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On the first day of Oregon’s statewide mask order, a group of Oregon State troopers refused to wear face coverings…
Retweeted by Josh LandesNorth Adams' @MASS_MoCA will reopen on Saturday, July 11th. The @NRockwellMuseum in Stockbridge and @the_clark in W…’s Pillow Announces Virtual Festival Schedule @JacobsPillow @WAMCNews Three Berkshire County Museums - MASS MoCA, the Clark Art Institute, and the Norman Rockwell Museum - say… @davidehrlich Looking forward to your wrap on thisThis movie has really become a safe place for me. If you haven't seen it, I really can't recommend it enough. Ashto… @MetsHRADay Also a great Dead show that day! this @IanPickus?? Berkshire County Sheriff Dies @wamcnews「わッちょ、ちゃいちゃいちゃいぢゃいッ....ア、ドゥチwwサァ、あれ見て、あのっ、口いっぱい....口いっぱいをwww」って寛容に笑ってくれるおじいちゃんと、誇らしげな顔で魚くわえて逃げる猫が可愛すぎてコレ永遠に好き。
Retweeted by Josh LandesWhen will the slander against New England culture end
Springfield City Clerk Interrupts Council Meeting With Profanity
Retweeted by Josh LandesThe Cuomo administration has just confirmed to me that Saturday's racing and fireworks event planned for…
Retweeted by Josh Landes @reillyadam This is what it's all about manI did some research and put together this graphic to help answer some questions about exactly this "Canada" is that… Schenectady County Human Rights Commission has condemned alleged racist actions by a Schenectady ice cream shop…
Retweeted by Josh Landes“With no programming on the boards for us, it’s necessary and it also allows us to be fiscally smart about coming b…"In order for reform to have support and to be effective people need to feel safe & we use the pre-trial detention… Cultural Council Head Steps Down After 13 Years @WAMCNews Springfield City Council passes a $729M budget for the fiscal year that starts tomorrow. No layoffs, no cuts to…
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BREAKING: Texas had its biggest one-day increase in new hospitalizations from COVID yet. State is reporting 6,533 l…
Retweeted by Josh LandesSome personal news., in Schenectady begin on September 10th at @WilliamsCollege - the first on-campus classes since it sent its ~2k students ho… IN: Massachusetts' coronavirus death toll has dipped after the state identified and removed duplicate reports…
Retweeted by Josh LandesAlbany Police Chief Eric Hawkins is taking calls live @WAMCRadio for the next hour @WAMCVoxPop.
Retweeted by Josh LandesThanks to @IanPickus for the shot of my New York State @AP award! It's an honor to be on the wall at @WAMCRadio. had no idea Jinbe Nho works in public radio Desmond is opting out of playing in MLB this season. In addition to Covid-19 he cites the MLB’s rampant racism,…
Retweeted by Josh LandesI would like to see this film
By anyone's measure, Clarice Starling had a rough first day of workHarry and I are enjoying a movie after a long weekend moving into our new apartment! about what this means if he gets a start against the Phillies The Supreme Court has upheld a key abortion rights decision — invalidating a Louisiana law that required…
Retweeted by Josh LandesWilliams College says it will reopen for the fall semester “in a re-imagined way with extraordinary public health m…
Retweeted by Josh Landes#BREAKING: The Christopher Columbus statue in #Hartford has been removed.
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New England: yeah, our Dunkin burned down but don’t worry, there’s another one ONE HUNDRED YARDS AWAY
Retweeted by Josh Landes @EvanValenti @BobWeir @GratefulDead @JohnMayer @deadandcompany @ThoughtsOnGD The Madonna shirt so good Johnny brought it back in 2019 at Foxborough shirt @BobWeir is wearing in tonight's @GratefulDead #shakedownstream show from 1987 looked familiar to me... t…
@bensmithlegal Nope! You can't get rid of me that easily!Packing for my upcoming move is going seamlessly so far. FUMBLE DIMENSION
Retweeted by Josh LandesThe city’s spending plan ultimately came in $100,000 less than its initial proposal – money cut from the police dep… NBA players have tested positive for the coronvavirus of 302 players tested, sources tells ESPN.
Retweeted by Josh LandesTonight, the Pittsfield City Council passed its $169,437,880 budget for fiscal year 2021 - which begins July 1st. @WAMCNewsAnd we're out. Wrap coming tomorrow.On the full budget: Marchetti, yes. Connell, no. Persip and white, yes. Moon, no. Lampiasi, yes. Maffuccio, yes. Ka… was a question earlier as to why the discussion tonight was framed as the full budget and not specifically th…'s the email in which Morandi explains his decision to abstain from voting on the school budget to me (after in…'s move to send the school budget back to the mayor fails.On Moon's motion to send it back to the mayor: Marchetti, no. Connell, yes. Persip, no. White, no. Moon, yes. Lampi… says as a former teacher he thinks the schools will find a way to meet student needs regardless of the budget.I thought Morandi was abstaining from the school budget at this point? That's what he told me.Morandi is garbled and choppy tonight. Absolute digital ghost vibes.Tyer reiterates that the city will cover a state funding shortfall, but not any additional spending on the schools.She says the mayor can at least put the $100k cut from the police department into the budget.Moon says fully funding every position at the school is a statement about the community supporting its students with the most need.Moon disagrees with Persip's assment that the school committee found those 26 positions unimportant.Moon clarifies that tonight's vote wouldn't send the city into a 1/12th budget. There would be another meeting on the 30th.He wants to trust the school department professionals and pass the budget tonight.Unsurprisingly, Persip says he doesn't support the move to send it back to the mayor. Says the schools have determi… I mentioned the city is opposed to a 1/12th budget?Finance czar Kerwood says a 1/12th budget would "put a burden on a lot of folks."The city is stressing that the budget is more of a "keeping the lights on" spending plan right now with so many loo… Guiel Lampiasi (DGL) has the floor, btw.Tyer says the city would look for ways to cover essential needs unmet by the budget proposal or state aid.Tyer is couching her commitment to filling in state aid gaps for the school budget by saying it can cover only what it can.He says a lot of towns have been forced to adopt 1/12th budgets because they havent held town meetings due to COVID.Kerwood says no community doing a 1/12th budget is doing it happily.The city estimates that a 10% cut in state funding for the schools would be $4.7 million, which McCandless has described as a nightmare.Caccamo asks for a rainy day fund update. The city has $4,283,509 in free cash and $4.1 million in stabilization funds.White says the school committee took the effort to revisit the budget seriously.He refuses to commit to a number of positions he can guarantee will be returned on a televised meeting.McCandless says with even a 5% in state aid at least half of the 140 pink slips would be withdrawn and those position refilled.White brought up Tyer to reiterate that if state aid comes in low she will bring it back to the table to rework it… is against the motion.Maffuccio agrees. Says the school department didn't try hard enough.She's returned to referring to the budget as a moral document, and says it currently does not represent her priorit… says she's unconvinced that rushing to pass the budget will really solve the question of how many jobs can be… says the schools could work on filling in critical gaps ASAP with a budget passed.Moon is asking essentially how it makes more sense to pass a budget now with a huge portion of it in doubt as oppos…
Moon is asking McCandless about state funding - 74% last year. She asks how they can call back 140 employees with t… supports passing the budget, says it will allow the schools to being planning as soon as possible in a chaotic year.Persip is going through the impacts of a 1/12th budget on city functions and planning with members of the administr… make a long story short- the school department is against a 1/12th budget and would prefer the budget to be passed tonight.The schools would only do essential spending on a 1/12th budget.A distant dog bark.He says he has faith in the city and commonwealth even in the event of the 1/12th budget, but says he can't make em… says rehirings would begin "almost immediately" if the budget was to pass tonight.McCandless says he's heard of 3 or 4 employees of the 140+ who got pink slips looking at other school districts due… says the schools can't recall pink slips on a 1/12th budget because of the uncertainty he associates with it. (T… says estimates for when state aid might not be clear until September.Persip calls up superintendent McCandless to talk 1/12th budget. McCandless is opposed to it, will add uncertainty… wanted at least the $100k cut from the police budget to go to the schools, doesn't understand the opposition to that.Moon says she's not as afraid of the 1/12th budget as some are, as many departments are already level funded and sh… 1/12th budget would be level funded from 2020.Moon asks the city solicitor if a 1/12th budget is for the entire year or until a final budget is approved. He says… is asking why the school department budget isn't coming back alone. Marchetti says it was sent back unchanged… says the budget doesn't pass tonight, there will be another hearing on June 30th. That night there will also be…