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I just went to see how AfterEllen was taking yesterday’s news and they don’t exist anymore?!??? WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR QUEERDOM!
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙I was having such a productive time... Lives Matter was unpopular now you can see those words painted on several streets. Taking a knee was unpopula…
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙 @ThatDamnDillon OMG I LOVE IT! @froskees come get y'all juice. ME...WHAT'CHI THANKIN ABOUT WHEN YOU FINGAPOPPIN THIIIS PUUUTHY 👅👅👅👅 would be my kidnapped tweet
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙 @naptural_mae SAMERE: LQRT makes me think of that meme where they're whispering all imagine if you walked by and you just hear…'m not gon say who I thought this was 😎🍪🛏 this:😭❤️ Birthday, Gianni Versace and May having ghosts in their homes for eight months...couldn't be me, but y'all be easy. Beyoncé and I…
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I'm so fucking tired of these closet crusaders destroying the quality of life for millions of LGBT+ people just bec… all due respect, Mr. President—let’s talk about losing people. We lost Michael Brown Jr. We lost Breonna Taylo…
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Thank you #RoddyRicch for spending 1206 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2020Wrapped @earhustlesq @radiotopia My biggest podcast binge-listen of 2020 was Ear Hustle. Find out what show you couldn't s…, Lindsey-Bobby. Long time/long time... @lindseyweber @bobbyfinger @whoweekly My top podcast of 2020. What w… YOU KNOW THIS, MAAAN!!! My top song of 2020. What was yours? #2020Wrapped PAGE!!! has been asking for a tutorial, so here you go! 😇
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Nah, man...this is fuckin crazy.
@Naimaism This is the one ☝🏾art girl with tech vc boyfriend
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Throat Baby is NOT the song I thought it was, tkdkgkgkdkhkfkGET THE FUCK. part of "wait at the loading dock and call" reads like "go inside and leave food with the receptionist?" Then… my postmates instructions being explicitly clear and the driver literally leaving my food at a whole different… Target. No list. Just vibes
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Reason #58256 why I love Hayley Williams.4.) I am YELLIIIING 😭😭😭😭😭 ovulation. We need the vaccine, @God the children need education.BIG FACTS. @kamthebeautiful HrrrrrkgmdngmdngCan these luxury brands hurry up with the iPhone 12 cases?! Like...I want that $1200 LV trunk case NEOW. he damn near fucked the entire internet up. Get him outta here now. only account I can tolerate in dark mode is Youtube.Karma needs to start doing mail delivery The music was through the roof 2. There was a 2 hour wait on food but a 3 minute turn around for drinks 3. He wa…
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙"LMBO" tweets be PISSING me off. @durandbernarr @tkylemac Absolutely. 100%open for a surprise i think idk how the crop works
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙"Table for six? Ok. Twerking or non-twerking?"
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙 @thisiskashmir Damn, RIP Pharrell and Louis Anderson. 🙏🏾☝🏾Funk Flex getting a BBL.Ethel Lee after that 4th Mint Julep
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙How would we even know? He's got more voices than Danny Gans.’m girls
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙This is a library. Keep it down. won't even be out the car good.“Could y’all stop twerking, please? Thank you!”
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Actually it’s men who most often end up dying alone and uncared for. They tend not to cultivate relationships outsi…
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙I can imagine. Everyday I wake up and choose violence. YOU literally said that when I looked at it, gkskgkekhkskg💀💀💀💀💀 I can't believe I just read this with both of my eyes
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙 @OreoBarbie69 You have to see that tweet...but IDK how to search for it.Swim Good Roger Troutman, born 69 years ago this week in Hamilton, Ohio. Here he is in 1987 demonstrating the voi…
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Liquor stores in southern California are exactly the same as bodegas in NYC. The way y'all talk about them is like… Coast = Bodega West Coast = lickah sto really can't believe niggas ruined wearing nice clothes, but...🤝🤝🤝🤝 down.
@mindofceecee Oh no. I didn't even get that far, lmao!Niggas be bored @KaminaBlue What a chaotic thing to will into existence.I'mma stay oudda womenz bizness but what a hater ass bitch thing to say about somebody's vagina. @Onefourfiveone Do god know what clip I'm talkin bout? have already seen what I needed to see. 🥴
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙 @LinzIsMagical DIRECTLY black folks desire proximity to whiteness so badly and while it’s not our fault that cultural imperialism was…
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙*SCREAMS* skskskskskdkdkdirmr rjrktmttkktktktmtkt
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙There's a video I want to use as a reaction so badly and I can't even begin to look for it. It's this girl and she… was doing math that day. Fjskgkdkgkdkgkfkfkv pronouns are backwards gkdkgndngkdkg @ThatDamnDillon Because they're UES women who don't do "that."Never on my own volition, but definitely with friends, lmao! Actually I almost got kicked out of a nightclub becau… man singlehandedly destroyed his own restaurant bc he wanted to humiliate black women
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙BREAKING: Jason Derulo falls down the steps while twerking on the way to TRUE Kitchen
Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙Oh my fucking G O D. @MileyCyrus I have a treatment for the #BadKarma video and I think it would be so hot.Ph he moved like a scammer nigga, lmao!!! I'm not at all surprised by these developments. Also, I'm not letting up… took out a PPP loan against his partners wishes AND stole the recipes AND hindered additional business for hi…
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Retweeted by ttohyhsoj🔙No nigga in a short sleeve turtleneck and tic tac shoes is gonna talk to me like that. He woulda had that D'usse s… @itsKARY_ It's the way they bout to shut down and re-open with a completely different name in about three weeks, gjskgkdkgkfRita Ora knew exactly what she was doing. If you've been exposed to her habits, you know she's from the school of "… we're paying for this development, the vaccine needs to be F-R-two E's, I can't WAIT to listen to @whoweekly on Tuesday. A WROU2? special report!, white people will CLAMMOR to your ghetto-ass establishment to throw they long backs and what do the owne… be putting relaxer on their brain when it comes to some respectability politics. Brain be smooth as fuck.