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Art work of black women created by a black woman !! You can never have enough paintings.
Retweeted by JoeshThread of local Dallas black owned businesses + if you have/know of any please tag them !!
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"Dat me" Graduate :) am here to represent any Dallas protesters who’ve been taken into custody. Call me at (469)527-4100. It is sad…
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Things I discovered at 3am: 1. A Nintendo Switch can shred your knee if you don't know it is on your bed. 2. A Nin… is the second night in the row I have stayed up into the wee hours of the night working on an art project that… but they tried peacefully kneeling and yall had a problem with that too.
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@_spacejamtwo Put it under your pillow & the Lunesta fairy will trade it for a bottle of sleeping pills ☺Woke up to that video of Joe Biden ripping a big fat one during the interview.(A very late) Week 2: セーラーやぁん✨ #slowpoke #ヤドン #ヤドンだいすきクラブ
Retweeted by Joesh @e1n Happy Anniversary to you & @jessiejuwono!!! & Happy Good Steak Eatin'!!
I demand a public apology from every coach I’ve ever had...
Retweeted by Joesh @realduendehours Damn. They are bad in my place too.Finally @realduendehours Add a coupla drops of the dish soap @bromosexuals @sadbatbooty They need a DomNot having a fine addition to my collection.
@e1n I think so. The spray/mist will evaporate & help crisp/brown up the crust, but that's just the exposed surface… @e1n Also, you could try moving it up one in placement of the oven @e1n You could also spray some water on it when you take the lid off @e1n Woah that's a going for browner bread? Maybe you can smear some on the top right before you score it? @e1n In the mixing stage, no, but during bulk fermentation I add a couple drops to the bowl to grease it up, and a…
one of my favorite pieces from my thesis about growing up in Hawaiʻi !! the power of a simple homemade spam musubi…
Retweeted by Joesh @pluviophiles_ @bromosexuals @_spacejamtwo Pwn'd @ProZD Fried Rice. Every kind. @bromosexuals I have been recently following classic pokemon card accounts on insta and it is INSANE how expensive…
@bromosexuals @bethbacon90 Aaagh!! I'm gonna hunt for Dom tonight!!!!!I thought Boob McNutt was good but Dr. Germs McNutt might be better.Today I learned that Rube Goldberg had a comic strip that had the most 2020 name I have ever seen: my brother & @bethbacon90 have Ankha on their islands and if I didn't have Zucker right now I'd stop playing t…
@_spacejamtwo Switch @_spacejamtwo Get 'em Darcy
On this day exactly 10 years ago, MacGruber started shitting the bed in the nation’s box offices. By the end of our…
Retweeted by Joesh @e1n That is an amazing name holy crap @MrMattJay Tom Holland pun not intended. @MrMattJay Or at a windmill when Spidey takes a trip to Holland.Today I learned that "Dom" is short for "Domathan." @MrMattJay Yeah it's a bummer. Too bad Spidey doesn't have a different enemy who is primarily made up of sand they…
@MrMattJay I hear tell he is still slinging them Ahi Dijon Jicama Dickables. @hakuku TophThat movie sure was Something.What an ignorant slut.OH SHIIIIT little girl must be a NewTypeWoah the ship designs are pretty cool"You always have a beer in your hand. You know why? Because you drink too much." I am seent & called out.Wow I didn't know Dwight was in thisWoof, I can totally get behind a Mega-species or MegaMonster/Kaiju movie that is set in the future. I still need… long til Family Guy makes a joke about The Meg? Speaking of FG, we have talked about a rewatch. But for now,… opening shots are bad & then Jason Statham shows upWe are watching The Meg as part of a quarantine hang out. I will maybe tweet about it. No spoilers please.zoomers will never know the struggle
Retweeted by Joesh @TrinAndTonic We had someone in our grade suffer from a testicular torsion so instead of ball hitting, the popular… is that time of 5 year span where I feel compelled to take the Myers-Briggs. @disarmingly_ This checks out.
My plans 2020
Retweeted by Joesh @hakuku I got called a simp
New Shonen Jump comic bravely predicts One Piece will be done by 2030
Retweeted by JoeshThe best one else getting shit sleep during quarantine lol
@_spacejamtwo was tasked with developing a michelada recipe for work & after 3 variations I think I've settled on one but more… @_spacejamtwo Love that chicken from popeyes
Ah yes, nothing says "Birthday" than a frosty glass of beer & a mustache full of cum. saw Richard Kind at the Burbank airport letting a lady cut in front of him at the ticket counter because she was… @JKillerBeeIII Hmm
@maddiedo_ I made my life simpler by realizing that I am a thirty-five year old white man who works for Coca-cola @MrMattJay Couples Costume idea @e1n This story seriously describes about 90% of Beaststars...including the egg fixation. @e1nPoor Dom. Those fans must be Uke fans :( the most under-appreciated arc in the series. Major world building & you get one of both Zoro & Robin's be… least the beaver gets it. saw a billboard advertising "The Jubilee Church" but I thought it said "Jollibee Church" & I was about to convert right on the spot.
The boyfriend is Legoshi. @jessiejuwono Ketchup 😭About to watch Hellraiser for the first time @bromosexuals @ameruu I look at their Dutch ovens at least once a month & dream
@MrMattJay baba ganoush @meowmarukat What I would give for a Batman:The Brave & the Bold tv show- toned live action movie. @jessiejuwono So sorry to hear that! I hope she went peacefully, and I know she was very loved ❤
.@Peruna88 sending me sweet messages 😍 been "Navel Supremacy" photo of me was taken on New Years Eve, with me wanting nothing more than to go home and go to bed at 9:45pmThe person The Personality no one has made me laugh/drop my monocle into a cup of tea/clutch my pearls harder at a joke about cum at the… @batbootyho I am so so proud of you & all of your hard work & accomplishments! You are such a kind,…
hung out with @jessiejuwono @jorshfrench @bethbacon90
Retweeted by Joesh @e1n @jessiejuwono @bethbacon90 The people have a right to know
I also have the Sloth. Also remember to wear Jorts, there is a dress code.TURNIP PRICES are 425 for the next 1.5 hours HMUSeems like the kind of thing you wouldn’t want to just... tweet
Retweeted by JoeshMe & @brettfarrow from the day we first met @_spacejamtwo UGH