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josey rebelle @JoseyRebelle Tottenham, London

josey in space out now • r1 essential mix of the year winner 2019 • rinse sundays 9–11pm • bookings: poly 🌍 / liaison (usa) • other:

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If you’re planning to go to a #BlackLivesMatterUK protest, it’s important to know your rights. As well as our guid…
Retweeted by josey rebelleAsk yourself how many black artists you have booked. How many black artists you have had on your label. How many bl…
Retweeted by josey rebelleburning can start by burning bridges with the people and organisations around you every day that refuse to acknowle…
@alex_macpherson thank u so much <3my @rinsefm 9th anniversary show… thank u for listening <3
@mikeservito this is such a gorgeous mix, thank you 🙌🏾❤️🌹 @drumzofthesouth that tune is just pure devastation @kusheternal @RinseFM big ups to u @choltenc @RinseFM safe safe thank u @TEEDinosaurs big ups 💥 @reezy954 @RinseFM thank u for tuning in 💕 @dancolereview such a don, we definitely need more 🙌🏾 and thank u =)
villain dressed like a-level sociology teacher heckled by neighbours as he walks down the street. "been to the cast… you to everyone locked tonight and at any point over the last nine glorious years on @rinsefm – and love to t…'s briefing: the chancellor in a tight white t-shirt balancing a tiny kitten on his shoulder while taking q… @notjustanyjay lol this sounds like me every single nighti'm nine in this pic in case anyone wondered why i posted it nine in st lucia i cropped out my sister. she wasn'… @zeziifore @RinseFM thank u babes <3 @tltrostle @RinseFM that was tribe of colin – palm whine <3yes yes @rinsefm til 11pm bst 9 years on rinse 106.8 fm ldn or rinse/tunein apps 📡❤️ @jjdubit @RinseFM ha yes, probably the tuff jam rmx @RinseFM 🥰 @LukeHoward1969 @RinseFM awww luke thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ xxxTonight we celebrate 9 years of @JoseyRebelle on Rinse! Here's a clip of Josey chatting about her very first Rinse…
Retweeted by josey rebelle @rmccoley his face is too much @XianLoves every man woman child mum dad auntie uncle grandparent cousin great grandparent family friend to the floor
voters b like when i voted tory i knew they didn’t care about disabled people or black people or muslim people or d… as the tories act torymost unwise alright thanks for that lady catherine de fucking bourgh bobby digital tracks have been so deeply embedded into many of our lives that the word anthem doesn’t even… @Henryx85 @BISradio thank u 👊🏾❤️RIOT
@lemelp yes yes no ramping ❤️ big ups xx
this is england ‘20 @MARTYN3024 @Stennyyy @MRGOLDIE yeah was looking forward to this one too. we’ll meet again 🙌🏾
@ghostpoet ❤️❤️❤️ @aaronlewin1 thank u so much 💕 @queerbourhood awww thank u @Brassfoot still can't believe you run with the kingthe investigators. lovers rock. women run the dance. couple in the middle dancing so slow they don't even move. bla… @ScratchaDVA '2ndry skool'. exquisite.💙💙💙
@JuliaBell loved it, thank you <3
@zeziifore alright snow white lol @LCY__________ omg u found him! lemme go put my good church hat on and dive in lolthis new aybee ep is incredible. as he says in the notes 'the music will flow regardless of the external'. salute a… watching anything but this today @skeletalknight big ups 🚀 @yu_whoooo fuck yeah. me in front of the speakers @25hip25 thank you ❤️thank u all for the josey in space love. i’m really proud of the mix which – like my essential mix – took many week…
@BAKEGLA exactly that ... i will need that soul cleanse before anything else 🔊 @chriswatt44 @BISrecords yes chris 💕 hope u are good x @LDLDN @BISradio safe safe safe ❤️🌹xxx @VebaVixen @DJPAULETTE @russmather awww big ups, hope our paths cross again ❤️❤️❤️standing in front of a reggae sound system feeling the earth-shattering bass vibrating through my entire body is th… @DJPAULETTE @russmather @VebaVixen omg i think i met veba in manchester after i played white hotel! if i’d realised… @russmather @DJPAULETTE oh my goodness - thank u for reminding me about this track! i remember rinsing it endlessly…
@kaitlin_xo_ how can u be 22 when i’m only 26 @rmkf spelling's absolutely gone out of the window too @K15music <3 @LukeHoward1969 <3 xxx @wiswaz sadly my off licence didn't even have it @rmkf couldn't string a sentence together a week ago but yes as i cruised down the home strait lol i realised it is… @tiggerbumble how are u getting on? xBig up @JoseyRebelle for putting this comp together. Amazing tracks throughout and features @Rroxymore - ‘What’s Th…
Retweeted by josey rebelle @LDLDN my nephew’s teacher did a door to door of all the local kids to say a quick hi and drop off some extra work,… @Rroxymore @BISrecords thank u for the music, so happy u are on there 💕 @COLETTE_NOTES can’t run that much either lol 😩 @Judahlos jude ❤️❤️❤️ @DJMoxie 💕 @marshmello7s big ups marsha ❤️🌹xxJOSEY IN SPACE BY ⁦@JoseyRebelle⁩ OUT NOW. FT. AMBER BEACH
Retweeted by josey rebelle @shahinaan awww thanks 💕shout out @missloujasmine for the beautiful photography on josey in space and also andy for letting us shoot inside… track 'Glitch Bitch' is featured on @JoseyRebelle 'Josey in Space'. Out Now
Retweeted by josey rebellelove to all the artists and labels who allowed me to use their music and thank you to wonderful teams at @BISradio’s here! i’m v happy to share my compilation josey in space, out now on @bisrecords via all the usual outlets. mi… @DJFlight @ScratchaDVA ha sorry as soon as u said it i was in the wormhole lol @ScratchaDVA @DJFlight @DJFlight @ScratchaDVA jeeez @ScratchaDVA this was one of the key tunes that garage held me hostage with when i was trying to go back to d&b lol @ScratchaDVA this one with jason kaye man. too much <3 <3 <3💕 way i'm eager to hand in my coursework today is unprecedented. hold tight everyone struggling to write with anx… @rudebwoyben1 @guardiannews while this racist government is in power nothing will changeDubplate Thursday .... Who cares.? We da Ragga muffin Lion heart Vip ... 🔥🔥🔥 Stone Cold @DillinjaValve and Bert…
Retweeted by josey rebelleHome Office lost passport of man battling for decades to remain in UK
Retweeted by josey rebelle
@livwutang she could be talking about 2020❤️🌹 awww rinse u r so cute @weoutherefest ❤️
@DJFlight @Miss_Toppin woah i’m embarrassed to admit i had no idea r-type jo was a woman @folacks “choosing to forget” could be the strapline of this countrypeople forget shit quick. couple of u-turn tweets and he’s suddenly the golden child. so easy!
@Brassfoot big ups to u always ❤️👊🏾❤️ @lonniethelegend we love u lonnie ❤️❤️❤️ your beautiful music has got me through some really tough (as well as good… @Henryx85 oh goshmy latest @rinsefm/@rinsefrance show where i take you thru the tracks i selected for my compilation josey in space…