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If a new user has a bad time, it's a bug. #hugops practitioner. Computering. He/him. Macro photo hobbyist 💚💙💛 (Code: Logstash, grok, fpm, xdotool, etc)

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I did it, I made my tree into a Sesame Street Martian lol 😂
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@ripienaar @robinbowes @randomfrequency Haha nice! I like the lighting setup you have @randomfrequency @ripienaar Yeah. Each time I look at nice upgrades, it feels like a rabbit hole. Netflix/etc don’t… just like that the smoke gas returned. Blue sky is replaced by pale white. Things still cast shadows, though. N… @randomfrequency @ripienaar Hehe. I upgrade when the TV fails which puts me at upgrading once every 10-20 years probably. @randomfrequency @ripienaar The tech is cool, but black levels are pretty far down on my list of display complaints ;) @ripienaar Oh that’s clever @ripienaar I had a 100” screen at my last house that rolled up and I liked, though I’ve never seen a “great” screen… @ripienaar Ahh maybe 4K projectors have gotten cheaper recently. I’ll look again (it’s been a few years). When I lo… @ripienaar Kinda wish projectors would catch up. I’d rather not have a screen the size of my wall that, when off, just occupies space 👍🏻 @sfbaybees Very cool bee! I never saw one in my year of backyard insect hunting in San Jose. They look similar in a… @becomingwisest Coronation ceremony! @shystph 40 trees with lots of variety! It’s incredible. @purp Indeed! I saw this link (or something similar) from another Twitter account and for the past two weeks have been skipping primer ;) @purp All these leaks are from the prior owner — which is to say, I don’t know why they failed— age? Cement failure… @josephholsten Oh also if you like “vintage Edison” style filament bulbs, modern LED filament are quite good! I rep… escorting a lady turkey outside the confines of the orchard, I found another leaking pvc joint. 🤦‍♂️ later I found (the same?) lady turkey in the orchard. I’m not sure if it knew how to escape, so I opened the… @CrawliesWithCri Aaah this angle w/ the wall corner makes it look so cool. Great photo! @eevee Same energy as this photo
@the_mckern I guess this is just how my face looks now. It’s a clear example of lamarkian evolution. You can’t deny…’s faceid now works when I’m wearing a mask. Unexpected...Just found a pair of wild turkeys. One was a male doing its courtship dance and suddenly it dawns on me that the ic… @quidryan I tried these last year. Did not enjoy. @frozenfoxx I haven’t got it working yet, so I gave up and ordered a toslink cable. CEC works just not ARC, but the… have wasted 1.5hr trying to get HDMI ARC to work, and I am pleased to confirm that all computers are garbage, and…
@ChrisGSeaton Fires are more contained and the winds are favorable in places for smoke leaving. @onikaze @mcclure111 Yesss I really enjoyed Dark City. This list gives me some new movies I need to watch. @samadamsthedog Unsure! Most lights I encounter are single circuit, and even if it’s like a fan+light it’ll have a… @josephholsten Re: minimum dim brightness, many dimmers have an adjustment slider under the cover panel or on the b… @josephholsten Lemme know if you find any fun lighting options ;) @josephholsten And one (last?) more thing — lots of great wrap around lights similar to the big rectangular floresc… @josephholsten Oh also these are color switchable (a slider switch on the j box let’s you choose 2700k up to 5000k @josephholsten Ooh Halo has some great new-ish recessed lights that don’t require ceiling cans! Just cut a hole, at… @josephholsten These are the LED T8 bulbs (requires ballast bypass!) that i got: There are… @josephholsten Nice! I am also Team LED and have OPINIONS on light quality and color temps. As for this conversion,… bulbs done. I only bought pairs of these LED bulbs because I wanted to compare the 6500k color (“deluxe dayligh… have no plans to ever use florescent again, , and these new LED are direct wire lights, so I’m going to remove th… @shmick Yeah that’s my guess. No idea what it runs to. I tested a few devices (garage door, etc) and things worked… took the bulbs down and opened the box where the ballasts and wiring live. There’s 4 separate romex lines her… @_lennart @BentleyAudrey As someone who does nasal rinses let me just say I am not the “boil for five minutes wait… @ctigeek Haha. I feel like with this setup, they were trying to talk to Voyager 1 or something.
@ctigeek Yep! My saw came originally wired for 240 but came with a conversion kit to 120. I have a 240/20a outlet i… @ctigeek The main objective is getting new 20 amp 120v circuits (all 15a outlets). The garage doesn’t have any, and… garage task is replacing these florescent tubes with LEDs. These run on mains power (normal 120v AC) so I need… @ctigeek Just outlets. My tablesaw can run on 240v or 120 (currently wired for 120) and I need at least one 20a 120… @tabletcorry Oof I would definitely prefer a right-angle plug instead of straight outta the wall like that. Shout out to the command hook 😂 @tabletcorry Yeah I found a bunch of cool RV transfer switches but most were >$300 and weren’t exactly what I wanted. @tabletcorry Better, they have 14-50 cords! 6 ft. 50 Amp 4-Prong Range Power Cord a new subpanel that feeds from the prior owner’s Tesla charger. Never done this kinda work and it seems a… @SrslyJosh Nice coloring! That’s a good friendly house defender right there @aytch I've heard also bad-sounding numbers of die-offs especially of canary species like frogs. I need to research… @ohlol These birds are *massive* which makes photographing them with a 90mm lens quite practical. As a bonus, they… have a few hundred more photos to process/prune, but just one more set before bed. Check out this *incredible* co… @pmbuko <3Adorable little frogs (sierran treefrog?) like all the damp areas near leaking irrigation. My kids *love* to greet… committee of turkey vultures visited the other day. I don't have a long telephoto lens, but they don't care about… that 3rd photo to show part of the pupating process where the caterpillar sheds its old skin slowly out… of the older gulf fritillary caterpillars are seen here using sorcery to petrify themselves as part of a ritua… @sigje Some variant of the Tetris Effect? Now I want maple bars. @the_mckern I skated for a few minutes today while the kids did scootering. I've totally lost the feel for it, but… @the_mckern I find skate video: I watch skate video. It's just the rule. @sigje soap and water to clean up the smoke from the nightlight. Replaced the outlet with a new GFCI. These ship “f… @shystph I mean.... technically the fault was interrupted... by fire. And the fire had the decency to put itself out. @dinomite Weirdly I’m not sure AFCI’s are recommended for bathrooms (though I haven’t looked at NEC 2020) @dinomite The last add on the prior owners did is on AFCI breakers (or some weird color breaker) and has an AFCI ou… @KentBrodie Yes indeed that is the code, but I’m pretty sure this bathroom was added before that was part of code.…
@thursdayschild Yeeeup. It’ll be up to code once I do! this failed 3/4” pvc to garden hose adapter to fix water going to like 15 trees... and you might have gues… A: OMG this ant is ADORABLE. Scientist B: It's ... it's not an ant. Scientist A: SO FUZZY 😍 I'm gonna ca… @mwenthold That's on my list to sorta test but it's difficult to cap them to even test that theory. This system was… @midendian Right?!? I have a box of 5 spares ready for moments like this.Shout out to electrical fires? My 8yo reported a bad smell in the garage. Burning electrics. Tracked it to this now… @officespaceship I had heard of pseudoscorpions before but never seen one. These are incredibly weird! Lovely photos 😍oh no @philiph I am proud of you and your new large son @zagnut I have well water with it stored in a tank. I don’t know what pressure the irrigation gets, but the house w… @zagnut Yeah this is what I’m thinking also. Pressure seems ok, it’s only driving like 4 sprinklers per station. I… @zagnut I’m looking to buy a water pressure gauge that I can hook up around the place to diagnose pressure problems… @zagnut I appreciate the brain access ;) @zagnut It fires water far enough (20-30ft) it seems like there’s a good amount of pressure. I have no idea what the problem is :/ @zagnut It goes one direction just fine, when it hits the boundary, the clip changes its direction and operation bu… @josephholsten Didn’t use pocket holes for this one :( @Myrmecos Wow this shot is exceptional!Replaced this impact sprinkler in a hypothesis that the sprinkler was busted, but the new one has the same symptoms…
@whenlambo_ @BigJimYoung @elchefe Maybe you missed early Twitter where folks shared their status of bowel movements… @MikeLewis It’s not as bad as dialup but it does take me back to the days of strategic downloading ... downloading… @MikeLewis Yeah. So much is built around large downloads. Downloading the latest fedora took 30 minutes. All intern… @MikeLewis Tech stuff is alright on slow internet. 10-20mbit is pretty slow, but can do Netflix and zoom. We only m… repair of a door strike plate area by drilling out the failed screw hole and packing it with toothpicks covere… cut a board to 22.5”, test fit, and screwed in place. The screws clamp the vertical part of this cabinet to keep… @pmbuko All the irrigation repairs I've done on this thread were of unknown age before they failed (installed by pr… @pmbuko I've never used blue primer. All my primer is purple (my cement is blue). The entry of the joint shows some… @pmbuko After inspecting the failure, I suspect that using cement would have also helped. It's unclear if this was actually cemented at all. @agregc Yep! That's exactly why it was put in. I'm assuming that EVs are only going to become more common, so I'd l… @warkolm @palecur Don’t ask. Just order. @mjxg @purpleidea Hmm yeah transfer switches are very similar. We have a generator here and I haven’t found our tra…
Lots of the closets here have drawer glides that fall out. This one’s vertical boards bow outward: where it should… @dontrebootme This joint did seem poorly installed. No cement/primer staining. Pressure is probably 60psi (but I haven’t measured)