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I also LOVE the @joseph_kamaru record @MarcusJMoore chose, and the adeline record @diamonde chose
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @modernistwitch @MarcusJMoore @diamonde Thankyou ..glad you came across Peel 🙏🏾🖤✨appreciating the @currents_fm team! Running Common 🙏🏾🙏🏾Nairobi @currents_fm Common room still live. @joseph_kamaru is on now 🌪️🌪️🌪️ #livestream #livesets #showcase
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @MarcusJMoore im so glad...🖤Thankyou @MarcusJMoore for the add.Thankyou @Bandcamp for including Peel on Essential Releases! Thankyou for the love🖤 playing: a talk by @female_pressure, MR. LU in COMMON x Nairobi curated by @joseph_kamaru, and @Aho_Ssan in the…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @mistxrlu @_morair Anytime bro!The 👑 @joseph_kamaru keeps on winning!
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @_morair @mistxrlu love his works and what he does!. both sonically and visually! @Bandcamp @ExplodingFlower @tmbg thankyou @Bandcamp much love for Peel!Our weekly guide to essential releases on Bandcamp features LPs from @ExplodingFlower, @tmbg, @joseph_kamaru, and m…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @RaphOutLoud @rirrirrirrirrie @coco_em @Monrhea_Carter &myself will be following. :)also, he dropped a tape today! @mistxrluNairobi room on @currents_fm is live now.. with @mistxrlu on air now! live here: from 1500 Failed Units + Friends takeover COMMON w/@currents_fm alongside rooms from @NKCproductions,…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru)Show's today 🌊🌊🌊 Our sets will be streaming live from 17:00 EAT that's 5pm. Visit to RSVP…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru)This week, we sat down with Désiré Niamké, better known as @Aho_Ssan, to chat about his latest album and how his wo…
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Ghostly Knowledge Share continues on Thursday, August 20 via @Twitch, with support from @VANS_66. Music Compositio…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @_humo_ @Bandcamp AnytimeNairobi duo Duma’s self-titled debut album sounds like rebellion.
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru)hello everyone! it’s been a minute, how are you all doing? i made a mix for @BBCR1 to share some of my favorite new…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @__laila_____ don’t a seat at the table. I suggest we burn the table and sit on the ground in a circle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No front & back. -SFFor @Bandcamp I spoke with Duma, a Nairobi-based duo that’s shining a light on Kenya’s underground metal scene.
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru)thankyou @kellymoran for including odra on this.. ❤️don't miss tomorrow's COMMON event presented by @currents_fm ! w/ @female_pressure @joseph_kamaru Failed Units and…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @kompaktkiste @EditionsMego thankyou !!KMRU again: just ordered the vinyl edition of PEEL on @EditionsMego so good 🔊 future ambient classic no doubt. ca…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @kijivujivuu Thankyou Alina 💛It’s not about form but feel... @AuralAggro @joseph_kamaru #dada @EditionsMego
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@noanunoparty Happy Birthday anu 🖤🦋 @jimjajmus @residentadvisor Thankyou 🖤🦋experimental and explorative. respect! @joseph_kamaru @residentadvisor
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#148 @kattique Celyn June, ABADIR @kadianhan domestik @ikonika @kindtree_ @nailah_hunter Elodie Lauten…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru)thank you to KMRU @joseph_kamaru for including 'a moth seems a monster (for E.Kitt)' excerpt by Pinkcourtesyphone (…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @blakkbatman thankyou! broname your price download... something soothing this way comes... sleep musik.
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @marieelerose wdymthank you to KMRU @joseph_kamaru for including an excerpt of 'a moth seems a monster (for E.Kitt)' by Pinkcourtesyp…
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@HoundstoothLBL 🦋🖤😎
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru)✴️KMRU [@joseph_kamaru] 📀Peel (2020) 🎵Solace 🏷️ Editions Mego [@EditionsMego]
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @rinzenmusic @residentadvisor Thankyou Rinzen!!! 🖤🖤 @HeyHeyBlinky 💛💛 @LabdiOfficial Labdiii...Thankyou 💛 @nexcyia thankyou bro! 🖤 @madelinethall Thankyou Maddie..❤️ @eoin_murraye much appreciated Eoin! 💛 @_jakemuir see you..:) Thankyou!! 💛 @mbithe_mbatha thankyou..Mbithe.. :)❤️ @April_wambui thankyou April ❤️❤️😭 @lowpriest @EditionsMego @stephanmathieu @nikvoid @Aho_Ssan @attlas @__laila_____ thankyou~ @_SimonScott thankyou Simon..🖤 @__laila_____ @____aniram____ totally!! @al_morrell thankyou! @kgsounds Happy to hear this!..glad you got to discover some new musics.. thankyou for your music!! 💛Thanks SO much for including me @joseph_kamaru in your RA mix — your mixes have introduced me to so many beautiful…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @joseph_kamaru @residentadvisor on my third listen man, one of the best mixes i've heard in a long time
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @attlas @residentadvisor thankyou glad you enjoying this mix.. @Shahin_entezami Thankyou Shahin.. @Aho_Ssan thankyou Bro....❤️Enjoy the last minutes from a variations mix @joseph_kamaru who invited @Monrhea_Carter on
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @RaphOutLoud favourite part of this mix!Kenyan sound artist KMRU unveils new album on @EditionsMego News at @TheVinylFactory
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @wendykay_ thankyou! @Monrhea_CarterMy Varitation show for this month is a guest mix by [MONRHEA], going Live in a bit on @internetpradio w/ [MONRHEA] on air for the next 60 minutes. Expect ambient, experimental, leftfield techno and more -…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @peterkirn looking forward too.. @_frktl Thankyou Sarah..:)❤️ @dan_bean Thankyou for the music Dan.. @_SELVEDGE Thankyou!! @marionmuthiani Thankyou Maarion!..💛💛 @lenskx Thankyou!! @MattGooderson Thankyou Matt. @reallukeslater @KenyattaUni @Sound_udk Thankyou Luke..:) @patwolfmusic Thankyou Patricia 🖤 @surethingrec Thankyou!!! Aaron 🖤 @stephanmathieu thankyou!! Stephan.🖤 coming back to this tweet..Got my Masters decisions today and im more than happy!!.. 😭At the beginning of this year, I manifested a year of achievement for me and my friends. Despite Corona, the manife…
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @amaximus167 @residentadvisor :) @leroybuliro @residentadvisor 😂 aah cool looking forward @asip Such a beautiful track .. Looking forward to the rest of the project!! 🖤🖤 @blackknoll @residentadvisor Thankyou Raf 🖤🖤👏🏾💡, ah I need this right now. big up @joseph_kamaru
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @Tony_Surgeon Anytime Tony .. 💛💛 Thankyou for your music!!Listening now ✨🚀 Thanks for including tracks from Anthony child and The Transcendence Orchestra.
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @leroybuliro @residentadvisor ThankYou.. and where r u @nobuka_music @residentadvisor im glad...thankyou @Aho_Ssan @_frktl @slikback @kgsounds @Tony_Surgeon @motionward @sfericrecords always!!! ❤️ @slikback @Aho_Ssan @_frktl @kgsounds @Tony_Surgeon @motionward @sfericrecords Thankyou ❤️ @_frktl @Aho_Ssan @slikback @kgsounds @Tony_Surgeon @motionward @sfericrecords Anytime Sarah ✨ @joseph_kamaru thanks to you for your lovely work!
Retweeted by KMRU (Kamaru) @rseica thankyou!!Music from @Aho_Ssan @_frktl @slikback (OGNIKI) @kgsounds @Tony_Surgeon @motionward , inoxia..@sfericrecords (echiu… happy to be finally sharing this mix I made for @residentadvisor Thankyou so much for having me on this one.. m… KMRU - 2020.08.10: A dream sequence of ambient and drone from the Nairobi DJ and producer.
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