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damn Daniel the secret police 🤝 back at it again with the white vans
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Trump is now holding TikTok hostage unless Microsoft pays a kickback to the treasury! I can practically hear teens… @annehelen “We only received 3000 comments condemning our racist logo so no big deal” @benxedel Seems dumbfoundingly late, I agreeHere's how Trump could quasi-legally ban TikTok. More on how Gen Z will wage war against him for it in my newslette… will soon let you soundtrack videos, but it's more of a music sharing feature than than a TikTok meme maki…
@IzzyPollak @Thogori Move often is probably a good thought for creators. Don’t become dependent on any one platformEscalating threats to ban TikTok are pushing creators and users to apps like Triller, which has now topped the US A…
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFire @ElizabethKF So rare to have such a shakeup. I can hear VCs suddenly regaining interest in the space @anandc @RoposoLove @Mitron_Tv @sharechatapp Raposo has done a great job capitalizing on the India ban, but yes, th… @jeffringgenberg A lot of chatter about Clash but very weak creation, music tools, and algorithm will make this momentum tough to sustain @TeppeiTsutsui Thanks! It’s honestly a much better use of time than biographical social media, which is about glori… is a great piece! @JoshConstine I really need to share this with my 12 yo daughter who is obsesssed with tikt…
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFire @EricLlanos6 Marketing is the least creepy thing going on here @amandaemmanuel It me. @jmitch @tynanwrites Here are the 4 ways Trump could ban TikTok @zainamro Yep. Byte does best with this with more human curation. Dubsmash feels completely random while Triller fe… @delia_cai We’ve been telling everyone wearing them as we walk by, “Thanks for Masking!” @zainamro It’s so subtle but so important. I feel like TikTok never served me 4 irrelevant videos in a row. Bounce… my newsletter I break down: -The pros, cons, & differences between TikTok’s usurpers how these similar apps are… @thisisneer Instagram can decide if it wants Reels to be a juggernaut like Stories or a flop like IGTV based on how… Z will not forgive Trump for threatening TikTok. Imagine if a fraction of the time spent scrolling & dancing g… weird, cute, or silly for 15 seconds of fame is our culture now. I wrote about how a ban can’t put that gen… the race to replace TikTok, Triller has emerged as where stars fearing a ban are begging people to follow them .… replacements, ranked #1. Triller -It’s got celebs & poached TikTokers, strong creation tools, & record labe… replacements, ranked #2. Instagram Reels -1B+ user potential if IG gives its clone homescreen space -But it… replacements, ranked #3. Byte -Vine revived, it’s home to elder millennial comedy -But a late start & lack…’s top 4 replacements ranked - a thread🧵: #4. Dubsmash -The authentic app where dance trends like Renegade s…
@Making_Mary Not available in the US yet. Expected to launch earl August100 million users are up for grabs if TikTok is banned. Who'll win? -Dubsmash: Where dance trends start (#72) -Byte… ready for every TikTok to be creators begging fans to follow them on Triller, YouTube, Airbnb, Tinder...Trump says he’s banning TikTok rather than let Microsoft buy it. Uncortunately, this keeps China in control of th…
Given Microsoft bought Minecraft 6 years ago, those kids are exactly TikTok age now. This could actually work... @moskov Dance moreEssential slides for early stage pitches. This is why we led $13M for Invisalign disrupter OrthoFX @PatrickWStanley @VasudevaSaksham We’re chopsticks. If you separate us, the only thing we’re good for is stabbingWhen my wife gets out of bed early she packs pillows behind me so it feels like she’s still there 🥺🥺🥺
This is insane! Zuckerberg just perjured himself, claiming he didn't know about my expose on Facebook paying teens…
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFire😊 occasionally becoming a small part of the story was fun. Future hit $1M ARR a month after I wrote their launch st…
@thekenyeung @CaseyNewton This was my real favorite. I thought a UK Parliament style fight was going to break out @thekenyeung @CaseyNewton Zuckerberg not remembering Facebook Research, that led to the shut down of all of Faceboo… @sarahfrier @Techmeme "Ohhhh yeah, that data-syphoning VPN we called Project Atlas and didn't say was from Facebook… Zuckerberg suddenly remembers this scandal, now says (after his team surely saw our tweets) that he didn’t kno… absolutely knew about Facebook's spyware Research app! Congress sent him a bunch… is insane! Zuckerberg just perjured himself, claiming he didn't know about my expose on Facebook paying teens… @sarahfrier Zuckerberg is 100% familiar with Facebook Research @BradMichelson They should compile those sound bites and lay them all out at the start rather than peppering them a… congressional hearings work: -Reps get 5min each to rant to their base, rack up spicy soundbites, but rarely a…’s CEO desperately not trying not to laugh and say “they’re spam” when congressman asks why Republican emails go to junk foldersThe antitrust committee should ask tech's titans why breaking them up would hurt consumers, then ask the others to…
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFireAt the turn of the 20th century, in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, agrarian society and cottage industries…
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFireThe genius of 📶🔥 home gym startup Tempo is its machine vision gives posture feedback so you don't hurt yourself.
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFire @selviano Definitely. More looking for who is great at reaching the target audiences beyond consumers, like doctors and banks/lenders
Who are the best PR firms for telemedicine or fintech startups? You know, ones that wouldn't make TechCrunch me pul… @rsg Let's chat soon! With SignalFire focused on leading rounds and helping out with recruiting, market data, and a… downplays the capital. SignalFire does recruiting at scale. Form does design sprints. Founders need more th… @adayeoyh Rare to see hardware outpace software like this. Cappuccino might work. Basically Insta Stories for audio… @adayeoyh Here’s a link to my thesis on Snackable Audio. Thanks for remembering! Discovery… is literally a page in my slide deck. Large social aggregators have emerged for every medium except audio. W…
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@chrissyfarr @CaseyNewton They're so well trained that they'll talking point most questions to death, or talk circl… antitrust committee should ask tech's titans why breaking them up would hurt consumers, then ask the others to… @garrytan This is exactly how journalism works. If you’re first your story can be a lot thinner — there’s huge valu…
@mg Whenever I come across an arcade motorcycle game I play at full-tilt while blasting Derezzed on my headphonesThe anti-aging mascot should be a well-slept Telomeerkat
@nealjean1 You have any writing on the topic to check out? @EvilSpyBoy @jackconte @pomplamoose @Patreon I see Jack in 20 boxes on my screen playing every instrument in their music videos @jbrowder1 The City Of Lucid Dreams @bencasnocha Portfolio Support Theater is definitely an issue, especially around vaguer product and business advice… @mgsiegler Do they still need foul ball nets? If your cutouts gets wrecked by a foul, do you get a new one? Or is i…
@tgwtom @chigrl Thanks for sharing! thankfully a bunch of founders have reached out that they're working on solutions @ballmatthew @eric_ruleman @jackconte @ljin18 @nbashaw @blakeir @TimSweeneyEpic Word count doesn't make something l… @eric_ruleman @jackconte @ljin18 @nbashaw @blakeir @TimSweeneyEpic @ballmatthew both legends. Matthew's writing goes the deepest @xJawz @jackconte @ljin18 @nbashaw @blakeir @TurnerNovak I stan Turner's social thoughts @mims @jackconte @ljin18 @nbashaw @blakeir SignalFire research for a creator economy market map we’re planning to publish @josephpalbanese @hunterwalk @ryandawidjan @briannekimmel @bjgrubbs @JuliaLipton @Mr312 @fubini @mignano @ryandawidjan Checking them out!There are 50M creators, the fastest-growing small business type. Who are your favorite thinkers about funding for c… @marshallschurtz @tconrad @KevinHart4real @Quibi I wish they’d let you share some short pre-cut video clips too, li… @jae It is an app. Unclear if it’s a thing @heyshayby @HipCityReg My understanding is they did not do public beta, which is dumb. There’s nothing groundbreaki… @allisonbraley @JPManga I’m inclined to agree. It will be a lot harder now that early adopters’ free trials have expired @tconrad @KevinHart4real @Quibi Here’s a demo of how Quibi screenshotting works finally built a screenshotting workaround so it can spawn memes. Do you think it’s too little too late, or… @tconrad Can we see a screen record of this? Or....waitTwitter: “Hellscapes are good for business!” @spgreenwood He may have also seen the long term opportunity in focusing on the new platform where people are generous with follows @spgreenwood The other big point here is not letting creators slip away to YouTube seeking cash like Vine didTikTok’s new $200M Creator Fund to pay stars directly gives it a new way to influence American culture. Dances &… to share this piece I cowrote with @jordanodinsky, highlighting the value of hype & exclusivity in launch s…
Retweeted by Josh Constine -SignalFireEx-Invisalign execs built a safer at-home teeth straightener since COVID closed dentist offices OrthoFX’s aligners… @Contextify1 @TaylorLorenz I mean we wrote a whole blog post on OrthoFX teeth straighteners today so I’m becoming a pluggernaut @TaylorLorenz Apostrophe’s teledermotology might be a good option for expert advice remotely… is a fintech startup to watch. Instantly get home or car insurance with just a name & address, baked into ch… @johncolucci Paging @wongmjane who has had to build an identity around not helping people get verified since they constantly ask @TLDLdotAPP Oooh intelligent processing of screenshots is a huge opportunity
@nikillinit @chriswfarmer That’s also a smart perspective as it’s in the narrow band of cosmetic health you can do… @gaby_goldberg @_TheTakeoff @thisiskp_ @lennysan @nbashaw @bbalfour @ravi_mehta Thanks! I’m realizing it’s kinda wi… @nikillinit @chriswfarmer Haha I bet we could segment data that way. But if you consider that straight teeth get pe…'m getting back in my writing groove! Co-authored this with SignalFire CEO @ChriswFarmer about our big bet on tele…