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@TomTheMaaaaan they go quack quack @GaryStephen4321 LMFAOOOOidk whats more surprising, ducks having large cocks or them being so good at hiding it. @ImMahti POGGGGGGGGGYes I'm a tier 3 Amouranth Sub But no I am NOT a simp 😤
Retweeted by gfuel | jorhdys 北amouranth just said my name on stream and i fucking lost @TomTheMaaaaan BRO MY EYELINER IS UNREAL LETS GOOOO @SpoodahRL @SoniqsEsports @MitsEvoX @Dappur @Shock_RL @SatthewRL moving on to better things spood, youre a fucking king @jorrbn fuck off
get in here we are drinking @GaryStephen4321 catch me after the stream gazza i won’t let u down xxjust letting everyone know that me and luna are a fucking riot but come by her stream today bc we are getting onit x @JayboyMc phones on 19%, contemplating life, tik tok? hell yeah.30 mins sitting on the toilet, cant get up, legs are dead. @oxythotinn omg i finally came across ur twitter, today is a good fucking day @JG7tv @Tynottylerr 👁👅👁 hell yeah @CEOofLoneliness jesus christ callum @MitsEvoX rap is pure stinky, always gotta fuck with the classics and rock 🌊 @JG7tv @Tynottylerr wait i’m pretty sure that game is actually fun to play LMFAOO @CEOofLoneliness she followed me too LOL @LunarisRL @ohio_mtg LMFAOOOOOO @Andersn22 shut up i don’t need this @GaryStephen4321 i’m raging gary i’m embarrassedno because i just slandered dark fruits for like an hour yesterday on stream just for my dad to get my dark fruits for sesh tonight :) @prexx if you are dedicated enough you could scooch them all up to the top of the wall @KITKATGaming this is a POGGERS @emmyuh top 10 reasons why i’m in love with you: this picture @NemoMagna this was the face of pain @Its_The_Chazz @al0t97 theyre incredible @al0t97 @al0t97 @al0t97 @al0t97 thoughts @Its_The_Chazz ima about to gas you the fuck up in about 10 seconds if u aint gonna quit it @NemoMagna oh wait it’s daniel isn’t it @celestia717 coraline cosplay or riot @Tynottylerr respect @DatShovel_ @al0t97 fucking slut @NemoMagna I GOT THE Z AND THE D AROUND THE WRONG WAY @NemoMagna why the fuck are u subtweeting me wtf
i am live bink bink @ChupoRL @baileyyryanne OMFG im hard @baileyyryanne how’d i do?
Retweeted by gfuel | jorhdys 北 @uhhDanny LMFAOOOOI gave that shit the SUCC
Retweeted by gfuel | jorhdys 北 @KingFisherr_ me right nowthank you guys for all the love recently on tik tok!! you guys are everything to me ❤️ @jorhdys it’s honestly really roomy under here!
Retweeted by gfuel | jorhdys 北 @NorthZeko BRUH LMFAOOOOOO @Twizy_Crib wait really-????? @NorthZeko bitch what @KingFisherr_ ohsome people just need to get a fucking grip and act their age @einraM__ yes because going from C3 to GC is boostedthats what i call a proper slammer!! anyone wanted to see me almost get knocked out by a ukulele of the night: mum taking over my stream and me fucking it up GC today in 2s fully undeserved but it made my day C: a fucking unreal stream, thank you to everyone who endured 7 hours of me putting you all through pain :) @KnownAsLit thank you kenny c: @Pilonnnnn @ObeyBams don’t worry i’m shite 🤝 @GRlNCHIE a mf queen(✿◠‿◠)
Retweeted by gfuel | jorhdys 北
@KingFisherr_ @baileyyryanne OMFG QUEEN SIT ON ME 😣.@baileyyryanne is this how you do it?
Retweeted by gfuel | jorhdys 北OPERATION BINK BONK 3 MINS IN 30 MINUTES, OPERATION BINK BONK WILL COMMENCE, BIG SURPRISE FOR EVERYONE WHO JOINS FOR THE START OF MY ST… @notSecrecy holy fuck @GriizzIy i’m not in a LOT OF PEOPLES WENIGIKD just old servers from like 2 years ago @ImMahti @EveFraser15 @SamjaySJ naw it’s cause i’m scared you’ll pure run over ma wee toes !!! @notSecrecy if it’s not mcdonald’s i don’t wanna hear it @MeggaBIast in my belly !!!! @Xeratricky nvm i have forgotten @Xeratricky can’t tell you now need to wait for the next opportunity @ImMahti @EveFraser15 @SamjaySJ imagine having to catch a flight to see all your friends couldn’t be me @ImMahti @Wizzologyy facts @laylajrse you’re unreal what @ImMahti LMFAOOOOOOOif i’m meeting @EveFraser15 at 1pm it’s a known fact that i’m waking up 20 mins before and rushing to get myself re… @ImMahti it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t @iiweirdness fr??? that’s so fucking cute i’m so happy for you c: @fIoorrr i frikkinnn love u, thank you ( ◠‿◠ ) @SamjaySJ what u building 👀👀👀 @Sanatized LMFAOO @Danny5789 good morning danward @iiweirdness it’s very cute so understandable c: @Star_WesIey hiiiii wes :)i got minecraft on my mind 😫 @stxdz_ sssssssssss @Sanatized thank you :Di also NEVER like wearing bottoms on my hip line so please enjoy a glimpse of me being confident :) @wadamsan c: @Sanatized i will !! :))) @Sanatized fucked it :(why do i always come up with captions AFTER i tweet the photo fuck my life(✿◠‿◠) be leaving a few discord servers that i’m not active in, don’t have a reason to be in them so @ashbuni wtf gimme @ImMahtiToo gotem!!!!