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I would like this tweet to contain all the links to where I and you can buy X-mas presents from my creator friends.…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @ImJoannaRadio sweet winMan...I love college basketball!! 75-69 #GoGreen
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @bradiation I caught that, too. Interesting idea.This is my first time ever seeing a cult in person
@riley_sager need, want, all the desirablesTonight: @ThatEricAlper There's a fortune teller buried in my cellar. One time she read my palm, she said, 'You're no Rockefeller.' @markbradleyowen @PhilipFracassi !Also that’s a badass glowing picDoes any writer feel quite so much like an old friend as Richard Matheson? had an amazing weekend once in Un-Edison County this shit is over I'm gonna drink across Europe for three months
@todd_keisling @SadieHartmann Great one @timlebbon @SadieHartmann Haha personally I need none! This is gloryWisconsin CERTIFIES the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 presidential election, awarding the duo the state's 10 electoral votes. @an_otherdawn Hey hey thank you :) @SadieHartmann great picCheck out Max's photography, y'all! CERTIFIES the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 presidential election, awarding the duo the state's 11 electoral votes.hey thank you for this! is the last day to vote in the 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards! Vote for your favorite Del Rey titles in the fan…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈BREAKING NEWS: We finally have copies in-stock of WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING with the fancy “SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @callmejiggly thank you Sam :) @acehilink why thank you :)MALORIE amongst giants in a giant year for horror. If you're the voting type, here's the link. Today is the last da… Cushing's velvet, maroon-colored, coat and vest in Dracula is 100% 🔥
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈
The evidence for a 'rigged' election is so preposterous as of late that it's difficult to argue that any series of…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈It began with birther (life) and is ending with dead people voted (death). Incredible.#BREAKING the Wisconsin recount of the presidential race in two large counties is over, confirming Joe Biden's win.…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈Thanks, Philip. I even like the Not For Resale band across it. (and yes that is an animatronic pony in the background)My good friend @PhilipFracassi had a hardcopy of CARPENTER'S FARM made for me. The book is only available on my web…"when I look into your eyes, it's like looking into space or any overwhelming place real or imagined" Ghoul in a Well Saturday!
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @markbradleyowen haha I sense a bird of feather!Hi I'm a lo-fi maverick how about you? @JamesDoom love it. "Brian! You got one week." Haha I just wanna say that. Can I say that part?
This is a film I just finished with J Zachary Thurman. On this film I not only did the score but foley and sound de…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @JamesDoom a guy like *that @JamesDoom oh you know I don't mean it that way tho. I just mean, I'd love to see what a guy like might do with a camera and a feelingHappy birthday to @joe_dante!
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈I'd love to see DePalma say fuck funding. Not even low budget. No budget! Got gear at hand, friends, family. A shoe… @PhilipFracassi Woa! @johnfosterfic @Gabino_Iglesias "I used to work with pro fighters" ummm... tell us more about THISIt's all a bit magick, all a bit witchcraft. Nothing we write will ever be as occult as the act, the ritual, of writing itself.The only self-promotion that matters is the radiance other people can feel coming off you. People feel it when you'… is blind, the writer's eyes are closed and his/her head is open. Just like my dogs absolutely need to go for w… if what you write is (incredibly) the greatest horror story ever told? Well, great. And if, by the same miracle… I sit down to write I think of the best thing I've ever read and I think of the worst thing I've ever read…, in my less discerning moments, I think I'd rather publish those rough drafts. Similar to CARPENTER'S FAR… while the bulk of that stuff is so much better now for having been extensively rewritten, there's nothing like… MAD WHEEL, ON THIS THE DAY OF THE PIG, and A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE came from that period. So did two… know where that place is, that room in my skull, and I suppose I could go there any time, but I also know you kin… wildest run I ever had was 6 books in 5 months. Five novels and about 90K of shorter stuff so I count that as t… thrilling list of weird westerns from the great Mother Horror. There's nothing quite as transportive as horror in… double-feature one story on the computer, one on the typewriter, one freehand. I'll update the wonders and troubles of each.haha I hope she insists! live tweeting my reaction to @PhilipFracassi's short stories. "Ateuchus" and "ID" solidify BENEATH A PALE SK…
This week, #BirdBox and #Malerie author @JoshMalerman is the guest on the #GreatWritersShare podcast! Definition o…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈there is an aesthetics in all things
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈Happy Thanksgiving, fareeks
@muranofiction Yes! I love it @barbaracrampton I think it's time to rewatch because that looks incredible right now @JoyceCarolOates we do have a piano, and it is played every day, however, it doesn't feel like the centerpiece it w… to see THE RAVEN make the Best Post-Apocalyptic Books of 2020!
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈John and the Woman of 1000 Faces, Allison Laakko'm directing a movie this winter starring world famous occultist @JohnELTenney. It's about 4 macabre-minded profes…
@writerrausch1 This absolutely factors in. And perhaps flat squirrel will run in 2024Biden clears 80M votes. This is unsurprising: 1) Most elections set records in turnout. Check Thomas J's 41K for th… for the lamest update on twitter: the paper towel worked! @bsan3to1 metal album title @brimorganbooks just had a funny vision of driving to the store to get pantyhose, getting home and thinking, "ah, I…'Dark Molecular Cloud Barnard 68' image from the #NASA_App
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈'A Jupiter Vista from Juno' image from the #NASA_App
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @vee_bookish what's a tea towel? I can google this. @CloakTraveling haha I considered this @PRMcDonough paper towel... okay! I'll try itDurnit. Out of coffee filters. Anyone know a brilliant makeshift MacGyver substitute?What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common? Same middle name.
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈Need something "NEW" to check out? Then these new releases could do the trick! Check out new titles from @rupikaur_
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈About to write a dozen, two dozen, short stories in a manic flurry. Have felt the ideas building for weeks and they…
I was struggling to put my 365 stories in order electronically, so I just went full analog and printed 'em out. Not…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈Minnesota CERTIFIES the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 presidential election, awarding the duo the state's 10 electoral votes. @Ross1982 @SadieHartmann @SGJ72 same!Back in 2018, I asked @SGJ72 "Which horror book would you recommend if someone wanted to read a great story and fol…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈Nevada CERTIFIES the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 presidential election, awarding the duo the state's 6 electoral votes. @Ross1982 @SadieHartmann @SGJ72 Regan's talking excitedly to her mom about Captain Howdy. In the kitchen. Mom says,… @Ross1982 @SadieHartmann @SGJ72 read this in its entirety on an airplane. Weirdest flight ever. There's a scene in… @adamfgodfrey @PhilipFracassi man. you know that feeling when you're halfway through a magical, scary collection? I… CERTIFIES the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 presidential election, awarding the duo the commonwealth's 20 electoral votes.Hadn't planned on live-tweeting my reaction to every story in @PhilipFracassi's BENEATH A PALE SKY, but "Symphony"… @HightowerLaurel haha "what happened in between" indeed! @andrewpyper "stretch time or let it snap" gave me the chills. Yeah, this is interesting. I def know what you mean! @RyanMalerman @realDonaldTrump haha @TheMikoMader I ended up in an orgy on SalviaWe just certified the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Despite all the meritless litigation and misinform…
Retweeted by Jaws Malerman 🦈 @jeffvandermeer I particularly excel in Bird Box law!All these lawyers have me feeling, fuck it, I can do it, too. Def don't need schooling. Anybody want me to lawyer a… @HightowerLaurel YES it is