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JoshTries 🤠 @Josh_Tries California, USA

18 | @Twitch Streamer | @CDCUpdate | #GenG

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@CashApp $JoshTriesRookie numbers fr everyoneGn everyone tomorrow I will be trying to figure this out and build a new house on the server @FeLo LFGGGG @notedub oh @notedub Word on the street is that the dodgers are making room for me 👀 @notedub WHATscore on this power play please @DetroitRedWingsso help me god
@bananainmyarse Thats so us @LazasBautista @xoxabstract LMAOOOOOO @Boy1drr LMAOOOOOOOOO3 more days until the war hammer titan @V2Lucaa not medone lying @V2Lucaa nah fr you're gonna be a glitch on the mapabout to lieLeague play everyonegn everyone mc boukon and I are about to blow up mfs @FavsPriv Whatlol leafs 😹 to restart the stream had my bitrate at 8 instead of 8000 on the new PC :D playing mc for like 10 mins then hopping on cold war
We’re thrilled to announce we are working with @Ubisoft and @UbiMassive to develop a brand-new, story-driven, open…
Retweeted by JoshTries 🤠 @Boy1drr LMAOOOOBoukon and josh: Storage system ✅ Unlimited power✅ Laser drill ✅ Gravity guns ✅ Girlfriends ❌ the NHL is back today!WOJBOMB @Yuhuuur LMAOOOOOOOGm everyone @MaazAye Gn @jamre469 lol @iBeenEvil 😼 @jamre469 WhatGn everyone scrims and then blowing up mfs in modded mc tomorrow @V2Lucaa @DKarma @Symfuhny @TSM_Myth @a_r4spberry ????why are they sending letters don't they both have twitter accounts wings are winning the division lolol @Leo__ffs Let them starve🥶 @Leo__ffs Crazy how you made this account when you were 23 @AdobeCare Specs: CPU - i9-9900k GPU - RTX 3070 RAM - 32 GBs OS - Windows 10 The footage im using is 1920x1080… @JoeyTheSuperJew Stool gang
@AdobeCare hey while editing on the timeline my premiere pro crashes my whole PC nothing works and everything freez… MISSED THIS OMG WHAT @FavsPriv im better than her @Connugh LMAO no idea its fine on mobile @optiuh O @optiuh Fr! @IcyVert I bought one of these and it caught on fire @CCRONEE LMAOthey're having opening weekend during valentines day? like I fr have to put cod over all my girls smh 🙄 cia releases WHAT everyone @xMinimumSine Haha fr shes not everyone @jakkuxd mf name searching200 fps cod hits different @lexieyuh What @lexieyuh I could kick him at least 40 yardsRAMBO BOMB just blew up @KingCJRecupero @a_r4spberry @V2Lucaa LMAOStill feels like I talk to them in the gc RIP @a_r4spberry @V2Lucaa 😔 @a_r4spberry I have to reinstall everything @Jonestowaddle LfgggggNew PC is done 😼 @MattFooji Dub! @MattFooji How the heck did you manage that @MattFooji WHAT
@LazasBautista LAZA??? @HarryButAverage @xoxabstract HARRY??? @discord Do you like my stool 💯 bomb everyonePrince was coaching us after our league match and saw I made a bad play and he immediately started calling me slurs 🙄 @HarryButAverage @Yuhuuur @SkreetMan @PaintClown_ Nah fr @Boltsiola Yup
Retweeted by JoshTries 🤠 @a_r4spberry Yup @Resvrrect TrueeeAyo fr bro 🔥 RT @alexmarm1: steelers dub today! @Resvrrect LMAOOOOOGn everyone @SamManlol @RohnJobinson in what? A kitchen??💀 RT @SamManlol: another new McRecord for me!! Goodluck beating that b…
Retweeted by JoshTries 🤠Dude was camping that 3090 LMAO Never heard of her.
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Retweeted by JoshTries 🤠 @CFC_Ant LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCORVETTE CORVETTE*Eren turns into a Titan* Grandma on the 6th floor:
Retweeted by JoshTries 🤠HOW MANY PICKS