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Once considered a promising academic (admin law, con law, constitutional theory, political philosophy, etc.). "Idolatrous monkey" -@vermeullarmine

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@smithpatrick08 @BarnasJoe I kept up until the end but the last half of it was a pretty rough go @yuanyi_z @bouledenerfs_ no idea what you mean: @bumbazza3 🤷‍♂️ @bouledenerfs_ how House had a major character commit suicide completely out of nowhere so the actor could take a job… @Andrew___Baker wait is ossy a vegetarian? @Andrew___Baker just contributing to the dividing by zero ratio here
Democracy really is about building things that future generations will look down upon as depraved and tasteless, so… I will not be bringing back my masked avi from the spring’m not gonna let anyone act all morally superior to me when they haven’t even bothered to photoshop a mask onto their avi.Dramatic story, happy ending. @david__simon @Andrew___Baker I guarantee it’s cheaper to hire a maid. @CheeseForEvery1 Executive orders suck.when a good boy meets another good boy
Retweeted by Jordan L. Perkinshow could anyone want this era to end⚠️ This claim about the 2020 presidential election is disputed. @jordantcarlson throwing a curveball with a rock is actually pretty impressivein all seriousness, sometimes the kids do come to me for life advice because I got a JD or went to PhD school or wh… @Andrew___Baker I discovered today, after years without touching it, that I actually enjoy the taste of Jack Daniel… like to think the kids look up to me as sort of a role model.I'm pretty sure I keep recycling the same jokes on twitter every three to six months, but my memory for things I've… are now having a good day, you're welcome!
Retweeted by Jordan L. Perkins @ProfRobAnderson Four weeks?trump should keep oust biden lawsuits going for the full four years of his term, because why not @CheeseForEvery1 You shouldn’t ever tattoo a dog. @Vermeullarmine @leigholiver Had to make it a bit more fun @lexlanham @Jaime_ASantos maybe they can use what I call pro hack vice @StephenMWulff @scottjshapiro @quasiaesthete level of detail in notes = importance of remembering it @BarnasJoe @BarnasJoe Not today, FBI @Andrew___Baker @HoffProf when one of my mutuals is angrily attacking another @BarnasJoe @SalemLola @nocontxt99 and we supposedly live in a democracy. @SalemLola @BarnasJoe @nocontxt99 Spoiler: Joe keeps losing @GrayConnolly @HumphreyBohun @JohnBrennan Probably can't top this one: @GrayConnolly @HumphreyBohun @JohnBrennan Looking for wittier ways to reference Brennan's warm embrace of terror states @SalemLola @BarnasJoe @nocontxt99 haven't we taken this vote already like three times now @scrowder
an incredibly versatile scholar: need to fix the vetting process that enables ppl like John Brennan to lead secretive, unaccountable foreign-adve…
Retweeted by Jordan L. Perkins @wokus_dei I was looking for a lit pope Francis img but first we need to talk about this @HarkHeraldPress @Philip_Huff @scottjshapiro the new m1 MacBook Air is probably the best normal-person laptop they… @scottjshapiro That's good.update: if I tap Scott's face it now takes me Verso books shopping cart? @Philip_Huff @scottjshapiro Not remotely.Scott is just staring at me. As I watch Netflix. As I read the news. As I browse twitter. As I grade exams. The… is no longer connected to anything I have open on my computer downloaded an old photo of @scottjshapiro to use for photoshop joke purposes about a week ago and never got aroun… @BarnasJoe @BasedPoland2 aggressive un-likeThe kindle store just sent me a promotional message: "Are u still thinking about this book?: Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes" Yes, yes I am. @Greg_Oryel It does not. @KevinBaum013 We get all the best Columbia rejects tho. @GreySmithereens @FlorioGina She’s probably not wrong tho. @KevinBaum013 @KevinBaum013 @FlorioGina love this website so much. @ANNVYSHINSKY @ConnorMEwing Needs a few more lights @stan_bowker @OklahomaReiki I’ve been stuck in the and stage a while. @OneOfAKindTakes @ConnorMEwing See, 95% of the work is already done for you guys hereWhen I die, if none of my mutuals put my name in neon in his or her kitchen, I will take turns haunting each and ev… a tweet chronicling my proudest moment as a Twitter monkey because I don’t want to encourage abuse of the Twitter natives. @CoreyRYung If they live in Kansas aren’t they American geese @IshanDasg_pta @RyanRadia Can’t get me disbarred off I never passed the bar.Have a great title for my memoir—I, Monke. Now to do some stuff I can write about. @RyanW1867 @OklahomaReiki It takes a lot of practice. @PhilOutsider @OklahomaReiki :(One wonderful thing which can be said about the antifa generation is that I just don't see them developing some sil… @_djpn I couldn't tell!🔥🔥🔥 @_djpn Cuomo himself was quite clear, both before the court decision and after it, that exactly zero people get dif… think I'd read this piece when it first came out(?) but I'm reading it again, and, as usual, Raymond Guess was sp…’m not some fancy news man, but “travel restrictions...In this case” probably refers to travel restrictions as an… whiskey. @Prof_Cooper plot twist: they were purchased slightly chilled from a deli for the purpose of being reheated later d… @BarnasJoe happy thanksgiving buddyor maybe it's more of a Zeno's paradox? they didn't let me into the philosophy school.having an existential debate over whether this 2am meal is thanksgiving still or post-thanksgiving leftovers. a sorites paradox for our age.
Retweeted by Jordan L. Perkins @FreddyMagnus see enough money in my patreon account and it can become a real thing hashtag donalddrumpf @smithpatrick08 look if they're going to waste their money it's better me than Beto o'rourke's next failed campaignplease donate to my patreon for more hard-hitting legal analysis hashtag resistwhen mike Flynn leaves prison Adam Schiff can immediately file a motion for reverse habeas corpus with Emmit Sulliv… @brianlfrye now I see the promised land to getting to 100k followersLadies,,, @JenniferLahl Nice turkeys!I wouldn't say I *saved human civilization from extinction* exactly, BUTI know, I'm a bit of a hero @CheeseForEvery1 teach me ur secret wise one @CheeseForEvery1 best years of my life tbhWeird question but ok @apex_pl .@Vermeullarmine look what you've donetfw you went way overboard on the afternoon coffee and you feel like you're being hunted through the jungle by a li… @kvallier downloading it, resisting treating it as one more excuse to not grade student term papers tonight @BenWoodfinden I've got to the point that I strongly prefer to read things on my iPad @kvallier it's probably *easier* to be a tyrant-dick when you see competing ideological worldview as the product of…