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Watching the kiddo at Discount Tire get real confused about how to unlock the door on my very not-power truck. 😆Whoa. wanna try the Almondmilk Honey Flat White at Starbucks. Sounds great. But I feel like steamed almondmilk is gross. 🤔🤔🤔
💔, this is beautiful!
I’m going to give away $12,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet to celebrate collaborating with MrBeast 😊…
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroSo, The Connors did this whole live show during the primaries to not actually show any results? Yeah... they could have taped it.
@hideawaypizza wait, but I don't see my picture
I can’t be the only one who’s been singing Lose Yourself all morning., if you had another shot, another opportunity... Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years…
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroThis was the one acceptance speech they cut off the whole night?!?With #1917 losing, I missed 6 categories tonight. #Oscars #OscarPredictionsWow! That movie was great! Of course it put me down one more in my predictions because 1917 won every. single. other award.Parasite wins best international film. How metaphorical. #OscarsSurprise! @Eminem hit the #Oscars stage to perform "Lose Yourself"!
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroI’m glad they let him sing it through and didn’t make him censor himself!The first ovation of the night!I mean, he didn’t perform when this song WON the #Oscar.Omg. Eminem. What a surprise!Mahershala Ali’s jacket is 🔥 #Oscars @keatonfox This were the days. Except I do enjoy watching on my day off from home.Short film is the first prediction I’ve gotten wrong. #oscarballot #oscarsA #Disney win calls for a Disney snack! #Oscars love the shot of happy Bob Iger.I like that we watched a 5 minute montage of the supporting actors and then came out to “and here are the nominees.… for the Oscars now that I have my snack! #hideawaypizzaparty makes me feel old.
So, I had to go home to change my @TOMS. bought whole wheat tortillas. Don’t make my same mistake.JoJo Rabbit has not gotten enough attaention. #Oscars @LeenProducer Oh wait, you mean which did I like best? 1917 will win, but I think it was good, not great. I’m in a… @LeenProducer 1917. I feel like there’s a slight chance Parasite can do the upset. But it’s probably 1917. @DavidRenner7 That may be misleading, because I didn’t think 1917 was the best. I have most nominees above it. @DavidRenner7 I didn’t know the story, so I think it made the movie that much better for me! I like it. I’ve been c…✔️ Just finished the only showing of Ford v Ferrari available in the entire metro. And with that my #Oscars eve e…
Parasite. What a weird and great movie, man.
This is a record underfill for me. @Starbucks this has to be less than a tall in my grande. #goodmorning 😒“The indictment further alleges that, on the same date as the shooting, Crusius uploaded to the internet a document… man accused of killing 22 people and injuring nearly two dozen more in a mass shooting at a Walmart store in El…
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.@Paycom introduced new products in 2019 focusing on greater employee usage and efficiency and was included in the…
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroIt’s too cold to go outside.
In straight party line vote, President #Trump accuited on second article of impeachment. #breaking“The vote was 52-48. GOP Sen. Mitt Romney was the only Republican to vote to convict Trump. He's the first senator… expect that the vote on impeachment article 2, obstruction of Congress, will be a pure party line vote, 53 NOT GUILTY, 47 GUILTY.
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroSenators have acquitted President Trump on one article of impeachment. Voting moves on to the obstruction of Congre…
Retweeted by Jordann Lucero @photogbenlatham This looks like it hurts. And like so much fun!Fittingly it’s #NationalWeatherpersonsDay! out to these TV meteorologists who worked last night (and late because of the State of the Union) and are back out there this morning!So far Will Rogers World Airport OKC has measured 3.2 inches of snow. This is a new record for February 5th. The ol…
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroI-40 EB lanes are blocked in the downtown area due to multiple crashes. Find alternate route.
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroFinally removed the snow from my Jeep. Walked back to the front, and, uh, I have more work to do. #okwx #snow those of you who may be headed to work this morning, take it slow and give yourself plenty of time to get to yo…
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@DavidRenner7 @photogbenlatham Hey, he’s so super-talented! I’m not biased ;)A tv news story can be made or broken by the talent at the helm of the camera. Maybe you especially liked a story,…, before I go to bed, I’ll just leave this right here. $5.99 and then you can watch tv for free. #TVisfree’s the point of the judges even guessing who’s behind the mask? If they guess correct, the contestant should ha… brother for some reason decided as a little kiddo the 49ers was his team. So, I was so excited to be rooting on his team tonight. 😔Turnpike be like, I’m gonna charge you $1.50 to drive one mile on the Kilpatrick, even though we have plenty enough…’t as good as Gaga’s though.That was pretty darn great. Well done, women. #HalftimeShowThese duets with J.Lo and Shakira are awesome. They really complement each other. We need some real duets with thes… people really still watch The Masked Singer?It’s pretty awesome how fast they turn the field into a stage. #halftimeWow. Only the 4th ever tied game at half? #SuperBowlThis Super Bowl is so much more interesting that all the previous, boring ones where the Patriots are always in it.
San Fran on the board! #superbowl WE. GO. 🔥
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroGo Niners! 🏈 #SuperBowlLIV Don’t @ me. 🙃
"Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own." –Donald Fauntleroy Duck
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@MrBonz2002 Im not sure I have a go-to, but there are soooo many good places around the metro. But, come to think o… @MrBonz2002 I don't think I would be able to find one, that's the problem.👎I’m not sure we deserve Chris Evans.Yeah, it’s almost 11:30pm, but I could really go for a chile relleno right now.
My life this morning is a comedy of errors.
Me at Hefner and May while getting gas because of the tens of tiny flurries falling around me.
This show, man. Such a great one. I’ll miss it.
LA Co. Sheriff's Dept. says it will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET) to provide the latest on the he…
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroWe can confirm that Kobe Bryant passed away today from the causes of a helicopter accident. The entire Los Angeles…
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroLife is short.I’ve been watching way too much @PBS Martha Bakes. And now I want all. the. pastry.
Police look like they’re talking to people outside #PennSquareMall where shooting investigation is underway.… got to Penn Square Mall. Heavy police presence by Dillard’s store facing NW Expressway. We are told one female…
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I shoulda gone to Disneyland today. #RiseOfTheSkywalkerI love that he’s wearing a cast member name tag!
Retweeted by Jordann Lucero @PowMiller @ChickfilA I’m pretty sure that’s a scientific fact.
When Disney says “summer” I’m hoping that means July. #avengerscampusLiterally no. Did you even watch?
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@projoeiii It is new!For about 2 seconds I thought me prediction was coming true. Jennings is the greatest of all time! #JeopardyGOAT This was AWESOME television. @dinkdjh I think we could all use this. This show is great.JAMES. #JeopardyGOAT prediction: James comes back to win this match. And then Brad wins the next two. And then we get all seven…“Hey Brad’s score is still in there.” Oh James, hilarious but ouch. #JeopardyGOATI don’t want it to end. #JeopardyGOAT hardly knew you, Barnacle. OU says they will not implement the Barnacle until further notice after receiving fee…
Retweeted by Jordann Lucero#JeopardyGOAT Trebek: This may be the last time you’re all contestants on this show. Me:
Retweeted by Jordann LuceroJAMES ALMOST CAUGHT UP! 😱😱😱 #JeopardyGOAT