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Hi. I ruined The West Wing. He/him

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Just before midnight, Thanksgiving Eve, the 5-4 Court’s newly consolidated conservative majority departed from prec…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Giblet Bagg is my favorite character from The Crucible.Yes, but I think there’s a legitimate shot someone could convince Trump to do this. Toby Ziegler!Whom. about this is tragic. Trump-Lost-The-Election to those who observe.Sharing this again to hopefully give you a Thanksgiving smile! Here are your Pilgrim Detectives @HrishiHirway &…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina))) @LanceMrLakeway Came out great!I used one of those turkey calculators to figure out that I need to cook 1.Tonight’s one-on-one West Wing reunion: @Richard_Schiff joins @TheLastWord 10pm after surviving Covid 19.
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Thanks for the follow! sixth toe is on my second foot.
Must-read.,080 people currently hospitalized with Covid-19 in the US. This is the highest number of Covid-19 hospitalizatio…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Hey, this Saturday me & my pals from the Thrilling Adventure Hour are having a live cocktail party & we would like…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina))) @DavidYazbek Is that a Battleship reference? @efs120 @michaelianblack Ask him how much he owes me.I just found my misplaced monolith.
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Comic gold! sure, you’re in a dangerous age group.
@ro_milla_ @Richard_Schiff Real savage. 🙄Trump only pardoned the white meat of the turkey THANK YOU THAT’S MY TIME!!
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Fun Fact: I have appeared in 350+ episodes of tv since Brad first made this joke. take!, this is disappointing... for flying in for the live event...sucker! Happy bday, bro. @thesheilakelley @Richard_Schiff So glad you two are okay! xoConcession font."My late stepfather, Samuel, he was 1 of 900 children in his school in Białystok, Poland, but the only one to survi…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Any other actors see RBG and think Risa Bramon Garcia?Is it okay to accept cookies from the Girl Scouts’ website?What’s next?
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Release the Quaidken!Randy Quaid has spoken. Re-vote!How was everybody's Thanksgiving?!? 🦃🍗🥔🥕
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina))) @bcbernhardt Thanks. Day made.Yes. That’s the joke. have street credibility.Dysphania ambrosioides’ street name. I can do that. @thirstyjoshm A hotdog.I’d prefer epazote. I need to start growing it. @MichaelCMontero Scratch! Instant pot. @DavidYazbek Why you ducking me? Pokerrrr!I was just outside picking cilantro for the black beans I’m making, and I overheard a mom walking by and singing “T…
Loser! @jeffzeleny
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))A helicopter pilot is a pilot who is always around, paying too much attention to you.I keep coming back to this gorgeous poem lately.
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Nuance. a read.
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Want to feel old? Why? @earney99 @ZackBornstein How tall are you? @samseabxrn That said, be sure to mention that my delivery of "I told many, many people" from Sports Night is far s… @Mal_Apropos I don't see the mention of an improvement.Disgusting, not a single pillow salesman
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina))) @samseabxrn Good choice.Want to feel old? The first Georgia recount was this year.I gave it thought. @serelle21 Blinken has said no such thing.It strikes me as an odd way to criticize Pompeo. think her tweet looks very bad. loathe Netanyahu, but why on earth would Blinken suppress anyone’s First Amendment right to speak out on Israel?… @rjc @JoshMalina Fuck Comet! Fuck Cupid! Fuck Donder and Blitzen!
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Fuck Romney. Portman, Alexander, Sasse, Blunt, Collins, Murkowski, Cornyn, Thune, Romney, Braun, Young, Tim Scott, Rick Sco… am so inspired by the quiet, private bravery of these heroes. vaccine: effective, protective and safe Modena vaccine: effective, protective and safe Oxford vaccine: effec…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Jewish Unity is proud to host @SarahRiggsAmico, and many other Georgia leaders as we discuss the importance of winn…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Character is how you behave before you realize some random kid is filming you.Karen has meltdown at Starbucks because she has to wear a mask, then tries to snatch child’s phone
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina))) @alkali19 Yes. That’s the joke.One and Two are great. Part Three feels like a money grab. is a Jewish concept of "sof ma'aseh b'mahshava tekhila" - the end of something is evident at the start of it.…
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Walt. was like 13 or 14 the first time I practiced law on my own.Gorp (good old raisins and peanuts) should be called wamm (where are the M&Ms). Thanks.I agree with Dr. Slaoui on this point. I’m sure most Americans do.
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))You all sound awful. years ago today, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was killed by police. Tamir should have turned 18 years old this year…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Actor for 32 years here. Not sure what you're talking about. it from a national embarrassment: You're a national embarrassment. @JoshMalina @MrJoshCharles For those asking, Sports Night is now streaming *free* on @IMDbTV! They have an app, or…
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))It certainly seem to be, but I don’t remember! is so great. is disgraceful. didn't have a 2020 bingo card.who's joined us?! 🐝 #BridgertonOnNetflix
Retweeted by (((Joshua Malina)))Let me be clear. I am a big fan. And I have been voting for her. @oneandonlycari Hey, she’s the one I know. Been voting for her too. @beccarebec @JustinaMachado I do too!Which four are the celebrities?’s no apostrophe in “Nazis.” THE COUNT! lose 100% of the river bets you don't call. — Michael Jordan (not the basketball player, the terrible poker player)