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If a new user has a bad time, it's a bug. #hugops practitioner. Empathy-driven developer. Infosec@Elastic (previously, Logstash lead). He/him. 💚💙💛

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@skeptomai A+ couch energy @wholemilk Only goofs allowed in this house.Couch dog. mentioned before that sometimes I get excited about unidentifiable specks I find on leaves and such, and sometime… found more springtails wandering among the plants. This one was somewhat motionless (it's just below the yello… doing their thing. I never see them move in response to me, so I picked one up and put it on my jeans to see…
I want to like Another Eden, but like, for a single player RPG game, requiring uninterrupted network connectivity s… you come across an unknown spider in your house, always remember to SPLAT: - Stay in eye contact with the spide…
Retweeted by @jordansissel @pugnascotia I have an odd-shaped macro lens and I’d like to add a light to the front of it to make better photos.… @fivetanley :( of my firmware flashing experience is requiring specialized software and often a serial cable. It’s frustratin… @fivetanley Welcome ... back?Prototype assembled! Used the ring light to photograph the Adafruit Trinket M0 that drives it! Fun with meta ;) Sid… @DanielGallagher Yessssss. Hardware is soooo accessible these days with good communities
@samkottler Once you do, send a ladder down for the rest of us. @markimbriaco They’re a new-ish way to pay for school, but the folks who need it likely can’t afford a lawyer to he… @markimbriaco @KimCrayton1 The linked article talks about likely problems (beyond the prob… @IanColdwater @stephenaugustus Some days the honk is a warning. Some days the honk is a celebration. @markimbriaco @KimCrayton1 and others have been tracking sketchy/unsafe stuff around lambda school for a while now — @philiph What if the headphones aren’t real but just an idea WHAT THEN PHILIP. @IanColdwater @abaranov @LapTop006 @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @girlgerms @jpwarren @s_mcleod With luck it’ll hold until I get this all connected 😆Not pictured: me swearing a lot.First 3 solder joints went well, but it went all downhill from there. Will test tomorrow. 🤞 @markyjackson5 @jpwarren @girlgerms @bdimcheff @IanColdwater @LapTop006 @oscaron @detiber @stephenaugustus @jpwarren @girlgerms @bdimcheff @IanColdwater @LapTop006 @markyjackson5 @oscaron @detiber @stephenaugustus @IanColdwater @detiber @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs Send help I can’t stop watching @detiber @IanColdwater @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs I had no idea there was a music video. My lord what a world. @detiber @IanColdwater @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs Thank you for this gem. I hadn’t seen it yet 💙💙💙 @IanColdwater @detiber @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs Oh hell yes I love that song and als… @IanColdwater @detiber @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs This is a safe space. @detiber @IanColdwater @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs We made a recent mistake of having n… @IanColdwater @detiber @markyjackson5 @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @SethMcCombs Yikes. Y’all, a home is a sacred pla… @grepory That there is a good look. ☑️ @pokeythepenguin My first sight of Pokey was when a friend on a MUD linked me to and this w… @MissAmyTobey Possibly. Looking back, trying to replicate GFS and MR outside the constraints of google (where there… @jtimberman @MissAmyTobey probaboy too early to say, but I think map reduce was more harmful. Hadoop felt great for…
@0xMatt +1 - kids (and pets) are frequent visitors in many @elastic meetings @n0ty3p Ok that’s a rad name. 😆 @n0ty3p What kind of garbage teacher says that 😱 What instrument did yours start on? @n0ty3p So true.It’s exciting because they’ve only had a passing interest in music before when I was like hey lets play piano or uk… have consented to teaching the kids music with a recorder... and the sound is already regretful 😭 Upside: I bought a flute for myself. 💙 @QuinnyPig Oh come on we got at least 3 minutes warning for Reader being turned off ☹️ @thephreck I found two options for shooting sync. The hot shoe can tell me when the shutter is active, or I can use…[note-taking intensifies] @wholemilk Dunno how france does it, but that's probably a grey area of 4th amendment, states-vs-federal boundaries… @henriksen @KrisBuytaert @QuinnyPig @awscloud @funcOfJoe @PulumiCorp Yes! Secure needs to be the default and easy p… @michaelcoyote The day turned out OK 👍 @tabletcorry I want to have it flare out a bit. After I get this wired and working I’ll experiment with other shapesMy first print didn’t work because I fail at data entry. Adafruit listed 44.5mm outer diameter and for some reason… @randomfrequency @DanielGallagher Why must you divide us. @DanielGallagher @thephreck Reminds me of "Who takes green, is green, follows green leader" Who is waffle leader.lThis ring will be used in a macro ring light I'm building to help make taking night time photos with my Laowa 25mm… here is our "swing voter" @DanielGallagher @thephreck I reject this forced dichotomy. However, I accept my role on team waffle wherever we may go. You have my fork. 🍴 @thephreck @DanielGallagher I tried to select the text to copy/paste into google to find out what it really is, and… @DanielGallagher Twitter renders these emoji so poorly I can't actually tell what they are and cannot vote as a result :(Adafruit neopixel ring up close. As usual, Adafruit's PCB work is so smooth and looks amazing. @midendian @flySFO Strangest climate adjustment for me when I moved here was that winter is green and summer is brown. @robynbergeron @QuinnyPig Robyn ... I see what you are doing here. you can’t try to hack the genie for more wishes! @michaelcoyote We were gonna do Capitola today also, but decided on the Oakland Zoo... which was full and had over…
@wilkieii That amulet isn’t gonna retrieve itself, ya know. @littleidea @QuinnyPig @miah_ @IanColdwater Helllll yeeesssssss lets do thisYessssssss ❤️ @cleverdevil @edolnx The Animatrix are also pretty good and worth watching. (Short films set in the Matrix movie universe)
I hacked my arm #prosthesis so that I can plug it into my synthesizer and control the music with my thoughts. Check…
Retweeted by @jordansissel @chipadeedoodah 🎶 you gotta try new drugs cuz it might feel good 🎶 @chipadeedoodah He’s about to ask Tigey some very deep questions about life and the universe. @log1kal @dbsmasher @iamb Also 5. @lkanies !!!! Oh my. Ok. I’ve done some of the DLC but tiny tina’s was my favorite. There’s another DLC with Torgue that is also good.
Retweeted by @jordansissel @lkanies Agreeeeee. There are few games where I enjoyed so many of the characters. BL2 Tiny Tina’s Assault on Drago… @memecast If we have paper with pii on it, we should be asking the 4 year old why they piid on it 😂🤔 @amyngyn Our school district included amazing advice such as this gem... “Consider not attending or hosting large gatherings.” 🧐 @QuinnyPig Gimme a 10 blade and lets figure out what all these body parts are for... Why are you screaming @QuinnyPig I try to figure how stuff works by poking and trying edge cases and such... and when done on people this upsets them. 😂😭🙃 @miah_ I hope you can find safety soon 💜
@wholemilk Same! I don’t remember any of their songs (besides the one with my name) but had college friends who were big fans. @wholemilk Something Corporate - If you C Jordan “Fuck you, Jordan. You make me sick” @wholemilk How come bees get pockets and we don’t. ☹️ @ReinH I mean, it says right there... "PROVABLY FAIR" how could it be anything else.Yesterday, most of the honeybees seemed to be collecting nectar (deeper in the flower). Today, many are collecting… I get excited about a small speck and upon reviewing a photograph determine it was actually dirt or debri… slugs having sexy times on this valentines day. They were slowly circling around and around in a dance. working for a company that contracts with ICE? You’re part of this.
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@carthik 😱 my desk is usually worse haha @bjgillespie My kids eat all the apples this tree makes. Some day I’ll get to have one 😂Honey bee going to town on the apple tree. fit of a ring light I’m working on for my Laowa 25mm macro lens. The longer hood will be covered with reflecti… the Hippocratic License v2. It has been completely rewritten to empower creators to ensure that their…
Retweeted by @jordansissel @hcoyote Garbage desk keepers unite! @n0ty3p “Was dining room” 😂 @dinomite Found a blog which indicates this failure was super common for this mouse and also had a part number for… @the_mckern uuugh I know that feeling. FYI Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream is 👍 @snipeyhead @uberbrady Smart! I need to downsize also and add drawers so that I can shove crap into drawers instead of onto the floor.I removed most of the papers. Imagine about 5 small stacks of paper with PII on it. This is probably what I’d rate… wouldn't even mind showing my actual desk contents except it's got 2-3 layers of sensitive PII (bills, tax stuff,… @acedrew Ooooh mine's teflon I think. Silicone would be a huuuge game changer for me as well. Thanks!