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@Suhail 😂 @chhlss Ready Player One but with NFTsPin to your profile and delete tweet really should not be that close together
2021 can automate your meme making. It is being designed to only create friendly memes though… @esornona I hope someone makes Ready Player One with crypto rewards @thegoodgodabove Nov. 19 @jack guess I’ll learn about crypto and how to make good Tweets @AI_Tailored Cool, another good edition may be Starship.
The overview effect must be a trip @elonmusk @SueOrigin @SciGuySpace
@ColemanHindes Cool, interested to try out next version when available @itstimconnors Also forgetting to unmute yourself on Zoom @avenaim Fight information entropy @daelmor We are the first generations with a digital legacy. Descendants may be very curious to see where it started. @greg16676935420 @WholeMarsBlog Try running iOS on Kindle. That should do the job
@WholeMarsBlog This is truly good. Insurance should be priced based on day to day driving and not your credit score… @elonmusk @teslaownersSV @TeslaGong @WholeMarsBlog I created a driver score app, I wonder how it would do on this. @ajtourville @GM Ngmi
@esornona Interesting to find many companies with apps ask users to “reload balances” with which they can invest behind the scenes
Welcome back @NftUniversity If AGI goes well we won’t have to do anythingSoftware is starting to write itself
@tinyxtina_ Flask = light and easy to setup some webpages+API endpoints Django = great build in functionality lik… @WholeMarsBlog artist, philosophers, explorersI think Inspiration4 is a top 5 most wholesome thing I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. @thesheetztweetz @inspiration4x @ArceneauxHayley We all wish we were as cool as Haley @FAANews @SpaceX Comments may be submitted by email to code after midnightI can’t wait to see the footage on Netflix.
@anushkmittal @adithya_balaji Starship is going to change everything.
@tobyliiiiiiiiii Such an exciting day @cryptohelpline6 Stop scamming people @cryptohelpline6 WAT lol, you’re who we are discussing @PrasoonPratham @cryptohelpline6 Ha, I thought so lol. This is why people are skeptical @cryptohelpline6 Why? @cryptohelpline6 What? Why would I? I have no issues @PrasoonPratham Only recently experienced 3.0. One click authentication with MetaMask was cool. If I never need to… i think I understand why they called themselves @Firefly_Space
@mckaywrigley 💯 when you dive deep and curiosity remains
Happy International Programmers' Day! This is celebrated on the 256th day of the year, which is today. ❤️ all of yo…
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@Neopork85 @ErcXspace Could be manufactured in space after there’s sufficient facilities in orbit. Maybe put in a sun orbit.
@DenDenclipz The dream is to see a launch but windows are challenging to time. Even without a launch, it would be great to see Starbase @DenDenclipz It appears to me first orbital may happen sooner, but I’d guess BN5 should be completed by Nov. @DenDenclipz Thought it’d be a fun birthday trip, hoping it lines up with exciting activity. @DenDenclipz Maybe November
@gokulnk @gokulnk put this together. will launch next month. Comment a meme below and I'll generate it on the development version. @HeySaiK @HeySaiK Ok, I just finished V2 with more memes 🤣 @anushkmittal And then finding out they have a better sense of humor 😂 @chad_oda I’m a noob in NFT space I was initially skeptical, but I’ve come around for the following reason. It he… went from little NFTs to mostly NFTs quicker than Tesla Plaid. @Suhail Yes sir @DavidSven Leonard Cohen is a favorite @mckaywrigley Og meme dealer @mckaywrigley Benjamin Franklins autobio @karpathy Innovation.
It was pretty cool seeing the @tunesproject come to life. Now I see the intersection between AI/NLP and NFTs. @anushkmittal Did you get your computer connected? Was it by Horizon Workrooms? @anushkmittal I’m hoping to reward myself with a quest 2 in the near future. I feel like paired programming in a virtual room would be fun. @Suhail @ankbul @tunesproject AI could write the song @Suhail @tunesproject That’s awesomeThis made me realize that we are generally not used to seeing parameters passed into video content to make it dynam… @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk I don't have a Tesla. I just wanted to participate 😄
@koreyspace I decided it was too ambitious lol. I want to have many projects loaded before the launch. I am targeting Oct. 1 now 🤖I've seen awesome GPT-3/Codex projects that automate tasks. Side projects are great for learning and even better w… @koreyspace Like you mentioned, I’ve also seen so many great GPT-3 projects and i think it would be interesting to… @koreyspace It’s ambitions, but I expect to have something basic together for sure within 15 days.… @koreyspace I had a similar thought so I decided to work on a website where people could try to monetize their GPT-… hours of debugging can save you 5 mins of reading the docs.
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@PrasoonPratham Wow! How? @edwardgoomba @jones_spencera PA as in personal assistants. They will have “skills”
@edwardgoomba @jones_spencera PAs will be the interface @jones_spencera A e-commerce store to buy task automations @capeandcode @AndrewYNg I have the deepest respect for Andrew Ng. @amazing_physics Keep it at 1 G
@Se7enC0stanza It requires an upload of meme templates the AI can access, but it selects which one to use and the t… @harishkgarg After trying VSCode it may be the one good free alternative. I’ve tried many others, but VSCode is pretty good for free
@gautamps25 Next month! @ImSamThompson 😭been there with @joinGait @SciGuySpace First flight attempt ever, respect. @gokulnk I am looking to add more memes for the AI to use soon, I'll do this one in a week. 😄
2021 Codex access! Can't wait to see what is possible after all the fun I've had with GPT-3.… @parfait_pls @serivapovom You’ll need an OpenAI key also. Once you add that and run the server it should work as se… @elonmusk @EffinZach It is the new meme dealer also think I'm worried now, thanks.
Retweeted by josh bickett @parfait_pls @somakban Yup, it’s all here. AI should be open.
GPT-3 and memes. two of my favorite things 😭
Retweeted by josh bickett @itstimconnors A new meme dealer is in town.. gptmeme @bevedoni 💯 Benjamin Franklin by Isaacson is also great @bevedoni Great. Walter is working on Elon’s bio now. I can’t wait for the that one. @bevedoni The Innovators by Walter IsaacsonOkay, I’m legit worried.
Retweeted by josh bickettThis is a fun one:
Retweeted by josh bickettNow this is ..on a next level 🤯😂
Retweeted by josh bickett @thisiskp_ A new meme dealer is in town @MattHartman I’m afraid it has a better sense of humor than me 😂