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26, gay as fuck, and just happy to be involved x - they/he 🤟 Jo Martin Doctor stan account

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@MaskFelix This isn’t a new revelation, trust me! @SeaDevilLagoon The bois 😎NOTE: blu-Ray screen caps taken from the trailer, DVD from original dvds. Blu rays will have less compression so s… @StuartHumphryes Definitely not! 😂 They’re from the trailer on YouTube @BMitchell_Twitr Honestly, you’re not alone. I can see a difference, because this is my industry 😂 But really, en… me the head of a pesky Auton ! 😂♥️
Retweeted by Josh Snares 🎄 @jfmouthonlegs you've obviously been a good influence on Sarah - she's brought her own blanket this time! 😉
Retweeted by Josh Snares 🎄 @Star_Chasm @Liam_HW Amazon UK, sent to a mate, whose gonna send it to me @farfromallover @The66Ramblers @AnthonyLamb @themindrobber 👀 Very excited to see your work!The Daemons? More like the BAEmons, am I right? @Liam_HW Yeah I decided just to press “preorder” and leave the problem of cost to future me It’s so annoying how i… @DerekHandley @jfmouthonlegs Agree 100%! Janet and Sarah are my favourites in the Behind the Sofa segments 💕 @The66Ramblers @TheJazNetwork @Karl_Downey Electric chair 🪑⚡️Sacha on the sofa 😳 @MacaulyCairns they've just redone the white balance, and chose the wall behind as "white" it comes across as more… on left, blu-ray on right. 8 DVD/Blu-ray Comparions DVD on left, Blu-ray on right @MacaulyCairns When I complete it in 2022, we'll see! 😂 @Jonathon_Carley @ManningOfficial PLEASE! @TheCityOfJeff I'm waiting to see where the official animations go before tackling missing episodes. Purely becaus… wish the collection boxsets had new optional CGI for every serial like the original Star Trek blurays I'll take what I can get though!This project has come a long way haha It's not perfect, but not bad for my first ever attempt at animation :)… LOVE KATY MANNING @bbcdoctorwho what are the special features, give me access to the information @AndresSnauwaert Without :) @kaston_lago can't i simply eat some grapes?Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car Weasel driving a shark car @brentusjoshea There’s a deadline? @GeoPetey It’s the same thing @DalamReviews Green :)Eating grapes @rytoc12 omg I don’t even know what I did, but just happy to be involved x @rytoc12 Ryan 🥰Wish the BBC would withdraw, deaccess and junk meLook at the shiny.
Retweeted by Josh Snares 🎄 @hasrock36 Didn’t get enough views to even think about pitching to anyone 😂
@RobertMorvay Love you friendo 🥰🥰🥰 @rytoc12 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @HannamConor 🥰🥰 @Redheadedchinny The BBC resurrected Bill Hartnell, I’m calling itHello far one of my favourite recent Doctor Who cosplays for sure! The wonderful Fugitive Doctor. My other half and I…
Retweeted by Josh Snares 🎄 @aquatics64 😂😂 @FenricFan ITS A ME - DOCTOR WHO! WAHOOOOOO @hayhurst_brad Thanks BradNot sure what this is, but happy I stumbled upon in Original: @SmithyPhox I love that @SmithyPhox Or alternatively... boyfriends @Trundle_Who I upset someone with my Sil review, so avoiding all the unofficial spin offs @Superspy_6_ Thanks Jacob :) @HarryMcgiveron Thanks Harry 🥰 @pcapsexual Thank you 🥰Funny how you make something, and then you completely forget. This is probably the nicest thing I’ve ever made. Ep… Belated #DoctorWho Daaaaay!!! 🥳🎊
Retweeted by Josh Snares 🎄 @naoko_mori I love this photo so much! 😂 @JimInTheTARDIS Sorry - how’s this? Me: “how could you possibly think John Hurt is your favourite Doctor after onl…*Nick Briggs voice* “just imagine” 😂Imagine if the BBC did a multi-doctor animated special with all the dr whos 😎 @mutoshow Morning Michael @AndrewFergo Nyssa... she has the eyes of a killer please post dr who content Me:! - and I can’t stress this enough - Dong!Context: a variation on this meme Di would have loved the 2005 Doctor Who episode “Dalek” @AndrewInColour I think you should sue dr who
“ThEy WeRe In TwO ePiSoDeS” Eat my entire ass, nerds! @OmgMoreJames Omg delete thisThe new film trailer for 'The Timeless Doctors'. #DoctorWhoDay
Retweeted by Josh Snares 🎄Me: “how could you possibly think John Hurt is your favourite Doctor after only being in ONE episode?!” Them: “wel… SAID IT!!! I love Jo Martins Doctor so much omg, I’m begging you BBC, make her the 14th in a few years! @Tom_saunders1 Swirly, obviously! (The best one 😂)Captain Jack? More like Captain BACK Because he’s back on dr who... Comedy gold @Tom_saunders1 Wouldn’t you be if you got Time Scooped out of nowhere? @RobertMorvay I want you living in constant fearI’m sure this will grow on me, but please... dear god, whatever you do BBC, make Daleks Master Plan look the best. I’m begging you! 😂 @MilkPls69 It’s not gonna get refined, let’s be real here 😂 @brandybongos It seems that every new animation a new character art company takes over. Not sure why that is. Maybe budget? @DanTheMan2150AD I love to complain xI think I’d be harsher when it comes to Hartnell stuff because that’s the era I’m obsessed with. Not saying I don’… capture is interesting, it’s cool how they’re always trying new styles, but it makes us to judge/compare fas… @REAL_MattFoster I keep him as a favourite image for easy access on my phone @mutoshow I’m always afraid they’d come and find me here 😂 99% of comments are lovely, or has good intentions... I… @mattyandcoffee 🥰🥰 @REAL_MattFoster @brentusjoshea I’m just here to have a laff x @Vla2kLeDalek I like that manOkay, I’ll stop journaling on Twitter now 😂 @BMitchell_Twitr 😂😂I already have a full time job, I’d rather not have two, ya know? 😂 Plus I just don’t enjoy the comment sections a… don’t really consider myself a “YouTuber” I feel like you need to regularly upload, make consistent content, ope… @ProtagonistIvy Love this! @Emily_Rosina I’m looking forward to it being added to a future Collection boxset!Funnily enough this photo is in my backyard, slightly out of frame is the lawn and a fence 😂 @Emily_Rosina Another dr who episode wiped from the archives 😭my face when I get time scooped to the Death Zone on Gallifrey Happy dr moo day 🤙 @Tom_saunders1 @Dubliam2003 It says animation in the description haha"Nobody, but nobody, walks through a door like him" @RobertMorvay okay weeb