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Journalist, filmmaker, co-producer of @constitutionbwy, author of "Dear America." Founder of @DefineAmerican. Repped by @unitedtalent and @greatertalent.

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Elena is trending. I'm done for tonight. That's it. @JG50581 Yes, I was, but you probably don't want to hear that. Easier to assume otherwise.This is the Beyoncé-Audra McDonald-Meryl Streep shot heard round the world. 👇🏽 @1Chavela !!!!How many students can Bloomberg have sent to college with $325M? 👇🏽 @MikaelaSkyeSays @GoldieAZ I cannot. I'm undocumented.So, can Mike Bloomberg continue to buy his way into the Democratic primary? #DemDebate @leedsgarcia ENRAGING👇🏽 is the presidency of the United States. "This is a management job" is not it. Sorry. No. Not it. @MissBruan @Ms_Elam ❤️ @joshingnyc thanks for thatWait, Amy/Elena voted to make English the official language?Immigration is bigger than Dreamers and undocumented youth. And this is coming from an elder Dreamer who is no longer a "youth." Thanks.and where's women's rights and reproductive rights? LGBTQ rights? how will the eventual Democratic nominee handle t…'s White House attacks immigration––documented and undocumented––EVERY DAY. Trump used immigration to get elec… @JRubinBlogger @OrrChris Unfortunately, yes @robcovingtonjr @KarenAttiah Truth on both counts. @Greatunclebob @ewarren If I could donate, I would.Whoever decided to place Elizabeth Warren between Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders—thank you, gracias, salamat.Elizabeth Warren has been consistent in integrating racial justice AND economic justice in her answers. @kuhleeuh Mucho gusto, Graciela.Oh, yes, Bloomberg is still there.Joe Biden, whose Spanish name is "I'm the only one...."Oh Biden oh.For the record, my Spanish name in Spanish class is JoséSenator Klobuchar, aka Elena. @jason_pontin !!!!! @MMViverito What was that? Seriously.Smile, Mayor Bloomberg. It can't hurt. @jason_pontin No, it is not. His staff should have guaranteed that his answer was clear and compelling. It was neither. @MayEsperanzaL Wala talaga. Na shock ako.Wait. Was that Bloomberg's answer on stop and frisk? That? Was that even practiced? Did the answer have a pulse? @prabalgurung I miss you!Is Bloomberg there? @kimmythepooh 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽Do not count out Elizabeth Warren. cc: political journalists #demdebatehere's hoping #immigration—a huge issue in Nevada given its sizable Latinx and also Filipino population—is discusse… is AMAZING news!!! you for reading and sharing; please follow @DefineAmerican
I finally tell my personal story. ‘What Part of Illegal Don’t You Understand?’ #immigration #trump #asylumseekers
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your book is right there, @marcelo_H_, right below Jimmy BaldwinHappy birthday, @ToniMorrison. Your portrait is the first one I see when I walk into my house. Thank you for ever… @karilod ❤️Just because you can does not mean you should. Why are you doing it? Whom is it really for? @zizzerino hmm...that is much too generous. but thank you. @DOICNV Definitely not. Not at all Trumpian in that sense. But, Obama's policies––along with Clinton's and Bush's–…
#ObamaWasBetterAtEverything. Including deportations. With all due respect to President Obama—and I have tremend… @a_berent thank you for reading and sharing. please follow @DefineAmericanLanguage matters. Consider the language @realDonaldTrump's White House wields like a knife. On #PresidentsDay––a d… in the social media era—in which folks assume that a Nigerian is supposed to think/tweet/sound a certain w…
@ErinLCarlson @LoreneScafaria @JLo @ConstanceWu Alongside @ParasiteMovie, it is totally a movie about now--the way…'s HUSTLERS is so underrated. One of the best films about money in modern American society. Lorene'…
California has been my home for 26 years. I'm a product of public schools (s/o to @SFSU); an elementary school that… @caroderobertis very proudly.Between President Trump and President Duterte, undocumented Filipinos like me are...well... Thankfully, I don't ne… @KeelingCurve_9 @BettyTiselj I don't think it's about "dumb" or "smart"; it's not about even about "right" or "wron…"You've got to be taught To hate And fear You've got to be taught From year To year Its got to Be drummed in your d… @shauna_m_ahern which is a problem. the other night, I spent a couple of hours explaining to many college-age nephe… @shauna_m_ahern Oh, thank you. And I didn't see it as an attack. I think most of the candidates are attracting hat… don't know what "immigration reform" means any more and when or if it will ever pass Congress. What I do know is… @shauna_m_ahern I'm a trained journalist. And I don't use Twitter for credible sources. @Astrid_NV Let me know. I got it. @AdamSerwer @AliaHanna AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!! @Astrid_NV can I pay for the eyebrows? @ClaraJeffery I feel like I say that all the time about so many things these days @WiseLatina2020 @shauna_m_ahern That Drudge would "report" this is NOT surprising. That's what I said. I didn't an… @jason_pontin @ClaraJeffery Someone write it! Alas, my creative plate is totally full. Focus, focus, focus. @shauna_m_ahern Of course. I just said that the report itself is not surprising. @ClaraJeffery @jason_pontin Yep. @jason_pontin @ClaraJeffery Do you recommend a good book about presidential polling during the social media era? Is there one?Why is this unsurprising? @jason_pontin @ClaraJeffery but, you know, polling data is based on what the media tells the public to know about a… @SchiaffinoNick thank you for reading and sharing. organization––structure––determines everything in any piece of… @ClaraJeffery with all due respect––and I respect Biden a great deal (covered him during the Iowa caucuses in 2008–… @lhfang @matthewstoller But of course... @anelsona @wucker @Sulliview @VWPickard interesting idea, supported by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. labeli… @tmwinsett 👀👀👀 @caroderobertis May I come to your class and sit in?When the President of the United States misunderstands both Ralph Waldo Emerson and the meaning of irony. 👇🏾 @canosa @GinaMurrell1 @wkamaubell I'd be totally down for a pop-up read-in...lemme think of a place... @berkeleyside @lateefahsimon @aliciagarza @tasneemraja @ChroniclesOfAzu @McMurtrieSF oh, thank you––maraming salamat––for checking... @kima_alicia Last night, @bookpassage hosted one and I underestimated just how healing and restorative the feeling… @berkeleyside @lateefahsimon @aliciagarza cc: @tasneemraja, @ChroniclesOfAzu, @McMurtrieSF @ElisaC I don't know where I would be if I had not read her as early as I did. "Freedom is in my mind." @ElisaC It's breathtaking. The kind of love that no government can give; no papers or laws or borders can bestow. T… @ElisaC I've been re-watching this video over and over: @berkeleyside @lateefahsimon, @aliciagarza, any ideas? @ElisaC "If you surrender to the air, you can ride it."cc: @berkeleysideToni Morrison's birthday is Tuesday, February 18th. Is there a book store in Berkeley/Oakland/East Bay that is hos… my undocumented sisters and brothers: Their aim is to scare us, to further limit our lives. I, for one, am not…
@kimmythepooh ❤️ @kimmythepooh You are not alone. No one is alone. --Stephen Sondheim @YSP79606087 Agreed. Bloomberg may be the only candidate who has consistently funded "immigration reform," mainly t… AND Trump are both master media manipulators. Perhaps it's only fitting that they duke it out. The "med… remember how the mainstream media, particularly cable news, especially Fox, aided Donald Trump's candidacy by g…, Mike Bloomberg is buying his way to the presidency. But our media-centric political system––dependent on TV… #ValentinesDay! We are partnering with @DefineAmerican + @UNITEDWEDREAM to support #DACA recipients in these…
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