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they/them, he/him. queer.

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@AndrewInColour 😂 @AndrewInColour You’re insane! @MundaneWho I’ll take one of each, thank you @TomFrosttt She is the best character, and I’m still upset with her departure 😭Hi everyone @TimelessOwen I can’t stand it when she touches meRecommend this one a lot, it’s really quite brilliant. could shop at five or six stores, or just one ☝️ @InfinityYawn And thank god for thatDonna Noble truly is the best companion we’ve ever had. Catherine Tate’s performance was pitch perfect.Nailed itGallifrey, more like Galligay, am I right?An account keeps appearing on my feed that is effectively just tweeting two minute clips of music videos for likes…
Retweeted by Josh Snares @jamesgent101 It good @ViviDaijou 😂😂Keyword: OPTIONAL. You have the option, dingus! 😂To those who don’t like optional CGI replacements, simply do not turn them on! 😂 There any many special features I…
Retweeted by Josh SnaresThe niece of a dear friend of mine has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour. She just turned 3 and been given 9…
Retweeted by Josh Snares @JeanInTheTARDIS Problematic
I want a fake moustache I want a real thick one, but I can’t grow one that’s thick enough Plus I don’t want the f… @habsfan19 YeahJon Pertworm @Andydrewz 😂😂 @The66Ramblers HOBGOBLIN?!DESCRIPTION: actor Carla Shaw says “I don’t need friends, they disappoint me.” Then she does a strange dance movement.When people unfollow me @JAYYTW all downhill from here, jaseDESCRIPTION: Romana enters the room, and says "You despicable worm" to the co-pilot.DESCRIPTION: Romana says "It's terribly interactive" whilst looking towards the camera @JAYYTW Happy Birthday :)romanaI miss habbo hotel
Retweeted by Josh SnaresSarah Sutton as Nyssa has been cast in ‘KNIVES OUT 2’. (Source: Deadline) doing a k-9 laser replacement just for fun :) I see someone post that they got the vaccine
@arbrax It’s that easy! I’ve done the same :) @badgewolfmerch They gave the next Torchwood audio the chop. The one with Barrowman and Tennant.Just send a nice email asking for a refund, like a normal person. Don’t be a Karen to Big Finish. They’re a priv… @ChrisChapman81 Enjoy Godzilla v Kong for what it is - pure nonsensical fun! I really enjoyed it, and was my first “return to cinema” film. @DaveWKnight We won’t have a backyard! Only a balcony. @JordanR25941653 It’s fine, I’d need to listen to all three before I can really say, because it’s an overarching story @OmgMoreJames I really wanna recreate this photo, but I think they’ve renovated it now?? @matthewilson96 Welcome to Hell @rytoc12 I’m everywhere @JimBachelor Thanks JimListened to the first two episodes, and listening to the third on Monday probably… or Tuesday. Not sure why I’m te… @rytoc12 Not good enough, Ryan @AndrewInColour 🥰🥰🥰Maybe we don’t need a bedJust dawned on me, the place my partner and I are moving into in January won’t be big enough for a full size Dalek replica. Sad! @SeanMossy have read, liked and responded to a whole bunch of comments on my YouTube channel People are far too kind to me,… @SeanMossy OH MY GOD!!i am reading my youtube comment section what are you doing? @Jonathon_Carley Too right, I apologise! @Andydrewz I'm not following them either, but Twitter loves to recommend them to me! 😂 @CowBearCreates you bring so much joy with your work, i hope you know that 💕let the people have funsome people on this site are real miserable bastards, aren't they?The Fourth Doctor meeting the First Doctor would be the weirdest Doctor "team up" What the hell would they have in common?
I don’t think we should normalize anything. All behavior should be reviled and punished
Retweeted by Josh Snares a single person is taking this script seriously, and it’s brilliant. THE NIMON BE PRAISED! @HeccyBen 3WEAKLING SCUM!!!Maybe tonight I’ll watch The Horns of Nimon @fillhaze BMPCC 6K Pro, it’s just far too wide for my old Ronin-M! @fillhaze I always think of how a chicken moves! 😂 @fillhaze Yeah it’s my old A7Sii, my new Blackmagic doesn’t fit on my gimbal :(Gonna listen to this bad boi tomorrow on the way to work I’m still anticipating it’s gonna be Nick Briggs as the N… talking about Jo Martins character on a copyrighted BBC Television Programme @50Doctor @bigfinish Same @TimelessOwen @JAYYTW They say it’s one of the rarest personality types, but I know more Advocates than any other type!
Retweeted by Josh SnaresMy biggest weakness? "Sensitive to criticism" i feel seen 😂 @CommandrMoose Weird how that happens! My partner and I are both the same, INFJ Advocates. I'm apparently like Mar… @rytoc12 ryan 🥺🥺I have done this test once or twice a year, for a few years now, and every time I get INFJ-T Advocate. I'm consist…’m filmbing… tap into the power 🥽’s okay I’m only joking!! Or am I? 😏The results are in, after filming today, I shall consume
@Emily_Rosina You’re right, of courseJust a few today! Will do future threads, maybe even a video down the track? I wanna spread more positivity and love 💕Kane Unables Series One parody is stupidly good. I can’t recommend it enough! is an INCREDIBLE animator, with such an incredible eye for colour. The vibrancy and excitement from t… Sharp kindly donated their time to creating the beautiful haunting score for my Motion Comic adaptation of… WHO CREATOR SPOTLIGHT THREAD 💕 Cunningmunkis New VFX replacements are up there with the official ones! I… @mutoshow Both are fine :) @MaxCCurtis It feels like I have! So I’m just gonna go hide for a bitI’m sorry I allowed my complaint about copyright to get out of control. I didn’t realise how big it got until it w… when I see a hobgoblin: 😳“Down to earth, fun couple, looking for a third”:
Retweeted by Josh Snares @The66Ramblers coming soon to big finish productionsMe & @josh_snares's Doctor Who™ pitch: Maaga & Varga v Mandrels & Bandrils
Retweeted by Josh Snares @Michael_Snooze @PS5StockAlertUK i'll eventually get a PS5 in 3 years or something, i'm in no rush! I'm a terrible gamer 😂also: i prefer they/them, but if you refer to me as he/him i don't really mind. I hate "sir" and "mister" but any… @Michael_Snooze @PS5StockAlertUK i REFUSE to believe that the PS5 exists. I have never seen one in real life. It's all photoshop nonsense! 😂