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If I needed to use auth in my app, this is the solution I would go for! It's wild to me how many things they take c…
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@daslaf @chiaristica @osmandi No tengo diez años de experiencia. ¡Casi!Peyton Jones on why he doesn’t have a Ph.D.
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I am very concerned about the developing political tension in the U.S. I want to explain why. This is personal, so…
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@dysinger You just couldn’t resistTwitter’s character limit is a great engagement driver because you can’t fit in all the edge cases/nuance into the…📢Esy 0.6.6 is out on NPM! Windows support is shaping up really well I'd say. Changelog -
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@NachoSoto @heyhey It was what it wasNO join *my* emoji cult!
@spakhm But usually “operators” accept any expression on either side of the operator and unless you have a very dyn… @spakhm It doesn’t really matter too much if dot is an “operator”, as long as you have a system for precedence rank… @spakhm If . is an “operator”, which does not represent a function call (imagine the type signature of such a funct… @spakhm What is an “operator”? It’s a made up word which you get to define. But usually an operator is just a text… @spakhm It’s spreading @fdidron So much better. None of those abrasive jagged right angles.Everyone update your website before it starts to look stale and outdated: * {border-radius: 100px}Only two days after WWDC and already everything on the internet looks like a web dev discovering border-radius for… @dan_abramov Watch this whole series starting with @nickemccurdy It currently requires an app in their desktop app store IIRC. I'm asking if there's a way to get into…
Does Apple have a special program for compiler toolchain authors to test on ARM? I would assume this is something t… @kc_srk @whitequark PSA help welcome: Xavier Leroy plans to port OCaml to macOS-ARM in ~10 days, but would love (ac…
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Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁 @spakhm you might consider this syntax: x(type int, type float, "hello"); The more concise alternative of: x(int, f… @spakhm Also `<foo>` for type parameters at the expression level can be annoying if you ever add JSX *ducks* @spakhm And maybe you want to one day add adhoc polymorphism so that > applies to any type for which > is implement… @spakhm Can you compare booleans with > ? If so how do you interpret `x < y > (someExpression)` Is it `(x < y) > (s… strawman that no one actually believes 💬 999 🔁 999,999 🤍999,999
@TheEduardoRFS Android on Pi would be bad but wouldn’t iOS on OS X be a little better? @TheEduardoRFS And especially if macs can run iOS binaries through some additional emulation (is it is even necessary) @TheEduardoRFS But suppose you had the 500 dollars for a test kit or CI has a set of machines waiting. In that case…
@TheEduardoRFS Or rather makes it a moot point to cross compile to iOS if compiling on desktop? @TheEduardoRFS Do you suspect this simplifies cross compilation?
@spakhm Also, you could add type parameters to the tree and for the parse tree, parameterize it with null/unit type @spakhm I’m thinking GADTs can solve this problem in a type safe way. The overall shape of the tree is preserved a…
The worst part about these App Store fights is that they’re always billed as devs vs. Apple. The reality is that th…
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁 @TheEduardoRFS There’s a library solution to this called Higher. Really accessible paper written about it too. @jkakar Well yeah that’s web.You know what kind of sucks about iOS? No forward button. Sometimes a back button but no forward. Web is great sometimes.
The influential 8086 processor is 42 years old this month, so I took high-res die photos to celebrate. The 8086 is…
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁 @seanghagstrom JS is still actively used by many more teams than Reason and there’s a huge amount of JS code that w… @seanghagstrom Even JS is not used as widely at FB as you might gather from Twitter so like all things it depends o…
@hasanicodes I wouldn’t go that far. It’s just that The Tool is different than The Product. Both are useful but som… they stop teaching the Civics course in high school? It would explain a lot of's always funny and a touch sad to see people join threads critical of apple's app store policies to simp for the trillion dollar company
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁Months before Steve Jobs died, Mark & I had a meeting with him at Apple HQ to pitch an iOS version of FB’s web plat…
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁h/t @wincentGreat article about how profit motives ruin the Tool. One critique is that it is comparing… @wincent Excellent article. Nice find. Will post my thoughts in a tweet.I needed this @fp_pawel @galstar Looks like it's mostly high level enough to generate a ps1 powerscript script as well. @fp_pawel @galstar Yeah, for how many stupid bash scripts I write, I can't believe I didn't think of it. @wongmjane I might have to use it (Apple, right?) Will I still have to Google for how to do basic things like and/o… @galstar I like the direction! If you make it a little higher level, you could target powershell too! @Pavan_ React is that idea that you can separate the rendered UI output as UI=f(state) at any time. This helps seam… Bash Scripting: Don't.A herd of deer relaxing by cherry blossom trees in Nara, Japan
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁 @Pavan_ Fax.Wait, Coronavirus is your biggest concern here?
@notbrent Curious about the same poll but limited to people who are windows users. @oriSomething That would be interesting too. But even without that it's interesting just to know how a good cross s… would most people characterize your opinions about society/politics?
I am @baddox I don't think it's silly if you ignore string literal contents. @baddox Though I could imagine it being useful to have a totally white space agnostic syntax. I think some language… @baddox Tell that to the people objecting in the previous tweet!But if you discuss a feature using #2, general pushback is that it's "whitespace sensitive". So people use the term… space sensitivity isn't a binary choice. There's actually multiple "levels": 1) Totally Agnostic 2) 0 vs. non…
@0xPCK Does that resolve any apparent discrepancy that you identified? @0xPCK Each individual citizen being able to express their most authentic self without judgement is a powerful forc… @rossipedia @cassiozen I don’t see major computer companies creating a better model for desktop computers that make… @cassiozen Graphics quality has improved 1000x? in the last 20 years. Hardware performance improved hugely. And we…
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁 @cassiozen Graphics quality has improved 1000x? in the last 20 years. Hardware performance improved hugely. And we… @cassiozen Our input models are pretty terrible. It’s disappointing we haven’t come up wit… @TheEduardoRFS I've been out-memed! *tips hat*I guess I really have to spell this out. Being forced to mouse around everything is a big problem. @TheEduardoRFS No, not sure why you'd think that.I mean, I guess you can get a door that shuts at a better angle. I guess you can get one with padding."My wrists hurt from repeatedly using my mouse. Any recommendations for an ergonomic mouse?" What I hear: "My hea… @lilactown_ I'm aware there is not a total consensus on the matter. Voters can vote to change this by privately exp… @lilactown_ Not a lot of characters for nuance but obviously yeah there are circumstances where your rights to vote… @kubabogaczewicz American democracy did not start out with secret ballots. And I was asserting that the right to vo… @yschimke That seems increasingly difficult to accomplish in America. @manojlds I'm not sure but I know that it wasn't always the case in American democracy (I was surprised to find out).One of the best features of American democracy is the secret ballot. In the private booth you are the only witness.… @cglessner Because before Magic Keyboard, there was no mouse on iPad - so users and app developers couldn't fall ba… @cglessner This bad gesture is due to not having a keyboard /mouse model integrated into the tablet OS, and app des… all the human/computer interactions, typing on a keyboard, and having to raise your entire arm to tap on the tou… @vitezslavferko Not a bad idea to have an account just for formatting. Better to at least know that the blame is wr… @vitezslavferko @cztomsik You are mostly pointing out a problem of *not* using Prettier. These problems don’t happe…
@sgrove @acemarke @montogeek I want the github default view to work. Is this enough? @threepointone This is too bad: Imagine if you have an open source project with lots of clones/forks. "just force p… @threepointone Definitely sounds like it, thanks!You have a repo with a lot of history. You want to run refmt/prettier/ocamlformat to format the source code, but yo… the verification badge is no longer a status symbol, what will the elites do instead to show they’re better than you?
Retweeted by jordwalke ⚛️🆁The fact this has always been an intermittent problem for as long as i remember makes me think there’s some fundame… for every video streaming system: if slow WiFi network then suck if move closer to faster WiFi after startin… @workingjubilee Michael Jordan probably had something to do with it. Not going to lie, that’s a tough act to follow.
@workingjubilee Still going strong though! I’ll bring it back.