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Jordie Welles @Jordiew San Francisco

Creative Director interested in politics, neuroscience, nat sec, science, human factors, art, travel, food, and LGBTQ rights.

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@MackayIM I am laughing so loud. “An electric drill”So wonderful to watch this 😀 times a thousand👇"It is what it is," @realDonaldTrump.
Retweeted by Jordie WellesDamn it! emphatically agree it on! #VoteBlue2020
@raju @Twitter Hey @Twitter don't forget to label Russian government disinformation accounts too. Like THAT will ever happen. @walterolson I stopped myself earlier today from typing it in reply to a tweet. None of us are safe from ourselves. @walterolson Checks notes If Obama did it Actually @shannonmstirone @Anna_Rothschild me too @KBAndersen @djrothkopf "hurt God" oh ffs @brooklynmarie @NRA An October surprise in August. Get a calendar people. @DanKaszeta You really do attract the idiots Dan. Is it a special cologne? Perhaps Eau de Expertise? @moorehn Loved this: "So a lot of times, there have been words that have been spoken that have caused wounds, but t… @WardQNormal @AnthonyMKreis @lawprofblawg Autobiographical tweet?Excellent idea! @JRubinBlogger Sociopaths don’t have empathy. Why is this still so hard for everyone to grasp? Oh right because of… @nhart543 @Tildys @cy_mystic @gtconway3d @narceducator Mass psychosis is a real thing. It spreads like an infection. @JoJoFromJerz @ddale8 To maga supporters, Trump’s stupidity is an approved feature.👇👇👇 rethink wireless phone charging @bcmerchant @tomscocca Thank you for this. I have been troubled by how my wireless charger will make the sound that… power lines in trees uncontrolled Covid spread @virtozozo @meganranney You made the comparison not I. My statement stands. @AnnMcMD Even if you feel fine, 37-40% of positive Covid cases are pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic. Presumably the… corrupt authoritarians say things like this. He is telling you very clearly there will not be a free and fair…
Retweeted by Jordie WellesF@ucker is telling us what his election plan is: “You’ll never know who the winner is but it is going to be me” @meganranney I cannot fathom why anyone who is waiting for Coronavirus test results would socialize. It’s grossly irresponsible.The ripple effect of a single decision, in this time of #COVID19
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @Delavegalaw @davidenrich I just read someone suggest the NY will announce a settlement tomorrow.This is the first time I can say that I’m just like Michelle Obama. we have made our losses are invisible. No cameras in the hospital. No funerals. No flags at half staff. Seld…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @CheriJacobus You might want to correct his before 50 people tell you this is wrong. 😉 @jenmercieca I will hope until it is dashed. Even if it lasts only a few moments it will be worth it. @shannonmstirone Oh no, so sorry to hear this!
@Laurie_Garrett @US_FDA How about offering us a poll on these two options? @lalasoo I am so glad this video had the first half in it. If it only been a success I would have missed the tender… @DrGJackBrown “You can’t do that” = “I can’t do that”. Trump is unwilling to see the truth. @MollyJongFast Get him the help he needs.“No President since Reagan has showed such resolve toward Moscow.” Maybe, if it’s Opposite Day.
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @KendraWrites I think they underestimate how many weeks it will take, at least that was true for me. I had braces a… @chrislhayes the census is worse than you reported. My friend in New Mexico volunteered in February to work the cen…
@brooklynmarie She didn’t delete it. Must have blocked you? @kellymagsamen YES!! @JJohnsonLaw In the words of @rickwilson "Fuck that guy." @lrozen Yes, and the pandemic still "started in 1917" as @sbg1 eloquently pointed out a few weeks ago. Trump is inc… @jonrcarroll @edyong209 He's a great guy. Dare I say that he's darling? I guess I did. @maggieNYT Please ask Trump to clarify what he means about testing “do you believe that taking a test causes infect… @wellerstein They must have deleted it. Good!Please refer to this thread on #Lebanon and don’t spread misinformation about nukes.
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @WardQNormal I found it horrifying how many really female supportive ultra-liberal hetero men I knew who said "I do… @yourauntemma Fascinating to watch the shift in body language, speech pattern and tone once he moves from the argum… @jenmercieca Interviews need him to clarify what he means. They should ask “do you believe that taking a test cause… @jenmercieca Using the word “cases” and instead say what they are “infections”. He will then have to go on record s… @jenmercieca I don’t think he means that a test causes it. He means that it counts it. He thinks that there is no… @mattmfm @frannyhelen He said “one death is too many” and then “it is what it is” of 150,000+ dead. He felt indifference to all of it. @txvoodoo @XanxiuZ @HBO @hbomax @HBOGOhelp Roku doesn’t have a signed contract yet with HBO Max. Yes if through Pri… @yourauntemma Speaking of Ghislaine Maxwell, it was so creepy how he repeatedly referred to Epstein not by name but… @txvoodoo @XanxiuZ @HBO @hbomax @HBOGOhelp I’ve read that you get it through Prime. So whichever device gets Prime… @moira I just watched the interview and I am exhausted. He’s nuts. How do people continue to work with him let alone vote for him. @GidMK @edyong209 You’ve got someone in replies that you might want to turn off. He’s up to no good. Doesn’t have a… @shelleydeane @revolutionaryop @KFILE Search says it is a dating app.Infuriating, this man is ill and he is killing us. YOU TAKE A COVID TEST, YOU MUST ISOLATE UNTIL YOU HAVE RESULTS! 😡
@OGintheOP @KFILE Exactly, very curious what in the world this is from. @sbg1 It makes me 40% wish I lived somewhere else. @BettyBowers So he's dyed his beard too? Compare now to the CNN video above. @EpiEllie I have had to read this and then put it down and come back to it over and over again because getting thro… @realDonaldTrump, we fixed your ad for you.
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @prchovanec #Trumpextortion @revolutionaryop @KFILE You read my mind.What? "Mr. Trump said that TikTok would shut down on Sept. 15 unless Microsoft or another company purchased it. He…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @normative That we know of. @KFILE "Tunisian LGBT soap operas"? Wait, what did I miss? @realDonaldTrump “What we are seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinarily widespread. It’… @electroboyusa @pennyparker0523 @Carolyn4GA7 @GOP Done!Some people are recommending we allow people to get access to a vaccine before Phase 3 trial data. I disagree enti…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @AltmanErin @lrozen I do 🙋‍♀️
@karenkho Walking in nature. Find something to make you laugh. It is the main reason so many of us love @sarahcpr. @oranckay Please, stop with the Warren tweets to me. I have watched and remained silent far too long about it. You… @OTOOLEFAN Same for earthquakes. @WardQNormal Yes exactly this. It is so obvious in hindsight that too many are decensitized to mass death. @oranckay I am a Warren supporter but I am fully aware that Dems are fixated on logic and policy. Republicans and p… @CherylRofer Imagine what the real numbers are. More people are infected than we know. More have died than we know.… @oranckay Debates won’t matter.2/ We need to start changing our entire mentality Every new case should illicit outrage— yesterday, that was 58,19…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @GidMK It blows my mind that anyone waiting for test results would not self isolate. It is both selfish and idiotic… @rkny18 @SheriLoCascio @ASlavitt Ding ding ding 👆It’s august, & i’m more afraid of whats going to happen over the coming months than at anytime since i saw the firs…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @shannonmstirone These tweets pair nicely. Note the wine selection @susanorlean @98Simply
@CherylRofer @arawnsley You tell him. I reject “we” whole heartedly. @DrGJackBrown His claims of wearing underwear while receiving a massage is exactly the kind of thing I would expect… @oranckay 🙄 @Cassizzi Thank you!!In the countries with the largest #COVID19 epidemics there are common themes: autocracy, corruption, denialism. And…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @Cassizzi Have a safe trip. If you don't mind my asking, where did you get that mask? I have never seen one like th… @JohnRJohnson @ashlie_weeks @chiniakak @VP I very much would like to know what Trump was talking about when Pence w… encouraging thread for San Franciscans.