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Nemorivagant. Tiggering around. Big fan of Quakers. sensitive nipples.

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I can’t resist a good trend (or the Major!) #dollypartonchallenge #MajorRoss #Banished
Retweeted by joseph millsonDay made. Thanks convicts. @BanishedTVFans Superb. Extra peas for you.If you mess with the dragon, you get the claws. Helena Bonham Carter stars as Siveth the Dragon with Joseph Millson…
Retweeted by joseph millsonWhen someone gives you the old ‘we’re supposed to eat meat because we’ve got incisor teeth’ nonsense, and you can’t…
The legacy continues. Watch the trailer for Dragonheart: Vengeance starring #HelenaBonhamCarter as Siveth the drago…
Retweeted by joseph millsonFun! for working class, genuine Welsh actors, male, age late teens / early 20s. Short film shooting end Feb in C…
Retweeted by joseph millsonWhat an amazing project to be part of at @The_Globe Get your tickets now!!! #bygonebadasses #shewolves
Retweeted by joseph millson, this beautiful, beautiful play is on @BBCRadio4 today but after it’s aired it can also be downloaded for free o… is on today and for 29 days on @BBCiPlayer and @BBCSounds It's about him on Jura - as his most infuriating and…
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So, @Harry_Styles new album is actually superb. @JHollowayPlays @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds ☺️ONE WEEK LEFT to apply, by Weds 29 Jan 12pm. Join a great team on incredible shows! STAGE MANAGER…
Retweeted by joseph millson @orianemessina Take. The. Hint. He needs release @MaryPoppins @Charlie_Stemp Uncanny.Book now to see Shakespeare's tragedy of murder, paranoia and political ambition. #Macbeth opens at RADA on 6 Feb d…
Retweeted by joseph millson @Monica_6626 @JHollowayPlays @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds There are a couple more plays still to air. :)) @DrBlinder @BBCRadio4 Jura yet to come. A superb play. @DrBlinder @BBCRadio4 Thank you. @JHollowayPlays @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds Bring on Jura 👌🏻This was on today, and is available in @BBCRadio4 iPlayer or @BBCSounds
Retweeted by joseph millson @savilljames Oh I’d be there with cherries on. X @verbalictor Boom. Love this.
@andrewleepotts Conjunctivitis? @NewmanEJ Have a great day. I know of at least one golden chap coming your way today. X
2.15 today these beautiful plays begin on @BBCRadio4 Cannot recommend highly enough. Orwell is essential today gang…, there you go. Turns out I’m not even English.
It’ll never last. @pedalareshop @LozzaFox Me thinks he may have found an audience for his tour.
@DragonheartFilm Uk release date please?Never insult a dragon, especially a "girl dragon". See the mysterious and misunderstood Siveth (#HelenaBonhamCarter
Retweeted by joseph millson @SallyAbbott3 It’s the HMRC
@JamesonShirley @anthonyw_ksa @MaryPoppins :)) @joyseabee @mca_debbie Ooh. I like that too. @anthonyw_ksa @MaryPoppins Hooray for this. XPoster for the movie’EVE’I play the male lead in this terrifically twisted thriller!Out in select cinemas and on de…
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Retweeted by joseph millson @RCArmitage @NetflixUK @netflix @REDProductionCo Will do. XThis short book by my friend Tony Morris is simply snd exquisitely written. I can’t recommend it too highly ...
Retweeted by joseph millsonDid you know today is Dragon Appreciation Day? Don't forget to tell your favorite dragon thank you for everything t…
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Banished and misunderstood, she is a wise but cautious dragon who longs to bring justice to those who have abused t…
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Absolutely brilliant season of plays and adaptations celebrating and exploring all things George Orwell on… @JHollowayPlays @BBCRadio4 SUPERB writing2 biog plays I wrote about George Orwell, LOVING and JURA, being repeated on BBC Radio as part of a season marking…
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What he said.
@Wispa25 @rxtheatre Ho lee shite. X @mikejibson Lovely. And top work in 1917 pal. We saw it last night. Xx
@seanpertwee Terrifying. When is this out?
Fantastic afternoon’s entertainment at #MaryPoppins. A visual feast of a production, with @Amy_Griffs and…
Retweeted by joseph millson @gjoutteridge @Amy_Griffs Thank you. @talkRADIO @EamonnHolmes @DawnNeesom @EamonnHolmes I’ve never met you. But , hey, maybe that means I’m allowed to say that you are a cock. @indyv9 🦸🏻‍♂️
Tickets sold out, so we’ve moved to a larger screen. Available here:… #LSFF2020
Retweeted by joseph millsonBoom. Grab any left Tweeps. @orianemessina Didn’t we all?My cardio today. @GavinSpokes @SlimsonDJ @davidfynn TerrifyingThe legacy continues. Watch the trailer for Dragonheart: Vengeance starring #HelenaBonhamCarter as Siveth the drago…
Retweeted by joseph millsonFrom Producer #RaffaellaDeLaurentiis, the next epic journey is on its way. Own Dragonheart: Vengeance starring…
Retweeted by joseph millsonJoseph Millson: Dragonheart Vengeance: first trailer released #josephmillson
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I mean, come on! This is fab. The little boy in me is beaming. Proud as punch to be part of the @DragonheartFilm f… @BECS_Performers can you retweet this please.
Retweeted by joseph millson @Ladyclara71 @OffWestEndCom @AmourTheMusical Yay! @shaundooley They fucking love it.Full trailer out now!! It looks flipping epic 🌟🌟🌟
Retweeted by joseph millsonNew Dragonheart: Vengeance trailer is up! #Dragonheart #Dragonheart5 #DragonheartVengeance
Retweeted by joseph millsonShabba!
The world is a tad loopy. But I’ve noticed people being kind out there in the real world. Exciting things sniffing… hooooo! Paging @Charlie_Stemp Helena Bonham Carter as Siveth the Dragon in Dragonheart: Vengeance. Own it on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital 2/4…
Retweeted by joseph millsonWatch our EXCLUSIVE Dragonheart: Vengeance trailer! And find out when & where you can meet Helena Bonham Carter's…
Retweeted by joseph millsonBoom! Yes! So proud to be in this cracker. @SoniaAllamCDG Very nice too. Email on its way from Spartacus. X @sbaigcasting Get well soon. And I’m presuming you’ve seen TOAST?Our founder Mike spoke to The Sun about seven sources of anger and how to control them
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So folks, who wants to run a theatre with me?
Retweeted by joseph millsonWife creature @RealPottsSJ appearing in beautiful , timely short film @StockTheFilm at the London Short Film Festiv…⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @MaryPoppins Musical REVIEW👇👀👇👀👇👀👇👀👇 It’s dripping in talent, class, magic, sp…
Retweeted by joseph millson"Sometimes it’s as simple as learning your lines, acting with honesty, respecting your director and your script eve…
Retweeted by joseph millsonIt’s a fantastic film. Go see Tweeps. @conteanglais @StockTheFilm @CurzonSoho @khalidonscreen @SkyArtsArt50 @MrRossHogg @DuncanCowles What dates stock showing?Me too.
@BAFTA @BeCoMeCast @EE @KaitlynDever @kelvharrJR @onlymikes_ Where’s @aki_oooo ???? @MaryPoppins is the most beautifully crafted, magical & polished musical currently in the West End. Stunning celeb…
Retweeted by joseph millson @celebrityradio @MaryPoppins @ZiziStrallen @Charlie_Stemp Thank you!! @cononeilluk @clmazin If you scroll down a bit so you can’t see what’s happening from the wrist down it wins gif awards.Iraq war veteran: "The Marines took it upon themselves to shoot at, beat, rob, rape, kill whoever they wanted to. A…
Retweeted by joseph millson @IanConningham @MPShaeffer It flips the finger right in front of the lense.
Saw sneaky screening of #TransferenceFilm made by @raffdegruttola Keep your ears and eyes out for it. An achieveme… @GregBernstein @RedCrossAU
@JimDeanAsh @KatMartin92 @crucibletheatre @AlfieHeffer @HannahCrawforrd @e_schofield27 @john_hunter @mslauralindsay to everyone who has donated to help people and communities affected by disasters – the tally is now $5.4m ra…
Retweeted by joseph millsonSnapshot of our current work on the ground ▪️ delivering psychosocial support ▪️ @ 21 relief centres in #VIC #NSW
Retweeted by joseph millsonAustralia, we love your generosity + we’re hearing your questions. Here are some FAQs to ➡️ What’s the best way to…
Retweeted by joseph millson @kls010 Knew you were classy. @kls010 Oh hell yes. X to be fair I don’t wear the uniform.My Show angel is the best!!! Year, New... You? It's become a cliché now, but for many a new year represents a clean slate and a chance to st…
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