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Senior Writer, Desus and Mero. Previously, Last Week Tonight. Comedian, pretty much wherever. Year round iced coffee drinker.

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Did y’all pre-order “OBVIOUSLY” yet???
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @natattaack Hahaha! @janiobi Hahahahaha!I am also all caps excited about this, but I don't want to infringe on Mero's signature tweet style!!!!!!
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @anylaurie16 It’s such a dumb look!! @KevinRyanComedy Hahahah. Thank you for the photos. @eliyudin I’m very consistent!!! @BradfordPearson This was the OTHER ONE!!! @RheaButcher Thank you, Rhea!!! @thisdiegolopez My Braffs-per-minute were off the charts.I accidentally showed up at the comedy club dressed as the comedy club. @TheBizHurst Hahahahah. Thank you!!! It is VERY that!!! @molly_raskin “Playing hard to get” they call that, right?
@janiobi Thank you I am ALSO excited! And excited for all your projects and successes!!! @Milbermann THANKS, FRIEND! @jamieeros !!!!!!!! @One_True_Brit @SHODesusAndMero Thanks! @One_True_Brit I did! I moved over to work on @SHODesusAndMero! @loctastic I would never wear a Yankee hat. Even though people do confuse me with a different guy who often wears a Yankee hat.I am also excited to enjoy this show as a fan!!!! am also all caps excited about this, but I don't want to infringe on Mero's signature tweet style!!!!!!’s go! @SHODesusAndMero! 2/21! Showtime! The brand remains strong!
Retweeted by Josh GondelmanLet’s go! @SHODesusAndMero! 2/21! Showtime! The brand remains strong! @JohnRoycomic hahahaha. @cristela9 Hahaha. Thank you, Brenda. @DanCrohn @GaryGulman I'd accept "amusing." @GaryGulman You lost me at "you've been killing." @johnlevenstein Spoilers!!! (For the Mueller report.) @kvanaren Hahahaha!The Trump/Russia stuff would legit would make the worst Law and Order episode. We’d all be screaming at our TVs: “I… entertainment experiences I have been enjoying this week: A new song by @puptheband, and @hodgman on podcasts! @robwillb That’s BLEAK!!! @ScottCheshire ;) @karencheee Thanks, buddy! :) @zhandlen There we go! @karencheee Karen?My favorite college drinking game was “Billy Joel.” You drink a bottle of red, then a bottle of white, and then you… @Randazzoj Done and done!!! @CaptainLeman I’ll be there!I felt slightly under the weather this morning, and strangely I feel even worse now despite taking no steps to improve my condition. @TheBlackHoof @lyzl You’re a cult classic! (But also it’s more!) @lyzl Haha! Good enough! @TheBlackHoof @lyzl People love you!!! @lyzl Substantially less than you are now?Thanks to the Corvallis Gazette-Times for their profile on comedian Josh Gondelman! He will bring his sunny demean…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @Abraczinskas Hahahaha. @tweetrajouhari @sandyhonig Sandy rules. @seeratsohi Seerat...nice.Being a professional athlete seems weird because sometimes total strangers call up local radio shows and complain t… into a slice of pizza the moment it gets cool enough not to burn your mouth is better than most religious experiences.
@NickBossRoss Blaze VIP!!! LeBron probably knows you! @jennyjaffe <3 @IamJoryJohn @BellHouseNY Awesome and thank you!!!Writer and comedian @joshgondelman’s Touch the Moon tour comes to the Bell House this Saturday 1/26! Tickets availa…
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @blairsocci Miss you too! My birthday was so nice! Thank you for asking! @ANSTYLEdotCOM Honestly today was huge for me. @blairsocci Blair this is so funny.Huge goal for next boyfriend — Doesn’t earnestly set out to be the “MVP” at other people’s weddings
Retweeted by Josh GondelmanI just got recognized by the staff at a Dunkin’ Donuts I haven’t been in for a year which either means that they li…! @janellejcomic was very funny on tv this week! Bell House is so excited for my show that they forgot that there is another Saturday before the 26th!!!
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @TheBizHurst LORD OF THE SEA!!! @eveewing Congratulations!!! @LPizzle Or just good luck. @LPizzle Is Aron Baynes the difference maker????? @shameonyoudule Marcus Smart? @johntdrake I’ll take it! @LPizzle This is what I’m talking about!!! @MichaelVPina Shfjsjdfjsixndkejdn!!!!!!!Kyrie Irving has to get buckets or he dies it’s kind of like Jason Statham in “Crank” no further questions this is canon. @fakemikemulloy He’s the only one who I can’t even point to a good stretch this season. @fakemikemulloy He has been absolutely brutal this year. @jilltwiss @jhard1029 You can do it! @cevichepapi Hahaha. @jhard1029 Aww buddy! Thanks!
@ryschutt Haha thank you! @Valerieblaise @stevejspencer Thanks!The Bell House is so excited for my show that they forgot that there is another Saturday before the 26th!!! @jilltwiss You're welcome! I am ALSO SO EXCITED!!! But just as an enjoyer of good things! @KindBounce @briankgarland Thank you!!! @KindBounce @briankgarland I was replying to the guy who seemed mad at you!!!Great news! The bestselling team behind John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, @jilltwiss &…
Retweeted by Josh GondelmanHey guys! Jill Twiss is one of the greatest and best writers anywhere. She wrote the gosh darn Marlon Bundo book! A… @briankgarland @KindBounce Are you just searching names of razor companies just to jump into conversations where no… @rajsivaraman Hey thanks buddy! @NitramF3000 I'm not going to google it for you, but you can google it if you'd like. Also, I don't love an ad. I t… @CorvallisComedy presents @joshgondelman at @Majestic100year! Info & tickets:
Retweeted by Josh Gondelman @DanWilbur I have not!I try not to argue with anonymous trolls online and instead remind them that they use a fake name/photo because the… @tomdog Truly this is a nightmare!!!! @tomdog Oh I know it! But it's a balance we have to strike! @hossdoggy25 This is less embarrassing than your actual opinions. @hossdoggy25 You use an anonymous Twitter account because you’re humiliated by the idea of the people you know find… @Riverocallaghan Truly I don’t even think that’s true. MOST of the guys in the ad are either portrayed neutrally or… @steadytrollin Not THAT afraid! @gunface1 Thank you!!!Every dude throwing away his Gillette razor because of “traditional masculinity” just sounds like he’s scared of ac… @mellifluousbird No problem at all! :) @ed_solomon Hahaha! Okay I will take the first step and google whee to buy one.