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Writer/Producer, Desus & Mero. Previously, Last Week Tonight. Comedian, pretty much wherever. Year round iced coffee drinker. Nice Try available now!

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@plane_pats @CSLPodcast My first choice!MY ALBUM IS LIVE RIGHT NOW!!! GO GET A LAUGH, PLZ
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thank you to @kerensacadenas and @TheCut for letting me tell the very hot story of how i saw a woman get her tooth…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelmanwe gave out thousands and thousands of supplies to protestors last weekend. if you can, please help us restock & bu…
Retweeted by Josh GondelmanThis is very silly. @MaraWilson <3 @RbrtKornhauser A great idea when someone gets arrested for facilitating a pedophile ring is to publish a piece of… @imteddybless I don't like the idea of a world where Ben Affleck is as funny as he looks in these pictures. LEAVE T…’ve been trying reading poetry more and this collection by @NifMuhammad is incredible but “it is maybe time to adm…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @tonythaxton I love them and they’re so good live! @MaraWilson Please check your email. @maggieserota YES!!!For my very first Stereogum piece, I got to interview Savan Kotecha, songwriter for every major pop star and the ma…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @sidleykate Congratulations!!! @kvanaren @TaraAriano I salute you, and I pray you return before the mine collapses!!! @_iPed Hahahahahaah! @BrianMc_Fadden Probably not a TON of meat in each one, but I'd try it! @BrianMc_Fadden When people say that lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean it just makes me wonder if land cock… @TaraAriano @kvanaren I was about to ask the exact same thing!! @_iPed Hahaha oh of course! I just saw your bio, duh! Sorry to ask a silly question! @_iPed Hahahahah was this from The Last Post? I have done it like that a bunch as a bit mostly for myself! @MGsovski @theshrillest Hahahaha. I am glad we see eye to eye on this!PUP is great, and this is great. @theshrillest Sounds like he's trying to do all 50 states in one song, and no I won't accept it!!!Author/Comedian Spotlight Friday – Josh Gondelman
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @mckinneykelsey Spooky and fun! I love that for them! @kittaveli @MrsFridayNext I'm the new bad boy of architecture!!! @joshgondelman I’m watching Tuca & Bertie right now and I cannot stop thinking of your essay because god, Josh, you…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @RakeshAgrawal Thank you! @mckinneykelsey You’d leave behind a building full of book-ghosts! @MaraWilson @KeithMalley Please hold! @ohmissjulie @GrantGoldberg Yes!! @MrsFridayNext Hahaha! Margaret! Thank you! :) @mikecarrozza Thanks! @ConnorFinnegan :) @jhard1029 You and my parents’ viewing allegiances are really getting put to the test! @jgoldschrafe My friend used to do it every day in college I think! @djtrackstar It’s pretty fun, and anyone can do it! @RaxKingIsDead I feel like if you beat me in a fight I’d still get cancelled just also physically hurt! @tobyherman27 Hahaha! @thisdiegolopez Hahahahah. You’re so much better than me at fighting!!!! @RaxKingIsDead Honestly I only said “fake” because if I didn’t I was worried about bad faith replies being like “oh… @RaxKingIsDead Come on it doesn’t even say what street!!!!Is it a surprise to anyone that my idea of fun is setting fake calendar events as a bit? @karanesvig It’s great!! @JoeSeiders Yes!!! @JM_Gottlieb :) @barondamm Killer! @elyseanoush :)Sometimes on the show Cheers they do a clarinet-centric version of the theme song during a scene, and it feels like… 6 hours you’ll be able to watch The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix
Retweeted by Josh GondelmanThe Shaq bit.
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @BobbyBigWheel @kvanaren A perfect joke!jackie, and I cannot stress this enough, daytona
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A reminder on the first day of Emmy voting that @SHODesusAndMero exists, and is great. (Also we’re back THIS SUNDAY…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman“Nice Try” by @joshgondelman! But that was because I super-glued it to my hand.
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @abbygardner LolThis decision ranks 2 out of 3 on the Vanilla Ice scale. ☑️ Stop 🔘 Collaborate ☑️ Listen @PeterLangstaff @aliterative Hey thanks!If you’re able to let loose some dollars today pls consider supporting this mutual aid fund for Black sex workers 💛
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @mikkipedia I bet now he would be charmed by it!wrote about wanting things you don’t have, and begrudging people who do
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @mikkipedia I love a behind the back compliment!!I started a whole ass podcast network. its called stony island audio. we're launching with a show called 'what had…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @Mike_Eagle @DJPrincePaul This is awesome! @MattNegrin @KayeFoley This is getting meaner and meaner!!!!! Even Biden barely campaigned for Biden before South Carolina. @mikkipedia That's so nice of Bob! A true friend! @MattNegrin @KayeFoley Hey come on now I'm just saying there's no need to gang up and call names. @mikkipedia WHOA! Did you get any good dirt on you? @MattNegrin @KayeFoley Hey that's not nice. @KayeFoley sksksksk (SK = Sorry, Kaye!!!) @mikkipedia lolol if only! @BrandtHamilton Better than if I tried to rap!!! @michaelpielocik THEY KNOW WHERE MY ALLEGIANCES LIE!The night of our first Sunday episode there's no new Last Week Tonight. Is John Oliver scared of the brand????? (jk… @alexqarbuckle @kathbarbadoro @joliekerr @jakecurrie pitched Covid mask over his eyes while he smokes, which I think is ideal. @kathbarbadoro @joliekerr Should I commission an artist to draw this for me to put up in my apartment? y/y @casualafro Agreed! Nobody ever talks about that side of playing God. It's always bringing dinosaurs back to life,… @casualafro Playing God, imo. @Braunger @joliekerr I now need an artist's rendering of this! @joliekerr @jakecurrie Lol I specifically want him as blind justice with the dunks cups and the mask over his eyes and the cigarette! @jakecurrie @joliekerr Would you be offended if I stole this idea and commissioned a painting? @joliekerr Large Dunks iced coffee cups but he’s holding them like the scales of justice.Just finished listening to this series and it’s very good and @alyssabereznak is a great host/reporter!
Retweeted by Josh GondelmanThis book is a joy, and @mariasherm is such a terrific writer!
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @allhansondeck I did and she drank my blood!!! @alyssakeiko *statues get dragged away* (sadly) "Say these." @caitiedelaney “OPEN THE HONKY TONKS! IT’S OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!” @Jenny_Trout @EileenShyler You knew right away!!!! @alyssabereznak Your mother and I don’t have many mutual friends so when we find one you know it’s a big deal!Just finished listening to this series and it’s very good and @alyssabereznak is a great host/reporter! @jesscacal @mariasherm You’re welcome! It’s a real delight! @mariasherm You’re welcome! It’s TRUE!This book is a joy, and @mariasherm is such a terrific writer! @EJthecomic You were ahead the curve! @FriersonFiles Thanks so much, John! I’m glad you enjoyed it! @lubczanski_ I did!!! @RaxKingIsDead Southern gothic vampire hunter is that what we’re doing here? @lil_mermaid @imbeccable I am SURE I would also love it! @FriersonFiles Thank you!