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Josh Hurst @joshhurst Knoxville, TN

Follower of Jesus. Husband. Father to three young dudes. Critic, enthusiast, and fan. Respectful, quiet, passive observer... of the truth.

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What were those silly Christian abolitionists thinking? Where’d they get the idea that God cares about the oppresse…
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Jesus did in fact do sentence 1 by expressly doing sentence 2. Who he chose to speak and eat with, heal, etc. was r…
Retweeted by Josh HurstI think any of these women would be great in the VP role, but Duckworth is my top choice.
Y'all know there are 16 new Gillian Welch recordings in the world today, right? Boots No. 2 is sounding mighty good to me right now.Many of us are looking for a theology that justifies our thoughts, inclinations, desires and cultural preferences w…
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Somewhere between the 499th and 500th cycle about whether Biden will lose the center under pressure from the left,…
Retweeted by Josh Hurst🎯 difference between Bush + Obama citing the Bible and Trump citing the Bible is the difference between loving Go… voting haiku Cast: Paper ballot. Early; for my neighbors’ good; For Renee Hoyos. (@RVHoyos)The most common and counterproductive misunderstanding about racism is the belief that racism is primarily a matter…
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Hope is the default posture of those whose faith is well-placed.
Retweeted by Josh HurstProbably my favorite REM album. The pivot from “Just a Touch” to “Swan Swan H” clinches it. this is an odd reference point, but to me, listening to #folklore is a little like listening to a collection…
Retweeted by Josh HurstIn discussing the ethnicity of Jesus of Nazareth, the idea that "the message of Jesus transcends His earthly ethnic…
Retweeted by Josh HurstWhite Christians: This isn’t some rando troll or bot that we can just shrug off. This is a bestselling Christian au…
Retweeted by Josh Hurst @TylerHuckabee Romare Bearden painted several very moving crucifixion scenes, e.g. you can articulate a theory of the atonement but you can't explain why you follow Jesus daily & trust him with y…
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Behold: Federalism!, obviously, "Jesus was white" is 😬. But the 2nd sentence here may be even more revealing than the 1st. Privileg…
Retweeted by Josh HurstFor those disappointed in my love for #folklore, let me note that I remain a very vocal admirer of "ME!," and have… @_jon_oh_ @samcmac There's a poetic quality here that I love. A lot of Taylor songs sound like they are *about* her… @samcmac @_jon_oh_ Last comment for now: I am actually glad that the love for this one isn't universal, because I t… @samcmac @_jon_oh_ And while the music is certainly very consistent in its mood, I actually think it's pretty wide-… @samcmac @_jon_oh_ I don't accept that it's a more "serious" or "mature" album-- I still champion her more colorful… @samcmac @_jon_oh_ I like it because it's maybe the first Taylor Swift album where I feel like she's unencumbered f… @samcmac @_jon_oh_ I don't necessarily like this more than I like e.g. Lover (although maybe I do?), but I like it… @samcmac Also, and not to beat up on The National, but I think folklore has a lot more range than any of their albu… @samcmac I disagree, though it took a few listens for me to get these songs lodged in my head. @samcmac I am pro-Folklore and not especially pro-National, which may be an inconsistent position, or may be becaus… @KatiHurst I dunno that I could really pick between them right now; we'll see! But they are obviously both amazing (and so is Red).Much as I will always champion the merits of her bright, colorful pop, this could be my favorite of her albums: A l… keep thinking about the Miss Americana doc, where Taylor essentially says that people-pleasing is her religion. T…, I still think she has a great acoustic album in her, a la Joni Mitchell, but #folklore is a more daring venture.That Taylor would use such tidy, writerly compositions as a Trojan horse for minimalist electronica, New Age, shoeg… this is an odd reference point, but to me, listening to #folklore is a little like listening to a collection…
@_jon_oh_ I’d move Red above 1989, but otherwise I agree with this completely.A Sunday afternoon haiku: My boys fill notebooks With lists, sketches, and stories. They don’t call it art.Christian theology 101: The world is not going to hell in a hand basket.
Retweeted by Josh HurstNuclear family isolated from extended family isn’t the healthiest family structure. Good point. However, that does…
Retweeted by Josh Hurst @mrrrty Man I really need to get thisChristian theology 101: The world is not going to hell in a hand basket.
Uncritical partisanship has failed us. This book provides a helpful, alternate path-- a way to participate in polit…
Retweeted by Josh HurstBig facts 👇🏼 @KatiHurst Still thinking about this today and kicking myself over “Invisible String.”Change we can believe in: A quick story about a musician you’ve probably never heard of who’s credited throughout @taylorswift13’s new alb…
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1. Exile 2. August 3. Mirrorball 4. This is Me Trying 5. Seven (But they're all good.)Very impressed by this level of class.
Retweeted by Josh HurstThis thread is inspired by this Tweet.😎 Here's why evangelicals will always struggle with justice issues and end up…
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The moment the theologian, scholar, or pastor begins to twist Scripture and theology to justify the evil that the s…
Retweeted by Josh HurstKim Kardashian’s statement just posted to her Instagram stories is well worth reading.
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Uncritical partisanship has failed us. This book provides a helpful, alternate path-- a way to participate in polit…, hyper-partisanship has failed us & those we serve through politics. Ideological conservatism & progress…
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If I’m understanding Joe Biden’s platform correctly, the only thing he wants to defund is malarkey.
Opposing legal abortion is not “standing for the sanctity of human life,” especially when combined with such a flip…
Retweeted by Josh HurstSomeone complained to the WORLD editor for interviewing two Democrats (@MichaelRWear and I). As if not being a Repu…
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Let’s do it: December John Lewis presided over House vote to restore Voting Rights Act. Bill has been sitting on McConnell's…
Retweeted by Josh HurstAs a publicly devout man of faith, @JoeBiden is uniquely positioned to make inroads with white evangelicals, a demo…
Retweeted by Josh HurstRestore the Voting Rights Act. Protect the right to vote. #JohnLewis #GoodToruble
Retweeted by Josh HurstHe was spit upon, beaten, repeatedly jailed. He emerged noble, determined, and with an unwavering moral compass. He…
Retweeted by Josh HurstThe central message of the Bible: God’s love will not be cancelled.
Retweeted by Josh Hurst👇🏼Book comes out next week, and is indeed incredibly practical.
NEW from me: Faith leaders blast the Trump administration’s renewed use of death penalty
Retweeted by Josh HurstMy grandmother, Betty Lou Partin Hurst, died yesterday morning at age 91. She leaves behind a towering legacy of ki…
When we talk about how our faith impacts parenting, no one says just preach the gospel. When we talk about how it i…
Retweeted by Josh HurstSome exciting local news. Let's make it happen! @_jon_oh_ My favorite is Home, then Fly. Haven’t heard the new one yet though!The central message of the Bible: God’s love will not be cancelled.
Great piece by @DrRonSider about what it will take for Joe Biden to receive the vote of the many evangelicals who a…
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Retweeted by Josh HurstOn wisdom: a world polarized with political self-righteousness on both sides, we Christians have a golden opportunity to sh…
Retweeted by Josh Hurst2020 is proof we must learn how to lament.
Retweeted by Josh Hurst👇🏼 @jasonpanella It’s so good.
Really beautiful performance.'m deeply thankful for this book: A vibrant example of what it looks like to choose service over self-interest, pu… is a trip
Retweeted by Josh HurstGreat thread!
Jazz fans likely know this already, but a new Joshua Redman album (RoundAgain) reunites him with the classic MoodSw…"Let's just trust people to do the right thing," regarding masks or whatever else, only works in a society that act… will be unnecessary divisions created among Christians this election season. But there will also be underlyi…
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1977 Christianity Today interview with Jesse Jackson. (via @visionnehemiah)
Retweeted by Josh HurstFirst Presbyterian Columbia: the Session unanimously approved the “immediate removal of the Thornwell and Palmer n…
Retweeted by Josh HurstTheology 101: The real idol of EvangeliCulture is political pragmatism. It is worshiped through rites of political…
Retweeted by Josh Hurst👇🏼 great mystery of faith:
@joshmcquaid We watched this a few weeks back. It holds up ok!This is a great idea for a list.👇🏼’re far too comfortable with being Christian-ish. We embrace the language, symbols and trapping of the faith, b…
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🔥🔥🔥 me, this captures the heart of why @JoeBiden will be an exceptional president. He cares. He understands. I’m a…
Retweeted by Josh Hurst🤯🤯🤯 easier thing to do is critique the Black Lives Matter org. I'm not saying there’s nothing to critique. But it’s…
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