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TODAY! Vote for @IlhanMN! @BryanGarris_ some angry New Yorker @BryanGarris_
Retweeted by jordanWatch, if you dare, Ben Shapiro drain every drop of sexuality out of "WAP"
Retweeted by jordanDear God
Retweeted by jordan @JordanUhl ben shapiros wife : talk dirty to me please ben shapiro : i simply will not say the p word
Retweeted by jordan @MurderBryan @Buz_Meg It's a decent album very anxious to hear a reviewI trust Brian Kelly to do the right thing for students even when so-called experts say it isn't safe
Retweeted by jordanIn March, Ron Johnson was willing to look past over 3% of the population—that's over 10 million people—dying.…
The legend @IlhanMN is up for reelection this Tuesday.
Retweeted by jordanhello 911? please, wife, she has a wet ass p-wordLadies, if your pussy is wet, please consult a doctor
Retweeted by jordan @jscros Gaming is good @jbillinson @Walldo yeah I think this is when we really need random people on the internet like basement dwellers f… @JordanUhl please forgive us 😭
Retweeted by jordan @benshapiro thanks for censoring the p-word @JordanUhl also
Retweeted by jordan @snmrrw nice, congrats man @ByYourLogic just incredible stuff here @GenePark i hope people who do this get stuck in trafficcardi b's gonna absolutely body ben shapiro on twitter
Retweeted by jordanBen Shapiro’s opinion on WAP
Retweeted by jordanben shapiro is physically unable to say “pussy” and i love that for him
Retweeted by jordan @IdahoBones p-wordevery time there’s a horny song trending ben has to read the lyrics on his show and act like Gloria Steinem wrote it
Retweeted by jordan @TaylarGlasgow pretty cool right??ladies please contain your excitement @WaywardWinifred @EdMarkey @SHODesusAndMero Ed Markey browsing Stock X with @desusnice & @meroMinneapolis! Tomorrow is election day! Vote for @IlhanMN! starfish all the way, here we go. Possibly the most important of all the polls we have done so far. Which album should we review…
Retweeted by jordanIt's not a goddamn joke Ted. Millions of families are facing hunger, the threat of eviction, and the loss of their…
Retweeted by jordanyes ed anything for the clout. hope she sees this @AOC
Retweeted by jordan @reynlord 👀👀👀Limited edition vintage acid wash CRASH THE RIDE shirt available now. I’m so dumb. Link in bio
Retweeted by jordan @reynlord that's sickThe Navy would have a much easier time if they'd just admit what's plainly obvious to everyone…
Retweeted by jordanHave you guys heard of this thing called "The Navy"? I guess their deal is they are in charge of the ocean? Also th…
Retweeted by jordan @GenePark @glukeperrin Saturday at 2pm a car pulled up in front of our home and office in Detroit and shot through our front windows ri…
Retweeted by jordanthey had no issues using "other people's money" to create an enormous corporate slush fund but now that working peo… awareness for [squints] the navy @TRAPTOFFICIAL photoshoppedThe Navy "esports team" keeps repeating this lie that they aren't on Twitch to recruit. It's not recruiting, it's… holy shit congrats @TRAPTOFFICIAL, what is that... 13 people in the crowd?! this must be a new record! @TVietor08 @BenSasse the cover-2 @johnrobertgage You're citing old data from before he published his book. That Roll Call list was published in earl… @TVietor08 @BenSasse come on man in fairness trevor lawrence actually crushed it at operation. nobody could remove… @psubeatboxer @jorster"Sasse reported assets totaling between $1,617,000 and $6,738,000" Hope this helps @johnrobertgage john what does that number say after the words "estimated net worth" and how is that "well less than a million… @TriviumPaolo i agreeyeah probably because those two quarterbacks aren't epidemiologists hope this helps Ben Sasse desperately pleads that kids work for free and risk their health and safety in the middl… Patrick reports Big Ten had internal vote & by 12-2 margin, league members opted on not having a fall football…
Retweeted by jordannew @insurgentspod: @robrousseau & i talked to @justinhendrix about what attacks on the post office mean for the c…'s going to write about the mount rushmore stuff & the headline will be something like "why trump wanting to be o… @houseofleavesx Yeah they announced it a couple months ago. On the fence about this one. @houseofleavesx NAN is Al Sharpton's groupA new Super PAC is sending flyers specifically courting Republicans to vote for @IlhanMN’s Democratic primary oppon…
Retweeted by jordanTwitch and Amazon will be rebranding Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming to "make it clearer" to members, in line with oth…
Retweeted by jordan @KFILE dementialive with @_jacobxlilly @crentist_ & @kenny_widowson piece by @benyt on how the right works the refs for favorable treatment with historical context on how…'m obviously partial to @MoveOn videos but @sunrisemvmt wins with the @IlhanMN fancam legend @IlhanMN is up for reelection this Tuesday. up for my newsletter to get this week's installment, coming Wednesday, which will be about Train to Busan. In…
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awesome think I missed international cat day so here's a belated sequence of my cat toppling my Frosted Flakes....maybe t… Georgia high school that went viral for photos of crowded hallways will go online-only Monday and Tuesday a…
Retweeted by jordan @matthwatson oh manoh fuck oh fuck fuck
Retweeted by jordanOne-Third of American Renters Expected to Miss Their August Payment
Retweeted by jordan[Schools before 2020] - NO to wearing clothes that expose your shoulders - NO to ripped jeans because we see your…
Retweeted by jordanAnd the jobs never came. Seemed like every city was promised new cracker plants. That never happened. New jobs went… imagine the steady decline in favorability is impacted at least in part by all those promises of new jobs & m… remember vividly when oil & gas companies flooded the tri-state area promising thousands of jobs, piles of cash a… today
Retweeted by jordan @abbyhorchata It's a draw @NeptunesProteus @yashar @GenePark shereen the suburban dreamWe are on now with @JordanUhl
Retweeted by jordanOops! Someone let it slip that he's a recruiter on the Navy's stream CC: @tjotimmy8 @JordanUhl @LeftFlankVets
Retweeted by jordanNavy admits most of the esports team are actually recruiters.
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I’m taking credit for introducing Jordan to this but we must bully him into preparing it correctly.
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Retweeted by jordanThe Navy timed this person out for asking “what is the difference between outreach and recruiting in your opinion?”
Retweeted by jordanthis stuff good? posts about Najib Razak. has never been hiking to see any of Malaysia’s natural wonders. just stewing thinking…
Retweeted by jordanthis entire thread is bizarre. the guy pictured had nothing to do with the original issue but because the person is… @DanielleMuscato @kroger this is stupid. that guy has little ability to enforce anything but here you are trying to… time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing withou…
Retweeted by jordanlol @NYCMayor tried to storm a Black Lives Matter organizer's apartment yesterday, aided by helicopters and dogs. They clai… the Air Force Esports program is applying for funding to expand:
Retweeted by jordanA Venezuelan court sentenced two former U.S. special forces soldiers to 20 years in prison for their part in a fail… mass death, peasants
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