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.@nytimes I can't believe the headline on this is not: "Trump Has Stake In Company for Drug He is Pushing," because…
Retweeted by Joseph Knoop"If hydroxychloroquine becomes an accepted treatment, several pharmaceutical companies stand to profit, including s…
Retweeted by Joseph KnoopI feel seen.
@aegies Real big "Saturn eating his son" energy. @FINALLEVEL Ice, go play Outer Wilds (not Outer Worlds, that's a different game.). It's a really trippy sci-fi myst… @katana_angel It's all good. Better we stamp this idiocy out. @FowlerNed OK, Ned. @FowlerNed I'm not trying to make you look bad. You're doing that well enough on your own, Ned. @FowlerNed Genuine question: Are you just a bot account? It would explain a lot. @FowlerNed @lindseyss @LyonsbruceLyons @MLanceFrazier @TheColyerLolyer @ImCaptObvious @keithboykin Look, I get it.… being this vapid. Imagine wanting so badly to be right about one thing in your miserable life that you spre… @FowlerNed @lindseyss @LyonsbruceLyons @MLanceFrazier @TheColyerLolyer @ImCaptObvious @keithboykin There's nothing… there are waiting lists for hydroxy, at least where I live, and I'm a white, young, relatively privileged male… their doc will give them methotrexate, which is what you give cancer patients. And maybe like me it will dama… pain I felt before I got on RA meds, it was the first time in my life I thought "maybe this is it. Maybe I'll n… know I'm a broken record at this point, but there really is only one word for the grifters, conspiracy theorists,… @FowlerNed @lindseyss @LyonsbruceLyons @MLanceFrazier @TheColyerLolyer @ImCaptObvious @keithboykin lol, you will ne… @FowlerNed @lindseyss @LyonsbruceLyons @MLanceFrazier @TheColyerLolyer @ImCaptObvious @keithboykin Hey, as someone…, actual infectious disease expert here! 👋 Hydroxychloroquine can have deadly effects, such as on the heart.…
Retweeted by Joseph Knoop @AStraww @pkkaos No bacawk me, im angy @mistermegative Hey, I love you, man. My ears are always open for you.What did I JUST say? WrestleMania fun house match feels like it's being directed by Hideaki fucking Anno.I AM KING OF THE TOILET PAPER And it only took 7 attempts at my local store and nearly bribing the management. Bit… is everyone getting medical masks? Everyone in LA but me has one. Online?
@BoomerHighway @GrybowskiDebra @Yamiche I appreciate your thoughts. I'd not take it if I didn't have to. Unfortunat… @cariadtracey @Yamiche Thanks. Hope you stay well, too. @Yamiche As someone who takes hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis (among other meds), I can say the preside… gotta make your own fun sometimes. @BossL80Hayes Boop: @CyclopediaBrain Witcher 3 has been giving me plenty of beautiful horizons to slowly hike/horse around.My Twitter feed this morning: @aramjabbari @GregRicey Doom E-purrr-nalArt by the wonderful @Smalls2233!! (Forgive me, should have tagged in the original post)So my final birthday/graduation/anniversary (yeesh) gift to @AStraww is this: Billie the cat as an Animal Crossing… really approve of the changes they've made to this season of The Simple Life. #WrestleManiaA brief summary of what you may have to lose: Eye problems, nerve damage, heart failure symptoms.… second favorite part of this clip is the chyron basically reading "BREAKING NEWS: Racism."
@megganpez @acvalens Metro Exodus if you like Very Russian Men Doing Very Russian Things. Witcher 3, though older and showing… @clingtoascheme Garlic, or "Gar" for short. @kylegriffin1 Trump's remarks have resulted in dramatic shortages of hydroxychloroquine for people who actually nee… Trump admin's decision to let states chart their own responses to coronavirus rather than impose a national str…
Retweeted by Joseph Knoop @Luceobrien @MichaelRNixon @BlueMicrophones With a Yeti mic (which I use for @The1099Podcast), it's a lot about pos… @iv_javy Glad it worked out! @iv_javy Yikes, well hopefully since yours is 4 years fresher, it shouldn't be that. @iv_javy Could be a corrupt database? I keep getting similar things from time to time. My launch PS4 might be on its last legs. @ErrorJustin @Terri_Schwartz @garfep I just saw a friend complaining about his gold item breaking, so yeah. Blegh.Bannerlord NPCs stare at you for 2 minutes + lofi hip hop
Retweeted by Joseph KnoopWorking that IGN weekend shift. @CalebJHull @iboudreau I'm gonna spend my day brainstorming serial killer names for you. "The Boudreau-diac Killer" @jonlovett Also Lovett, if you ever want an excuse to ramble about video games, come on @The1099Podcast, which your… @jonlovett Outer Wilds (not Outer Worlds), a crazy space/planet exploration adventure that's both trippy and touchi… @shawnethegirl @j00zt1n You ever get Shaw-nay? @SusanArendt Shit, I'm so sorry, Susan. @Mark_Medina Happy birthday, dude! @AStraww @mistermegative look just because it's a big piece of meat between two buns doesn't mean it's dirty oh waitI'm pissed no one has built "Raccoon City" in Animal Crossing yet.
Hey, just in time for my move to the bay area. Need an extra pair of hands, @IGN?💪👀🤙
Retweeted by Joseph Knoop @AmandaFarough @Luceobrien I found one on my noggin today and was like "excuse you" @sdesatoff CATCH THE DREAM SQUIRREL, DO ITWhat do you call the genre of music that's in every trailer for a video game with guns these days? Like stadium roc… @MattBors Just chiming in to say I appreciate the art and stories you folks put out there, and glad to see it's a success thus far. 👍 @kacex @AStraww You are definitely the one with no chill here, lol @kacex @AStraww Yo, dude, other people made the same misinterpretation in the replies. Get over it. @patrickklepek Congrats! She's a cutie!The send off for Captain Brett Crozier who was relieved from duty for TRYING TO SAVE THE LIVES OF HIS CREW
Retweeted by Joseph KnoopNo flippin' shit. @GavinNewsom asked Californians to tweet him their questions. Everyone below asked about suspending #AB5. And…
Retweeted by Joseph Knoop @AStraww @ConsumingLipids It's all about them fancy ass pens @Gliitchy
When @AStraww gets upset at me. it sucks that you can't send photos to friends as gifts in-game!I kinda take light umbrage with the idea that Animal Crossing is a chill game. I feel very pushed along by the ever… If you want to hear more of the dev team's words on how they brought Outer Wilds to life, check out… @mistermegative Booooo've never even played Diablo and I'd buy the sweet hell out of this. I say that as a devout fan of the Brian Posehn run.Really, is there any better brand synergy than the 12-year-olds who play Fortnite and Deadpool's "OMG Roflcopter Ta… @iv_javy I would read the hell out of that, and read it all in that Blazkowicz whisper voice. @ChucklefishLTD @timothydclark Shit, man. I hope it turns out to be something less serious. Feel better soon.Georgia could’ve had Stacey Abrams in charge at this moment.
Retweeted by Joseph KnoopNormal kind of day #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch, SO NEWS. This June, I'm moving up to Berkeley, California and moving in with @AStraww FINALLY, YEESH. No new…
Retweeted by Joseph Knoop @AlphaNerdGK It's more like an OS thing
@sethmacy @IGN Wooooo! @astraww got me this rad cardigan! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch else notice their PS4 just desperately slowing down lately, even in apps that don't require an internet conn… I got to Bunny Day in Animal Crossing, and I think I did something wrong... @AStraww LOOKOk last post about @AStraww for a hot minute. Today is our 2-year anniversary. We went from confessing our love for… detestable. @ELahti @JLNwrites Oh I've seen this Bloodborne boss before. @AStraww @mistermegative I really miss pizza @mistermegative @AStraww @AStraww look anyone who thinks we're capable of raising children clearly needs medical assistance of their own.