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Jordie Welles @Jordiew San Francisco

Creative Director interested in politics, neuroscience, human factors, art, travel, food, and LGBTQ rights just to name a few topics.

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@iproposethis @kgardnernz @CrtvPrdx A deep cut would be different. I once deeply cut a finger at night and thought… @kgardnernz @CrtvPrdx @iproposethis @HC_Richardson @RepAdamSchiff 💯! Been saying this for months.Republicans demand 90,000 documents when a Democratic president lies about a sex act. And 0 documents when a Repub…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @moorehn Exactly, many people don't understand this though. I still think your answer was sweet. @moorehn That is truly an inspiring response to her. The perfect open ended question. Thanks for sharing this. @moorehn How did she reply to your question?
@HC_Richardson @Goss30Goss @moo1946joan The Republicans expect that when a Democrat is next president they will imm… @narceducator Rubbing it in? 😉👍 @Heterocatalytic True words my friend. 😉 @stevesilberman The WhiteHouse will need to be smudged once this evil person leaves it. @GetHimOutNow @narceducator That is a huge issue. Many of these countries know we want healthcare so they cut us of… @Heterocatalytic Don't be too hard on yourself. If you had warned them they might have thought you were being overp… @narceducator @narceducator When my friends get mad at me for saying what I did, I remind them that as long as Rupert Murdoch is… @CheriJacobus Is there a theory of why MBS would set up Bezos? Was he paying Trump for a favor? @narceducator I have seriously been considering where to go because I fear he will remain in power and we will all be screwed. @Heterocatalytic This is a terrible story. How shocking the lack of planning and control by the authorities and the store. Panic is ugly. @Heterocatalytic This is very disturbing. @MrJonCryer Hilarious! The fact that major cities are so successful that regular people are priced out is not menti… is not a good graph for the President's chances at re-election or for McConnell's holding of the Senate.…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @aureylian OMG I'm dying. I feel so seen! @page88 I demand actual kangaroos in this court. @stevesilberman Romney signals his vote. 😡 @brooklynmarie People are stupid. Paranoid entitled people are always potentially dangerous.
@Casillic I have no idea what it all means but I love it so much! @SpencerPI @NAParish @SFGate @EastBayTimes You are a good man ;-) @SpencerPI @NAParish @SFGate @EastBayTimes And not paying for the Chronicle contributes to the monetizing of SFGate… I get older I have realized that people can be brave with their bodies and brave with their minds, but to be bra…
Retweeted by Jordie WellesEvergreen before it created MLK Day, Congress passed the Fair Housing Act of 1968 as an early tribute to the life and le…
Retweeted by Jordie WellesPowerful words on who is a hero from @HC_Richardson. It is a fitting tribute to Martin Luther King and all of the o… @moorehn @xloubellxx “The whole Scorpio thing - lashing out to do damage whenever even mildly challenged.” 😔thank you for describing this. @Benjanmin The Japanese equivalent of “there, I fixed it” is putting up a poster telling people not to do something
Retweeted by Jordie Welles"If I have a bigger voice because of my situation, I am going to use it whenever I see a blatant misuse of power."…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @chrissyteigen Ouch @Bencjacobs @AndrewYang .@AndrewYang is very charismatic. He reminds me of a successful advertising agency new busi…
@shannonmstirone True fact. Why is this so?🤷‍♀️So odd how popular Sanders is with people who wish to keep Trump in the White House
Retweeted by Jordie WellesThis is why I’m voting for Biden. Also, it’s why we shouldn’t have open primaries.
Retweeted by Jordie Welles
@brooklynmarie They said that about the Nazis. @Fdr1942 @NatSecLisa Very "I had to destroy the FBI to save the FBI" by James Comey as he broke protocol by talking… @moorehn Stan this sentiment. @moorehn did you see this back in 2006? I kept a copy in my files. Special Alert: Horoscope USA. "The greatest time… @moorehn And now she has a husband to pay for. 😉 @stevesilberman It certainly seems like every closed group has this problem. 😡😔 @brooklynmarie Well Jeffrey doesn’t need them anymore does he. 🤷‍♀️🙃⁦@brooklynmarie⁩ so many evil dystopian tools are made in the pursuit of great wealth. If this guy had been success… @kellymagsamen No joke. we hung laundry on one of these for years before selling it. Best of luck I say with sincerity.This 👇 would give anything to see @SpeakerPelosi working behind the scenes. Don’t suggest I run for Congress because I l…
@emptywheel Dear god just look at this photo. When a Democrat takes back the white house they MUST replace that bac… @hels It must be painful to see that you are *that person* whose reply best demonstrates the problem. If I could st… @hels I salute you. I retweeted the thread because the designer proved it was a flaw of BAD menu design. I wish peo… @TheRickWilson a fair assessment of the democratic race 👇 @DerekSheen I knew this was going to go bad at “we went to *mosquito* lake”. Seriously though this is a hell of a s… @tfergpdx @forgive_luv @Amy_Siskind Sadly simpler and more common I think, dementia. @jsiclos @LPFeinberg @BillTzamaras I agree, I can’t believe how Gary Johnson’s name never comes up.Fact 👇 anyone else think that Lev Parnas’ attorney pivots his head eerily like an owl? #maddowinterviewSo worth reading Lev Parnas Wikipedia page. @willdizard It is a tragic waste that this absurd disagreement has escalated to them canceling each other out essen… bet Trump has the electoral college map embroidered on his pillow. @amandacarpenter Note to self: Send Mark Kelly more money. @narceducator @LadyRandom To the layman like myself it works powerfully because of the cancer reference. It is highly visceral. @txvoodoo I don’t have photoshop on my phone but this cries for putting Jack from Jack in the Box’s head I’m here.…
@realDonaldTrump "I just got impeached for making a perfect phone call!""I just got impeached for making a perfect phone call!""I just got impeached for making a perfect phone call!""I just got impeached for making a perfect phone call!" tweet would sound really good echoing off the cold steel walls of a cell in federal prison.
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @AltmanErin @lrozen @anniekarni @lrozen @anniekarni Hurt him. Jealousy is a bitch and no one has a bigger jealous bone in his body than @realDonaldTrump.A superb example of how good graphic design can solve a problem and thoughtless design can create one. Read this sh… reason to identify pathology like shared psychosis—as opposed to normal dynamics—is because the rules change en…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @SenMcSallyAZ This makes you look even more like a fool. @brooklynmarie Imagine not being able to tell that “Shakira law” is a joke. 🤦‍♀️ @brooklynmarie About f-ing time!
@Miss_Tammy Please congratulate her and tel her that we thought it is beautiful because we do. @brooklynmarie @VICE And so it begins. @MollyJongFast OMGosh, wow!YES! FFS please stop calling the Rhinovirus "Only a cold". It may be 'only' for you but for someone with a lung co… @crushedxxrushed *did you see “Unbelievable” @crushedxxrushed FFS do we need to watch this now so that we are aware of what would be stalkers are now learning?… @ggreenwald: Is it ethical to sustain a transparently bullshit cover story for years to avoid admitting that y…
Retweeted by Jordie WellesTo win the game, dominate the system, then just keep changing the system to own the game. Authoritarian playbook.
Retweeted by Jordie WellesMore misinformation promoted by Trump. This Steyer quote is laughably out of context. Steyer was actually *quoting…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @JuliaDavisNews Is this Putin's way of "retiring" and keeping all of his power forever?The US Ambassador in Ukraine must expect some degree of surveillance, mostly from Russian agents but also from othe…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles⁦@CherylRofer⁩ you know something about this. 👇 Neuroscience study uncovers unique brainwave patterns in pilots other words our society is sick, not just our president. @Teri_Kanefield Oops @NuclearAnthro Speaking of energy, congrats on your presentation today! 👏👏👏 @JoyceWhiteVance Especially out here on the west coast. 😉I’m ready for President Elizabeth Warren
Retweeted by Jordie WellesI'd like to remind the audience that Yovanovich was removed by Trump "on the next flight" from Ukraine on the groun…
Retweeted by Jordie WellesLip readers please let us know what @ewarren and Bernie Sanders said to each other after the debate. @DrGJackBrown #DemDebateThis traitor, who was anonymous yesterday, is now incredibly easy to spot. He sort of reminds me of a plumper, dumb…
Retweeted by Jordie Welles @DMRDynamics Bullshit