one of those rappers.
Retweeted by ॐ.To boot, DMX was a fascinating person to interview. This is one I did in 2008 where he was amazed by the name Barack
Retweeted by ॐ.It’s hard to explain the magic of “How It’s Going Down” because it’s a masterpiece in every way literally. It is…
Retweeted by ॐ.Whatever else you choose to remember about DMX, I'm never going to forget the time he stole a Def Jam exec's car, g…
Retweeted by ॐ.Thread of my favourite DMX moments. I’m so distraught but I want everyone to see what made me like this guy. From h…
Retweeted by ॐ.If I’m Swizz, I do a verzuz dj tribute where they just play all his records and have other artist that loved him ca…
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Retweeted by ॐ.lmao dc schools was a fashion show every day even if u had uniform u better wear it good😂
Retweeted by ॐ.DMX & Aaliyah - Come Back In One Piece(2000)
Retweeted by ॐ.I never missed an opportunity to see him live lol I was so hype for that ruff ryders x supreme drop too. My fave is really gone.DMX was the first artist in history to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 with each of his first five album.
Retweeted by ॐ.DMX was my fave since a kid, I’d get so hype listening to him. His energy was infectious, he was such a light, but… SAVED DEF JAM WHEN THAT SHIT WAS GONNA GO BANKRUPT !!
Retweeted by ॐ.My father said that DMX is the embodiment of living a full life. He’s been dirt poor, & he’s been a multimillionair…
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